Is It Time For The Center Of Congress To Become Independents or Something Else And Take Control Of Our Government?

June 17, 2008 by zachjonesishome

The far left has taken control of the Democratic Party and the far right is in the process of being abandoned by the Republican Party. However, the part of the Republican Party that is trying to take control of the Party has no chance without the Far Right. That means that the middle, the center where sound fiscal and social policy arises, is effectively being left out of this election if Party identity controls the voters’ lever pulling.

I have heard it said that the Blue Dog or Reagan Democrats, who mostly supported Sen. Clinton’s bid, are considering John McCain. He is probably closer to their core beliefs than Sen. Clinton actually. Apparently, there are some of the Evangelical movement who are attracted to Sen. Obama’s orchestrated faith (I’m fairly sure they don’t really know enough details though) and an idea of social responsibility (I am my brother’s keeper).

However, his policies are totally dictated by the far left’s agenda and would likely lead to a decline in the economic strength that America has. Businesses, large and small, would endure increased taxes of all kinds (carbon tax included) and would lose whatever small advantage in the global marketplace they had. Unfortunately, we are in a global market and there is no way to reverse this, short of going back the horse and buggy. We import from overseas materials that are used in almost all of our products; so there’s really no going back. If we become isolationists, the entire world would slide into recession or worse.

I’m not sure, but I think Sen. McCain has a desire for the Congress to be fiscally responsible, have a strong defense, leave most issues to state management and decision making (controversial issues, etc.), and lower taxes on business so that they can compete and keep creating jobs that are sustainable. Unfortunately, he has bought into the cap and trade carbon credits stuff (when people fully investigate these ideas, I hope this will be rejected) which would increase the already unbearable gas prices and would totally increase the size of our ineffectual government. He also seems to be into the misconception that the oil companies control the gas prices. (Exxon has indicated that it want to get out gasoline because it is not profitable.) Speculator’s actions may account for 10-15% of the current price of oil, but what is truly driving them is the emergence of India and China, et al, into the marketplace. The traditional laws of supply and demand are reliably at work. We need to drill now, everywhere. We need to conserve and invest in alternatives. We need build nuclear. Until the world faces the global plague that wipes out 2/3ths of the earth’s population, we – the every growing and resource demanding Earth, will need to use all of them because we all are in an energy crisis.

I, like many being in the center, am primarily a fiscal conservative who recognizes as stated in The Constitution that the primary duty of the federal government is to provide for the common defense. I am a supporter of the Constitutional tenant that power flows from the people and as such the State’s Power is paramount to effective and receptive government.

Therefore, it is time for the reasonable and those who can almost always heard the views from their constituents and both extremes respectfully, consider them and then proceed to make a reasoned decision that is in the best, long term sustainable interest of the United States, to take control of this government by voter mandate. I would suggest that the middle of Congress come together and form a new party. They could form a party that reflects the middle (center left, center, center right) of America. I envision a party that would be a blend of Independents, The Veteran’s Party, and The Moderate Party; and would be guided by the most important tenant given to us by The American Beer Drinkers Party (McCain might be able to work out a discount).

The American

Beer Drinker’s


” America’s premium political party, committed to the ideology founded on the simple logic, developed when men ( & women) sit down, talk, and have a beer.”

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