What Right Is There That Is Greater And More Precious Than The Right Of Freedom Of Expression? None

It is what keeps us free, proud and engaged. It is why this Freedom is the primary target of those who would seek to gain control over the direction in this democracy. That is what happened on the internet and in Washington, D. C. yesterday, June 18th, 2008, Freedom of Expression was attacked by the puppet masters who are supporting Sen. Obama. When one man, Mr. Larry Sinclair, sought to respectfully exercise this right, his rights, he was arrested in an effort to intimidate him into giving up his responsibility to continue to share information that believes to be true about Sen. Obama. He was being shown that the puppet masters have power, enormous power, to influence the proper and improper executions of our laws and regulations. The puppet masters and their surrogates, who write the speeches, who influence the media, who regulate the message, who attack the opposition, who manufacture the image, who distort the truth, and who enlist the thugs; they are the unseen hands at work here. Where is the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, the champion of Free Speech under the Constitution? Can they confront their historical allies?

Isn’t the calculated use of intimidation, manipulation and abuse of users (voices) of the internet and creating orchestrated displays of police power by a political party, the media and/or their supporters in efforts to quell any and all opposition worthy of the ACLU’s involvement? The attack and intimidation of one person’s rights of Free Speech is an attack on the rights of all of ours. Where have I heard that? Oh, the ACLU. Isn’t the Internet the equivalent to the power of individual expression and dissent that has historically been accomplished by writings, books, articles, and Op-Ed pieces? Isn’t the intentional hacking into private sites, seeking through nefarious means to disclose writers’ identities, to discourage their participation, the same as burning books in Nazi Germany? Hasn’t the Obama campaign set up a two tier private internet police? The first being the official anti-rumor site and the second being the network of loosely affiliated internet savvy hackers, slanders, intimidators, and common thugs. Why don’t you come to the defense of Larry Sinclair? Conflict of interest, maybe?

Now, let me be clear. America is engaged in a battle against those who seek to control and manipulate our rights and our abilities to voice opposition. These forces that attack America are those from the extreme left of this country, a left that is so extreme that they are wholly convinced of their moral authority over all of us. They are the new inquisition, the new fascists who will accept no criticism or threat to their desires to seize control. They are like fascists from times past who first turned their talons towards Freedom of Speech, expression and dissent and those who exercise them. Well, I dissent and am proud that I do. When we cease to fight for the Rights that so many of our forefathers have fought and died to protect, then we are truly a lost people. We probably will deserve what happens to us if we do not stand up. We stood up when Hilter exerted his vision of total control over humanity. When followers of a person, Obama, start behaving as a cult, it is time to wake and stand up. Stand up America! Do not let this threat to our rights and liberties overtake our common sense.

We all need to review and carefully consider Sen. Obama’s connections from his past: Reverend Wright, Pastor Michael Pfleger, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Michelle Obama, Bernradine Dorn and William Ayers, and finally the Obama supporter, donor and convicted felon Tony Rezko and his associates. Is this where we want to go as a nation? I most certainly do not. It really is time for all of us to pay attention to sources of information other than from the main stream media, they are participating in the manipulation and attempted coronation of Sen. Obama.

A few good sites for news in opposition to this subversive takeover are:

Also consider my articles:

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