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November 14, 2012


Social and Fiscal Conservatives May Want to Take a Second Look at the Libertarian Party.

Well, on November 6, the American people went to the polls to select a Santa – hmmm – President. It turned out to be a very sad day for both America and Israel. The outcome deeply disappointed many millions of voters because it became crystal clear that there are sufficient numbers of takers to overcome reason regarding economics, sustainability, the rule of law, the Constitution, and the negative impacts of big government.  They, the takers, seem completely at ease with subjugating the rights and liberties of everyone else in order get their stuff. Welcome to higher taxes, fewer jobs, death panels, more government control, longer lines, etc.

However, it’s now time to get back up, dust ourselves off and get back to work.

Emerging from this election were several lessons that the GOP must learn. First, the media will always aid the Democrat candidate’s effort to get elected, will twist the Republican candidate’s beliefs and record into something extreme regardless of what the truth actually is and will even go so far as to ignore and shape news that might negatively impact their candidate.  Second, election fraud is alive and well in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota and other battleground states in sufficient degree to overcome the will of the people.  And third, the GOP must keep its principles or disband.  (I suppose one first has to define its principles, which might be different for the big government establishment of the Party.)

If the GOP elite are willing to toss away the principles of the majority of the Party (limited Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, helping those in need get to their feet without creating dependency/enslavement) then they can count on many social conservatives, fiscal ‘Tea Party’ conservatives and many in between staying home.  Principles must not only be important to the GOP, but also to a sufficient majority (enough to overcome voter fraud) if the nation has any chance to survive and avert becoming an authoritarian state.

Principles are not something to run away from. This is the argument the GOP must make to conservative Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.  Unfortunately right now, it appears that the vast majority of minorities are either completely brainwashed by the media and the Democrat Party or simply more interested in voting for what they misperceive as being in their best interest.  That’s a real tragedy because what they are really voting for is allowing their potential lives to pass them by, being told where to go, when to go and why to go.  Sad.

However, there might be another option disenfranchised GOP voters might take. They (as individuals) might decide that for the good of the nation they can reach an understanding, accommodation, and/or alliance with the Libertarian Party and put the GOP out of its misery unless it wakes up.

If one really thinks about it, the Libertarian Party might be a much better philosophical match for many people of faith and fiscal conservatives.  There’s a quiz on the website that might surprise you.  Before you take the quiz, I hope you read 3 articles I wrote concerning marriage, abortion, and drug legalization. Marriage is the Domain of the Church and God proposes that government should not be in the business of marriage at all. Obama Would Evidently Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater looks at Obama’s position and balancing interests along the timeline of pregnancy. A Step Towards Respect of Our Laws and The Social Mores by Legalizing Drugs is self-explainatory.

But first an admission – I was a bit angry with Gov. Gary Johnson for not throwing his support behind Gov. Romney to prevent Obama from further damaging the nation and the economy. However, after a few days, with reflection, I am now able to recognize (admit) that it is a principled act to vote for the person with whom you most agreed with.  But for me, even though I almost always self-identify as a Libertarian, I vote mainly Republican because they are the most likely to slow down the train on its journey to collapse of the economy and liberty.

So how can Social Conservatives possibly come to support a Party that could support legalization of drugs, prostitution and gay marriage without sacrificing their principles?

The answer goes back the very foundation of Christianity. Freewill, faith, and living a Christ like (spirit focused) life.  (Note – my personal beliefs have been shaped by family, study in college, and my own experiences through living, succeeding, failing, reflecting. It’s not my intention to endorse any particular path over any other here.)

Freewill is the essence of being a human being – the ability and right coming from God to make choices. Freewill applies to everyone (with the ability to make informed decisions, i.e. adults); even when we do stupid, self-destructive acts.  It’s what Obama and his supporters would like to remove from those with whom they disagree.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

25 And behold, a lawyer stood up to put him to the test, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” 26 He said to him, “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?” 27 And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” 28 And he said to him, “You have answered correctly; do this, and you will live.”

Whatever your interpretation of these passages, they certainly involve choices freely made and carry consequences expressed and implied.  Even though different thoughts comes to each person’s mind when reading the words and phrases ‘love’, ‘soul’, ‘Lord your God’, ‘eternal life’, ‘your neighbor as yourself’, and ‘you will live’; I do hope they don’t involve giving the government power to limit your conscience and dictate what beliefs are acceptable.  (Even for the non-believer, these passages describe a process that could lead to a deep level of self-discovery.)

The above passages might also explain why the Bible says, “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.”  Can’t the same be said for all of us – we’re all damaged goods to some degree? We all struggle separated from our lives’ potential and/or the spirit by our own attachments (money, drugs, alcohol, jealousy, envy, power, wants, porn, politics, video games, iPhone 5,the Internet, dependency on government).

However, I do believe that one person’s problematic attachments can’t be universally applied to everyone else. Do you?

Separation is the issue and that which causes separation is the problem for the individual.  Those of faith can’t bring others to understanding or conformity simply by enacting laws forbidding objectionable conduct. It’s their journey and their decisions. You only make criminals of them and make it harder for them leave it behind when they come to their senses.  People of faith can only act as examples, live honestly, live with principles, raise strong families, voice their opinions, help their neighbors, find support in like minded people and vote. (We can rightly strengthen laws aimed at preventing the injurious consequences of bad decisions like drunk or drugged driving to the innocent.)

Those of every faith trying to live spiritual, reflective, loving lives are important because they act as examples of stability, responsibility, love and principle. They serve as models (for those caught up in the satisfy and serve me, me, me of today’s world) of thousands of years of understanding of what works, even today. Recognizing something bigger than yourself, raising a responsible family, redemption and achievement are not bad things.

Personal salvation (religious or otherwise) is not achieved through government action implementing its version of ‘social justice’ (code for socialism).  It is not social justice when the government steals from those who have struggled to be successful to ‘help’ thoseit chooses (creating dependency in exchange for dependable votes).  In fact, most times it makes it more difficult for those called (love your neighbor as yourself) to help the poor, the innocent, and those in need.  Take for example, the attack on the ‘religious liberty’ rights of employers (Catholic Church) by forcing them to pay for abortions and contraceptives vis-à-vis providing health insurance that must cover contraception and abortions.  To be true to Catholic beliefs about life beginning at conception, they will need to stop providing any health insurance to their employees, possibly close their hospitals.  This is actually what Obama wants. He wants to destroy the private insurance market so the government (while blaming believers and secular employers who can’t afford Obamacare) will be ‘forced’ to go to a single payer system with them (death panels) saying who is worthy of life and medical resources.

I’m sure the Libertarian Party would support the Religious Liberty rights of those (seeking to contract for appropriate health insurance) with deeply held beliefs struggling against intrusive government.

Thankfully, the Catholic Church is saying there’s a 100% chance of civil disobedience if the feds don’t back off.  I’ll be there with them, will you?

The current path the government is on (dominated by socialists and leftists) is one of dictating what people must believe, how they must act, how they must think, what choices they have available, what recourse (lack of recourse, i.e. guns) they have available to stand up against unjust, dishonest, authoritarian government today and in the future.

The proper role of our federal government is intentionally limited and is meant to protect the space around the individual for him or her to make their choices and reach their potential (or not).  The path of Obama’s government can only lead to mediocrity and dependency for the masses.  It’s one with no real future or choices for anyone, especially the very old and the very young.  Surely people of faith must find such a future where freewill plays such a minimal role abhorrent.  It’s the Story of the Tower of Babel being repeated – turning Americans into uniform bricks.

It’s not a course for those who truly want to be free.

CitizenWells Announcement – Larry Sinclair – Help Get Him On Ballot – HillBuzz Revelation – Mario Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner on WGTK 970 Sunday – Second Amendment Wyoming – WND – The BOPAC Report

March 13, 2010

The BOPAC Report 

Second Amendment –


Pretty soon only the tyrannical members of our government and criminals will be the ones with guns! Protect the Second Amendment to the Constitution with everything you have!

Every State needs to stand up if they want to have any say about how to live their lives. Good for Wyoming. 

State plan fines feds $2,000 over gun rules 

2 years in jail also possible for agent enforcing U.S. regulations on firearm 

Posted: March 13, 2010
12:20 am Eastern 

By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily 

Wyoming has joined a growing list of states with self-declared exemptions from federal gun regulation of weapons made, bought and used inside state borders – but lawmakers in the Cowboy State have taken the issue one step further, adopting significant penalties for federal agents attempting to enforce Washington’s rules. 

According a law signed into effect yesterday by Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal, any agent of the U.S. who “enforces or attempts to enforce” federal gun rules on a “personal firearm” in Wyoming faces a felony conviction and a penalty of up to two years in prison and up to $2,000 in fines. …Continue Reading 


Natural Born Citizen –

'bring forth the documents' - America needs more than a birth certificate to prove Obama is a 'natural born citizen'. 

Announcement from Mario Apuzzo – Maybe he will design a tie clip to wear similar to the one above. 

Friday, March 12, 2010 

Atty Mario Apuzzo & CDR Kerchner will be on Les Naiman Show, WGTK 970, Louisville KY, hosted by Les Naiman, Sunday 14 Mar 2010 10:30 PM EST 

Atty Mario Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner will be the featured guests on the Les Naiman radio show, WGTK 970 in Louisville KY, hosted by Les Naiman, on Sunday, 14 March 2010, 10:30 PM EST. Some topics to be discussed: 

~The defendant’s (Obama & Congress et al) Opposition Brief recently filed with the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia PA for the Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al lawsuit and the forthcoming appellant’s (Kerchner et al) Reply Brief.
~Continuing efforts by the Plaintiffs to educate the public and promote knowledge about the merits and constitutional legal issues involved in this lawsuit in the national print media via full page ads placed in the Washington Times National Weekly edition. See examples at:  …Continue Reading 


Awakenings –


When I served in the Navy, I understood that I was risking my life for Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution. I would not have joined if I were defending socialism. Have our most revered sacrificed all in vain? Not yet but we are getting close.

Both my parents were Democrats. However they would not recognize what has happened to their Party.  The folks a Hill Buzz have made a hard but necessary decision.  Where are the ‘centrist Democrats’ reclaiming their Party? Today’s Democratic Party is not a Party to debate with – it’s a Party to STOP! 

If you are reading this, you are the Resistance 

Posted by hillbuzz under Uncategorized 

It’s a very emotional day here at Buzzquarters. 

Not sure what triggered it, but we fully accept today that the current government in Washington is completely mad and hellbent on destroying this country. 

We do not believe it’s possible for the Left to ram their Healthcare Rationing bill through Congress, but we believe they will indeed try every insane trick they can conjure to attempt it. 

Absolute all-out political war needs to be declared on every Democrat in office if they do not rise up against the madness of their own party and put a stop to this immediately. 

A national, coast-to-coast, Resistance needs to form and mobilize in this country, rising up from the Tea Party movement itself and take back this government at the ballot box in November….Continue Reading 

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –


Obama Dreams About Government Run Health Care, Larry Sinclair, Birth Certificates, Natural Born Citizens While America Lives in a Nightmare.

Special Announcement from CitizenWells about Larry Sinclair! 

Larry Sinclair for Congress, Update, March 13, 2010, For want of a nail, For want of a dollar, Obama and Sinclair, Truth about Obama, Obama thugs, Florida district 24 election……  


…..March 2010
For want of a messenger

Whether or not you believe Larry Sinclair’s allegations of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999 (and how could you possibly not believe it now). Whether or not you like or agree with Larry Sinclair. Larry Sinclair was a huge catalyst for questioning Obama at a time when Obama was getting little scrutiny.
Larry Sinclair is running for Congress, unaffiliated, in Florida District 24. Larry Sinclair has done as much as anyone on this planet to expose the truth about Barack Obama. Sinclair has not backed down from incessant attacks and death threats from the Obama camp. Sinclair has had his Social Security Disability benefits threatened twice and was even arrested on trumped up charges by Joe Biden’s son, Beau. The arrest happened at the conclusion of Larry Sinclair’s press conference at the National Press Club in 2008. 

For Want of a Nail
For want of a few dollars.
I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night.
He sent me the following:
“If I pay the $6,960.00 by the deadline I WILL be on the ballot and then our message will be covered.  The media is not going to give much coverage to any candidate until the qualifing for the ballot is met.
The two companies that process campaign contributions for us charge 6% from each contribution.  I am ready to take on Kosmas and any Republican candidate in this Congressional race, but if we do not get the support we need to meet the requirements to get on the ballot I will not be able to.
People say they are tired of the career politicians.  A simple fact of life is the career politicians and political parties have all the money they need to pay fee’s to get their candidates on the ballot.” 

2010 Qualifying Dates
Noon, April 26 – Noon, April 30, 2010
*Note: Qualifying papers will be accepted beginning April 12, 2010, pursuant to Section 99.061(8), F.S.
U.S. Senator
Representative in Congress (all districts)
State Attorney
Public Defender
The following fee’s are for 2010 candidates. 


Partisan                                        No Party Affiliation 

U.S. Senator                              $ 10,400                                                         $ 6,960 

U.S. Representative 


I know that you all are weary of being solicited for money. I understand. That is why this needs to remain a grassroots movement. If 4,000 people only give $ 2.00, the goal will be achieved. I am asking for your time. Help spread the word. Let’s get thousands, if not millions of people involved. Tea party folks, I am asking for your help. Larry Sinclair will continue to help keep Obama accountable. He will also help keep government accountable. 

Matters of Religion Should Never be Matters of Controversy for Tea Party Protesters – The BOPAC Report

March 2, 2010

The BOPAC Report:

Matters of Religion Should Never be Matters of Controversy for Tea Party Protesters

Today I’ve been mostly reflecting on recklessness that we’ve been witnessing in Washington D.C. and what some are calling the one year anniversary of the Tea Party Movement.  I want to say is that I am truly thankful that millions of ordinary Americans have been so moved by what they’ve seen in American politics that they made time to care for the country that has been so important in their lives.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  I can only imagine how little hope there would be today had you not stood up and shouted ENOUGH loud enough for the politicians to hear. Oh, and thanks CNBC Correspondent Rick Santelli for getting it all started.

At first the Tea Parties were ignored and when they kept growing, the vilification process began in earnest in the Halls of Congress & in the mainstream media.  The disparagement began as commentators’ smirks, belittlement and mischaracterizations as to who was involved and what the they were about.  As the protests grew and politicians began being forced to address hard questions in town hall meetings, the discomfort level of the media and politicians increased exponentially.  So did the insults.

Finally, one term of disparagement/diminution stuck. A few pompous media personalities set out to attach these mostly novice protesters to the derogatory terms Tea-Bagger and Tea-Bagging (some sort of sex act thing). It became a juvenile favorite among Democrat politicians such as Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Schumer.  Why? I have no idea.  If you see images of the hundreds of thousands (millions) of these Americans engaged in peaceful protests, ‘tea-bagger’ is the last thing that would come to mind.  Most of the protesters shrug it off realizing that actually saying the term reflects most badly on those using it.  However, each has their own way of dealing with double standards and ridicule.

I’ve never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a ‘fat cat’ and a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a ‘public-spirited philanthropist’.
Ronald Reagan

If an analogy must be made to a Tea Bag, then let’s do with a bit more accuracy to reflect the broad range of ordinary Americans picking up protest signs for the first time.  From what I can tell, Tea Party folks more often than not come with lots of experience because most have a few years under their belts. 

Let’s say we imagine the piece of paper attached to the tea bag string as the label tea party members might use to identify themselves to everyone else – Conservative, Moderate, Independent, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Native American, African-American, White, Asian, Catholic, Baptist, Jew, Christian, Agnostic, Professor, Professional, Tradesman, etc., etc., etc. (I wanted to include Muslim but I haven’t actually seen anyone self identify.) It’s a big tent based on principle.

The string is the part that connects everyone together, the collective consciousness of experience that reminds each of us that some things are time tested, work well and might just pull America out of the hot water before it’s too late.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905

As far as I can tell, this is the essence of the movement.  It reflects common sense understandings of economics and how to get our economy moving.  Experience shows that private sector does much better than a federal bureaucracy when it comes to jump starting the economy and making the system sustainable because the private sector is concerned facts and success – not their own political ideologies, beauty contests and careers. (Congress tinkering with ‘risk’ in the mortgage market caused the current economic crisis – everyone must own a home even if they can’t afford it. Right now, uncertainty regarding the possibility of tax hikes coming from Obama are what’s shackling the economy.)

Tea party people know the U.S. government’s massive debt is not sustainable.  They want politicians to stop raising taxes (actually most want to cut taxes) and to cut spending. They want America to live within its means and not pass unbearable debt to their children.

They want politicians to face the truth of our economy!  Yes, there will be pain but most Americans surely recognize we can get through it together.  However, if government does not face the truth about our economy soon, the pain will be catastrophic and our liberties could be put at risk because of civil unrest.

The truth is cruel, but it can be loved, and it makes free those who have loved it.

George Santayana, Little Essays (1920) “Ideal Immortality”

The tea party movement is not anti-government.  They want the federal government to do the things they are authorized to do under the Constitution with as small a ‘footprint’ as possible (including reasonable regulation of business).  I believe a majority wants their own states to do the heavy lifting on tax utilization and governing.  However, they want politicians to not be in bed with union leaders (special interests) because experience shows that union leaders’ greed is a big factor in the fiscal calamities facing many states today. (A 49-year-old NJ public employee (union member) who pays in a $124,000 and receives 3.3 million in benefits from state coffers.)

I suspect a vast majority of the ordinary Americans who make up the tea party movement do not want the government to take over the healthcare system. And yes, they do want reform.  They want incremental steps to be taken to reform healthcare.  They do not want a massive bill when politicians’ motives are suspect and the consequences cannot possibly be fully understood. Start over with everyone at the table.

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet.

African Proverb

Most in the movement want politicians to respect the Constitutional limitations placed on government, respect state rights, and the rights of the individual.

People know instinctually and by experience that child rearing with too much parental control will either be met with some type of resistance (outright rebellion, passive aggression behavior) or cowering (timid, afraid, distrust).  Neither is what America needs of her citizenry.

It is the individual’s task to differentiate himself from all the others and stand on his own feet. All collective identities… interfere with the fulfillment of this task. Such collective identities are crutches for the lame, shields for the timid, beds for the lazy, nurseries for the irresponsible….

C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

People realize that the Constitution is the first line of defense protecting their freedoms and limiting a federal government that appears ready to dictate without the consent of the people.  Most understand that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution established the requirement that the power of the federal government comes from the people and states – not the other way around.  I think most tea party protesters want the federal government to back off and lift the boot off their necks. 

In fact, several states have recognized the danger this Administration poses to our 2nd and 10th Amendment rights and are beginning to take action.  Three states have passed the Firearms Freedom Act and 22 others have introduced it for consideration. The FFA basically says that firearms manufactured and sold within a state’s borders are out of reach of the federal government’s interstate commerce powers. Numerous states have introduced legislation asserting their Tenth Amendment rights under the Constitution.  Several others are introducing legislation that will require candidates to submit proof that they are in fact eligible for the office they are seeking (i.e. being a ‘natural born citizen’). We will see soon if our Federal Courts have become so corrupted and/or influenced by the ’progressives’ ideology that they will not exercise their duties and act as a check to the powers of the Congress and the President.

Tea Party protesters do not want to be treated like sheep by their government and elected representatives.  This is partly why it is important that the ‘tea party’ not be taken over by any major Party.  The tea party idea is about holding all politicians accountable, not just the ones in a particular party. 

People choose politicians who should understand local values and concerns to represent their interests in Washington regardless of which Party they belong.

I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

The people of California are not the same as the people from Georgia and both should have their interests represented in strong state governments and by elected Congressional Representatives – and neither should be blown off their feet.

I’ve been using a few quotes from the philosopher George Santayana to illustrate the need to keep our state governments strong, retaining their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution. Mr. Santayana ”…was committed to a naturalist metaphysics, in which human cognition, cultural practices, and social institutions have evolved so as to harmonize with the conditions present in their environment. Their value may then be adjudged by the extent to which they facilitate human happiness.“

To me, understanding local environmental and ethnic influences reveals the richness of America’s cultural diversity. It’s why we want our representatives to be local becuase they are (should be) more aware of who ‘they’ are and what conditions have shaped the ‘we’ of the locality.  This way change & governance evolve locally in response to the ‘happiness’ or unhappiness of its residents. It also validates the wisdom of our Founders who created a Constitution meant to insure equality of opportunity (not results) and equal protection for every person in every state.  The Constitution is a safety net preventing tyranny or abuse at the muncipal or state level while containing safeguards that protect the individual character of states and their people ( First, Second, Ninth, Tenth, Fourteenth Amendments).

If states like California and New York raise taxes too much or restricts rights and liberties too much, people and business remain free to vote with their feet.  That’s a good thing because it applies market forces to states that might encourage their politicians to act responsibility. States and regions have different flavors that appeal to varied tastes and that’s wonderful.  Just like most people do not want the flavor of another forcibly imposed upon their lives – neither do states.

Even though it’s understandable that some residents of states currently crumbling under the weight of unfair public employee labor and pension contracts and out of control politicians may be susceptible to Obama’s proclivity for a socialist system that might subsidize their state’s excesses with taxes from the innocent states, it must be resisted and responsibility demanded of their own politicians.  The good people of Texas should not be forced to bail out irresponsible politicians in California or any other state.  Today responsible people can always move and let California collapse under the weight of its own gluttony. However, if we allow the federal government to continue grow in power and influence that may not always be the case. Many times taking what appears to be the easiest path is the one that leads to the greatest loss.

The same arguments can be made in support of America’s sovereignty. Most Americans do not want to give up that which has been paid for with the blood and treasure of the millions who came before to France, Germany, Spain, any other country or the UN.  Our freedoms and Constitutional protections are not barter items.  We can fulfill our global responsibilities as good neighbors without sacrificing our sovereignty.

A man’s feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.

George Santayana (1863 – 1952)

The tea bag string is the determined call for fiscal responsibility, accountability, equality of opportunity, and limited representative government.

The tea bag is our United States Constitution that has guided this nation for centuries.  It’s the fabric that holds us together and protects our liberties. Without which, we would blow away like dry leaves of tea facing the winds of tyranny.

One man with a gun can control 100 without one.
Vladimir Lenin

One person cannot stand against tyranny alone. It will take many armed with all of the rights and liberties that they can preserve (including the right to bear arms).

America is the greatest of opportunities and the worst of influences.

George Santayana (1863 – 1952)

It’s these influences that are putting our liberties at risk today. 

An educational system that does not adequately teach the Constitution, our founding, or America’s goodness is making it likely our children will not recognize threats to their freedom and liberty.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
Ronald Reagan

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
Vladimir Lenin

It’s the patience of ‘progressivism’ that has been working insidiously for decades to undermine our system of governance. It’s politicians who work diligently to create voter dependency through the sense of ‘entitlement’.  It’s politicians who will not face the truth of our economy and who print trillions of dollars to ensure their positions.

The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
Vladimir Lenin

It’s the influence of special interests that corrupt and seduce politicians to do their bidding instead watching out for the interests of the people.  It’s politicians who lack conviction to principles.

To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics.
Vladimir Lenin

It’s the influence of those in the inner circle of the Administration.

There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.
Vladimir Lenin

Is Lenin talking about Rahm Emanuel?

The tea is who we are.  It’s the experiences of each individual that has shaped his or her life and views.  It’s the diversity of the tea party movement.  In the tea party movement all ethic groups are represented, many are Veterans, many have family members in the military, and there are Christians, Jews, agnostics, and probably atheists.  There are those who represent rural and urban ways of life. There are pro-life, pro-choice, gay, straight, environmentalists, pro-gun, pro-10th Amendment, and those calling for the ‘natural born citizen’ provision of the Constitution to be honored.  There are Conservatives, Liberals, and Moderates. There are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents. 

From what I can see, people in the tea party movement are striving to be tolerant of the views of others as long as they don’t jeopardize the nation’s future.

Intolerance itself is a form of egoism, and to condemn egoism intolerantly is to share it.

George Santayana, Winds of Doctrine (1913) ch. 4

If the movement is to survive and flourish, egotism and intolerance must be kept in check.  If it’s not, we become them.  At the next local event, maybe I will tie the string from a tea bag around my finger to help me remember to keep my own intolerance in check and to focus on the issues the Tea Party movement has grown around.

It’s my strong opinion that the tea party movement must not be folded into any major party and that it not form its own official party. If it forms its own party, it may then feel compelled to have a platform that addresses the social issues and that could alienate many.  This is such a special movement and it would be sad to see it diminish.

This year it is critical to vote for those who have the best chance of removing absolute control from Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s Democratic Party.  The vote must not be split in 2010.  However, every Republican or Independent candidate who wins needs to be made aware that they will be held accountable for their lack of transparency, lack of fiscal discipline, and lack of adherence to the Constitution.

We will surely disagree in the future about the social issues and that will be okay.  However, today millions are united around a core set of issues that are crucial for the survival of the nation. We must not blow it. Fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and limited government are the issues of the coming election.

I think I will close with one last quote of George Santayana (who was an agnostic) that seems applicable to the idea of focusing on the big picture this year.

Matters of religion should never be matters of controversy. We neither argue with a lover about his taste, not condemn him, if we are just, for knowing so human a passion.

George Santayana (1863 – 1952)

Well – unless they want to kill you if they can’t convert you.

In such case, I offer this quote:

It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

Emiliano Zapata (1877 – 1919)

Senator Scott Brown’s American Truck, the Cargo Cult and a Siren’s Song – The BOPAC Report

February 25, 2010

Senator Scott Brown’s American Truck, the Cargo Cult and a Siren’s Song

Recently, Republican Senator Scott Brown worried many of his supporters by voting in favor of cloture, moving Sen. Harry Reid’s  ‘Jobs’ bill forward in the U.S. Senate.  Given that Sen. Brown’s campaign had in fact focused on his independence in the Massachusetts legislature, his vote did not surprise me.  However in light of Washington Democrats’ oblivious lockstep march towards the tried and failed ideals of socialism, I held out some hope that Sen. Brown would recognize that bi-partisanship could wait until Blue Dog Democrats wrest some control of the Democratic Party away from the radical left.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to debate the limits of social and economic responsibility under the Constitution in a bi-partisan manner, but to negotiate with those attempting to undermine the Constitution and American sovereignty is pointless. America needs to win.

It’s going to take a sound thumping of both ‘progressive’ Democrats and ‘progressive’ light Republicans in 2010, if the American experiment, our representative republic, has any chance of surviving.  If fact, it may already be too late unless real changes begin to be made in the psyche of ordinary Americans. The problem is that people tend to vote for who and what they perceive as being in their own self-interest.  I would suggest that many of these voters are in fact not voting in their self-interest, but are answering a siren’s song – a song sung mainly by Obama and the Democratic Party.

It’s a song meant to blind Americans to the reality of what’s required for sustainable, fiscally responsible government; and for that matter, the requirements for individual fiscal responsibility. It’s a song meant to sear the flesh of Americans with distorted notions of the responsibilities of our federal government. It’s a song meant to establish the mindset of entitlement from cradle to grave. It’s a song that makes it politically incorrect to urge personal responsibility or suggest that consequences might fall on those seduced by shortsighted destructive Democrat rhetoric. It’s a song that ultimately leads to less liberty and freedom. 

The Democratic Party has always been concerned with creating and maintaining the dependence of voters, setting themselves up as the protectors of entitlements.  Even when they fail to achieve what they have promised, they milk their efforts for every drop of voter loyalty they can get and vilify anyone daring to look at the true fiscal ramifications of their actions. It’s been that way for years.

However today’s Democrats take it even further, they know full well what they are promising/creating is not sustainable and will bankrupt the nation. (Cap & Trade, Stimulus, Bailouts, Government takeovers, Healthcare, etc.) Yet they continue to attempt to ram their ideas down the throats of Americans even though large majorities dislike them.

Could it really be they believe any legislative success, no matter how damaging to America’s economy, will help their own political futures in the 2010 elections?  Get past the elections and then find a way to blame George Bush, Republicans, or even Ahmadinejad when the house of cards collapse. Some have suggested their true strategy is cause the collapse of the entire system; then take over and start over with something much less a meritocracy, something with more centralized control, something more akin to socialism.  Either way, America suffers.

Look at Social Security and Medicare.  This year Social Security began paying out more in benefits than it receives in tax revenues. It’s clearly not sustainable. Social Security in dire shape and action needs to be taken yesterday. But, Obama knows that people who have paid Social Security taxes for their entire working life will punish anyone who dares change the system in order to make it more sustainable for future generations?  Social Security is a sacred cow that can’t be touched without political consequences being paid at the next election.  Democrats cannot afford to add to voter anger right now about Social Security.  Not yet

So what do they do? They ignore Social Security and set off to create an even bigger entitlement.

What will happen IF Government run healthcare becomes a reality?  Instead of one or two sacred cows, they are creating a sacred herd to be fed by small business and taxpayers?

Democrats are selling Obama’s healthcare program by saying it will lower healthcare costs.  They know it will not.  You cannot insure 30 million more people and expect costs to go down.  The only things that will go down are the quality of care and the ability of the patient to determine their own treatment. Rationed care will be the outcome and it will suck to be old.

Once Obamacare is put in place and health workers unionized, a new self-serving voting block will be created that will be able to block everything they oppose regardless of how it effects ordinary Americans.  A unionized government run healthcare will be able to prevent politicians who they perceive as threats from ever being elected and prevent meaningful changes from taking place.  It happened in the UK.

How many unionized health workers would emerge in a government run healthcare system?  Healthcare is 20% of America’s economy – tens of millions?

It really is like Benjamin Franklin said at the founding of this nation:

“When the people find they can vote themselves money,
that will herald the end of the republic.” Benjamin Franklin

From what I can surmise, millions of Americans who pay absolutely no federal income tax already have the expectation that Obamacare will be free for them.  I see few people who actually know the details of what is being proposed.   How it will be paid for seems to be of even less interest to them.  Obama and Democrats have effectively been making the case to non-taxpayers that ‘money fairies’ will fly out of the butts of ‘rich fat cats’ to pay for healthcare for them.

There is no display of awareness among non-taxpayers that government cannot continue to raise taxes on small business owners.  Eventually, business will say enough.  They will be forced or choose to sell/close their businesses, take their nest eggs, retire and watch the bewilderment on the faces of Americans wondering where the jobs are.  There will be a point where it is just not worth the price of having to deal with an overreaching government and selfish labor unions demanding higher and higher benefits without regard to how it effects business viability. 

America should be in a recovery with job creation by now, but uncertainty about higher taxes and restrictions coming out of the Obama administration has everyone in the business world gun-shy. (That’s the same reason several health insurance providers are now raising their rates, they can’t predict what will happen tomorrow.)

In international development work today, the dominant idea is sustainability.  And, the most important factors that predict project sustainability are when people in communities have identified their own needs and when they have a real stake in the project (money, labor, time, etc.).  Of course, free projects seem most attractive, but free frequently fails in development work. If communities themselves have identified the problem (as opposed to having an outside ‘expert’ telling the community what they need) and they have a sufficient stake, personal investment  – they are more likely to become empowered and take responsible for both the project and consequences. 

(It’s like the requirement for a down payment when purchasing a house. It’s much more likely that such a person will do all they can to make payments so they don’t lose their investment.)

Free has been tried over and over in development work. It fails over and over. In International Development simply throwing money at problems does not work. If fact, frequently it does more harm than good. The worst outcome one can imagine is the ‘Cargo Cult’ mentality that arose in the Pacific shortly after World War II. Unfortunately, it looks like many Americans are well on their way down that same road and politicians are encouraging it.

During World War II, Americans and Japanese forces brought millions of tons of material and lots of manpower to the Pacific Islands. Most villagers had little awareness of the how, where, or why the goods came to their islands. The goods came and came and expectations rose that goods would keep coming even after the troops left the islands.  ‘Cargo Cults’ had existed before WWII but they had a major revival after the war in the Pacific.  Instead of relying on themselves, looking to themselves, making decisions based on their own situations, Pacific Island villagers became seduced by the hope of easy pickings. “To attract further deliveries of goods, followers of the cults engaged in ritualistic practices such as building crude imitation landing strips, aircraft and radio equipment, and mimicking the behaviour that they had observed of the military personnel operating them.”

How is that different from the ritualistic practice of voting for a particular Party in hopes of getting something for free? Or consumers holding off making purchases they need in order to wait for some sort of  ‘cash for clunkers’ government deal? Or Cash for Caulkers? The seduction of free stuff falling from the sky with no effort on anyone’s part is tempting I suppose. Free healthcare, free social security, no hard decisions, fat pensions subsidized by ordinary taxpayers, cash for clunkers, no personal responsibility – wow that sounds too good to be true.  It is.  There is always a price that has to be paid.

However, it seems that more and more Americans could really care less as long as someone else pays their way through life, as long as benefits continue to drop from the sky.  The song is strong, hard to resist, and it impearls our Republic’s future.

‘Entitlements’ cause people to vote for the politicians making unrealistic promises and to fear those who speak of mundane things like balanced budgets.  They cause people to become complacent (lazy) and selfish. (I have a cousin that wouldn’t consider starting to look for work until her unemployment actually ran out.) They cause voting blocks to form that look almost always at what they can receive and almost never at what they may need to sacrifice for the well being of the Republic. (AARP, NAACP, ACORN, SEIU) They make it possible for politicians to attack other rights and freedoms vis-à-vis the dependency on a particular entitlement such as government run healthcare should it be enacted (guns, smoking, drinking, eating habits, etc.).  When one is in the trance of the siren’s song, it’s easy to pick one’s pocket. Furthermore, ‘entitlements’ influenced/controlled by politicians make individuals afraid to rock the boat out of fear they may lose benefits.  (Look what happened to Larry Sinclair and his Social Security Disability for continuing with his allegations that he and Obama did drugs and engaged in consensual sex in 1999.)

Americans have to know (on some level) that the nation is at or near bankruptcy; and believing in Obama’s ‘flying money fairies’ does not change reality. Our Republic is just there – a shining beacon on the hill and all it requires is for Americans to choose Representatives who most closely represent our aspired to values and principles, but if enough of us answer the siren’s song…you know the rest.

If people who receive or may receive benefits from the government in the future were to actually vote their own best interest – they would be looking closely at the sustainability of government programs (the long view), the proper role of government, Constitutional limitations, the health of the Republic, effects on business/taxpayers, fairness, our values and principles, protecting individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities.   They would not be voting based on who promises to give them the most.

They would recognize that the government must act in a fiscal responsible manner if critical programs are to survive in the future for the disabled, infirm and those who truly find themselves in situations requiring assistance.

One day every person will need a hand up and a hand needs to be there to help – not just one extended in exchange for a vote. (I certainly have needed that hand in my lifetime.)

There is really only one way that might encourage people to take their own power of personal initiative back and protects their rights/freedoms from government and politicians.  It is a way that encourages people in moderate need to rely on their friends and families – and illuminates the importance of both.  It is a way that encourages the restoration of individual dignity.  It’s not PC – not because it’s not – but because politicians don’t want it to be. However, if enacted, it would actually free politicians to vote for what’s in the best long-term interest of their constituents.  It requires a choice to be made by the individual as to when or if they reach their hand up for assistance from the government.

Imagine what would happen if when a person went on welfare, received worker’s compensation, unemployment, social security, opted for a ‘public healthcare option’ or received some other government benefit – they surrender the privilege of voting. (Unless they were determined to be permanently disabled or permanently unable to be gainfully employed.)

Wouldn’t that encourage injured workers (citizens) to come back to work earlier or unemployed workers to look a little harder? Maybe hunting season isn’t as important as voting.  (For some it wouldn’t matter and they probably shouldn’t be voting anyway.)

Wouldn’t it encourage people to get off the public dole as quickly as they could?

Wouldn’t it encourage older citizens of sufficient means to not draw social security at all?  Social Security was set up as a safety net, not a retirement plan.

Wouldn’t it encourage some senior citizens old enough to draw social security but in good health to delay leaving the work force?

Wouldn’t it encourage older small business owners to stay in business a few years longer?

Wouldn’t it allow politicians to actually do their jobs and make such programs sustainable without fear of the next election? 

It’s like the Republic is Sen. Scott Brown’s old American truck going up a steep mountain.  The engine powering the truck is small business and taxpayers. And every other person the truck passes is encouraged by Scott’s Democratic friends in the Senate to climb in back for a free ride with the only charge being a pat on the back and the promise of their vote.  Pretty soon the truck, the Republic, has millions of people piled in its bed. The tires start to bulge and engine begins to sputter. The gas tank is almost empty and not one will get out of the truck first to help push.  Not one union, not one person wants to be first to help Scott Brown or his American truck by pulling their own weight while others ride.  Pretty soon the truck’s tires explode, the engine’s timing belt breaks, a piston rod snaps – everything stops – with the exception of the finger pointing at Scott Brown for not maintaining his (our) American truck.

Dear Senator Scott Brown:  The time for bi-partisanship is not yet here, not until the Blue Dogs restore the Democratic Party to something that is not trying to destroy the Constitution and our freedoms.  Republicans should proudly take the title of being ‘the Party of kNOw’ because they know what’s going on.

I do realize that there may be a few Constitutional problems with limiting people’s ability to vote. However, if Obama can so easily flaunt Article II, Section I of the Constitution that requires every person who is elected to the Office of the Presidency to be a ‘natural born citizen’, what’s the problem?

Note:  I need to credit Rush Limbaugh for mentioning the cargo cults recently on the radio. Rush’s comment planted the seed for this article. 

Rush’s face is on Janet Napoliano’s golf balls!

Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"! Joint Chiefs of Staff’s new mottos: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil & Don’t rock the boat!

American Soldiers – Tortured Duty & Tortured Mission – The Whys and Whats Becoming Harder to Answer? – The BOPAC Report

January 1, 2010

American Soldiers – Tortured Duty & Tortured Mission

The Whys and Whats Becoming Harder to Answer?

Families that honor military service are spread all across this nation.  I grew up in one. Even as a teenager in the sixties, I remember knowing that freedom wasn’t free.  My father had served in Patton’s 3rd Army, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and served as a guard at the Nuremberg War Trials. How could I not know the price of freedom? WWII, now that was a just war.  Everyone knew it.  Everyone knew the war had to be won at all costs because failure clearly meant tyranny and death for an entire people, the Jewish people. Everyone knew, even the media knew the Whys and Whats.  Why they were fighting? What they were fighting for? They knew the cost of winning and losing! And,  victory wasn’t a dirty word.

However, my brother and I served in the United States Navy during a time in America’s history dominated by numbing callousness, selfishness, and indifference.  The loss of the Vietnam War brought about by the media and endless protests of duplicitous, naïve dreamers and schemers; the festering pain of Watergate continuously exploited by politicians in D.C., the good but lackluster caretaker President Ford portrayed as a bumbling stumbling fool on Saturday Night Live, the My Lai massacre and Lt. Calley’s conviction not quite distant enough to avoid its stench, and a war/corruption weary people’s vote for change promised by Jimmy Carter all marked this period.  Amazingly, like today, Carter’s change didn’t live up to expectations. Instead it brought gas lines, high inflation, 20+ percent interest rates and high unemployment – despair.

And the military was not spared in the mid 70’s. My awareness was that Carter was always attacking their budgets, minimizing the Soviet/communist threat, and interfering with matters that should have been left with the military, like his pardon of draft dodgers. Like closing GITMO, that action was certainly more of an appeasement to the far left than anything else. Democrats have been courting them for a long time.

Not unlike today’s media, the 70’s media reported much of their “news” in ways that portrayed the military, its leadership and contracting in the worst possible light. At the time, having credibility, it did appear as though reporters were merely following “the story” where it led. You know, paying homage to the type of Journalism that revealed the dirt in Watergate.  But, considering the corruption of today’s media, I’m probably being too kind. The price of every screw, hammer and ladder was held up as symbols of systemic corruption. And just like today, the broad-brush criticism and vilification drifted through the ranks to land on the individual soldier.

The cloud of post Vietnam warmonger shame continued staining the uniform in the minds of many Americans. The 70’s media and Jane Fonda had done a good job of mixing up the good and bad guys, buying time for the Vietcong. I suppose they weren’t comfortable with the concept of winning either. Thankfully though, Carter’s dreadful economy and gas lines were overwhelming and required most of the media’s attention.   The vast majority of those who did love the military were tired and let down by Nixon; and those who had been in the streets had their guy in Oval Office. So almost everyone seemed to be trying to turn the page. And with that turn of the page, the American soldier seemed to be all but forgotten.  The soldier’s duty to protect and defend remained but the camera’s glare was gone. That’s my memory anyway.

Carter’s negative effect on military morale and cohesion was palpable. The lack of any real resolve or credibility was clearly visible.  His handling of the Iranian Revolution and the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini were abysmal.  It was weird, we were training Iranian pilots at Naval Air Memphis in 75 – a couple of wrong moves by a weak President and poof, 52 Americans were being held hostage for over a year.

The loss in Vietnam, Watergate, protests in the streets, President Ford, President Carter, hard ball politics and a deepening economic crisis were conspiring against the military. We were not immune to the tumult.  It was like a powerful magnet kept our compass spinning.  Drugs seemed to be everywhere in the military and military discipline a nearly foreign concept.  To be fair, after Vietnam, many military officers were not that gun ho. (I suppose some had begun to believe that Vietnam was an un-winnable shameful mistake – maybe some felt that everyone should be forgiven their part- including draft dodgers – some were just tired of it and decompression, down time was what the American soldier needed. Who knows?)

To illustrate how bad it was – in my squadron (I was an In-Flight Electronics Tech), when one of our P-3’s was scheduled to be washed, it was not unheard of for the wash crew leader to provide a few lines of cocaine to speed up both the process and the morale.   Officers seemed willing to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.  We were lucky no one ever got hurt. (Remind anyone of the PC military leadership today?)

Come to think of it, the “cold war” with the USSR (which was fairly hot then) was probably one of the main forces that held together our sense of “duty” and “responsibility” during the Carter years.  The soldier’s duty to protect and defend always remains.  But at any given time, the military is more – or less capable and the junior soldier accepts it as he or she finds it. What choice do they have? (I joined when I came of age and was expecting to find the military my older brothers served in.  But – it was very different.)

It was a perfect storm that had brought us Carter Presidency.  And with it’s battered and bruised image, the United States military seemed to have a hell of time riding out that storm until President Reagan could put his hands to the reigns. Reagan’s zero-tolerance drug testing came along after I got out and things started turning around rather quickly according to my brother.  I believe the foundation that President Reagan built (or rebuilt) continues to serve soldiers today and will not be easily surrendered by the military leadership.

Well, hopefully it won’t.

It’s one of my regrets concerning my military service that Ronald Reagan was not yet President.  If evil were there, Reagan would have seen, heard, spoke about & done something about it. He didn’t close his eyes and hope evil would go away.  I checked a dozen or so years ago with another In-Flight tech I served with about some of the guys (friends) in our electronic shop and learned that 3 had done some jail/prison time and 1 had gone through rehab.  Problems usually don’t just go away.

As a young enlisted man at that time, I went with the flow because…because I was a kid, had never been out of the country, military was not my career and I didn’t know shit from shinola.  The military and the flow of the military felt much bigger than I was. But, I loved the mission and flying was where I wanted to be. Who knows, if Reagan had been there, I might have retired from the Navy.

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil is not a command structure that serves the military or the individual soldier well.  Neither is going with the flow.

But it’s the military leadership, the career guys and gals, who have a shot at controlling or changing the flow. Yes, sometimes they fail, but it’s their job to address the issues. It’s especially egregious when they, like politicians, just won’t see or acknowledge that something is becoming a problem – when they don’t want to get ‘their’ hands dirty or risk jeopardizing ‘their’ career paths.  Two words – Ft. Hood.

And so I come to write this conflicted accolade to today’s American Soldier.

Tracking submarines, keeping tabs on ships, flying cover missions, no matter the whether, joint exercises, injuries and casualties, doing the mission, doing my duty were what kept me most grounded in the military.  It answered the Whys and Whats for me.  It was when politics, drugs, alcohol and all the BS disappeared and one knew Why they were serving, What they were protecting and how much it could cost.  I knew, understood and believed down deep that I was protecting freedom, the Constitution and my family.  As corny as that may sound, it made it worth doing – no matter how flawed.

Soldiers serving in the first few years after 9/11 must have had an incredible sense of the Whys and Whats that carried them through each and every day.

In the 70’s, war weariness, drugs, alcohol, lack of strong leadership, lack of discipline, being made to feel like polar opposites of the culture promoted by the media, and a general lack of encouragement from a tired American public were as great a threat to our concepts of duty, cohesion, sacrifice, morale and the mission as was the U.S.S.R and communism.  I’m sure these same factors give al qaeda, the taliban, and other Islamic terrorists cause for hope.

Of course, we had politicians undermining the military for their own advantage and a biased media.  But from my perspective, the corruption of politicians and the media in the 70’s – pale to what the military encounters today.  It has seemed that for the past half dozen years, the far left  and the media have been actively trying to bring about the defeat of the American military by taking political correctness to the extreme, urging untenable rules of engagement and intentionally mixing up the good & bad guys for political/ideological gain. And yet, our military continued doing an amazing job defending freedom around the world.

And of course, we had politicians who would have undermined the American economics system to replace it with a bigger nanny state. Democrats did control Congress during President Ford’s term and during President Carter’s disastrous four years. They did screw things up but they didn’t do it in a manner that couldn’t be undone. But they were nowhere near as bad as today’s leftist/Marxist Democrats. 

Today, we have Obama in the Oval Office and a Democratic controlled Congress (dominated by the radical left since 2006) and they are galloping as fast as they can towards creating a socialist system that would make Vladimir Ilyich Lenin proud. If you look past the rhetoric you easily see that they are attempting to create larger and larger voting blocks that are wholly dependent on the federal government, hands out, afraid to question anything, afraid to vote for anyone calling for personal responsibility. Having a nation of sheeple, like birds at a bird feeder, is not good for the country or our future. Look at the recent action Obama took diminishing our American sovereignty on Dec. 17. Constitution be damned.  Does anyone really think the Second Amendment is safe?

And yet, today’s military continues to do an amazing job defending freedom overseas.

I use the phrase “defending freedom overseas” instead of “around the world” because, as much as I love them, I’m not sure they are defending our freedoms at home.  I can’t really blame the enlisted soldier because when I was in the military, I didn’t have time to keep up with what politicians at home were attempting to do to us. I basically thought politicians were all self-serving pieces of crap and the voting process would weed them out.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case today. (The statement that politicians “were all self-serving pieces of crap” is still accurate, but the vote might not be able to undo the damage they are doing to our freedoms and the Constitution.)

And the military leadership continues to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and ignore “the flow” that’s becoming more and more turbulent.

(And the American soldier is expected to accept “the flow” as he or she finds it?)

It seems to me that today’s American Soldier now finds him or herself in the untenable position of having their oath, duty and mission tortured by Obama and the Congress. (It must be especially untenable for the soldier who joined because they thought they were protecting freedom and the Constitution.)

The mission – I think of this as each bomb dropped, bullet fired, enemy captured or killed, each military plan executed, each foot of ground captured and held, each training and standing up of local police and military to make it possible for our exit, taking reasonable measures to safeguard the innocent in the battle theatre and continually maintaining readiness in order to protect those of us at home.

The mission becomes tortured when political correctness runs amuck allowing terror attacks like in Ft. Hood, when rules of engagement make it more dangerous for our guys, when war plans and decisions are made by politicians for their own political reasons (closing GITMO, the trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in NY), failing to realize that sometimes terrorists deserve and receive fat lips from a Navy Seals during capture (PC amuck), persecuting the CIA for being a little rough on terrorists when the information they are seeking could save lives, when winning and neutralizing the enemy is not the objective, etc., etc., etc.

This is when it becomes hard to answer Whats and Whys.  What the hell are we doing fighting like this? What is this doing to keep my family and their freedoms safe?  What will happen when some politician pulls us out? What will keep us from having to come back?  What can I do to make it right? Why won’t they let us win?

It must be hard to go with the flow under such circumstances, hard to keep morale high and harder to think about signing up for more.

The duty – I think of this as the soldier doing his or her best to live up to the oath they took when they enlisted.  Basically the duty is to support, protect and defend the Constitution and the freedoms/protections flowing from it to each and every citizen.

The Oath of Enlistment:

…I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God….

Even though Obama, Pelosi and Reid would prefer that our American soldiers protect and defend some socialist version of the Constitution drafted in conference without consulting the People or States (like healthcare), thankfully that is not the case.  Not yet anyway. 

Hopefully every soldier read and understood the Constitution before they put on the uniform because it is an awesome responsibility.

A soldier’s duty and the Oath become tortured when the rights of terrorists are elevated (created out of thin air) and are put above the safety of the American soldier, when Obama diminishes our American sovereignty, when Obama’s Attorney General’s  personal vendetta against President Bush and the CIA appears to influence his decisions to try the 9/11 mastermind in NYC and to bring other enemy combatants to the US for show trials, and when Obama and Eric Holder appear more interested in prosecuting a war against the CIA to appease the far left instead of against Islamic terrorists, when military officers put political correctness above their duty to protect soldiers under their command (Ft. Hood), when military officers and politicians choose to ignore critical parts of Constitution because it would bring trouble to them (they may be called names).

All of these illustrate situations where officers up the chain of command, including the “Commander In Chief”, appear ready to shirk their duty to the Constitution and America Soldiers under their command so they can protect their relatively trivial career ambitions and/or pursue their personal political agendas.

This is when it becomes hard to answer the Whats and Whys.  What does support and defend the Constitution mean?  Who are the enemies of the United States?  Why am I defending something that seems optional for my superior officers?   What is really important to the chain of command – advancement, career or the Oath? Who are the Oathkeepers? Why should I obey my superior officers when they choose to ignore parts of the Constitution? What’s the point? What am I doing that protects the Constitution and the Freedoms of my family and friends?

For me and millions of other Americans, the one provision of the Constitution that has been most blatantly ignored by Command – and has followed/plagued Obama throughout his time in the Oval Office, cost him “at least $1.7 million” keeping his records hidden, and seriously calls into question whether he can legally act as Commander In Chief and issue any “lawful orders” is Article II, Section 1.

Article II, Section 1 – …“No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President”…

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil is not a command structure that serves the military or the individual soldier well.  

The “natural born citizen” issue will not go away and I’m sure it’s on the minds of many in the military; it affects morale, re-enlistment decisions, and how many traditional military supporters view the institution.  It’s similar to how the epidemic of drug use in the 70’s military effected civilians & soldiers who knew about the problem and cared about what it said about the institution. 

When I served, the military had a disease that needed to be cleaned up before the uniform could shine in all its glory.

Our military has a disease that can only be healed by thoroughly investigating the allegations against Obama and taking the appropriate actions.  Shine the light on all his records. If the answer turns out that Obama is in fact a natural born citizen, then that’s great – the disease will be cured.

But having the Joint Chiefs, General Petraeus, General Stanley McChrystal and the Judge Advocate General’s Corp continue seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil is not acceptable.  It disrespects everyone who ever wore the uniform.  America and its citizens can handle the truth!

To the American Soldier – Thank you for your service and sacrifices for this country.

I am truly sorry to be in the position of having to speak so bluntly about an institution that I love.

FBI Listens to FOX and Talk Radio – Rush Limbaugh – Palin Endorses Doug Hoffman – Michelle Malkin – The BOPAC Report

October 23, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

ChiBama Politics –

Heads In The Sand - Obama's Supporters

Heads In The Sand - Obama's Supporters

Play: Ostrich Sound

Yesterday I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and one of his callers confirmed what I believed.   Most of my friends and family who are in the military and law enforcement all listen to Fox and Talk Radio.  What’s Obama going to do when the FBI, Law Enforcement, and the Military say ENOUGH?   I urge everyone in the military to contact Dr. Orly Taitz.  Maybe we won’t lose the war in Afghanistan if the military makes sure they are being led by someone who is eligible to hold the Office of the Presidency.  I believe it is the sworn duty of every member of the military to make sure they are not following “unlawful orders”.

From Rush Limbaugh:

FBI Tells Caller: Listen to Rush

October 22, 2009


RUSH: Marie in Los Angeles. Hello and welcome to the EIB Network.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Yes, hi, Rush.

RUSH:  Hi.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call.  I’m a faithful listener for years.  I just wanted to make another comment about the salaries Feingold (sic) is telling them what they can pay their executives.

RUSH:  Feinberg.

CALLER:  Feinberg, I’m sorry.  No one is questioning Obama about this.  When he took over the banks and the automobile companies, he said, “I don’t want to run these companies.” He said, “We’ll just be shareholders.”  See, it’s our money, the taxpayers’ money.  He said, “I don’t want to, and I’ll give the money back.”

RUSH:  I remember it.  “I don’t want to run these companies. I got a war to win. I don’t want to run companies.”

CALLER:  Why aren’t they questioning him?  Because when Joe Wilson called him a liar, his whole campaign was on untruths.  I get so upset when I hear this, that when they wanted to pay the money back but he said, “Oh, no! We have a stress test.  We have to wait and see whether you have enough money before you can go back and run a bank,” and no one is following this.  He’s going to continue to run these banks.  This is what he wanted to do in the first place.  And so they should really call him down.  There’s nobody to talk to him about it.

RUSH:  Now —

CALLER:  I called Congress.  Who do you talk to when the top people you can’t trust?  You know, I called the FBI, and you know what they told me?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  They said, “Watch Fox cable and listen to talk radio,” and then I called another time —

RUSH:  Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Back up.  You called the FBI?

CALLER:  Well, I wanted to find out what was going on with ACORN, the 14 states that they had arrested these people.

RUSH:  What FBI office did you call?

CALLER:  Los Angeles.

RUSH:  And they told you to listen to Fox News and talk radio?

CALLER:  Talk radio.

RUSH:  To find out what was going on?

CALLER:  Yes.  And the next time I called you know what they said?

RUSH:  No.

CALLER:  Listen to talk radio and watch Glenn Beck.  And they said, “We all watch Glenn Beck.”

RUSH:  That’s what they told you at the FBI?

CALLER:  Exactly.  And so when I wanted to find out they said call the Justice Department, what was going on.  Well if you can’t trust the Justice Department, who do you talk to?  Who do you talk to? You can’t trust the top. I called John Boehner, because he’s the one you can really talk to. I said, “You’ve got to tell them that Obama is going after the Internet and talk radio.  They’ve gotta stop it.”

RUSH:  And what did he say?

CALLER:  Well, I talked to the office. They said, “Yeah, we know what’s going on,” and when I called the FBI they said, “We know what’s going on, but we can’t do anything because the Secret Service will say they’re in charge.”  This is what’s going on right now.

RUSH:  You know what, folks?  I feel like I’m in that balloon flying over Colorado.

CALLER:  They all know what’s going on, but who do you go to?  I feel like screaming.

RUSH:  The woman calls the FBI (laughing) to find out what’s going on. The FBI says, “Listen to Limbaugh. Watch Fox”?  Look, to your original point here that Obama said he didn’t want to run companies, and yet he’s running companies. Don’t forget what I said at the top of the show: One of the primary ingredients to any president’s long-term success is the deniability.  The Drive-Bys are doing very well getting the story out, “Hey, this Feinberg guy acted totally on his own.  Obama is so busy working on Afghanistan, he didn’t even know.”  Now, let’s take ’em at their word just for the moment.  Obama didn’t know, okay?  So Feinberg says, “Hey, Wall Street, 90% you’re gone.”  Has Obama said, “I think that’s a little high. Uh, I wish I’d have been consulted on that. Uh, we’re going to roll that back to 88%.”  Has he said anything?  He ordered this, but they’re trying to give him deniability.  

 Tea Party –

Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets

Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets


 Good News from Michelle Malkin!

Lead Story

Message to GOP: Can you hear conservatives now?; Update: Palin is listening

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 22, 2009 12:00 PM

Scroll down for updates…Palin endorses conservative Doug Hoffman…

Continue Reading

Obama Developing Hit List? – ACORN – Media Blackout of Birth Certificate Issue – Careers Threatened – CFP – Dr. Orly Taitz Comment – Larry Sinclair Book Review – CFP – The BOPAC Report

August 5, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

ChiBama Politics –

Obama Joker Raid On Taxpayor Dollars

Obama Joker Raid On Taxpayor Dollars

From the examiner comes reports that sound like Obama is reading from Nixon’s playbook.

Brother “rat” is lurking at an ACORN office near you…

August 4, 7:12 PM

Watch out for those neighborhood canvassers from “Organizing for America” and “ACORN,” the ones whose stealth, grassroots efforts got Obama elected in the first place.  As very observant reader “Bob” commented on this site earlier today:

“Bob – Today(Aug 3) I heard on Rush’s radio that the W.H. has put out a request for their denizens to report any negative talk about their health plan. Maybe these citizens will be the first to benefit from the plan. Euthanasia is a benefit, right?”

Yes, and you will even be entitled to a “do-it-yourself” kit, including that quick-acting med “Die-agara,” for when “the moment is right.”

And when grandma goes off her rocker, don’t even bother getting the Fire Dept. to put her back.  Just roll her up in the carpet and put her in the new, red-colored “Comrade Recycling” bins that will be located on every street corner.  After all, you’d hate to have any usable parts go to waste.  She has that beautiful white hair, and it will save you from prying that gold wedding ring from her rigormortis-stiffened finger.  In fact, throw in any of grandma’s belongings that you don’t want, and they’ll recycle that too!

Getting back on topic, if you think someone is eavesdropping…Continue Reading

Update from Michelle Malkin on opposition to ObamaCare topic-

Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets

Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets

Tea Party-bashers gone wild

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 5, 2009 07:01 AM

Tea Party-bashers gone wild
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

The activist Left can’t stand competition. Last week in Long Island, NY, opponents of the Democrats’ government health care takeover legislation outnumbered Obama supporters ten to one. The Tea Party activists toted American flags and signs that read “WE CAN’T AFFORD FREE HEALTH CARE” – prompting one foe to stalk into the peaceful crowd, gesticulate wildly, and shout unintelligible threats at the top of his lungs.

The same Democrat Masters of Astroturf who encouraged their followers to use “in your face” tactics during the campaign season now balk at vocal opposition from their fiscally conservative neighbors and co-workers…. Continue Reading

Media Carrying Water for Obama –

Carrying Obama's Water While Drowning the Truth!

Carrying Obama's Water While Drowning the Truth!

Speaking of Nixon’s playbook.

Teleprompter Lesson on Nixon

Teleprompter Lesson on Nixon

From Canada Free Press comes official word of what anyone with eyes could see, the media is and has been carrying water for Obama.

Canada Free Press & Northeast Intelligence Network Exclusive

Media Blackout on Obama eligibility dates back to November

By Douglas Hagmann & Judi McLeod Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you remember Watergate? Thirty-five years ago this Sunday, U.S. President Richard M. Nixon submitted his letter of resignation for his role in the scandal. There was the crime – the break-in, and then there was the cover-up by the Nixon administration. There were threats, media manipulation and disinformation. It was the cover-up more than the crime itself in the aftermath of the Watergate break-in that led to the downfall of the Nixon administration. It was a politically critical time for our country, but we survived because of the strength of the U.S. constitution.

Now, we potentially face a new constitutional crisis stemming from the refusal of Barack Hussein Obama to produce a one-page document that would confirm his eligibility to hold the highest office in the land. Eligibility to hold office is not a “fringe” matter, but a core constitutional issue that lies at the very heart of a growing controversy.

Although we do not have the birth certificate or proof of ineligibility, the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press have documentation of a cover-up relating to the issue of Obama’s eligibility to hold office. The proof we possess not only exposes a well orchestrated cover-up, but also provides critical insight into why the topic of Obama’s eligibility has failed to gain traction in the corporate media.

The Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are in possession of extremely sensitive investigative documents, including a stunning written admission by a nationally known talk show host stating that he was threatened with his career – or worse – should he talk about the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records to a national audience. This document was obtained on December 10, 2008, and provides explicit detail of a “gag order” imposed on this host before and immediately following the national election last November.

After receiving and authenticating the document, US based veteran private investigator Douglas J. Hagmann opened a full scale investigation into the media blackout, with specific emphasis on tracing the blackout origins to those issuing them. This investigation was conducted in conjunction with Judi McLeod, founding editor of Canada Free Press and Brian Thompson, CFP Information Technology chief following a meeting near Toronto, Ontario last December. At that meeting, it was decided to keep the existence of the document secret until additional evidence could be obtained.

Today, after an extensive eight month investigation, the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are breaking their silence and revealing explosive information about a widespread cover-up that began at the earliest stages of the Obama presidential campaign. The cover-up traces back to some of the most powerful and influential people in the U.S. and continues today. …Continue Reading

Kenyan Birth Certificate Issue –

Obama's Kenyan Birth Witnessed by His Family

Obama's Kenyan Birth Witnessed by His Family

Right Side of Life has a post up that contains a comment from Dr. Orly Taitz that I thought I would share.

From RightSideofLife:

Comment from Dr. Orly Taitz

Update: Dr. Orly Taitz posted the following on her blog:

Debunking Obama’s thugs in the media

Recently Obama’s thugs in main stream media came up with this Bomford report in order to stop my efforts in exposing and prosecuting Obama. Though typically I don’t have time to waste on each and every dumb obot, since it got to National TV and my children”s friends called my children, I’ll spend a few minutes to debunk the obots:

1. Kenya became an independant country in 1963, not 1964. The seal of Kenya was correct.

2. More then one person had certified copies of this document.

3. the document was not issued at birth, but rather was a certified copy obatained in1964, when Kenya became independent

4. The documents from that time would not show Zanzibar, but rather Kenya

5. Bomford report was created to try to discredit my efforts

6.lastly, I am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, Obama us the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy

7. Kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage Obama posted on the n et, which doesn’t have the name of the hospital, name of the doctor or signatures.

8. Chioumi Fukino and Obama and all their Nazi Brown Shirts in the main stream media need to give it a rest and provide an original hospital BC and the corresponding  big thick hospital Birthing  file from the Kapiolani hospital. If they don’t have such a file, all of them need to resign immediately or they will be prosecuted for massive fraud and treason to this Nation. (in case you didn’t know, treason  carries punishment of  life in prison or death penalty)

….Read Article and Comments

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

USS Larry Sinclair on a World-Wide Jouney!

USS Larry Sinclair on a World-Wide Jouney!

Canada Free Press has a review of Larry Sinclair’s book!

The dearth of fundamental details about most of Obama’s life, leads to supposition

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair:  Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

By Joy Tiz Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I can’t get a bead on Larry Sinclair.  I’ve read his book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair:  Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?  I’ve watched his videos on YouTube.  My normally dependable women’s intuition is not sending me conclusive cues about Sinclair’s veracity.  On the other hand, I have no question about Barack Obama’s mendacity.

Sinclair is conspicuously candid about his ignominious narrative.  He conceded his copious incarcerations early on.  Sinclair has been in and out of jail on assorted charges of bamboozlement—including passing bad checks; about which he has been forthright.

The president, however, has yet to release his college records, medical records, law school records, Illinois State Bar application, early school records, his passport or his birth certificate.…
….But we have far more knowledge about Sinclair’s past than we do about Obama’s.

Sinclair asserts that he met Obama twice in 1999.  Their rendezvous was orchestrated by limo driver, Jagir Multani.  Sinclair avers that Multani may have been in the United States illegally.  Sinclair alleges that Obama smoked crack cocaine and directed Sinclair to administer a Lewinsky—which Sinclair obliged.  According to Sinclair, the following day Obama materialized at Sinclair’s hotel to solicit supplementary Lewinskyization.  That was the entirety of their affair, per Sinclair.  Expecting to be serviced with no impulse to reciprocate is certainly consistent with Obama’s consummate narcissism.

Sinclair has made capacious efforts to get his story out and his narrative has been unchanging.  It would seem the sole witness who could corroborate the limo story would be the missing Multani….

…But he is manifestly more frank about his life story than Obama has been. As with the birth certificate matter, Obama’s lack of candor cannot but lead to supposition….

…Obama has confessed to using illegal drugs his younger days (Dreams, Pg.  93). Much of Dreams is unadulterated fabrication, thus, we have no way of knowing how profligate Obama’s drug abuse was, nor has he released his medical records….

…Non-Obamanutz should find Sinclair’s book a worthy read.…Continue Reading Complete Article and Comments

From Larry Sinclair comes some good news about sales at

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cracks Top 20,40 & 50 In 3 Categories At

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? (Hardcover)by Lawrence W Sinclair (Author), Jeff Rense (Foreword) … Continue Reading

Media Mischief, the Obama Eligibility Issue and the “Dispositive Fact” – The BOPAC Report

July 25, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

Article About Eligibility Issue –

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics

Media Mischief, the Obama Eligibility Issue and the “Dispositive Fact”

Last week, the media was forced into reporting on the Obama birth-certificate/eligibility issue.  It had little choice because respected CNN Journalist Lou Dobbs had the audacity to suggest that Obama should produce his long-form birth certificate to put to rest the doubts of millions of Americans who believe Obama is not constitutionally eligible to serve as President.  Immediately and predictably, much of the reporting from the main stream media was in the form of vicious attacks, seeking to discredit Mr. Dobbs and others looking for clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Obama is or is not a “Natural Born Citizen” entitling him to serve as President of the United States.  Left-wing bloggers and those in the media who have been carry Obama’s water this past year circled the wagons, and calls that Lou Dobbs be fired rang out. I have to salute Lou Dobbs for his courage and sense of ethical responsibility in addressing this issue at all. Of all the CNN commentators, Lou Dobbs is the one who consistently tries to be fair to all sides.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported that “CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein told staffers at the cable news network Thursday night that the supposed controversy regarding the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate is a “dead” story.”  The article went on to report:

…The website TVNewser reported today that Klein sent an e-mail to staffers of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” just as the program went to air, informing them that CNN researchers had determined that Hawaiian officials discarded all paper documents in 2001. A long-form birth certificate with details about the doctor who delivered Obama no longer exists, they reported. The shorter Certificate of Live Birth noting Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, that has been made public is the official record.

“It seems to definitively answer the question,” Klein wrote, according to TVNewser. “Since the show’s mission is for Lou to be the explainer and enlightener, he should be sure to cite this during your segment tonite. And then it seems this story is dead — because anyone who still is not convinced doesn’t really have a legitimate beef.”…

Whether or not the assertion that Obama’s long form birth certificate has been destroyed is true, the action by Mr. Klein was clearly intended to get Lou Dobbs to stop rocking the boat and move on.

It seems to me that if the facts are as Mr. Klein says, serious reporters and investigators would be turning over every stone to try to find the truth.  Serious reporters would be going to Kenya; talking to administrators, faculty, and students at all the colleges Obama attended to discover if he talked about his birthplace, applied/registered as a foreign student or received aid as a foreign student; they’d be looking at his past travel and what passports he carried; and they would be seeking the information provided on Obama’s Illinois Bar Application.  One would think that an innocent person sitting in the Oval Office would quickly provide all information necessary to put to bed this troubling “eligibility issue”. Obama has not. (George Bush or Bill Clinton would have, I’m sure.) In fact, Obama has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (some say 1 to 2 million) trying to keep the past hidden. Thank you, Lou Dobbs, for having the courage to ask the simple question – Where’s the Birth Certificate?

I seriously long for the good old days, when if a reporter or CNN President said something, there was a better than 50% chance it was true.  Unfortunately, regarding the “birth certificate issue” most reporters today are intentionally misstating the facts.  In many of today’s news stories, the headline or body of the story will say something like “birthers don’t believe Obama is a Citizen” or “of course Obama is a Citizen” or “Lou Dobbs believes Obama is a Citizen”.  Such statements are intentionally misleading and are included to portray those asking questions as ridiculous tin-foil hat wearing fools. As Mr. Dobbs has quickly learned, there is a price to be paid for asking questions that might impugn the Obama narrative. (Larry Sinclair was certainly taught this lesson.)

It seems the media is reading from the same playbook. They have somehow decided that if they can blur the meanings of terms “Citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen”, the general public will not look deeply into the issue because the answer is so obvious, and it will go away.  I guess they hope that any time the issue comes up in conversation there will be a knee jerk reaction causing someone to say: That’s stupid, of course Obama is a Citizen, only a fool would think such a thing.

Ridicule is effective, but it won’t deter those who have seriously looked at the allegations and the “common sense” circumstances that compel further inquiry.  Why has Obama not provided his school records, Illinois bar application, long-form birth certificate, passport information, etc., if he doesn’t have anything to hide?  Why has he spent such enormous sums of money on lawyers to keep these documents hidden?  Common sense says there’s something here.  Common sense also says that if these allegations are true, this would be biggest fraud perpetrated against America in her history. Too far fetched?  Did you see the news about authorities arrest 44 in N.J. corruption case (2 lawmakers, 3 mayors, and rabbis accused)? (Mostly, Democrats as far as I can tell.)

The media playbook conveys the understanding that it’s important to blur the definitions of Citizen and Natural Born Citizen because it goes to heart of the matter, the legal and common sense notions of “dispositive facts”.  If this is true, then everything else is false or doesn’t matter. Period! Then anyone who raises such questions is a fool. Obama is a Citizen and of course he is eligible is what the media wants people to believe.  This is pure media mischief, dishonesty, and treachery through and through.

Here’s what people need to know. Even accepting as “fact” that Obama is a Citizen of the United States, it is not a “dispositive fact” that would determine the outcome of the “eligibility issue”.  There are many ways to become an American “Citizen”.  How one acquires “Natural Born Citizen” status is determined solely by the Constitution of the United States.  “Citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen” are NOT synonymous terms. It is the Law (Constitutionally required) that every person holding the Office of President must meet the “Natural Born Citizen” test, which was meant to provide an added measure of presumed allegiance to the United States and her Constitution.  (For example: We would not want an arsonist to be able to become a fireman. If a person does not have a clean record regarding arson, he or she should not be allowed to be a fireman.  It’s not a guarantee that a fireman with no criminal record of arson is not an arsonist, but it’s a step that gives an added measure security.) As Obama says, “let me be clear”, one can be a Citizen and NOT be a “Natural Born Citizen.”

The flip side of this coin – if Obama is found not to be a “Natural Born Citizen”, it would be the “dispositive fact” that would determine the outcome of the “eligibility issue”. Obama could not be President.

So, which type of “Citizen” is Obama?  Real reporters would be turning over heaven and earth to find out.  The American reporters are turning over heaven and earth to cover it up.

Dispositive Fact – Jural facts, or those acts or events that create, modify or extinguish jural relations. Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition

Is Obama a “Natural Born Citizen”? It is the one question that must be answered.

There is no middle ground. If Obama cannot serve as Office of the President of the United States, then all appointments (Holder, Sotomayor, Czars, etc.) made by Obama are invalid; as well as any laws, acts or treaties entered into.  If Obama cannot lawfully hold the Office of the President of the United States, all “orders” issued to the United States Military are “unlawful orders”.  This last point is why I am so thankful that it appears that Dr. Orly Taitz’s eligibility case will be heard on the merits. Every soldier has a legal responsibility to  follow only orders that are “lawful”.  Given that burden, every soldier must have a right to be certain of Obama’s authority.

When I look at what Obama has done, is doing and/or proposing regarding Obamanomics, ObamaCare, taking over the auto industry, taking over banks, corrupting Inspector Generals’ independence, the unwillingness to audit the Fed., his unjust treatment of Inspector General Walpin, his lack of transparency, his appointment of an army of Czars circumventing Congress, his appoint to the Supreme Court, his appointment to head Science,  Gitmo, abortion, eugenics, trans-nationalist ideologies, trampling on State’s rights guaranteed under the 10th Amendment, his assault on the Second Amendment, Homeland Security looking at returning Veterans as Terrorists, ACORN, national security, the Census, his treatment of the Cambridge police, and Cap & Tax; it sure looks to me like an arsonist trying to burn up the Constitution of the United States and replace it with some sort of Socialist manifesto.

If Obama is going to cause the destruction of America and Israel, I at least want to know that he was constitutionally empowered as a “Natural Born Citizen” serving as President of the United States to destroy us.  I hate to think all this could have been prevented by some state official somewhere doing their job and asking to see proof that Obama was eligible to run for office. That never happened.

Americans Must Keep Asking Questions about Obama – Saul Alinsky – Raum Emanuel – Governor Palin – NPR – Rush Limbaugh – Sean Hannity – Michael Savage – Glenn Beck – Larry Sinclair – Americorps – GM – Cap and Trade – Healthcare – The BOPAC Report

June 12, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

Americans Must Keep Asking Questions about Obama

His Goals and Their Consequences

(For a Dead Guy, Saul Alinsky Sure Gets Around)

Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” has once again been pulled off of shelf following the senseless attack on the Holocaust Memorial by one man filled with hate for the Jewish people and Israel.  Regrettably, writers on a few well known internet sites, a few “newscasters” and several others in the mediawho appear to take pride in their ability to distort facts and people’s motivations/opinions/beliefs in ways that serve their (or the people they support) purposes – are in high gear attacking ordinary Americans who have questions about Barrack Obama, trying to somehow equate them with the Holocaust Memorial shooter.  I’m sure most people see through these attempts and would agree that this purported “journalistic” reporting/commentary is neither journalism nor responsible.

What it is-is simply the “drive-by media’s” attempt to shape the news and portray anyone who disagrees with Obama as a hate filled racist bigot.  This type of reporting and commentary is despicable “ends justifies the means” activity engaged in by people who surely know better.  The vast, vast majority of people who oppose Obama are not racists or bigots – and the media knows it.  They are Americans (from all backgrounds and races) who want politicians, the Congress and Obama to follow the Constitution, support fair free market principles, and to be fiscally responsible and disciplined.  They are Americans who vote, pay taxes and believe that non-violence remains the only acceptable way to effectuate change.

The current feeding frenzy was set off by the despicable act of one crazed man.  Raum Emanuel says, “You never want to let a serious crisis to go to waste.”  However, many surrogates and many in the media take Emanuel’s advice to the extreme. They don’t want to let “any act” go to waste that they can springboard off of to portray people they disagree with (or those who cross/impede their goals) in as negative light as they can.

A recent example is the constant attack of Governor Sarah Palin and her family.  During the election, we all heard (over, over, and over) of ethics allegations raised against Governor Palin.  Well it seems that Governor Palin has been cleared of ever single one.  Where is the media?  Oh, they are busy using David Letterman’s recent attack on Governor Palin’s 14 year old daughter.  Yet there is no real condemnation from the media, no demand to fire David Letterman as would be the case for any “conservative” media personality – just reinforcement of negative perceptions against Governor Palin and her family.  What did CBS do to Don IMUS?  Sorry Don, you’re out of here.

While I’m fairly sure that most members of the media do not have pocket versions of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals with them, if one does a minimal amount of responsible, balanced reading from various sources, they would soon find that what is being reported as factual and complete new stories by the main stream media are actually stories missing important information.  Stories that are missing important information that can change the meaning and/or inferences are not journalism.  Such stories are the very definition of news bias.

My wife listens to National Public Radio (NPR) every morning, so I have a valuable daily opportunity to observe the subtle ways by which the “news” is shaped by a seemly “objective” news source.  Many times tiny bits of information (facts, opinions, parts of opinion, context, parts of context) are left out, maybe a person being interviewed to give an opposing view regarding an issue is not the best spokesperson available (or their credibility has already been impugned to some degree), or the emphasis/order of presentation directs the listener to certain conclusions – each is a way to shape the news.  I’ve always hoped that NPR was not engaged in the intentional shaping of the news (as opposed to factual reporting); however the more I listen, the more I’m convinced that they are.  That’s too bad because they all have such nice calm morning voices that exude sincerity for what they are saying.

(I’m sure that’s how Obama has gotten away with so much of his deception thus far.)


Of course, some in the media and those who are Obama’s surrogates are always attacking conservative commentators/entertainers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage or Glenn Beck because they are well known, influential and have large audiences.  It’s interesting to note that recently many have been trying to portray Rush Limbaugh as a spokesperson for conservatives and the Republican Party.  This is total slight of hand. I suppose they figure that if they can firmly establish a link to Republicans with Rush, then a tarnished Rush will keep voters (who sincerely believe that Obama and many Democrats are out of control) from voting Republican out of embarrassment. Stand by Mr. Limbaugh because, as usual, the Sh^% is coming your way.

Rush Limbaugh is the biggest danger to “them” because his audience is growing. It’s all a disheartening game that the media and politicians play.  However, I have not heard any of these men urge people to violence of any kind. In fact, Glenn Beck takes care to urge conservatives to immolate people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King – speak up with conviction – don’t sit in the back of the bus – don’t react with violence. What I hear from Rush, Hannity, Savage and Beck is that they want Americans to open their eyes and ears and truly behold what is before them.  They seem to trust that given full and complete information, Americans will come to their own conclusions – and that’s okay.

That used to be the proper role of the media but now it falls upon others such as radio personalities and those active on the internet.  They may use harsher words and speak louder, but they need to in order to break through the public’s perception of legitimacy regarding the old main stream media.  Thankfully the public’s perceptions of the media are crumbling.

The truth is that right now there is no clear leader in the Republican Party and most people know that. I will vote for candidates of either (any) party who support the Constitution, who refrain from marching us to a mediocre America through socialism, who strongly support the rights of the individual and States, and who will exercise fiscal responsibility.  I will be voting for a lot of challengers in 2010.  I think a lot of other Americans will be doing the same.

Most Radio Talk Show hosts are seasoned professionals who have thick skins regarding unfair criticism and they can take whatever is thrown their way.  Unfortunately, ordinary citizens who are just now finding their voices are not used to being unfairly tarnished and attacked.  It is important that they, that we, toughen up our skin and keep speaking out against injustice; that we keep taking to the streets in peaceful “Tea Parties”, that we write our Representatives, that we do not cower.

It is well known that Obama and his surrogates such as ACORN are well versed in Saul Alinsky’s Rules that are intended to intimidate and break down people’s resolve to do what they believe in.   We all need to understand what will be coming our way and we each need to commit to having our voices heard.  When Mr. Alinsky’s Rules refers to the enemy – that’s you, me, my family, Rush, Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and anyone else who is not part of this D. C. power establishment who stands up and says, THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

Alinsky’s rules are ruthless and you can imagine how they work. Here are the rules to be aware of:

RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

Alinkiy’s Rule 5 is the one that can most easily intimidate ordinary people who have legitimate questions about Obama, questions about his birth certificate, questions about socialism, questions about Larry Sinclair, questions about out of control spending, questions about the government take over of GM, questions about closing GM dealerships based on who they made political contributions to, questions about setting aside the rights of secured creditors to do it, questions about Obama apparently firing the Inspector General of Americorps in retaliation, questions about the real consequences of cap and trade, questions about the real consequences of government run healthcare, questions about the intention to run private health insurance out of business, etc., etc., etc.

Americans want their questions answered but they don’t want to be ridiculed. They don’t want their friends and neighbors thinking that they are conspiracy theorists, irrational, stupid or easily misled.   It’s like Obama and his friends are the bullies on some schoolyard. Some of us will lose friends and more; but what choice do we have?  Surrender to injustice?  Screw that.

Americans have a fundamental right and duty to ask questions about their government and to try to get answers.


America’s Economy Needs to Find Its Bottom before Regaining Sobriety – Obama – The BOPAC Report

June 3, 2009

The BOPAC Report:

America’s Economy Needs to Find Its Bottom before Regaining Sobriety

But Enablers are Moving the Bottom to Places of Extreme Peril

Yesterday, I was surprised by the U. S. stock market going up 221 points. What surprised me was not the gain but how many investors and media people appear to be closing their eyes and crossing their fingers “hoping” the economy will make it and become some sort of orderly, predictable creature.  It’s like those who enable the drinking or drug use of addicts.  It’s okay honey, I understand all the pressure you’re under, but you need to get up and go to work if we’re going to get that promotion.

The buyers looked at a decline in personal spending that was not as bad as was expected, a small unexpected gain in construction spending, a small increase in personal income, an increase in disposable income, and a contraction in the ISM manufacturing index whose pace of decline seemed to be decelerating and they promptly pushed their rose colored glasses higher on their noses and saw rainbows in the future.  Oh my.

I’m sure many investors are simply gaming the system, reading the emotional tea leaves, seeing the “Yes We Can” recover sentiment in the media, and then buying low and selling quickly to make a quick buck. Don’t lose heart, these are the ones who are always feeding off of the swings of market emotion, the ones telling the functional alcoholic it’s early, urging him or her to buy another round of drinks.

But, the investors who are looking at these snapshots of spending, income, and manufacturing – using common sense and seriously considering the total economy, these guys may be in and out of the market daily, hoping some durable enthusiasm takes hold, driving the market up for the next few months to comfort China and other foreign investors in U.S. debt.  However, these buyers are also acting as enablers of a system that desperately needs to find its own bottom so it can make the fundamental changes necessary for a sustainable future.  Because this enabler (the serious investor) is afraid he or she might lose some profit, they don’t demand economic soundness.  (One fundamental that could have helped is if GM had gone bankrupt months ago instead of being a money pit for scores of billions of taxpayer dollars.)

However, true to form, the media simply tries to provide cover for the Obama “Fairy Tale”, hyping any seemingly good news and selling the general public on the idea that the economy is improving because of Obama.  Let me make this perfectly clear, the media is the true villain here because it is their job to inform Americans citizens of the true dangers facing the economy.  They are the principle enablers who will allow the economy to crash beyond repair rather than admit that Obama’s actions are detrimental to sound economic growth and stability.  “Honey, make it work, I trust you, I love you, it’s not your fault” is what the media says 24/7.

Why shouldn’t Obama believe it? They’re the supervisors in the Air France maintenance shop that continues to cover for the mechanic who comes to work hung-over. Make no mistake, we remain on the cliff and Obama’s relentless spending, government takeovers of business, disregarding contracts that protect bond holders (GM), disregarding the rule of law, and printing money from thin air are inching us closer and closer to calamity.

Are these indicators really predicting a turnaround or just the common sense reactions of the public?

There was an unexpected gain in construction spendingBut unexpected? We are just out of winter. Have investors and the media not heard of spring cleaning?  Every year small construction projects increase in the spring because the ground is not frozen, concrete can set, hands are not frost bitten.  This year should be better because people have been cutting back on spending due to uncertainty in the economy, so they have a little money in the bank.  Many of us “Joe the Plumber” types are not quiet ready to bet on the stock market as a long term investment and we are not expert enough to try to predict the market short term.  So, it seems fairly basic that improving the home (value) is the best place to put money right now because there is only so much land and housing will return one day as a good investment relative to the others (if local governments don’t tax too much). It’s common sense.

Everyone please remember that disposable income went up, not wages and salaries, and that consumer spending declined.  People are holding off on spending until they absolutely have to or the deals are just too good to pass up.  Good deals are still available (computers, TV’s, stereos) and some may continue for the next few months for those with money or credit as producers continue clearing their inventories before they begin producing closer to capacity.

Maybe that explains the slowing decline of the manufacturing index?

However, when businesses give the really good deals – their profit margins decrease and so does the ability to provide pay raises, hire new people and reinvestment.  It looks a lot like a cycle that’s creating its own headwind against recovery.  The big question is: Once the inventory is depleted and new production is going strong, will the consumer be there to buy?  I don’t think so because Obama is putting too many obstacles in the way. Let’s count them.

First of all, I want to make this perfectly clear, I don’t think Obama is an enabler of our struggling economy. From my vantage point, it appears that Obama is the “friend” of the alcoholic who has his eye on the alcoholic’s wife or husband (ask Larry Sinclair). Everything Obama has done or is doing is leading to the demise of the U. S. economy. His prize appears to be a socialist economy with a state run media.  Obama must believe that he needs to completely tear down the old to make room for the new no matter how many people’s lives it destroys; or he’s simply incompetent.  Please consider the recent article in Pravda.

He has quadrupled the budget deficit with no way to raise sufficient revenue other than printing money out of thin air.

If Obama were to tax American businesses and the wealthy to the extent necessary to raise sufficient capital to cover his ballooning debt, our economy would grind to a halt and much less revenue (taxes) could be collected by the government.  If business people can’t pass these taxes on to consumers through higher prices, many could or would close down because it wouldn’t be worth the anxiety for the pittance of profit that remains.  As is always the case, the truly wealthy will find a place to move their money to keep it safe from the tentacles of this out of control government.  Remember that bump in the consumer’s disposable income that helped the stock market go up? It will be gone.  You can probably count out any increase in wages and salaries. Let’s also count out millions of jobs while we’re at it.

Obama’s people are looking in every corner for revenue and they are likely resort to gimmicks such as taxes on junk food, tobacco and alcohol to raise money.  It doesn’t seem to matter that such actions will break Obama’s campaign promise not to tax the poor and middleclass? (I guess it’s time to start brewing my own beer.) Notwithstanding campaign promises, additional attacks on every consumer’s wallet are in our future.

Obama’s people are said to be considering an across the board value added tax (VAT) on everything we buy.  That’s really going to help bring consumers back in the market.  And, they’re even talking about taxing the value of health benefits provided to employees which might (will definitely) cause some employers to stop providing health insurance. Tax after tax as far as the eye can see – the alcoholic might need to close one eye so he or she doesn’t get double taxed.

The nearly certain Cap and Trade legislation will definitely raise everyone’s “taxes” – although they will be called higher gas prices, higher electricity prices, and higher “fill in the blank prices” (and will be blamed on someone else). Every business that experiences higher costs due to cap and trade (CO2 reduction) will attempt to shift increased costs to the consumer, cut labor costs, reduce quality and/or go out of business.  Higher gas prices will naturally raise transportation costs for every product made and will need to be passed on to the poor consumer.  And of course, higher gas prices for personal vehicles will further reduce the amount of disposable income consumers have available to make purchases to fuel the recovery.  (Obama should be focusing on encouraging the development of ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and using it.  We should be drilling our own oil, developing new nuclear plants to create job and  lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions.)

If politics don’t get in Obama’s way, Cap and Trade will eventually drive the clean coal business out of business forever. Anyway, I sincerely hope the Democratic Governor of West Virginia is paying particular attention given the fact that he might need to name a replacement for the Senior Senator from West Virginia, the Honorable Robert Byrd due to health reasons and/or  his age. Therefore, it might be in West Virginia’s interest to name an Independent to replace Sen. Byrd should the need arise.  Just saying.

As part of Obama’s apparent GM takeover and to appease the UAW, the Obama Administration has apparently agreed to prevent GM from selling (in the U. S.) fuel efficient models that GM currently builds overseas.  Another concession to the union is that Opel’s new owners must agree to stay out of the U.S. and China; so much for being committed to the environment.  This is pure protectionism and Union payback that prevents lower auto prices for consumers and contributes to the perfect storm that our economy is facing.

Printing trillions of dollars, pretending that the United States is solvent is reckless and is not sustainable.  It’s not at all credible.  Last week, Treasury Secretary Timothy Giethner was in China to reassure the Chinese government that their investment in U.S. securities was secure.

“Chinese assets are very safe,” Geithner said in response to a question after a speech at Peking University, where he studied Chinese as a student in the 1980s.

His answer drew loud laughter from his student audience, reflecting skepticism in China about the wisdom of a developing country accumulating a vast stockpile of foreign reserves instead of spending the money to raise living standards at home.

Michelle Malkin has it right when she says:

Tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is a laughingstock in Congress. A permanent punchline on late-night TV. And he’s a joke in China

Luckily, one thing we can count on is that China will act in accordance with China’s interests.  They do not, at this time, want America’s economy to collapse because they have trillions to lose. Notwithstanding, China should be demanding higher interest because of the increased risk of an American default.  China should be reducing its long term exposure to the American economy by buying shorter term Treasuries and diversifying into copper, gold, silver, etc. It makes sense. If China and other countries stop supporting our economy by not buying our debt, we are cooked.  The dollar will be worthless. It will be time to lock the door and load the gun because extreme times are coming.

America is not too big to fail!

On that note, something that we might want to study and pay attention to (instead of the media) is the yield trend on the 10 year Treasury note because that might give us some warning of a coming train wreck.  When the price falls on bonds, the yield goes up. When foreign countries sell (dump) large amounts of our debt, the bond price will fall and the yield goes up.  Even though China cares about returns, if they begin dumping our bonds causing serious increases in the yield, it indicates that China has no confidence in our currency or economy. Like I said if there are no buyers, we’re cooked.  It will take a truck load of dollars to buy anything. 

I’m fairly sure that we prefer selling these longer term bonds because we can put off having to pay up and also have time to pray that something good happens. The bond prices are what the Fed tries to manipulate by buying and selling U.S. Treasuries so they can stabilize the yield on bonds.  If they are successful, our government doesn’t have to pay so much interest on our debt.  However, it is also one BIG thing that the Fed can’t seem to control.  An excellent article to get a sense of what is going on is Fed Credibility Bubble Bursts as Too Big to Fail General Motors Goes Bankrupt.

…Since the Fed has no Plan B, what does it do next?

Does it print more money, buy more bonds and pray that despite no change in policy, it will magically see a change in results?

Does it try to repeal the law of gravity — to somehow prevent sellers from selling and falling prices from falling?

Does it seek to travel back in time — to somehow reverse the blunders of past Fed Chairmen who helped create today’s debt monster in the first place?

Sorry, but those “solutions” are both insane and impossible….Continue Reading

One thing that the Fed cannot do is to guarantee the debt of California whose credit rating went from stable to negative.  America’s economy cannot take anymore debt or anymore unfunded spending.

We need real income such as comes from unsubsidized energy like oil, natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear.  We need to find ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere and utilize it.  We need to cut taxes on corporations to lower costs to consumers.  We need to  utilize markets and capitalist solutions that punish incompetence instead of rewarding it (GM). We need a free and fair media that does its job. We need Dr. Orly Taitz or Philip Berg to cause Obama to be removed from office because he is (probably) not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution.  We need Larry Sinclair to hold Obama’s zipper to the fire. We need judges who interpret the Constitution and don’t try to rewrite it. We need to resist transnationalism with every fiber of our bodies and souls. We need to support our military and their families.

We need the Fed to stop acting as a major enabler and to demand sustainable solutions.

I’m sure Glenn Beck could add a lot concerning enabling and addiction.

And speaking of Larry Sinclair – it seems that Mr. Sinclair is seriously considering running for the United States Senate seat of Mel Martinez.  I wonder if the media will cover his allegations then.  Probably not. What if he won?

I do have a great deal of respect for Mr. Sinclair’s determination and resolve.