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Obama’s Tiresome & Dangerous Play – “How can I F$#K The Military Again Today?” – Navy Seal Prosecution – Obama Syndicate ACORN – The Spectator – Army Clamping Down on Free Speech – Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham -The BOPAC Report

December 22, 2009

The BOPAC Report

Navy Seal Prosecution –


Tomb of Unknow Soldiers! WTF is the Obama Administration Doing Prosecuting Our Navy Seals? It's all part of Obama's script in the tiresome and dangerous play - “How can I F%@K the military again today?”

Going on today, another scene in Obama’s tiresome and dangerous play – “How can I F%@K the military again today?”

From the Daily Press:

Navy SEAL from Yorktown to appear in court for terrorist abuse claim

December 21, 2009

NORFOLK – The last of three Navy SEALs charged in relation to the alleged assault of a suspected terrorist is scheduled to be appear in court tomorrow.

Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe of Yorktown is set to be arraigned at Naval Station, Norfolk, at 8:30 a.m….Continue Reading

There are a few people in New Hampshire concerned about Freedom and our Navy Seals. Thank you Selectman Rene Archambault!

Dec 22, 2009 7:40 am US/Eastern

NH Town Official Urges US Rep. Ban Over Navy Case

EPPING, N.H. (AP) ― An Epping selectman wants to prevent his representative to Congress from using the town hall because she won’t support an effort to stop the Navy from prosecuting three sailors charged with mistreating a prisoner in Iraq.

Selectman Rene Archambault says he feels Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter should have signed a letter from some House members who want to stop the prosecution of the Navy SEALS….Continue Reading

The good source of information about the Navy Seals persecution is

Arraignment for Navy SEAL Jonathan Keefe Today

Posted December 22nd, 2009 by USNavySeals

Navy SEAL Jonathan Keefe, one of three SEALs who have been charged in relation to a complaint raised by suspected terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, will be arraigned today in a military court on the Naval Base in Norfolk.

25-year-old Special Warfare Operator Second Class Jonathan Keefe, who hails from Yorktown, Virginia, is the last of the Navy SEALs to be arraigned. The other two SEALs, SO2 Matthew McCabe and SO1 Julio Huertas, were arraigned last December 7. Huertas entered his plea during his arraignment, while McCabe deferred. As for Keefe, the expectation is that he will enter a plea of “not guilty” during his arraignment.

Only Matthew McCabe is accused of actually assaulting the prisoner Abed, in addition to being accused of making a false statement and dereliction of duty….Continue Reading

Salem News Reader, Ms. Pino gets it!  Sorry, Ms. Pino, Obama edits the script in his play, “How Can I F$#K The Military Again Today?”

Letter: President should intervene on behalf of SEALs

To the editor:

What in the name of all that is holy is going on in this country?

The media is reporting, ad nauseum, on Tiger Woods and his bimbo eruptions while three Navy SEALs are fighting for their reputation.

On the ironic date of Dec. 7 — Pearl Harbor Day — three Navy SEALs were arraigned on charges they gave a captured Iraqi terrorist “a fat lip.”

Who was this vermin they captured? One of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, Ahmed Hashim Abed, the man behind the barbaric March 2004 ambush of four civilian contractors. His victims were burned, then dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

In my opinion, the charging of these men is an abomination and is a perfect example of the scourge of our times — political correctness run amok.

Intervening now to stop this court-martial from proceeding will send a right message of real leadership. Get with it, President Obama, and do what’s right!

Norma M. Pino


ChiBama Politics & The ACORN Syndicate –


Loyalty is Required in the Obama Cult! Navy Seals surely won't change their oath! It will be a cold day in hell before Gov. Palin gets one.

The ACORN logo will soon be a required tattoo to visit the Obama Whitehouse.

Bigger Than Watergate

By Matthew Vadum on 12.21.09 @ 6:08AM

ACORN critic Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is mystified that both the Democratic-controlled Congress and the Obama administration aren’t doing much about the tax-subsidized organized crime syndicate ACORN even as evidence of its wrongdoing continues to pile up.

In an exclusive interview, the House Judiciary Committee member describes the ACORN saga as “the largest corruption crisis in the history of America.”

“It’s thousands of times bigger than Watergate because Watergate was only a little break-in by a couple of guys,” said King. “By the time we pull ACORN out by its roots America’s going to understand just how big this is.”

Continue Reading

U.S. Army – Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil –

Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"! Joint Chiefs of Staff’s new mottos: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil & Don’t rock the boat!


‘Don’t Rock the Boat’ is the new Army motto!  Unfortunately, it’s the Joint Chief of Staff’s motto, the Navy’s motto, the Marines motto, the Air Force’s motto, the Coast Guards motto and the Supreme Court’s motto.  If they won’t require Obama to demonstrat that he is a “natural born citizen”, why should it surprise anyone when they come down on a military blogger.

“…I think it is pretty easy to say that this situation is highly disrespectful to a patriotic soldier and shows a military leadership that is out of touch with today’s America….”

Army to Iraq Veteran: Don’t Criticize Your Local PTA

December 19th, 2009 | By: Michael Merritt

This story has been simmering for a while now, but I only recently learned of it.  Basically, Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham, who has been one of the most prominent military bloggers for five years, found himself in trouble with his superior officers after posting a series of articles earlier this year documenting his attempts to get parents involved in a decision made by the principal of his children’s school to introduce uniforms.  Master Sergeant Grisham was not against the uniforms, per se, but questioned the necessity of introducing them well into the school year, and after an expensive Christmas holiday.

After Grisham posted video of a public meeting on the issue, some school board members called his superiors to complain.  During the next month, he was ordered to remove the video and several posts.  When his wife took over, assuming she wouldn’t be under the same restriction, he was also reprimanded.  Eventually, he decided to close the blog, saying that it wasn’t worth the trouble to continue writing, only to get yelled at by the officers.  Earlier this month, the site was taken over by a retailer serving the military community in order to keep it going.

I think it is pretty easy to say that this situation is highly disrespectful to a patriotic soldier and shows a military leadership that is out of touch with today’s America…

….Meanwhile, bloggers like C.J. Grisham need all the support we can give them, and many military bloggers are doing just that by going silent on their own blogs.  Grisham has served his country in order to allow his fellow citizen a voice, and as long as he isn’t violating national security (which he hasn’t been doing), his own voice shouldn’t be silenced either.

….Continue Reading

 To follow the “natural born citizen” issue, visit:

Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Obama, Donald Young & Larry Sinclair – Free Republic – Rush Limbaugh – Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri Dies – What Does Obama’s Protocol Office Advise? – The BOPAC Report

December 21, 2009

The BOPAC Report 

Larry Sinclair’s Journey-

The BOPAC Baseball Adventure!


I read a post from the Free Republic and a couple of sentences caught my attention: 

“We don’t know if there’s rampant sex romps going on with Obama.” 

“We doubt that.”  

Are you kidding me?  

Ask Larry Sinclair – 

Check out the following sites that have been following Mr. Sinclair’s run for Congress and his allegations that he and Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999: 

From FreeRepublic:

Prediction: Obama to Undergo His Own Tiger Woods-Type Unmasking
Rush Limbaugh ^ | December 18, 2009 | Rush Limbaugh 

Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009 12:25:11 PM by opentalk 

RUSH: Mark my words, just as the truth about Tiger Woods has been exposed, so it shall be with Barack Obama. The parallels — Lisa Schiffren had that great piece on this last week, the parallels between Barack Obama and Tiger Woods are stunning. We don’t know if there’s rampant sex romps going on with Obama. We doubt that. But everything else, they created for us a puff piece image of Obama, starting with his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention. We don’t know who he is. 

We don’t know anything about the man other than his years agitating the community in Chicago, the things he’s written about in his books. But there’s this image of “we’ve never had someone like this before, there’s never been a man like this. 

He transcends normal people.” Remember all these people gushing over him. Mark my words. At some point the same unmasking that has happened to Tiger Woods will happen to Barack Obama. 

(Excerpt) Read more at 

The rumors that Obama is on the “down-low”/gay have been reported worldwide! 

USS Larry Sinclair on a World-Wide Jouney!



Suposto ex-amante persiste: Obama é gay 

Por Welton Trindade em 24.11.2009 : : 10h42 

O presidente dos Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, foi capa novamente de um jornal sensacionalista americano com a insinuação de que ele é gay. O tablóide The Globe estampou, na edição desta segunda-feira 23, a seguinte manchete: “Obama’s gay lover gets revenge” (em português, “O amante gay de Obama quer vingança”). Segundo o jornal, o presidente teria tido um caso, no passado, com um homem chamado Larry Sinclair. O amante, sentindo-se desprezado, estaria ameaçando contar toda a história dos dois no congresso americano…Continua Leyendo 


Обама стал героем гей-скандала 

Статья короткая, но с громким названием «Слезы Мишель Обамы». По словам автора заметки веселый однополый роман президента стал достоянием гласности. 

В Америке — ужасный гейский скандал! На обложке журнала Globe журнал Globe красуется президент США Обама с обнаженным торсом на Гавайском пляже. Подпись не оставляет иллюзий: Барак Обама стал героем скандала геев. Статья короткая, но с громким названием «Слезы Мишель Обамы». По словам автора заметки веселый однополый роман президента стал достоянием гласности. Готова книга Larry Sinclair «Барак Обама и Лэрри Синклэр. Кокаин, секс, ложь и убийство?» Книга уже заявлена в отделе заказов самой крупной в Америке сети книжных магазинов Barnes&Noble. …Continue Reading 

There are also rumors that Obama and Reggie Love have been playing! 

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter! 

The allegations go further than just sex: 

Has Obama heard that Larry Sinclair is running for Congressd? 

See also: 

Obama and the Trinity United murders 

Written by Erik Rush    

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 03:36 

September 16, 2008
by Erik Rush
Members of Chicago’s Trinity United Church (the house of worship attended by Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama for 20 years) already had their Christmas trees up when members of the Chicago press circulated through the city, interviewing many of them as they mourned Donald Young, their 47-year-old choir master who has been found shot dead in his South Side Chicago home on December 3, 2007. 

Young, known for having a flamboyant persona, was an openly gay man. 

The choir director’s murder and the execution-style murders of two other gay Trinity United congregants within 60 days of each other had gays and blacks terrified over the winter of 2007-2008. They feared that a serial killer targeting either blacks, gays or both might have hung out his shingle in Chicago. 

Curiously, neither Sen. Obama, his surrogates nor law enforcement had anything to say regarding the circumstantial connection. Nowhere in the news reports of the killings has there been any mention of Obama, or the questioning of him or any of his cohorts or staffers by Chicago police. 

To suggest that Sen. Obama was somehow involved in these murders is obviously a leap. However, one would imagine that if any other prominent citizen had been publicly accused of being a closet homosexual, then three gay men from their church were murdered in the months that followed, local law enforcement would have crawled up one of their excretive orifices with an entire forensics lab. …. 

…..In conversation, Rev. Manning is entirely lucid. He maintains that his sources and information pertaining to Obama are “rock-solid and incontrovertible” He has met with Larry Sinclair and while Sinclair “obviously has other things going on in his life relating to his credibility,” the pastor said that, in general, Sinclair speaks easily and knowledgably when he talks about Obama’s bisexuality and crack cocaine use.  

So what do we really know? What we know is that three gay members of trinity United Church were murdered in close temporal proximity during late 2007. It is extremely unlikely that Obama never met these men, particularly the choir director. We also know that somewhat earlier, a former Obama acquaintance claimed that he and Obama had participated in gay sex and drug use. Though it was revealed that the man was lying about something, law enforcement operatives know that polygraphs are not universally reliable and even pathological liars don’t lie all the time. 

The tabloids The National Enquirer and The Globe have been investigating Obama’s alleged homosexual adventures and drug use for some time. A private investigator who works with the Chicago Police Department allegedly told the tabloid The Globe that Donald Young was silenced because of something he knew about Obama. 

As we know, despite the outlandish tales sometimes spun by these publications, quite often they are spot-on as regards the lives of people in the spotlight. A prime example is the case of Sen. John Edwards’ love child. If the tabloids know anything, however, they are clearly biding their time. 

As may be some others… Read the Complete Article 

Obama’s Protocol Office Worries!

Teleprompter holds Whitehouse Protocol Classes. Obama preparing for bow to Iran!

Will the Man-Child Obama help the Iranian Protesters this time or will he throw them under the bus like he did after the election. Obama should have stood with these protesters last time. 

Iran regime on alert following death of dissident cleric Montazeri 

Thousands flock to mourn 87-year-old ayatollah
Threat of a security ‘nightmare’ for authoritiesRobert, Sunday 20 December 2009 21.15 GMTThe body of Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri at his home in Qom, surrounded by relatives in mourning. Photograph: APThousands of mourners are gathering in the Iranian city of Qom following the death of leading reformist cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, offering protesters a fresh rallying point for confrontation with the government.Montazeri, who died early this morning aged 87, is due to be buried at the Ma’asoumeh shrine, one of the holiest in Shia Islam, tomorrow.The event threatened to turn into a security nightmare for the authorities amid reports that thousands were travelling from as far away as Isfahan and Najafabad, Montazeri’s birthplace. Reformist websites reported that the road between Tehran and Qom was clogged with motorists heading to the funeral. Riot police were deployed throughout Qom in preparation for a mass turnout of anti-government demonstrators, while security forces surrounded Montazeri’s house. The reformist website Rah-e Sabz reported that some political activists had been contacted by intelligence agents and warned that they would face arrest if they tried to attend the funeral.Montazeri, who had long been banished from Iran‘s theocratic hierarchy, had emerged as a spiritual leader for the opposition Green Movement after denouncing last June’s re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as fraudulent and the subsequent crackdown as un-Islamic. 

Since the poll, he had been in regular contact with the two defeated reformist candidates, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi….Continue Reading 

Condolences to the family and followers of Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.