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The BOPAC Report:

It about more than just a Birth Certificate –

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

Thank you Professor Swain.  Exactly right!  From The Steady Drip

Why Obama’s birth certificate issue won’t go away: Vanderbilt expert

The controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate will not go away as long as he refuses to release sealed records, including the original birth certificate, according to Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University.

“I believe that the president should end the speculation by being transparent about all aspects of his background,” Swain said. “In fact, it can be argued that the president belongs to the people and to scholars, biographers and others who are entitled to know every aspect of his past. Only great men can ascend to this height, and their lives should be examined and studied for the lessons they offer.” Swain said that what is posted online for the president is a certificate of live birth. “It is the failure to release the long form that keeps suspicion alive,” she said.

Swain noted that she strongly disagrees with those who want to criticize Americans, including journalist Lou Dobbs, who continue to raise the issue. Other sealed records that Swain has called for the president to release include those pertaining to his education, foreign travel and state legislative business.

Carol Swain is available for media interviews at

Media contact: Ann Marie Deer Owens,

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Response to Birther Bashers –

If Obama is Not Eligible to Serve, He Cannot Issue "Lawful Orders"

If Obama is Not Eligible to Serve, He Cannot Issue "Lawful Orders"

CitizenWells has an important post up today.

What to tell the Birthers Bashers, Mario Apuzzo, July 31, 2009, Natural born Citizen, Founding fathers, free of all foreign influence

July 31, 2009

From Mario Apuzzo, attorney in the lawsuit, Kerchner V Obama, July 31, 2009:

What to Tell The Birthers Bashers

“You are poorly informed on the constitutional issue involved with Obama’s eligibility to be President. The primary issue is whether Obama is an Article II “natural born Citizen,” not whether he was born in the U.S. When drafting the eligibility requirements for the President, the Founding Fathers distinguished between “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen” in Article II, sec. 1, cl. 5 and in Articles I, III, and IV of the Constitution. Per the Founders, while Senators and Representatives can be just “citizens,” after 1789 the President must be a “natural born Citizen.” The Founders wanted to assure that the Office of President and Commander in Chief of the Military, a non-collegial and unique and powerful civil and military position, was free of all foreign influence and that its holder have sole and absolute allegiance, loyalty, and attachment to the U.S. The “natural born Citizen” clause was the best way for them to assure this.

The distinction between “citizen” and “natural born Citizen” is based on the law of nations which became part of our national common law. According to that law as explained by Vattel in his, The Law of Nations, a “citizen” is simply a member of the civil society. To become a “citizen” is to enter into society as a member thereof. On the other hand, a “natural born Citizen” is a child born in the country of two citizen parents who have already entered into and become members of the society. Vattel also tells us that it is the “natural born Citizen” who will best preserve and perpetuate the society. This definition of the two distinct terms has been adopted by many United States Supreme Court decisions. Neither the 14th Amendment (which covers only “citizens” who are permitted to gain membership in and enter American society by either birth on U.S. soil or by naturalization and being subject to the jurisdiction of the United States), nor Congressional Acts, nor any case law has ever changed the original common law definition of a “natural born Citizen.” Congressional Acts and case law, like the 14th Amendment, have all dealt with the sole question of whether a particular person was going to be allowed to enter into and be a member of American society and thereby be declared a “citizen.” Never having been changed, the original constitutional meaning of a “natural born Citizen” prevails today. It is this definition of “natural born Citizen” which gives the Constitutional Republic the best chance of having a President and Commander in Chief of the Military who has sole and absolute allegiance, loyalty, and attachment to the United States. By satisfying all conditions of this definition, all other avenues of acquiring other citizenships and allegiances (jus soli or by the soil and jus sanguinis or by descent) are cut off. I call this state of having all other means of acquiring other citizenships or allegiances cut off unity of citizenship which is what the President must have at the time of birth.

Obama’s father was born in Kenya when it was a British colony. When he came to America, he was probably here on a student visa and he never became a legal resident of the U.S. or an immigrant. He had no attachment to the U.S. other than to study in its prestigious educational institutions which he did for the sole purpose of returning to Kenya and applying his learning there for the best interests of that nation. In fact, when he completed his studies, he did return to Kenya and worked for its government.”

Read more:

Trying to Conceal the “Truth”

The Obama Birth Certificate/Eligibility Issue –

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

It really is amazing to see the lengths Obama supports will go to keep the facts from being looked at. Whether Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya, whether Obama has held multiple citizenships, whether is a “Natural Born Citizen” or  is a basic “Citizen”, this issue has grown to such a point that the legitimacy of Obama’s Administration is NOW in question by millions of Americans and the “TRUTH” must be examined to restore the legitimacy of the Office of the President.   I too have noticed that Google appears to use its search engines to hide article supportive of discovering the “TRUTH”.  Its time Obama’s supporters to roll the dice and take the chance on which “Facts” will stand above the assertions.  Who knows, maybe one or all of the “birther” assertions will fall and they will be embarrassed?  Instead of harassing, misrepresenting, and vilifying; if the truth is on your side – ROLL THE DICE and let’s see!

When the “Truth” is revealed, I bet it will show that the Obama Administration is a “Charlie Foxtrot” of deception, lies, vengeance, favors, bribes, and cover-up.  Roll the dice!  Thanks to Rush Limbaugh for reminding me of the terms “Charlie Foxtrot” and the normal response “Foxtrot Alpha”.

I visit Dr. Orly daily and have not had a problem.  From Dr. Orly:

thugs are at it again

Until today if you were to type orly taitz on yahoo, you would get nearly 800,000 articles. Now there are only 178,000. Some thugs scrubbed 600,000 articles.

Suddenly Google shows that there is malawere on my site, when in reality there isn’t.

I must be really hitting a nerve if smbd spents so much time and effort to attack me.

Visit Dr. Orly Taitz’s site today.

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter!

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter!

Larry is sending Obama a birthday present that should it an interesting day in the White House.  Maybe Larry Sinclair should send a copy to Chief Justice John Roberts?

Friday, July 31, 2009


In consideration of Barack Obama’s 48th Birthday Tuesday, August 4, 2009 I have decided to send him a personally autographed copy of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? for his reading enjoyment!

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