Senator Obama’s Patriotism – a Veteran’s Perspective

Patriotism is the cloak we wear to announce our love of country and our bond to our neighbors. It reflects our commitment to each other and to the ideas upon which this country was founded. It is that which trumpets the chorus “We Stand Together.” The threads are our highest and noblest principles and they remind us to be vigilant in regard to their protection, lest they become bare, frayed, distorted and lose their luster. It is not blind obedience, but is thoughtful and reflective. It is that of a caretaker. Mindfully practiced, it can shape the essence of the individual and thus be reflected in our society. It is a simple thing and is profound in its potential.

It is also a simple and profound thing that occurs when it is neglected, distorted, or diminished. We lose the We. The We becomes strangers who have forgotten what price has been paid in blood for our individual Freedoms and Obligations. The We becomes we who are less committed and connected to our neighbors and common values. When the cloak is removed, it is harder to recognize from a distance what principles are within the heart, what they are striving for.

Patriotism is not a dangerous word when it is grounded in precious truths that we have to aspire to and frequently fall short of. It is not a dangerous word when it is practiced sincerely, inclusively and humbly. It is the journey of a group that wants the Nation to radiate warmth and love. It is why individuals have the courage to stand up to the government when the nation’s principles seem to be lost or off tract. Because the principles mean something, many hearts weep when the next generation appears to have forgotten or never were taught about the journey, the price. Freedom is not free and there are those that would take it away.

Just as Senator Obama said in February during this election cycle, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter. ‘I have a dream.’ Just words? ‘We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.’ Just words? ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Just words? Just speeches?” I agree with the Senator that words do matter.

I would also add, “Don’t tell me that symbols don’t matter. Putting your hand over your heart when saying the Pledge. Just a symbol. Treating the Flag with reverence. Just a symbol. Wearing a Flag lapel pin. Just a symbol. And guess what, – symbols matter. It should matter even more for the representatives of our government. It is a part of being mindful about our freedom. It is part of showing the next generation that these ideals are the principles of this Nation. These principles are why our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters are called upon sometimes to risk losing their lives. Symbols matter. They slow the decay of ideas by causing us to remember.

That is why this photo creates in me such distress. Sen. Obama might become President and he doesn’t have a clue about what being Patriotic means. There is a level of arrogance in his actions that slaps everyone who has had to answer the call to arms. I believe he refers to us as the clingers. The clingers to guns and religion whose forefathers founded this great country and in January of 2009 might become his subjects. The Senator seems to only see the negative in America and not its strengths. He must have learned that from his pastor.

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America.”
William J. Clinton


To Follow the Larry Sinclair story that the media is trying to suppress and for up to date information regarding Mr. Larry Sinclair’s allegations, “Senator Obama and Larry Sinclair engaged in the illegal use of cocaine and engaged in gay sex in 1999”, see links below:

Larry Sinclair’s Blog

CitizenWell’s Blog Blog

11 Responses to “Senator Obama’s Patriotism – a Veteran’s Perspective”

  1. notfooledbydistractions Says:

    I respect your service, but not your simple-minded thinking. It’s a shame that others have moved on to the real issues, while deep-thinkers like yourself invent phony issues to mask their real issues.

  2. zachjonesishome Says:

    Notfooledbydistractions: Thank you for commenting. The issue presented on this blog and others are not phony issues. Unfortunately, it has fallen to blogs to provide information that is critical of Sen. Obama. The media has failed to do its job and investigate any issues surrounding the Senator. I urge you to explore this site, CitizenWells, and Larry Sinclair’s site. Once again, thank you for your comment. Zach

  3. darlene007 Says:


  4. americanjoe Says:

    Zach, Thanks for telling it like it is… I’m tired of going to any event and observing those who seem to have little knowledge of due respect for our national SYMBOL. Weather an average joe, blue collar worker or senator who would be commander in chief… Lack of respect and or proper response to our national SYMBOL and Anthem is a LACK of National Patriotism, Pride, and Honor to those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for it…..

  5. stephenccc Says:

    Obama is such a patriot that he refused to even register for Selective Service in July 1980 as required by Presidential proclamation 4771! Check A Registration

  6. Adam Says:

    When is the last time you were at a high school. For me, it was a few years ago, as a student, and I’ll tell you right now, they don’t cover flag etiquette. During our assemblies, when the National Anthem was sung, less than half of those in attendance (students AND teachers) didn’t put their hand over their heart. I wasn’t sure, and only did it half of the time myself, until I looked it u8p on the internet. So when I see people not doing it now, I simply chalk it up to a lack of education on flag etiquette. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And as far as that Larry Sinclair business, I would warn against believing everything you read, less you believe that McCain had an illegitimate black child and President Bush still does cocaine. None of these rumors are true.

  7. Godefroi Says:

    Adam – Senator Obama is 8 years my senior, and I can assure you that when he was in school, everyone knew “flag etiquette”. His choice not to honor our national symbol was symbolic itself, demonstrating his disdain for the traditional values of the U.S.A.

  8. justonetryinghard Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your article. This is my first time reading and I appreciate your time and consideration.

    However, I take issue with argument that you present here regarding symbols. The meaning which exists in symbols is not inherent. That is to say, without an observing participant, a symbol projects no message. The observer plays a key part to the meaning and the message.

    I do not disagree that the picture you post represents a disrespect for the symbols you describe. However, to take one picture and attribute to it the meaning that the Senator is a willful part of the decay of American ideals is, I think, a specious extension of reasoning.

    I can show you plenty of pictures that suggest the exact opposite. Using your reasoning, we would be able to ascertain that the Senator both does and does not uphold the values we hold dear. This clearly cannot be the case, if we are to believe in the principles of logic.

    When looked at as an entire body of evidence, the mans life, to me, suggests a deep patriotism. He embodies American work ethic (degrees from Columbia and Harvard, top ranked), concern and compassion for his fellow citizens (constitutional lawyer and community organizer), love for his family, and a belief in the greatness this country represents.

    We all may have differing ideas about which policies best represent American values. But to question a man’s love of country based on an isolated mistake, I believe, is unjust and without compassion.

    Symbols do matter — but not without someone to interpret that meaning. There is never a single interpretation to an event. I take this picture to mean that no man is perfect. Every man makes mistakes. What matters to me is how he responds to those who would take this example as a primary representation of his entire set of values.

    Clearly, the picture means something different to you. I do not deny you the right to see it as you wish. All I ask is that you not extend that impression to the mans entire life without a more populated body of evidence.

    I’ll leave you with a question. For the sake of argument, are there other symbols that suggest a deep and abiding love for country held by the Senator? Might those be important to consider as well?

    Thank you for your time.

  9. zachjonesishome Says:

    To justonetryinghard:
    First, thank you for your thoughful response. To quickly address the issues you raise.
    1.The meaning which exists in symbols is not inherent…

    I agree. It comes from a cultural understanding of history of the group and nation. What is happening now is that many of the younger generation is not being taught the historical significance of our symbols or are not paying attention. Without any sense of our history, my fear is that we will forget how we came to be this great nation. We need to be instructed in the sacrifices of those who came before us. Which in turn shapes where we go in the future.I

    2. However, to take one picture and attribute to it the meaning that the Senator is a willful part of the decay of American ideals is, I think, a specious extension of reasoning.

    I wish it were one picture that paints the Sen. as you state.
    I would point to the ranting of Rev. Wright who does reflect a lot of hate towards America. “God damn America” says a lot to me.
    I would point to befriending William Ayers and his wife. Pentagon bombers, etc.
    I would point to his struggling with Do I wear a Flag lapel pin or don’t I. He appears more interested in pandering to voters. I feel that he is being dishonest about who he is and what he really believes.
    I would point to all of his other associates that he has thrown under the bus.
    I would point to his pandering to the extreme left.
    I would point to his Iraq policy of defeat for our military. If you notice, the media is not reporting how well things in Iraq are progressing.
    I would point to the hateful comments of Michelle Obama having never been proud of the country.
    I would point to his plans to defund the military in this time of the crisis we face with terrorism.
    I would point to his changing position on FISA – he is just saying what he believes or is told that he needs to say to get elected. Nothing new there.

    3 I can show you plenty of pictures that suggest the exact opposite. Using your reasoning, we would be able to ascertain that the Senator both does and does not uphold the values we hold dear…

    Every photo taken today appears to be staged so they are much harder to trust what is being portrayed. Example – if you are a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf, Obama’s people don’t want you in the photo.

    4. When looked at as an entire body of evidence, the mans life, to me, suggests a deep patriotism.

    I see a man whose associations throughout the years indicate an attraction to socialist societies and elitist condescension.
    I see his distain for our military though not supporting their efforts for some sort of victory in Iraq.
    I see a man who will distance himself from past associates that he has know for years when it is politically necessary.
    I see a man who allows or does not discourage his supporters from engaging in fascist tactics of using threats of bodily harm and/or death to those who raise legitimate issues that might be trouble for the senator. (Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and the Senator did crack and had gay sex in 1999 has brought extremely violent and distrubing behavior from Obama supporters)
    Yes, he is bad for America and I do not see a patriot when I look at the Senator.

    5. All I ask is that you not extend that impression to the mans entire life without a more populated body of evidence.

    I would love to have a complete body of evidence concerning Sen. Obama. However, the media is refusing to look at all at his warts. In fact, they are applying makeup to hide them.

    Thank you for your comments. I do have to get busy now.

    Sincerely Zach

  10. misslesley Says:

    stephenccc, as far as I can tell in order to check Sentor Obama’s selective service his social security number is needed? How did you happen to come by this number?

  11. search4truth1 Says:

    The people that see Obama as the very risky, poor choice he is at a time with the absolute necessity of having a strong leader with a realistic view of the world and America’s place in it.
    We cannot afford someone with Obama’s “vision” of the world. Obama would not allow drilling where we need to drill, which is where there are KNOWN quantities of crude oil. If the USA doesn’t show a will to survive and a willingness to use what is has, then, we are at the mercy of the other nations that are exploring and drilling anywhere they can drill. Some nations are drilling right off OUR coasts.
    I am “preachin’ to the choir” telling you these things here, on this blog, but it is good for my spirit;-) I will go back into the pits to tell my stories to the “disbelievers” in a calm, non-threatening manner.
    I suggest you “Non-Obamas” do the same to carry the message far and wide. Otherwise, Obama will likely be the president that destroyed America.

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