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Obama Birth Certificate/Eligibility Issue –

Obama's Kenyan Birth Witnessed by His Family

Obama's Kenyan Birth Witnessed by His Family

As you all know, Dr. Orly Taitz put online a copy of a birth certificate that indicates that Obama was born in Kenya.  If and when this document is properly authenticated, Mr. Obama will be toast.  However, it is important to remember that whether Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya, the questions of multiple citizenships remain. Multiple citizenships alone can prevent Obama from acquiring “Natural Born Citizen” status.

Just to be clear about my graphics – Anyone who lies, misrepresents, and/or distorts truth for a living is crap in my book. Almost all politicians fit this description!

From CitizenWells:

Obama Kenyan birth certificate, Opinion, August 3, 2009, Citizen Wells commentary, Obama camp diversions, fraud, lies

August 3, 2009


Regarding the alleged Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama

  • Firstly, when I became aware of Dr. Orly Taitz filing the Kenyan birth certificate, I reported the news along with other information that was relevant.
  • I do not know if the birth certificate is legitimate. I will wait for validation by the proper experts.
  • I have many reasons to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya….
  • ….The biggest crime Obama has committed is the treasonous, fraudulent takeover of the office of POTUS….
  • …We do not know where Obama was born but irrespective of his birthplace, he is not a natural born citizen….Read the Complete Post

Now, just a taste of positive stories that show the media wall of silence is beginning to break. Maybe it’s now beginning to become untenable to continue risking their “credibility” with the public by spouting “reports” that even a 2 year old can see the bias and misrepresentation protecting Obama.

Birthers proven right: Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate found

August 3, 2:42 AM

For about a year now there has been a great deal of debate about whether or not President Barack Obama is truly a natural born American citizen. According to the Constitution, Article 2, Sec. 1, “No person except a natural born citizen…shall be eligible to the office of president.” The Obama campaign and administration have always claimed that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. A Certificate of Live Birth was presented by the Obama campaign showing that Obama is an American citizen[1]; however, Hawaiian law didn’t require Obama to actually have been born in Hawaii in order to obtain this registration.[2] This, among other things, has created a public outcry – from a group now referred to as “birthers” – for Obama to show his long form birth certificate, which would disclose information such as which hospital he was born in, who delivered him, etc. that would solidify the fact that he actually was born in America. The Obama campaign and administration have failed to present this document to anyone. Instead, they have been suppressing the issue using two tactics: hiring lawyers to defend him against the legal dilemma – such as lawyer Perkins Coie, who was paid $688,316[3] – and creating the ignorant propaganda, repeated by many liberals, that anyone who questions Obama’s eligibility is weird, crazy or racist. The liberal mainstream media has propagated the latter tactic through news broadcasts, such as Nightly News with Brian Williams, which incorrectly assert that Obama has proven his eligibility.[4]

Recently a Californian attorney, Orly Taitz, publicly released a copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. Taitz has filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for authenticating the document, but as of right now, the birth certificate appears authentic. As World News Daily reports, “No doctor is listed. But the alleged certificate bears the signature of the deputy registrar of Coast Province, Joshua Simon Oduya. It was allegedly used as a certified copy of the original in February 1964. WND was able to obtain other birth certificates from Kenya for purposes of comparison, and the form of the documents appear to be identical. Despite the fact that a hoax document similar in nature circulated the Internet last week, WND reports that the document ‘bears none of the obvious traits of a hoax.’”[5]

Taitz told WND: “I filed the motion with the court asking for expedited discovery, which would allow me to start subpoenas and depositions even before Obama and the government responds. I am asking the judge to give me the power to subpoena the documents from the Kenyan embassy and to require a deposition from Hillary Clinton so they will be forced to authenticate [the birth certificate].”[6]Continue Reading

Next Article:

Column: What Obama’s hiding and the media are ignoring

by Diana West | The Washington Times

Monday August 03, 2009, 6:23 AM

Diana West

Barack Obama’s birthday is Aug. 4, and I hereby urge the president to bestow a party favor on the nation that elected him: a verifying look at the original “long-form” version of his birth certificate.

It’s important to grasp the weird fact that this simple request, requiring nothing more than a nod of the presidential head, ranks as fightin’ words to American journalists. Right wing, left wing, these ladies and gentlemen of the Fourth Estate seem to want nothing less than to gain access to the one piece of evidence that could lay the “natural born” issue to rest once and for all. The media have made their aversion to proof perversely clear: Whatever Obama does, their jarringly unified message is that he certainly should not direct the state of Hawaii to make public his original, long-form birth certificate.

Even though such a presidential directive would instantly dispense with the divisive question of whether President Obama’s still-secret, long-form birth certificate contains compromising information, it’s unlikely we’ll get a peak. The entire controversy would disappear forever if there were nothing more sensational on that document than the name of the Hawaiian hospital where baby Barack came into the world. Such mundane info is the kind of thing that’s missing from what We the People have been provided to date: brave-new-world-like Internet images of the short-form Certification of Live Birth (COLB) that the Obama campaign made available in 2008 online….Continue Reading

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