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Barack ‘The Silencer’ Obama’s Gangland Assault on Free Speech (by Michelle Malkin) – Stanley Kurtz,

August 29, 2008

This is from

Barack ‘The Silencer’ Obama’s Gangland Assault on Free Speech
By Michelle Malkin
August 29, 2008

Where are all the free speech absolutists when you need them? Over the past month, left-wing partisans and Democratic lawyers have waged a brass-knuckled intimidation campaign against GOP donors, TV and radio stations, and even an investigative journalist because they have all dared to question the radical cult of Barack Obama. A chill wind blows, but where the valiant protectors of political dissent are, nobody knows.

On August 11, I called the American Civil Liberties Union national headquarters in New York for comment about the Chicago gangland tactics of one of these groups — a nonprofit called “Accountable America” that is spearheaded by a former operative of the Obama-endorsing MoveOn outfit.

“Accountable America” is trolling campaign finance databases and targeting conservative donors with “warning” letters in a thuggish attempt to depress Republican fundraising. (You’ll be interested to know that the official registered agent of Accountable America is Laurence Gold, a high-powered attorney for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) who has testified before the Senate complaining about the use of campaign finance laws to stifle the speech of union workers — a pet cause of the ACLU.)

The ACLU press office failed to respond to my initial call. On August 13, I followed up through e-mail:

“I called on Monday requesting a statement from the ACLU about Accountable America’s intimidation campaign against GOP donors. What is the ACLU’s position with regard to such efforts? Waiting for your statement…”

ACLU press officer Pamela Bradshaw e-mailed back:

“Michelle, My apologies that I cannot be of more assistance, but we don’t have anyone available. Thanks, Pam.”

My reply: “Pam — Does this mean you don’t have anyone available today, this week, or for the foreseeable future?”

On August 20, after a week of silence, I forwarded the message again to the ACLU press office. No response.

So, I won’t bother asking the ACLU’s opinion of the latest wave of speech-squelching moves by the Obama campaign:

On Monday, Obama demanded that the Justice Department stop TV stations from airing a documented, accurate independent ad spotlighting Obama’s longtime working relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama summoned his followers to bombard stations, many of them owned by conservative-leaning Sinclair Communications, with 93,000 e-mails to squelch the commercial.

On Tuesday, the Obama campaign sent another letter to the Justice Department demanding investigation and prosecution of American Issues Project, the group that produced the Ayers ad, as well as Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons, who funded it.

And on Wednesday, Obama exhorted his followers to sabotage the WGN radio show of veteran Chicago host and University of Chicago Professor Milt Rosenberg. Why? Because he invited National Review writer Stanley Kurtz to discuss his investigative findings about Obama’s ties to Ayers and the underwhelming results of their collaboration on a left-wing educational project sponsored by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The “Obama Action Wire” supplied Rosenberg’s call-in line and talking points like this:

Page 2 of 2

“Tell WGN that by providing Kurtz with airtime, they are legitimizing baseless attacks from a smear-merchant and lowering the standards of political discourse. … It is absolutely unacceptable that WGN would give a slimy character assassin like Kurtz time for his divisive, destructive ranting on our public airwaves.”

Behind the glowing, peaceful facade lies Barack “The Silencer” Obama and his silent enablers on the left. While mainstream journalists schmoozed with liberal celebrities in Denver, practiced yoga with left-wing bloggers and received massages at the Google convention tent near touchy-feely Barackopolis, Team Obama was on an ugly, aggressive warpath sanctioned by Mr. Civility. While compassionate Obama prepared to stand before thousands of worshipers at Invesco Field, purporting to give voice to the voiceless, his Chicago-schooled campaign machine was working overtime to muzzle conservative critics. “We want it to stop,” ordered one pro-Obama caller to WGN.

Welcome to the future: the politics of Hope and Change enforced by the missionaries of Search and Destroy.

Obama, Ayers, Wright, Larry Sinclair, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Dorn – Who Will Be Sleeping In The Lincoln Bedroom, In January 09?

August 28, 2008

Who Will Be Sleeping In The Lincoln Bedroom, In January 09?

This is a question that has captured my attention lately. It has been brought to the forefront by simply paying attention to the bits and pieces which the forces that be have not been able to contain. Those bits and pieces that make up Senator Obama, that influence(s) his life, that have shaped his thinking, that have shaped his feelings for America, that have shaped his religious views and values – they are the one that are critically important in knowing or predicting where Sen. Obama might take America.

When I look at how the media has given Sen. Obama a complete pass on his past controversies and current allegations that are still out there, hidden from the public, I shudder.[i] When I look at how the media and Sen. Obama have not allowed the general public to know what his relationships and associations are about, I shudder.

When Sen. Obama attempts to conceal his relationships and their importance, by making statements that require us to suspend our disbelief, I shudder. How could anyone stay in a church for 20 years, have his children baptized there, be married there, stand and clap, sit in the pews and still not understand the hatred and racism Rev. Wright, his minister and spiritual mentor, harbored? How? How can anyone truly believe him? Believe him even a small amount, how?

How can anyone believe what the Senator says about the people he is distancing himself from now?

m Minister Louis Farrakhan. When he hired for his staff, Jennifer Mason and Cynthia K. Miller, who are members of the Nation of Islam.[ii]

m Rev. Wright. When the Rev. was the preacher at the church, the young Obama needed to belong to in Chicago to further his career. Rev. Wright even said that Obama was distancing himself from himself because Obama is a politician and that’s what a (Presidential) politician needs to do.

m Pastor Michael Pfleger. Whose ideas and preaching are well known in Chicago.

m Bernradine Dorn and William Ayers. When he sat on a board with him, gave lectures with, went to his house for his blessings upon entering politics in Chicago. Apparently, that was required for young Obama to have a chance. Obama has reportedly said that he was friendly with him. Their group bombed the Pentagon!!!

m And Tony Rezco. When he raised money for Senator Obama’s political career, gave him a sweetheart land deal, introduced him to influential people, and most likely taught Sen. Obama a lot about politics in Chicago.

So what I know is that the Senator learned his lessons about Chicago politics well. When it was time to throw someone, anyone, a church, a grandmother under the bus to advance his political career, he did it with prose and ease.

So what I know is that the people in Chicago understand that politicians say and do the things that politicians believe they need to say and do. Take Rev. Wright for example.

So what my fear is? Because of what I know above, if Senator Barrack Obama finds himself in the White House, then it is entirely possible that all of the people mentioned above will be welcomed back into Senator Obama’s life. I think I heard that he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown the black community? (Or something like that.)

So that leads to my question:

Will we see Rev. Wright, Pastor Michael Pfleger, Pentagon bombers Bernradine Dorn and William Ayers, Minister Louis Farrakhan and corrupt Tony Rezco and his associates, staying in the Lincoln bedroom?

Will they be having a pajama party?

Is there a hot tub in the White House?

And lastly, will the American Tax Payers be forced to endure the ultimate humiliation by being required to foot the bill for pampering and honoring Louis Farrakhan and the Brothers of Islam, for honoring Senator Obama’s Racist Pastors, for honoring Pentagon bombers and terrorists, for honoring America hating elitists and for honoring (and possibly pardoning) the Senator’s corrupt contributor Tony Rezco and his associates? Will We? Will We? We need to wake up and look closely at Sen. Obama’s companions and friends. We must.

I wish I knew how to break the hypnotic spell that the Senator and the Media has managed to cast on many in America. WAKE UP, PLEASE! Wake up now, before it is too late.

[i] Allegations Sen. Obama did crack and had gay sex in 1999.

Obama, Strong Arm Tactics in Caucuses, Dr. Lynette Long, Larry Sinclair, Rezko, Wright, Ayers

August 25, 2008

This eye opening article is from Dr. Lynette Long:

This article reveals some of the training and unethical techniques that Sen. Obama’s operation used to prevail in the Democratic Primary Caucuses against Hillary Clinton.  I urge everyone to investigate Dr. Long’s sites and decide for yourselves.


Approximately a year ago thousands of committed volunteers attended “Camp Obama,” a four-day indoctrination program, geared at teaching pre-screened Obama volunteers grass roots organizational strategies. The training, which specifically focused on the caucus states, taught volunteers to be “ruthless,” “take risks,” and win at all costs. Obama’s campaign and Camp Obama’s strategy which focused on the vulnerable caucuses and the early primaries worked. Obama only lost 1 out of 14 caucuses, a staggering achievement, especially when he lost 21 out of 38 primaries and scored a statistical tie in popular vote. How did he accomplish such an astonishing string of victories that would eventually define the Democratic Primary? At, a new website devoted exclusively to the 2008 Democratic caucuses, you can read Tales from the Front, stories told to sites founder, Dr. Lynette Long, by participants in all 14 caucus states. Here are excerpts from the website. For complete statements and a mathematical analysis of each state, go to


I live in Davenport, Iowa – Precinct 23. I arrived at our precinct caucus at 6:30. At 6:50 pm, over 75 people of African American descent came walking in, past the tables and sat in the Obama section.  I knew one of them from my canvassing.  I knew another one who did not live in this precinct!  And aside from the 4 or 5 families that live on Hillandale Road, there are no other black people in this unusually white precinct and one of those black couples were in my Hillary section. The results were Obama 3, Clinton, 2, Edwards 1!  It was impossible for me to argue since the precinct chair was an Obama supporter from another precinct. A very large bus was seen in the parking lot afterwards carrying these folks back.


You probably have heard about the busloads coming in from over the IL border, but you may not have known about the busloads coming in from the NE border. North Omaha and Omaha itself are two of the three places in NE — Lincoln being the third — where there’s over 5% African-American population. Obama’s campaign offered people things like I-pods and free stuff– t-shirts, clothes, shoes, and at least two free meals on the Nebraska side.


There were a lot of young people there and a lot of black people.  We do not have that many blacks in this county.  El Dorado is a small town of about 12,000 and it is the largest town in the county.  There are probably only a handful of blacks that live in El Dorado.  I work with the school district and travel to the high school, middle school and elementary schools and believe me, there are very, very, few  black students.


There was NO voter registration for the MN caucus… no identification was checked so Obots were going from room to room voting over and over again giggling all the while doing it.


Throughout this mess of a process, hostility built to a degree I found truly alarming.  Some overenthusiastic BHO supporters formed a gauntlet in the hallway outside the registration area, on the way to the ballroom, within the zone in which campaigning was prohibited.  Any HRC supporter was subject to verbal abuse, ridicule and, eventually, physical assault.


Nebraska was totally chaotic and each precinct location had a different way to do the caucus. In Nebraska, 18 precincts where crammed into one high school in Sarpy county. When I got there, it felt like I stepped into a Third World voting situation. They were trying to determine whether people could actually participate in the caucuses or not, and then it seemed like they just gave up on that and just let anyone participate. There was a gym at the high school where about 5 precincts met. A person was supposed to fill out their preference on a slip of paper and then turn it in. They tried to run it like a primary instead of a true caucus, just take out any semblance of order and guards against voter disenfranchisement that a normal primary would have. I found a pile of these preferences slips just sitting on a table where anyone could pick them up and fill them out.


I was at the Texas Caucus and the Obama supporter’s took the Packets as early as 6:30 AM which they were told not to do, They never let go and then when time came to vote they took over the precinct by some of them pushing the people that were supposed to run it across the room to chairs. They called in incorrect totals for Obama instead of correct ones. He actually had 4 delegates and they called in 19 delegates.

When my 88 year old Mother showed up, who can hardly walk on her walker, and they took her walker away from her when she said she was there to vote for Hillary. They said you are in the wrong place old woman; this is an Obama precinct, and you need to go across town. When I saw what was happening I called the police. Blog post no quarter evelyn


As an eye witness at the Precinct and Senate District Conventions, this is how Obama won many caucuses. First of all, vast numbers of Obama supporters were bused in to the conventions. They were loud and intimidating. Texas Democratic rules state that each person who participates in the Precinct Convention should have voted in this precinct and sign-in personally on a formal sign-in sheet. So many Obama people showed up, that there were not enough sign-in sheets available, so when the conventions ended, there were many sign-in sheets for Obama filled out in the same handwriting, not signed-in as specified. As Hillary supporters, we obtained copies of these sign-in sheets from all over south Texas, Harris County in particular. We laboriously compared the names on the sheets to see if the person who attended the precinct convention had voted in the primary election. Many listed Obama people had not. We then cross-checked the names of the Obama people to see if they lived in the correct precinct. Many times the Obama people did not come to the correct precinct and often appeared on sign-in sheets, as being present in several precinct conventions at the same time (a violation of the space-time continuum).


I walked into the Nueses,Texas County Convention only to discover that I was already there as an Obama delegate.


They shoved Obama signs in Clinton delegates’ faces, three inches from the nose, called them racists, and told my friend that she had to move from her third-row seat in one meeting and go sit in the back. She also said that the proceedings were heavily laced with black power speeches by preachers as well as public officials.


What I saw was at least 3 trained group agitators — Since my MA is in group dynamics and group facilitation I recognized when someone is using techniques that I have been trained in. If such individuals were planted in ALL precincts, along with bringing in ringers — then ALL caucus results are bogus. For this sort of intensive origination to take place in a rural area — this means that a vast amount of money was spent to manipulate the results of the caucus. The Obama supporters kept changing the number of delegates — subtracting Clinton delegates and increasing Obama delegates, each time they claimed someone had changed and they had to do “complicated” math and that’s why Clinton kept losing delegates. There were NO Clinton supporters checking the Obama “math”.

Read full accounts at


End of Article

This is just another indication that to the Obama campaign ‘the ends justify the means’.

Will the media investigate this?   Rezko?  Ayers?  Acorn?  Larry Sinclair’s allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in 1999? Rev. Wright? Etc.? Etc.? Etc.?

Obama, Larry Sinclair, Joe Biden, 9/11, CitizenWells

August 24, 2008

This from CitizenWells/Larry Sinclair:

Joe Biden, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Delaware Gulag, Attorney General Biden, 9/11/08, Socialism 08, New Castle County Delaware Superior Court, Biden Country

August 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair has a new post about Joe Biden, Delaware Attorney General Biden, the trumped up warrant against him and his treatment by the Bidens and the Obama camp. Someone with lots of power and influence was able to affect his social security benefits. Was that person(s) the Bidens? Here is Larry Sinclair’s post:

“August 23, 2008

OBAMA/BIDEN PLAN THEIR OWN 9-11: Obama & Biden Hope To Silence Sinclair on 9-11

September 11, 2008 has been set as the date in which the Obama/Biden railroad plans on shooting to shut me and my claims against Barack Obama and the Bidens up once and for all. That’s right, the scheduling order by the New Castle County Delaware Superior Court (Biden Country), and Joseph R. Biden III Delawares Attorney General has set 9/11/08 as the trial date for me and the charge of “Theft” which the office of Joseph R. Biden III knows full well to be an abuse of his office.

So now the presumptuous Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee’s intend to use September 11, 2008 to try and silence the truthful charges made against Barack Obama. It isn’t enough that these guys had an arrest made in DC without ever producing a warrant, or a US District Judge held me without ever showing warrant in court. It is not enough that Delaware knows the charges they filed against me i a sealed Grand Jury are bogus, or that they assisted the Delaware News-Journal and web bloggers in publishing false charges about the matter, it is not enough that Delaware has cost me an my supporters more than $8000.00 to date on this fabricated charge and attempted to help Daddy’s new boss! These are crimes in and of themselves people.

Do I have faith in the American Justice system? YES.

Do I have faith in the “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” political environment in Biden Country? NO DOUBT AT ALL THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE BIDEN DICTATED DOWN TO THE TRIAL JUDGE (Who by the way, will not be known to us until September 11, 2008.)

Does the Delaware Attorney General comply with the laws he is sworn to uphold and enforce? NO.

Does Joseph R. Biden II need to answer for his using false information to have me arrested and have SSA discontinue my benefits in a 24 hour time period? YES.

Does Joseph R. Biden III need to answer to why his office has continue to push a charge that THEY know is without merit and lacking of any criminal intent or basis? YES.

Is Delaware bringing this matter in an effort to assist Barack Obama shut me up? YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY ARE.

Here is a link to the first article I posted on the Delaware Attorney Generals actions:

Below is an interesting argument by another blogger who has been following this story from the beginning:

I guess we now know who John McCain’s choice will be as Vice President in a guard from his Vietnam POW days beating on American Soldiers as Barack Obama has chosen his chief thug whose family has been joyously bashing, torturing and terrorizing a gay invalid in Lawrence Sinclair.

I had honestly thought Biden had shot his wad when David Plouffe took over for David Axelrod in dealing with Lawrence Sinclair and “smilin‘ Joe” decided not to bribe Mr. Sinclair, but to send in the storm troopers in everyone from the Federal Marshal’s, DC Police, Social Security and the entire state of Delaware justice system led by his bouncing baby boy, Beau Biden was complete overkill like nuking an ant.
Apparently though, the stomach turns both ways like in the mafia, because when Barry Obama came asking for a favor, Joe Biden made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“It’s like this Barry. I get your sodomite keester out of hot water by tossing Lawrence Sinclair in prison and you make me Master of the Obama plantation or I happen to pass this onto the FBI and you end up in prison.
You may kiss the ring now”, quote the Biden.

For Barack Obama to choose Biden is simply Watergate suicidal. For Biden to willingly jump on a ticket considering the outright un-American thuggery he has had his boy carrying out against Lawrence Sinclair in the biggest gay bashing in history, is just begging for impeachment and prison time for him.

For a review of Joe Biden’s accomplishments:

1. He had the Delaware Attorney General’s office create a bogus Grand Jury indictment.

2. He had the DC police illegally arrest and detain Lawrence Sinclair.

3. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of his needed medications as he has a brain tumor.

4. While in custody he had the DC police “loose” Mr. Sinclair so legal counsel could not find him.

5. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of phone access.

6. While in custody he had the Federal Attorney attempt to hold Mr. Sinclair indefinitely on outrageously high bail.

All of those facts are human rights violations against international law which belong in The Hague.

Out of custody, Joe Biden, as this was coming out of Delaware was sending out forged legal papers to Social Security to get Mr. Sinclair’s benefits cancelled which he depends on and then had him terrorized in threatening to make him repay all benefits.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General’s office has been seeding false stories into the press.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General’s office via Susan Dwyer has refused to provide Mr. Sinclair’s legal counsel with evidence of charges which they are illegally quoting to the press.

Currently, Joe Biden, via his son, Delaware Attorney General and the above deputy, Susan Dwyer, are attempting to imprison Mr. Sinclair for life on a misdemeanor, blackmailing him to plead guilty on the twisting of the law “he is a career criminal”.
That charge is meant for criminals who are committing ceaseless crimes in the said state in violent crimes, not for petty theft. (Note Mr. Sinclair has shown proof there was no crime in Delaware and in fact by the outrageous “check cashing charges” he was made to pay he in this is the victim which Delaware should be investigating.)”

Read the entire article here:

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

Obama, Larry Sinclair – Is there a “Brokeback Mountain” in Obama’s past?

August 5, 2008

This is from

Is there a “Brokeback Mountain” in Obama’s past?

August 05, 2008 12:11 AM

Once again the courageous writer at SAVAGEPOLITICS has banged the proverbial nail right on the head. Below is an excerpt from this excellent piece on the “Change” we can expect from the self grandizing prophet, the great half white hope, the king of flip flop, Barack Hussein Obama.

As many new tales as he may try to spin, there remains the undeniable evidence thatthe majority of American voters actually cast their vote in support of his opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Barack and his “new politics” won’t let facts like that stand in his way of the (formerly) democratic process. Haven’t you heard? There’s a new rooster in the henhouse that thinks he can out-fox We, the People.

But The People have noticed what Barack fails to see and hear. The narcissistic euphoria that keeps this false prophet happily and recklessly staggering from photo-op to photo-op seems to have clouded his highly touted ‘visionary judgment’. His supporters are now beginning to grumble about his flip-flopping reversals on the very principles he offered as “Change We Can Believe In”, but the opiate called self-aggrandizement keeps their discontented voices from reaching his ears. To the dismay of Obama Camp Officials, it seems more and more apparent that Mephistopheles is slyly and slowly moving over to our side; all within the details of the carefully crafted contract that they all agreed to. What’s that old saying? “Be careful of what you wish for?”

Kool Aid, rainbows, unicorns and flower-strewn magical paths to nowhere can offer no help to keep his sheep in lock step. Meanwhile, the specter of Larry Sinclair is manifesting more and more visibly on Barack’s Brokeback Mountain Trail to the White House. I hear that Mr. Sinclair will be participating in some media events soon that are sure to be entertaining. Add to that the fact that some of his more generous and zealous donors are now holding out while opting to see what happens, it becomes clear that the Democrats are in for a long and bloody battle. The up side (for us) is that Obama is so drunk on his own perfume that he still tenaciously clings to the audacious hope that nobody will abandon his ship, no matter what he says of does.

Obama, Sinclair, Integrity in the News

July 22, 2008

Integrity in the News,

Based on a Code of Ethics

It’s no secret. I’ve been appalled by the way the media has been covering the U.S. Presidential Election. It seems as though there is a mind numbing Obama love fest going on whenever and wherever the news is playing. The reality is, even at this late date, there has been only a cursory examination regarding many aspects of who Sen. Obama is. What makes up his character? Who are the people in his life? Where does he want to take the country? What’s the deal with his birth certificate? Is he faithful to his family? What does he believe? What events in his past might reflect the kind of man he is? My question is -Why is that?

Most of the other elections I’ve witnessed, you could get a sense of who the media favored if you paid attention. In this election, the bias is so blatant; it’s like a slap in the face. Again I asked the question, why is that?

It has been my understanding that most professional fields have a Code of Professional Ethics that governs their work. My gut has always told me that it is the job of the Press to investigate and report the news in a fair and balanced manner, setting aside personal biases. Now, I’m now forced to rethink the accuracy of my gut’s communication. It turns out the Press also has Credo of Ethics of a sort. I went to The National Press Club website and found Walter William’s Journalist’s Creed. Let’s go through it together, shall we, to see how they’re doing in reporting the news.

“This creed was written by Walter Williams (1864-1935), the man who founded the world’s first school of journalism at the University of Missouri and perhaps contributed more toward the promotion of professional journalism than any other person of his time.”

I believe in the profession of Journalism.

Okay so far.

I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of lesser service than the public service is a betrayal of this trust.

That sounds good.

I believe that clear thinking, clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.

This “clear thinking” part must refer to the reporter’s duty to recognize his or her bias and put it aside. “Accuracy and fairness”, seems pretty basic. Again, okay so far.

I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true.

Oh my. It’s getting a little slippery here. A reporter should only write “what he holds in his heart to be true.” Hmmm. Let’s go on a bit.

I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.

“Danger Will Robinson!” So the reporter gets to determine what “the welfare of society” means. If a reporter holds in their heart that one person (say their candidate) should be believed when confronted by the accusations of any ordinary citizen; and/or the reporter believes that only people of their own mindset should be in charge because the rest of us don’t “really” know what’s good or bad regarding “the welfare of society”, then they can suppress the news without violating any ethics whatsoever. This is a major loophole as far as I can tell.

I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one’s own pocket book is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another’s instructions or another’s dividends.

“…he would not say as a gentleman…” What? Well who gets to determine that? Let me guess – the reporter. Sure looks like another loophole.

I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public ser vice.

Holy cow, Batman. Who determines “the best interests of readers”, the meaning of “helpful truth”, and the “measure of its public service”? The reporter, the reporter, the reporter.

I believe that the journalism which succeeds the best-and best deserves success-fears God and honors man; is stoutly independent; unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power; constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of the privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance, and as far as law, an honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship, is a journalism of humanity, of and for today’s world.

Well most of this paragraph read in the light of the preceding tenants is just literary fodder. “Fears God and honors man” must be written in invisible ink the average reporter’s version. It (Journalism) is “constructive” as determined by the reporter/editor. Is “unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power” only if it is different than what is held in their own heart. It is “always respectful of its readers but always unafraid” to suppress the news when necessary for the “welfare of society”. It is “profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship”. So is this also part of the definition of the “welfare of society?” COMRADE Let’s have a shot of vodka.

If this really is the only thing that governs the American reporter’s conscience, we have very little hope of fair and balanced reporting. Regrettably, it may be the case that Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Senator Obama did cocaine and had gay sex in 1999 will have to wait until the press decides by their on volition to turn on Senator Obama. You know, the way they did this year to Hillary Clinton. Wasn’t the most glaring example in a Vogue article about Bill Clinton?

Under these rules of ethics, the two men pictured below could both be found to have actually lived up to the Ethics of Journalism. Amazing! However, in my book, only one of them did and the other a tingling problem in his leg.

I leave you with a few quotes:

We cannot make good news out of bad practice.
Edward R. Murrow

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.
Mark Twain

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson

“The Contender”

July 15, 2008
Guest Author: LadyJustice

“The Contender”

“What we need in Denver is a One True Leader”

As I watched the final scene from this classic movie, (The Contender, 2000) I wanted to scream at the DNP and ask them, “Who has the Stellar Command to take the lead for Senator Hillary Clinton and demand an open vote on the floor in Denver? Are there any champions out there? So far all we have seen is cowards and spin! Who will be the person to stand and point their finger to Congress and say, I should pointed a finger your way and ask you have you no decency? A warrior to say to the DNP, “There are traitors among us, patriots to your party, but traitors to the necessary end result that of righteous and truth and making the American dream blind to gender”. What conqueror will stand in the face of adversity and say, Let me make one thing clear, you can come at us with whatever weapons you have in your arsenal, but there is no weapon as powerful as that of an idea whose time has come? A woman will serve as the highest level of the executive, simple as that”! Where is the “One True Leader” in the DNP that will demand an open vote for delegates to elect Senator Hillary Clinton as the Nominee for the Democratic President of the United States?

If only people were as great as the movie makers make us appear! There are 18 million of us looking for that one person that fits the description of a real LEADER in the DNP. Where is our Jeff Bridges from this movie? What will history write about the DNP when this election is over? I know the DNP will not receive the high honors that this movie received, at best we are looking at the lowest rating Congress with Screaming Dean, Nancy the Nasty and Donna the Destroyer attempting to make us drink the cherry kool-aid or else.

“If anything can sum up this film, it’s the impassioned speech which Bridges gives towards the end of the proceedings. His words are fiery and dramatic, wallowing in theatrics but also displaying a lot of courage. Most movies of this type have speeches like that, and they remain enticing despite their cornier aspects. Real-life politicians rarely take gutsy stands. They never make a call that could cost them their career, or risk their positions for the sake of an abstract idea. The Contender wants us to believe that they should take stands like that, and despite a few missteps, ultimately makes us think that we can”.(

”This is our Senator Hillary Clinton”!

The past, present and future all summed up in one video that can be said about what happened to our beloved former first Lady, Senator Clinton! While listening to the YouTube provided, substitute the name of Lana and replace it with Hillary! We will forgive, but we will not forget! We are taking it to Denver!

-Where is our party leader demanding that our party rise for Senator Clinton?

-We need a hero, which one of you will it be?

-Who will hold the DNP accountable for the shame you have brought unto our party?

-When we say, “NO to Obama,” you did not listen. Are you listening now?

Obama Oh Mama

July 11, 2008

Obama Oh Mama

The Temptation, The Mantra, The Consequences

When Senator Obama burst on the scene, I watched and listened as I found time. I was somewhat intrigued by his style and oratory skills. I even commented to someone that I think that I could consider him as one of my possible choices. I did look at him. I did my homework. Unfortunately, the more I learned the more concern grew within me. I really wanted to believe. I did. But, as the song says, “That was yesterday and yesterday’s gone.”

So what did I want to believe?

I was hoping for a catalyst for the particular reality that I desired. I wanted to believe that as Americans, we would all come together to face the very real problems that confront us with conviction of purpose, realistically, remaining fiscally responsible, principled, and compassionate.

Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.
Sigmund Freud

My hoping for a catalyst met the reality of my homework, my experience, and the reality of reality as I see it. Just believing in Obama is not enough for me. However, it seems to be enough for a lot of other Americans. Just believing, it suffices for many without even looking at the details. I’m reminded of Oz and the necessity of not looking behind the curtain. However, when the curtains were drawn back, the characters were left with themselves, their individual talents, and their own responsibility to find the way.

Since most people are aware of these truths, I have to conclude that there is some strong Temptation at work that would cause seemingly reasonable people to put their critical eyes away, turn them off. Could it be The Show that is causing this suspension of disbelief? I hope so. I am comforted by the fact that even in the midst of this election drama, most people recognize to varying degrees that the media is a central part of the production, promoting the illusions. It also seems possible that there is a powerful director at work; and that Obama is only a character in a show that made full use of the art of illusion. However, remembering Freud again[i]:

Just as no one can be forced into belief, so no one can be forced into unbelief.
Sigmund Freud

I do hope that when the lights in the theater come up and the eyes start to focus, people will see clearly again.

So what is this Temptation?

I think it’s a pretty simple one. We have had a lot of turmoil in our lives these past few years. Just a few of these are: 9/11, Afghanistan War, the Iraq war, War on Terror, gas prices, inflation, growing populations demanding more finite resources, predictions of recession or worse, the media painting gloom and doom ever second of every day. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about them as I write. For many of the youngest voters, they would have been in their early teens when the worst of the turmoil began for the U.S.

The Temptation must be exhaustion pure and simple. We all want to be transported somewhere where all is bliss. I too wish we all could do just that. Just say Oh Mama, take the hurt away. So, we put in place our individual ‘I’m looking for a Rose Garden’ filter though which to evaluate Senator Obama. We say his name and it sounds like Oh Mama. We listen to the words, the words that matter, because he said words matter. We watch what should be issues and despicable people slide away from him, because he matters and he said that’s just the old way of politics. He’s the holder of our escape key. Why not him? He’s not President Bush, he’s not a Republican.[ii]

We so want relief that we ignore the possible catastrophic consequences of the choice of Obama. We hope against hope. We double down our bets.

We forget that our freedoms have always needed defending. They need defending from forces aboard and forces at home. They need defending against politicians and the media pursuing their own interests. Most importantly, they need defending against the innate desire of Government to grow to the point that it controls everything. That is one of the realities of life – Liberty must be defended or it will cease to exist.

The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization.
Sigmund Freud

I also fear that one of Freud’s[iii] other quotes may be proving itself to be true this very year, this very election:

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.
Sigmund Freud

Or maybe some are just lazy? Oh Mama please don’t let it hurt. So here we are.

The current reality is this: The ‘I’m looking for a Rose Garden’ filters are on; many people have several pairs just in case they lose one.

What do you we need when we are looking for escape and a better place?

Quick answer: “Change We Can Believe In” – we need a mantra. It works because that’s what Obama’s people are hoping for. Change!!! Consequences? What consequences? Iran? Israel? Iraq? Job Loss? Higher Gas Prices? I have my filters on and only roses & daisies grow out of The Obama’s change. I like roses & daisies.

What makes a perfect fit?

I believe Senator Obama was hand picked to fit the mantra, and not the other way around.

Authenticity, oratory skills, family, church, charisma, charm, looks, tall, and prior admissions all work together to create the allure and illusion of honesty. In his books, he admitted to some prior drug use as a very young man so that issue is disarmed. He held it up as a growing lesson. Oh Mama would be proud. By that admission – he, the DNC, and the media have been able to deflect most other issues.

Why is it authentic?

I imagine it starting out in his mind as “Change I Can Believe In.” It’s then a small step to change the personal pronoun to ‘We’ and deliver the line with sincerity.

A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world.

Sigmund Freud

Dr. Freud’s statement seems to be a better reflection of the kind change Sen. Obama’s campaign believes in. Getting the complexes (or complexities) of his life in accord in order to present the Image his handler(s), director(s), & puppeteer(s) desire works for both them and the Senator. However, downing playing the fact that they (the complexes) legitimately are what directs his conduct in the world, is critical to the illusion’s possibilities of success. It’s all politics. It’s all Chicago politics. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

This is a Senator with less than ½ a year in the Senate, little or no detailed knowledge of economies and their interrelationships globally, no experience in international diplomacy, no military experience. To give the appearance that he knows anything, the puppet masters are hard at work. Even with the ‘I’m looking for a Rose Garden’ filters, these facts should shatter the illusion.

This illusion of accord of Obama’s complexes allows/requires the Senator to need such a large bus under which to throw his friends, ministers, his family, anyone who gets in the way of the mission. Don’t let anyone fool you. They are delicately placed under the bus with pillows and their cooperation. We will see and pay homage to the entire list of racists, bigots, Marists, terrorists, Pentagon bombers who guided and shaped the Senators true moral/political beliefs and career in Chicago. They will probably be guests in the Lincoln Bedroom. So why is the DNC moving to Chicago? More power and influence of Obama’s network perhaps?

Do I have to go through the list of close associations? Rev. Wright, Ayers, Rezko and his associates, etc., etc., etc.

What corruption and illegal conduct alleged in Chicago is the Senator, the puppet masters, the media hiding, playing down, or covering up? Sweet heart land deals? Pay Offs? Bribes? Political favors and/or money?

What about Larry Sinclair’s allegations that in the not too distant past 1999 (much later than he states in his books), he and Senator Obama engaged in the illegal use of crack cocaine and gay sex? Oh Mama what would his mama say about that one?

What’s the role of the media in all of this puppetry, illusion and cover-up?

The change he believes in is getting elected and beginning to dismantle our economy to create a socialist nation with almost total government control. You think things are bad now. Oh Mama just you wait. When gas is $10.00 a gallon, when food prices rise faster than wages, when millions of jobs are lost just because businesses say screw this – let’s either close shop or go overseas. Then maybe you will want a chance to cast your vote again.

This all brings me finally back to Sigmund Freud:

Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.
Sigmund Freud

Bits, not bits, boulders of reality are knocking against these illusions. Please wake up. You can even complain a little. But, wake up. The Senator has not gotten his complexes or complexities in accord to my knowledge. He even still smokes! However, his main complex is that he seems like a professional scammer. Oh Mama, Oh Mama. God help us.

[i] I like Freud; however, there is a lot that I take exception with. He does give us some great quotes though.

[ii] I really hope people realize the role the media has had in elevating the level of animosity towards President Bush and the Republican brand. Everyone has their faults, but theirs have been unjustly tarnished and elevated by a group that is supposed to be the objective observer. Phewy!

[iii] This is my – I’m using Freud for all my quotes article.

A Step Towards Respect of Our Laws and The Social Mores by Legalizing Drugs

June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008 by zachjonesishome

(An Approach to Change That Might Lessen Our Tax Burden)

By ZachJonesIsHome

Have you ever asked the question, “Why do so many people bend, break, and/or ignore the law?” I have – and I think it comes down to a pervasive belief (on some level) that many of our laws are not reasonably related to the protection of our society. Many of our laws are intended to restrict decision-making that should be strictly personal in nature. The law caudles us, treats us like children – without the experience to make informed decisions. Instead of developing only laws that address conduct that has the potential of harming others in our society, we develop laws that tell the individual adult that he or she cannot consider a decision they are facing, together with its possible consequences and then choose to live with those consequences.

As stated by George Orwell, On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.”

As a result, the consequences (if you will) are that many adults will decide to do the thing they are considering (even if it is illegal) and take the risk. And from that very act, one loses a certain degree of respect for the sanctity of all laws and may become more likely to shrug their shoulders when they see someone else violating some other law(s) that could be construed as an unreasonable infringement on free choice. The individual might also feel the need to cover up his/her indiscretion. (Maybe by lying on applications to licensing boards, lying on tax returns, doing favors of position to others to attempt to cover up, lying to the courts, etc.) Furthermore, it could be argued that it would then become against that person’s best interest to voluntarily help the police by providing information to them regarding other matters – the danger being that if they get involved one might draw more attention than they want. That’s too bad, since the police have historically relied on that type of assistance in its effort to combat crime. And it is always important to remember that children are watching parents violate the law and will learn that they too should be able to pick and choose which laws they are willing to follow….

In conclusion, it is the sanctity of the system of laws that is at issue here. That system can only be respected if it is clearly, rationally related to trying to protect us from harm from others. However, it fails when the system attempts to usurp decisions from us that are clearly ours to make.

So therefore Senator Obama, you can come clean to me about the allegations of your use of illicit drugs and having gay sex with Larry Sinclair in 1999. Just do it. And where is the American media in this? AWOL. Cowards!

Read the complete article here.


To Follow this story and for real time live information and up to date information regarding Mr. Larry Sinclair’s allegations, “Senator Obama and Larry Sinclair engaged in the illegal use of cocaine and engaged in gay sex in 1999”, see links below:

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