Obama’s Left – A Trojan Horse (Donkey) Approaches

This election is one of the most important in our history for many reasons. The most important of these is that for the first time our government could be in a situation where primarily only the voices coming from the extreme left could very well dominate the discussion and legislative action regarding the critical issues facing our country’s future for years to come.

Let me say, there’s nothing inherently wrong with an individual’s strong attachment to an idea, party or belief system. That’s where our passions are grounded and is many times the essential element necessary to effectuate change or societal betterment. For the possessors of passion, honor is bestowed and deserved. However, frequently accompanying deeply held beliefs and/or ideas, a danger lurks and can infect the entire process of reaching solutions for responsible change. The arrogance of self-assuredness, the belief that my ideas are the ones we all must follow in order to be enlightened or saved rears its ugly head.

Ideally, if honest problem solving processes can continue unabated beyond such attachments to philosophies or ideas, a willingness to discuss issues, solutions, and possible consequences within the context of today’s reality will be revealed. Parties would be engaged and listening carefully to all sides until the facts, predicted consequences and opinions converge and are agreed upon. Even though sometimes it might be necessary, people would let go of deeply held views – if that is not the direction that the solution should go or if the past has proven that the idea(s) has failed in the past. Over and over, it has been shown that many of the ideas the far left is proposing do not work (over regulation, higher taxes, weak defense, bigger government, creating dependence on government, punishing business for being successful, socialism, etc.).

Regrettably, recent history also demonstrates that the extreme left has not shown a propensity to engage in the process of discussion other than as a ruse or pretext to further their aims. Surely, everyone has noticed the way Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi have run the legislative branches of our government. What they have not done, is govern with an eye towards responsible solutions. Everything they do is carefully orchestrated to score political points and shift blame in order to try and gain a veto proof majority in 2008. Where are the Blue Dog Democrats today? Why are they not standing up?

Notice the eyebrows and defenses going up when the extremes of any thing (pro, con, right, left, climate change issue, etc.) interact? Suspicions lay ever present beneath the surface, beneath the words exchanged. Instead of discussion, proponents and opponents immediately begin looking for ways to impose their wills on everyone else. Forgive me, but I do like discussion, trying to find real solutions to problems, looking carefully at current realities, and reasoned predictions of consequences. Honest and legitimate debate is a rare but good occurrence. In today’s political environment, issues are mostly haggled over in more of a pandering and plotting manner. Be that as it may, this current bickering is much better than the possibility of having the left take control of our government.

The extreme left rarely rests upon one individual issue or another as their ultimate goal. Theirs is a goal of domination of the “entire” process and relegation of opposition forces to a dark corner. I suppose the same could be said for some within the Republican Party, but to a lesser degree. The difference is that their agenda would not dismantle our economic and governmental systems and replace them with a socialist system of bureaucratic dominion.

Give any group a substantial majority in elective office and we have a recipe for disaster if their goals are in reality directly opposed to the heart felt desires and understandings of most Americans. However, the only possible way this could occur is if the media participates in the glossing over or cover-up of such radical views through carefully crafted presentations and representations in the news. If the media were to build a figurative Trojan Horse for candidates that hold the same view as theirs, and we invite them in through the election process, then we might wake up to find that the horse’s belly has opened and our freedoms have been co-opted and effectively destroyed. At least until things become so bad or we are attacked again, then maybe we would vote them out or rebel.

Here’s the bad news: The troubling reality is that the situation describe above is exactly what is occurring.

Senator Obama is that Trojan Horse (Donkey) and the media has assumed the role of protecting him, his image and his presidential bid.

The media continues to protect Sen. Obama from:

· The allegations that stem from his involvement in Chicago politics and convicted criminal Tony Rezko. The sweetheart land deals, the political favors, the payoffs, the corruption.

· The hate speech and black liberation theology spewing from his church, ministers, friends.

· His long time associations many who support moving to a Marxist or socialist form of government.

· His lack of experience.

· His responsibility for the intimidation that his supporters are using to police the internet in order to scrub away opinions critical of Sen. Obama.

· The problems surrounding the questions of where he was born and the circumstances around his birth. Questions about his eligibility to be President. Why an altered birth certificate was put up on the Internet by his supporters?

· The lies and inconsistencies that arise from the allegations of Larry Sinclair. The allegations that Mr. Sinclair and Sen. Obama engaged in the illegal use of crack cocaine and gay sex in 1999. This drug use came much later that what the Senator described in his books.

· The legitimate issues that follow Senator Obama concerning his legislative record. Example: Illinois state legislature in 2002, he voted against the Induced Birth Infant Liability Act. The bill was designed to extend the same medical care to babies who happen to survive an abortion attempt as is enjoyed by all babies born alive.

· The Senator’s plans to effectively gut the military budget.

· The Senator’s long held position of being invested in our defeat in Iraq without regard to the possible consequences to Iraq, the region or our military should we pull out prematurely.

· His friendship and associations with William Ayer and his wife, persons who are unrepentant regarding their roles in the bombing of the Pentagon.

Unfortunately, the above list continues to grow as new items are discovered. If the media were to do their jobs, there would be no possibility that Senator would acquire the Democratic nomination, much less the Presidency of the United States.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope you will start demanding that the media start conducting itself in a professional, journalistic and unbiased manner. Most likely you will be ignored. Additionally, if you feel you must vote for Obama, I urge you to also vote for divided government to act as a check to his potential power. If he really can work across the isle, build bridges, build consensus – make him prove it. But whatever you do, please do not turn our freedoms over to the extreme left without investigating Sen. Obama for yourself, even though it requires some effort.

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