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Chanise Foxx Helped Fake Obama Birth Certificate? – CitizenWells – Hamas Afraid of Jihadis – IMF Recognizes Honduran Government – Islamic Nations Back Iran Strike – Miki Booth Interview – Climategate – The BOPAC Report

March 7, 2010

 The BOPAC Report 

Natural Born Citizen Issue –


Where's the documentation that proves that Obama is a 'natural born citizen' - see the list below.


CitizenWells has some important breaking news up today.  IF THIS CAN BE VERIFIED it will be a big step towards correcting Obama’s continuing deception.  I’m not going to get my hopes up yet.  We will see soon.  

Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
Albert Einstein 

Chanise Foxx, free republic,, March7, 2010, I helped Obama campaign staffer Divorah Adler create a fake birth certificate, Fact Check, COLB 

March 7, 2010 · 

Chanise Foxx, free republic 

The following comment was posted on this blog at 2010/03/06 at 10:13pm. 

“My name is Chanise Foxx. I work at a office supply store in Kenwood, IL. After nearly 3 years of silence and death threats to me and my family to stay quiet, I am compelled to come forward and tell the world my secret.
“I helped Obama campaign staffer Divorah Adler create a fake birth certificate for use in the famous Fact Check story to prove the world of Obama’s birth in the 2008 election. Divorah approached me in early 2007 and held onto the birth certificate until she released it in August 2008.
“As I’ve been making fake IDs part-time for local college students for about eight years now, faking a birth certificate was actually quite easy. Our first step was to get our hands on someone else’s birth certificate from Hawaii. We then created the stationary to match.
“Next, we had to create an embossed stamp and rubber signature stamp for Hawaiian officials. With the help of a high-resolution scanner at the store, I did most of my work at night when the place was vacant…”” 

This morning around 8:00 EST, I attempted to access the article on Free Republic and was unable to access the article or Free Republic. I searched on Google and got this. 

“Results for: Chanise Foxx free republic
DOH indirectly confirms: Factcheck COLB date filed and certificate … … My name is Chanise Foxx. I work at a office supply store in Kenwood, IL. …… – 5 hours ago -” 

This proved that the article had been posted. 

I then tried to access the cache and was unable to access it. 

Another commmenter on this blog was unable to access Free Republic when I made the request. 

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

UPDATE: The following was just posted at CitizenWells blog: 

SapphireSunday // March 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm (edit)

That story is up again, with the comments, but that one by Chanise Foxx is clearly NOW marked as “FICTION”. 

Ji’Obama’had –


Obama's "GANGSTER" Government!

It looks like Hamas has the same thing going on in Gaza as we have going on in America!


It seems Hamas is on the run from ‘Jidhadis’.  Now that is an interesting development in the seemly intractable Israeli Palestinian conflict.  Hopefully, Israel will be able to use Hamas’ fear of extinction at the hand of their ‘friends’ to make peace. 

‘Jihadis’ Have Hamas Running Scared in Gaza Strip 

Saturday , March 06, 2010 

Hamas — the Palestinian militant group whose history of violence toward Israel landed it on the United States’ terror list — seems to be dealing with its own terrorism problem. 

The commander of Hamas’ armed wing recently penned an urgent letter to Hamas leadership in Damascus lamenting what he called Hamas’ “deteriorating” authority in the Gaza Strip. 

In the dispatch, Ahmed Ja’abri claims that Hamas is losing control over the territory, according to reports by London-based Arab-language newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat quoted by the Jerusalem Post. 

“Several worrisome explosions recently occurred in Gaza, security anarchy is extensive, and al-Kassam men are being killed,” Ja’abri said in the letter, according to reports. 

The letter comes after a series of assassinations and explosions near the offices of senior Hamas military commanders and of Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, according to the Jerusalem Post. No individual or group has taken credit for the attacks. 

Hamas leadership in Gaza alleges that radical “jihadi” Islamist movements …Continue Reading 

ObamaWorld –


Cuatro Obamaistas! Honduras Elections End Crisis!


Finally it appears that Obama has officially raised a white flag ending its efforts to undermine the governance of Honduras by Hondurans.  Honduras 1 and Chavez 0.  That’s a great score! 

IMF Recognizes Honduran Government
WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund said Friday that it recognizes President Porfirio Lobo’s administration as the legitimate government of Honduras and will allow Tegucigalpa to access $160 million in funds that were frozen after last June’s coup in the Central American country. 

“I wish to confirm that the IMF recognizes and will deal with the Porfirio Lobo administration as the government of Honduras,” fund spokesman Andreas Adriano told Efe. 

The president of the Honduran central bank, Maria Elena Mondragon, had anticipated the announcement with a statement from El Salvador on Friday. 

“Honduras’ relations with the IMF are now formalized. This is excellent news,” she told Tegucigalpa’s radio HRN. 

Besides the international support that this implies, the measure permits Honduras to withdraw $160 million in Special Drawing Rights that were frozen in September. …Continue Reading 

Obamadinejad –

Hillary's 3am Call vis-a-vis the Omnipresent Teleprompter to Obama!


Hillary had better get out her nuclear umbrella! 

‘Islamic nations will back Iran strike’ 

06/03/2010 17:15 

Deputy minister Ayoub Kara says messages from Islamic leaders conveyed to PM. 

An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be quietly supported by a wide coalition of Islamic nations, including a number of extremist states, Deputy Minister of the Negev and Galilee Ayoub Kara said Saturday. 

Kara, speaking at a Beersheba event, said that though none of them would admit to it publicly, Islamic nations had conveyed messages to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that they would back military action against Iran by Israel and the US. 

Kara said that Israel would strike “if there is no option.”…Continue Reading 


 Tea Party Candidates –


Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets. Add Sen. Ben Nelson to the list of those to flush out of the Senate.


 I watched Miki’s appearance at the ‘Tea Party Convention’ and thought I would like to follow progress. Sharon Rondeau of The Post Email interviewed Ms. Booth recently.  It’s a great interview. 


Interview by Sharon Rondeau 

A former Republican turned Independent, Miki Booth aspires to restoring constitutional limits on the federal government and ousting ethics violators from Congress 

(Mar. 6, 2010) — Miki Booth was “the most apolitical person you could ever meet”  until the 2008 presidential election.  She has lived in Japan as well as Massachusetts, Hawaii and for the last 15 years in Oklahoma, and is now a candidate for Congress from that state’s Second District.  An experienced equestrian, gardener, businesswoman, wife and mother, Miki’s candidacy sprouted from her formation of the Route 66 Tea Party group early last year. 

SHARON:  I’m told that you were born in Japan to an American military dad.  You’re not running for President, but does that make you an Article II “natural born Citizen”? 

MIKI:  That’s a good question.  I’m not sure of the answer, but I think, technically, no, according to my birth certificate, which is actually a “Report of Birth, Child Born Abroad of American Parent or Parents” issued two years after I was born when my parents were married at the American Consular Service in Japan. Two years earlier my parents were married in a Japanese ceremony, but the Foreign Service did not recognize that. So, at the time of my birth, I was not born on American soil and my mother was a foreign national. I would post my “Report Of Birth” online like we did my husband’s and my son’s birth certificates, but my document is a federal/military report and I know better than to mess with the feds. Besides, there is a lot more sensitive and personal information about my parents than you’d find in the average long-form birth certificate….Continue Reading 


 Climate Gate –

Climate Rascals - Climategate - Al Gore is pulling "science" out of his butt.


A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.
Albert Einstein 

Row over leaked climate emails may undermine reputation of science 

The row sparked by the leak of climate change emails from a British university has the potential to “undermine” the reputation of science as a whole, two respected scientific organisations have warned. 

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent
Published: 8:30AM GMT 07 Mar 2010 

Professor Phil Jones from the Climate Researh Unit University of East Anglia 

Climate change researchers at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) are accused of withholding raw data and the computer code they used to generate results despite repeated requests for the information to be released publicly. 

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) have both issued statements declaring that it is essential that scientific data and evidence compiled by researchers be made publicly available for scrutiny. 

Their comments come after the Institute of Physics said that emails sent by Professor Phil Jones, head of the CRU, had broken “honourable scientific traditions” about disclosing raw data and methods. 

In a written submission to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into the disclosure of data from the CRU, the RSC said a lack of willingness to disclose research data had “far-reaching consequences”. 

It also called for an “independent auditing system” to ensure scientists stick to best practice during the peer review process that is usually used to assess the quality of science before it is published in scientific journals. 

Professor Jones and his colleagues were accused of attempting to corrupt the peer review process after the leaked emails revealed comments he made about the work of other scientists….Continue Reading 


“Pepe” Ends Obama’s Marxist Crisis in Honduras – Obama’s Past – Navy-Seals-Gate – 9/11 Group to Protest Dec. 5 in NYC – Climategate – The BOPAC Report

November 30, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

Cuatro Obamaistas! Honduras Elections End Crisis!

“Pepe” Ends Obama’s Marxist Crisis –

Hondurans go to polls, hoping to end crisis

U.S. backs election Other Latin countries call it illegitimate

By Mary Beth Sheridan

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, November 30, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS — Hondurans voted for president on Sunday in a mostly peaceful election that Washington supported but most countries in the hemisphere rejected, saying it could whitewash a coup.

Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, a well-to-do businessman, jumped out to an early lead with 52 to 55 percent of the vote, more than 10 percentage points ahead of another centrist candidate, Elvin Santos, according to exit polls and projections broadcast by Honduran radio and television. …Continue Reading

From Atlas Shrugs:

Obama and Chavez Backed Zelaya Repudiated in Honduras election

And free people spoke today and kicked Obama in the can and the Chavez backed Zelaya out. Another stunning blow for the insufferable commie President of the US.

In Elections, Honduras Defeats Chávez Wall Street Journal

Unless something monumental happens in the Western Hemisphere in the next 31 days, the big regional story for 2009 will be how tiny Honduras managed to beat back the colonial aspirations of its most powerful neighbors and .preserve its constitution.

Despite the nefarious and incomprehensible backing of Oblunder.

Yesterday’s elections for president and Congress, held as scheduled and without incident, were the crowning achievement of that struggle.

National Action Party candidate Porfirio Lobo was the favorite to win in pre-election polls. Yet the name of the victor is almost beside the point. The completion of these elections is a national triumph in itself and a win for all people who yearn for liberty.

The fact that the U.S. has said it will recognize their legitimacy shows that this reality eventually made its way to the White House. If not Hugo Chávez’s Waterloo, Honduras’s stand at least marks a major setback for the Venezuelan strongman’s expansionist agenda. …Continue Reading

More of Obama’s Socialist Past –


Obama's New Commander-In-Chief Uniform to Battle Low Morale in Military!

Is there any period in Obama’s past when he is not surrounded by Marxists, Socialists, Communists, or Anti-Semites?

Obama File 90 Alice Palmer Re-examined-Was Obama’s First Political Boss a Soviet “Agent of Influence”? Alice Palmer is a Chicago based academic, activist and former friend, employer and political ally of Barack Obama.

In the mid 1990s Alice Palmer, then an Illinois State Senator, employed Obama has her chief of staff, when she attempted an ill-fated run for the US Congress.

Obama was part of Friends of Alice Palmer, alongside controversial property developer Tony Rezko and Democratic Socialists of America members Danny Davis, Betty Wilhoitte and Timuel Black-also a member of Committees of Correspondence).


Later Palmer introduced Obama as designated successor to her Illinois State Senate seat, in the living room of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, while DSA member, former communist and long time Obama friend Quentin Young looked on.

The Palmer/Obama relationship soured after Obama refused to step down when Palmer decided she wanted her State Senate seat back, after her Congressional bid failed.

Obama went on to win the seat unopposed, after he knocked Palmer and his other rivals off the ballot, by challenging the legitimacy of their nominating signatures.

Alice Palmer was the first rung of Obama’s ladder to power.

It has long been known that Alice Palmer was a communist front activist, as were many in Obama’s orbit.

More seriously however-new evidence shows that Alice Palmer had high level connections behind the “Iron Curtain” and may have been a Soviet “agent of influence”-that is, a conduit of Soviet progaganda and policy, to the US and the “third world”….Continue Reading

Ji’Obama’had – 


Unknow Soldiers! Navy Seal gate!

Do you think that Obama will pardon these Navy Seals tomorrow night when he lays out his path to defeat in Afghanistan? I doubt it since none can aid Obama in his mission to blame President Bush for everything.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Bloody nonsense

Court-martials for SEALs an absurdity

The pending court-martials of three Navy SEALs for allegedly failing to protect an apprehended terrorist believed responsible for the infamous execution-style slaughter of four American contractors in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004, is the height of politically correct nonsense.

The three men, Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Huertas, face charges of dereliction of duty and making false statements, while McCabe also faces an assault charge. According to media reports, the three SEALs were part of a team that apprehended Ahmed Hashim Abed on Sept. 3. Mr. Abed told authorities that while in detention he was assaulted, and showed investigators a bloody lip.

That’s right, a bloody lip.

Even if Mr. Abed’s accusation is true, which we doubt, the likely reaction from most Americans — so what? — is apt. Given the treatment of the four American contractors — Continue Reading

Navy Seals Deserve Medal – Not Charges –


Teleprompter holds Whitehouse Protocol Classes.

From the Inane to the Insane

Posted 11/30/2009 ET

Every year the New York Police and Fire Departments face off in an annual football game.  The good-natured but intense contest has been a New York City tradition since 1973.

In 2004, members of both squads visited the Oval Office to present President George W. Bush with a token of appreciation for his response following the attacks of September 11, 2001. The meeting had special meaning since among the many casualties of 9-11 were 22 members of the New York City Fire Department Football Club.  (See and  Originally, President Bush was asked to attend the annual game to receive the players’ thanks, but he was unable to do so, so I arranged the visit to the White House for the players.

The meeting was scheduled to last about ten minutes.  At the president’s insistence, it lasted longer, in part so he could show the players another recent gift — something he was obviously proud to share with them.  You see, that morning, the warriors who captured Saddam Hussein visited the president and gave him a glass-enclosed gun, the gun Hussein had on him when they dragged him from his rat hole.

The president picked up the box with the gun and showed it to the players.  The president turned the box over and showed the signatures of the soldiers, who were involved in the capture, saying what a “great group” they were.  Clearly, he was proud that our American GIs had captured a brutal tyrant, who took the lives of many.  Our brave troops captured a terrorist, and our commander-in-chief honored their valor and service.

Now, less than six years later, let’s look at what has changed.

Just a few days ago, the “big news” was an inane circus starring two people who crashed a White House State Dinner.  The stories, the photos, the calls for investigations, more funding, firings, in other words, the typical madness will all follow.  Of course, few will thank publicly the men and women of the Secret Service, who keep so many so safe for so long.

While most of the major news outlets seemed totally taken with the gate crashers, few Americans were made aware of a mockery of justice that became public that same week, namely the prosecution of three brave Navy SEALS who face ruin for, among all things, capturing a terrorist who brutally killed, maimed, defiled and hanged four American citizens in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004….Continue Reading

Other News –


Ji'Obama'had Policy - Israel Loses Everything

From World Net Daily:

White House ‘gatecrashers’ tied to terror sympathizer

Salahi served in same anti-Israel group as Obama’s Palestinian professor pal

Posted: November 29, 2009

By Aaron Klein

The Virginia couple who allegedly crashed a White House state dinner is tied to Rashid Khalidi, a pro-Palestinian professor who excuses terrorism and has been a close associate to President Obama….Continue Reading


Climategate! Obama's Climate Data Collection Team Collecting Data for UN!

From NewsBusters:

Climategate: MSM Begins to Play Catchup on Scandal

By P.J. Gladnick

Will this be the week when the MSM wall of silence finally breaks on the topic of Climategate? Judging from the cracks already developing in that wall, that could well be the case.

A big crack in that wall occurred yesteday when George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week brought up the topic of Climategate for discussion with his guests…Continue Reading

From Reuters:

Obama's "GANGSTER" Government!

No Turds In 2010 - Democrat, Republican, or Independent Turds - Vote For Fiscal Responsibility and Those Who Will Support The Constitution! Note: I'm not calling Obama a Nazi. I'm calling his movement fascist because it constantly seeks to ruin, ridicule, intimidate and/or censor everyone who questions Obama's honesty or his policies. It's crap!

New York rally planned to protest 9/11 trial

Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:05am EST

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A group against bringing the self-professed mastermind of the September 11 attacks to trial in a U.S. civilian court will hold a rally in New York demanding Washington reconsider its decision, the group said on Tuesday.

The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition said it will hold a rally on December 5 at a park adjacent to the Manhattan federal courthouse where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others will be tried just blocks from Ground Zero.

No date has been announced for the suspects’ transfer to New York or their first appearance in court.

Debra Burlingame, a co-founder of the group, said the trial gives Mohammed the opportunity to wage “jihad in the courtroom.” The group supports trying the men before a military tribunal.

Continue Reading

And don’t forget – Larry Sinclair is running for Congress in 2010


Obama’s Union Thugs Attack American Democracy – Honduran Democracy May Prevail – – Obama’s Menions to Attack CIA – Larry Sinclair Knows About Obama Thugs – The BOPAC Report

August 9, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

ChiBama Politics –

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

It seems America is starting to wake.  Calls are coming from all quarters for America to stand up and not take the systematic dismantling of America and her Constitution.  From Atlas Shrugs:

Lt Colonel Allen West Warns of the “deliberate and organized attack against America”

Our future leadership speaks. Take heed. Lt Colonel West sent this to me:

Friends and supporters, there is a deliberate and organized attack against Americans enacting their 1st Amendment right to free speech and to petition their government. It is appalling that this week liberal politicians and media accused concerned citizens of being organized, acting like Nazi’s, and acting mob-like. Yet it was in St Louis where we saw union thugs, bussed in and encouraged by the left, who attacked a black conservative man physically and directed racist slurs at him.

Below you will orders being disseminated from an organized group directing healthcare supporters on how to combat those of us who have a differing assessment. Is this what the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi triumverate call a Free Republic? This is nothing more than Chicago gangster intimidation.

I encourage everyone to read the attachment below and ensure it is widely disseminated. We are in a fight for the future of our Country. We cannot back down and never surrender. If these true radicals deem us as a mob, then we have nothing to lose. Do not fear being called names because you are RIGHT and they fear your strength. They will lie and resort to emotionalism, you stay steady and beat them down with truth. And always, have some able bodied fellas around!

Prepare yourselves and be armed with the facts, they now seek to demonize the insurance agencies. I recommend you all find out how much financial contributions your local liberal Representative has received from insurance companies, easy to find out. Get the facts, this is not about affordable healthcare, nor accessibility.

It is about the government controlling who gets into the cradle and when you go to the grave. This is the ultimate in nationalization of production, this is about literally controlling our lives.

Steadfast and Loyal, AllenContinue Reading

ObamaCoup Foreign Policy –

Obama Foreign Policy Office

Obama Foreign Policy Office

If this is true it is welcome news. Honduras did not have a coup take place; it rejected someone who was trying to circumvent the Honduran Constitution.  I wonder how long it will be before the U.S. Military and the United States Supreme Court realizes that Obama, Chavez, and Zelaya are cut from the cloth and that they need to take action to protect and defend America’s Constitution.  They all use lofty rhetoric, while doing all they can to undermine representative democracy and slice up their country’s Constitutions to serve their own ends.  I found the following article at the American Independence Party site:

IBD Editorials

August 7, 2009


Diplomacy: In a quiet victory for a tiny democracy, U.S. buttinskies have stopped trying to restore a dictator to power in South America. Tiny Honduras is winning its fight for freedom.

In a welcome about-face, the State Department told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Richard Lugar, R-Ind., in a letter Tuesday that the U.S. would no longer threaten sanctions on Honduras for ousting its president, Mel Zelaya, last June 28.

Nor will it insist on Zelaya’s return to power. As it turns out, the U.S. Senate can’t find any legal reason why the Honduran Supreme Court’s refusal to let Zelaya stay in office beyond the time allowed by Honduran law constitutes a “military coup.”

This marks a shift….Continue Reading

Media Supported ObamaCoup –

Carrying Obama's Water While Drowning the Truth!

Carrying Obama's Water While Drowning the Truth!

Here’s what most of the media is not telling you because they carryi Obama’s water.

August 8, 2009

Honduras: Other side of story

In the past, Honduras was dominated by military dictatorships, but democracy finally came. It hit a snag, though, on June 28 when the military arrested its president and deported him. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemed the military action, but there’s another side to the story.

….Honduran democracy hit a snag on June 28 when the military arrested President Manuel Zelaya and deported him. Around the world, leaders denounced this coup and demanded the president’s return. Both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the military action.

But there’s another side to the story. A Colorado legislator, Morgan Smith, visited Honduras and wrote a Denver Post commentary saying Zelaya richly deserved removal.  Here’s his account:

A wealthy rancher, Zelaya was elected in 2005 but began behaving tyrannically. He demanded a chance to seek a second term, although the country’s constitution forbids it. The Honduran Congress rebuffed his request for a referendum to change the constitution. He appealed to the Supreme Court, which rejected him. When the top military commander wouldn’t support his effort, the president fired him. Zelaya tried to proceed with the referendum on his own, but the attorney general said it was illegal.

The president ordered his followers to break into a military compound where ballots were stored, and distribute them. Congress, controlled by his own party, voted 122 to six to remove him from office. The Supreme Court ordered the military to arrest Zelaya and deport him (on a premise that his supporters might rebel if he remained in the country). A legislative leader became acting president, with no right to seek the office in November elections.

Zelaya attempted illegally “to consolidate his power and seek a lifelong presidency,” Smith wrote. He quoted Hondurans as saying the president “went crazy the last year.”

From all this, it sounds as if democracy was served well by removal of the despot….Read Complete Article

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter!

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter!

Larry Sinclair mentioned the following article and I hope people will take the time to read it. It’s very good. I also hear Mr. Sinclair’s books sales are doing great.  I salute Mr. Sinclair for his courage and determination in getting his story out there to the public.

The media has done all that it could to run from this story.  It ran from this story like it did the John Edward’s affair story because he was a leading Democrat until they couldn’t run from anymore.  However, there is no limit on how long the media will run from Larry Sinclair’s story because this story is not only about a leading Democrat. Larry Sinclair’s story is also about someone for whom they hold his soap when he showers, dry his hair, dress him up, clean up his messes, wipe his butt and make excuses for him because they gave birth to him.  Without the Media there would be no Obama.  The Obama Illusion will not be allowed to be tarnished as long as the media has a say.

Larry Sinclair Is Right About Obama Being a Thug

What does Larry Sinclair have to do with what is going on today?  He’s endured the treatment rank and file Americans are now starting to feel.  And – he endured.

“…The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil…”  Sarah Palin

I heard from a GOP friend who passed on a message from a GOP collegue.  The person is a 20 year GOP “vet”, a local activist.  He was present last night at the great Rumble in Tampa:

“…I just got home and am completely energized after Democrat Congresswoman Cathy Castor’s Town Hall meeting turned into a near-riot tonight. She was shouted down, she left after 13 minutes under police escort while union thugs were beating up those who protested because they couldn’t get in. I am trying to get copies of various videotapes up on YouTube…a couple links follow.

I had REDACTED get there an hour & half early and he said they had the doors shut but the SEIC Union and local Dem party leaders allowed their supporters in through a back door so the could fill in the front of the hall with the pro side. So when the doors opened, there were only a few seats left and they closed the doors. There were close to 1,000 of our people outside and they started chanting “Move it outside…move it outside” and “Just say no” The Dems have lost control of this issue & we have finally energized our base and expanded our appeal. 95% of our “protesters” were people I have NEVER seen before. These really are just local residents, neighbors, and voters who are fed up with where Obama s taking our country. It was so refreshing to see the momentum and the Dems can’t figure it out. I talked toe who said he had never seen the Republicans be protesters before and I laughed and said me either and I have no idea who they are, although many were independents and even democrats who feel it has just gone too far….”

I’ve been following Larry Sinclair’s story for a year.  I checked it out as a joke.  Then I found it interesting.  Funny thing, along the way I realized that the man is like the Energizer Bunny.  He has never changed his tune.  He has never stopped.  Along the way he has endured some nasty stuff including an arrest by one of Joe Biden’s sons.  The man has been harassed.  They have attempted to intimidate him.  All Larry Sinclair did was write a book.For those who ignored his warning that Obama and his minions were frightening and excelled at threats, intimidation, and violence, well, we ignored him.  When David Axelrod said to punch back twice as hard, no one took him literally. (Photos of one angry mob here)

It looks like Larry Sinclair is right.  And, he may be one of the bravest men in America.

Last night scattered throughout the country, in a handful of “townhall” meetings, Americans who were simply trying to express their opinion about Health Care Reform were met by members of a union that poured over six million dollars into Obama.  In many ways they and George Soros basically own Obama.  He’s a windsoc blowing in the breeze, and now on a short fuse. Obama has unleashed the specter of mob rule. …Continue Reading

Just in on Drudge:

Where Obama’s Foriegn Policy Leads –

Hillary's 3am Call vis-a-vis the Omnipresent Teleprompter to Obama!

Hillary's 3am Call vis-a-vis the Omnipresent Teleprompter to Obama!

How long will it be before CIA Agents stop looking deeply to protect America because of fear of reprisals from Obama!

Insiders say Atty. Gen. Eric Holder is close to naming a prosecutor to look into reports of excessive waterboarding and other unauthorized methods. Convictions could be hard to get.
By Greg Miller and Josh Meyer
August 9, 2009

Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected

Reporting from Washington — U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. is poised to appoint a criminal prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA abuses committed during the interrogation of terrorism suspects, current and former U.S. government officials said.

A senior Justice Department official said that Holder envisioned an inquiry that would be narrow in scope, focusing on “whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized” in Bush administration memos that liberally interpreted anti-torture laws….Continue Reading