From WorldNetDaily: Obama’s goal? ‘Jeopardize U.S. battlefield superiority’

Have you seen this article?

World News Daily


Obama’s goal? ‘Jeopardize U.S. battlefield superiority’

Critics blast Dem for assurance he’ll cut nation’s defense dollars

Posted: May 30, 2008
11:55 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

An organization dedicated to the mission of protecting and defending individual freedoms and rights under the U.S. Constitution is criticizing presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama for promising to cut, and possibly gut, U.S. military defense spending.

The Center for Individual Freedom, a non-partisan, non-profit, has posted one version of a YouTube video of Obama “inexplicably” pledging” to “unilaterally jeopardize American military superiority.”……..Click above to see the entire story.


As a Veteran, my heart sinks every time I see this photo and think that this man may become President of the United States and be in charge of our military. I endured the Jimmy Carter years while serving in the military. I hope that we will not go through that again; especially, when the U.S. faces so many dangers in the next decade.


Then I remind myself of this.

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