The Media, Sen. Obama And He Who Must Not Be Named.

May 27, 2008 by zachjonesishome

Larry Sinclair’s allegations of gay sex and drug use in 1999 with Sen. Obama – Why hasn’t the media reported this story?

This story has been percolating on the internet for a few months now and more people are starting to take notice. It appears to have taken on a life of its own with a sort of trench warfare, a cat and mouse game, developing which has been brutal in many instances. As of this morning, there have been around 800,000 visits to Larry Sinclair’s site and the numbers are increasing by 10 to 20 thousand per day.[i] There’s a substantial number of committed people who believe Mr. Sinclair’s story completely, those who just want the truth no matter what it turns out to be, a few who are trying to get their candidate elected and those who are fighting for Mr. Sinclair’s right to be heard on one side trying to bring these allegations to public’s awareness. Then there’s the opposition who find Mr. Sinclair’s allegations slanderous, those who support Sen. Obama and are trying to insulate him, paid campaign staff (apparently) and a few who just seem to enjoy bullying.[ii] The tactics in trying to keep this story from going public have been a story in and of themselves. (There have been attacks, insults, lurking, impersonation, threats, and disclosures of identities.) But the big question is: Where is the media and why hasn’t it reported these allegations?

In seems that ALL are choosing to be on the sidelines, lurking, observing, trying hide their presence on the blogs, waiting for someone to present additional tangible evidence, worrying about protecting their reputations and credibility, cruising the penumbra of the story ready to pounce when it fits their criteria or when the train leaves the station.[iii] To many of Mr. Sinclair’s supporters they must seem like cowards. From responses that I’ve received from editors, it is clear that everyone knows about this story – the press, the candidates, the candidates’ staff, everyone but the general public.

This election season, it’s obvious to most that much of the main street media has developed some type of emotional attachment to Sen. Obama. It has the appearance of a high school crush. They’ve become very protective of the Senator and when anyone, in the comment sections of one of their stories, dares to ask questions about Mr. Sinclair’s allegations they do whatever they can to quash the attempt. They clearly have forgotten their responsibilities to the news process and to the rights of free speech. Through the moderation process most of the stories never see the light of day. The ones that do find a way onto the comment section are remove as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter how nasty the other comments responding to the news article might be, if a post contains the words that must not be spoken are named – the comment is gone. The media has determined that no one can utter the Senator’s middle name without reprisal and absolutely no one can utter the words Larry Sinclair. I firmly believe that had Mr. Sinclair’s allegations been about either Sen. Clinton or Sen. McCain, the media would be running advertisements telling us when we could hear the latest news, how kindergarteners feel about it, and on, and on, and on.

I believe that the remaining media that have not fallen for the Senator are scared to death to have even a remote possibly that the charges might be false and have the star struck newsmen and women turn their pens toward them. I seem to remember a group of Lacrosse players at Duke who ran into the main stream media when they were not infatuated. They ran into a media that convicted them in the press without a second thought. After that incident, the media at large took no responsibility for its role whatsoever. In this instance, Mr. Sinclair is not asking for the media to convict Sen. Obama. What needs to happen is for someone in the media to have the courage to simply listen to Mr. Sinclair’s allegations, talk to him, look at the allegations, turn them upside down, inside out, try to verify facts, try to disprove them and do what the press that reports news is supposed to do. I don’t believe it is their role to try to shape the news so it conforms to their own narrative. I don’t believe they are supposed to ask for comments relating to articles and then only allow the ones that don’t include the forbidden words – Larry Sinclair.

Therefore, Mr. Newsman and Ms. Newswoman – step up.

[ii] Obama Web Site Say’s: “Rest In Peace Larry Sinclair”– Hollywood923 Says:
Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 6:39 pm I’m QueenNewNew923 and I just wanted to say to Larry Sinclair and all of his supporters that……………………….U guys are *$%^#@ nut cases. I’m mean really I think all of you need to be checked out. Larry ur going to be in a body bag soon enough.

[iii] mrje Says: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 6:37 pm Eyes Wide Open
For months, the supporters of this blog have exhausted every avenue, to get an “audience” with the almight MSM. As a skeptic (in believing that such allegations would be ignored by anyone in the MSM) I asked Larry if I could make contact with some newspaper reporters he tried to speak with regarding his story. He openly agreed to this and I was surprised that the reaction was to squash further investigation. There is definitely a “hands-off” approach to this EXPLOSIVE series of events. We have been accused of being racists, HilBil covert operates, kooks, and even some folks over at (where I really belong), started to bring this story into the light, but then became “embarassed” for the content, this discussion pursued. As a matter of fact, after one evening of “blogging”, the moderator apologized to his regulars and removed the discussion from his site. Everyone in network and cable news broadcast has received input from these supporters. From Bill O’Reilly to Rush Limbaugh.. they have eluded to knowing SOMETHING is out there about BHO.. but they cannot let this story escape their lips for fear of being labelled the lowest in society. Larry’s supporters are from every walk of life, religion and political affiliation, conflicting moral and ethical beliefs, and yet, we come together to realize the danger of BHO and his dangerous cohorts. Larry brings more to the table in unifying people than this presidential candidate. From youtube to Sean Hannity, there is no one BRAVE enough to pose the question of validity of this story. ALL of them feel their reputation is at stake, if they interview Larry (but they will put Pastor Manning on air with less proof of allegations). Meanwhile, this facist, hollow, racist politician, campaigns on, recruiting and indoctrinating the youth of our society, government school families who are too busy to hear anything but the “drive-by-media” swooning over BHO, along with the entire black community … believing that this man can offer them “something”… and nobody knows what that “something” is… There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence, that we may experience the worst possible life, if BHO becomes our President of the United States. And no one will step up to the plate to expose him. This is an unexpected lesson for me to learn in this stage of my life.

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