The Liberty Bell Rang for Liberty and Equality – Does Obama?

The Liberty Bell Rang for Liberty and Equality

Does Obama?

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Philadelphia and see a few of the sights. It was a special trip. We visited Independence Hall and saw where the signers of the Declaration of Independence took the courageous stand that gave rise to this wonderful country. In fact, many may not be aware that the signing took place a few days prior to the public reading of the Declaration in Independence Square to give the signers enough time to leave Philadelphia for their own safety. It was understood that by signing this document they were immediately subjecting themselves to the charge of treason.

After leaving Independence Hall, we made our way over to the complex where the Liberty Bell is displayed majestically facing Independence Hall. Everyone enters the building at the far end and each has the opportunity to review the history of the Liberty Bell at their own pace. The displays remind us of the sacrifice, the courage, the hopes, the dreams, and magic that is the Liberty Bell. When I finished viewing the displays and reading about the Liberty Bell, I slowly approached the area where she rests. I as approached, I was nearly overcome with emotion and had to consciously hold back tears. She is powerful and magnificent. I thought of my family’s sacrifices throughout the years defending the Liberty that she represents. Warmth grew in my chest and reminded me that this county is one that deserves defending and serving. It is bigger than my life, and the principles she represents are worthy of my life. The Liberty Bell rang for liberty and equality.

I’m also sure that part of the emotion that touched me is caught up with this Presidential Election. The historic significance of breaking the barriers of race and gender is wonderful and past due. And normally the situation of America facing the choice between two diametrically opposed views in governance would be most welcome, but in this election the views and past of Sen. Obama are being hidden from the voters by the media. The reality is that America is faced with the choice of following the ideals, initiative, and creativity of the individual in the capitalist system upon which America was founded OR (unknowing) being led to the mediocre potential of the herd on the path toward socialism.

Senator McCain’s campaign slogan “Country First” accurately describes his life view and who John McCain will be as President. It is to me in stark contrast to Senator Obama’s life of “Obama First”. Senator Obama has been allowed by the media, maybe even privately encouraged, to portray himself as someone he’s not – The Reformer. Closer to the truth would be that Sen. Obama is The Underminer. The American systems that he will undermine are those that have made this country thrive and have the ability to overcome enormous obstacles – individual responsibility, individuals making communities work, individuals giving neighbors a hand up, economic systems that reward initiative and effort. The reason is simple. If a majority of voters are so dependent on government (no matter how ineffective it may be) to make their lives work, they will never vote people like Obama out. It will be the death of self-reliance and initiative; and the birth of the dependent herd. America will be lost. The Liberty Bell rang for liberty – not Socialism.

At the Republican Convention, there was a parade of people who knew Sen. McCain well, who knew his story, who shared his story. John McCain has a story that reflects honor and service to America.

Who can stand up and tell Sen. Obama’s story?

Who would he dare allow tell the story of Obama? Rev. Wright? William Ayers? Larry Sinclair? Who could he pull out from under the bus to tell his story?

Sen. Obama has a story of attraction to those who follow socialist ideologies. Shall we ask William Ayers about this?

Sen. Obama has a story that follows Black Liberation Theology. Shall we ask Rev. Wright or Louis Farrakhan?

Sen. Obama has a story that is tied to those who were instrumental in bringing Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to collapse. Who will we ask?

Sen. Obama has a story that is connected with a corrupt Chicago political system. Shall we ask Tony Rezko and his associates about this?

Sen. Obama has a story about being invested in defeat in Iraq. Who will tell this story truthfully?

Sen. Obama has admitted parts of his story about his illegal drug abuse. Who will be asked about the complete story? Larry Sinclair?

Sen. Obama has a story about community development. Should we review the writings of Sal Alinsky? Should we ask William Ayers?

Sen. Obama is rumored to have a story about being on the ‘down-low’. Shall we ask Larry Sinclair about his alleged sexual encounter with Sen. Obama?

Sen. Obama has a story about his birth and citizenship(s). Who can tell this story?

Again I ask: Who can stand up and tell Sen. Obama’s story?

In part, the answer should be the media! Unfortunately, they are AWOL. They have abandoned the principles of truth, fairness and their responsibilities to the voters. The Liberty Bell rang for a truthful and fair media. It is not acceptable for the media to be AWOL or actively supporting either candidate.

At this time of crisis in our financial markets, Sen. McCain suspends his campaign and heads to Washington to do his duty – “Country First.” Sen. Obama stays on the campaign trail trying to fool as many as he and his media supporters can – “Obama First”

Anyway, enough of this, I’m probably only preaching to the choir at this point.

However, I would urge all people to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell where:

“… our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal….” President Abraham Lincoln

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