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Did Rezko prosecutors protect Obama?

June 27, 2008

Rezko Watch Reports:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Did Rezko prosecutors protect Obama? Or should he be worried about what comes next?

“No matter how much he kicks them in the ribs, they still protect him,” one RezkoWatcher commented only this morning when speaking of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Let’s hope that this is not true.

We learn from the Chicago Sun-Times that “[n]ewly unsealed documents show that prosecutors sought to call witnesses to testify” about convicted political fixer Antoin “Tony” Rezko’s ties to Sen. Obama. For whatever reason, “prosecutors opted against bringing Obama into the mix” during Rezko’s recently concluded two-month trial.

“And references to Obama were not only kept out of the trial during his run for the primary—it was kept under seal,” Natasha Korecki reported June 26, 2008. “Until today.”

What we do not learn is why prosecutors did not bring up Obama’s name more often, particularly since U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve “ruled that they could.”

Korecki wrote:

The filing indicates that the prosecution wanted witnesses to talk about Rezko’s prowess as an Obama fund-raiser and his influence in getting two others — Joseph Aramanda and Semir Sirazi — to donate Rezko money to Obama’s campaigns in their names. The money kicked into Obama’s campaigns came from an illicit kickback scheme. Obama has since donated that money to charity.

Is it possible that there are more troubling days ahead for Sen. Obama—particularly since rumors are rumbling around Springfield that either 1.) impeachment may be on the table for Blagojevich or 2.) Rezko’s prosecutors are ready to paint a target on Blagojevich’s back? Either way, speculation abounds that Blagojevich is no Rezko; he may not be willing to so quickly exchange his mansion for a jail cell.

h/t Bill Baar, who agrees: “Walls are closing in and the air is getting thin for the Governor. He won’t go down alone.”

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Attorney General Biden of Delaware, Joe Biden, Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, DC fabricated warrant, Biden, Obama Camp chicanery

June 26, 2008

From CitizenWells

June 26, 2008 · No Comments

I just spoke to Larry Sinclair. The Delaware warrant that initiated Sinclair’s questionable arrest in Washington DC, came straight from the office of Delaware Attorney Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden. Senator Joe Biden, is of course, a front runner for VP with Barack Obama.

Larry Sinclair has documentation and facts regarding this politically motivated chicanery. This arrest scenario, reminiscent of the Soviet Union Gulags, smelled bad enough before I got the details from Sinclair. Now the stench will be smelled by average Americans as they ponder the possible regime of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In the absence of response from either Attorney General Biden or Senator Joe Biden, I am charging the Bidens with corruption and tampering with the judicial system for political gain. What else would you expect from someone mentioned in the same sentence as Obama. Obama comes from the epicenter of crime and corruption in Illinoiis, as evidenced by his close, long time ties to the criminal Rezko.

Who Will Be Sleeping In The Lincoln Bedroom, In January 09?

June 4, 2008

This is a question that has captured my attention lately. It has been brought to the forefront by simply paying attention to the bits and pieces which the forces that be have not been able to contain. Those bits and pieces that make up Senator Obama, that influence(s) his life, that have shaped his thinking, that have shaped his feelings for America, that have shaped his religious views and values – they are the one that are critically important in knowing or predicting where Sen. Obama might take America.

When I look at how the media has given Sen. Obama a complete pass on his past controversies and current allegations that are still out there, hidden from the public, I shudder.[i] When I look at how the media and Sen. Obama have not allowed the general public to know what his relationships and associations are about, I shudder.

When Sen. Obama attempts to conceal his relationships and their importance, by making statements that require us to suspend our disbelief, I shudder. How could anyone stay in a church for 20 years, have his children baptized there, be married there, stand and clap, sit in the pews and still not understand the hatred and racism Rev. Wright, his minister and spiritual mentor, harbored? How? How can anyone truly believe him? Believe him even a small amount, how?

How can anyone believe what the Senator says about the people he is distancing himself from now?

m Minister Louis Farrakhan. When he hired for his staff, Jennifer Mason and Cynthia K. Miller, who are members of the Nation of Islam.[ii]

m Rev. Wright. When the Rev. was the preacher at the church, the young Obama needed to belong to in Chicago to further his career. Rev. Wright even said that Obama was distancing himself from himself because Obama is a politician and that’s what a (Presidential) politician needs to do.

m Pastor Michael Pfleger. Whose ideas and preaching are well known in Chicago.

m Bernradine Dorn and William Ayers. When he sat on a board with him, gave lectures with, went to his house for his blessings upon entering politics in Chicago. Apparently, that was required for young Obama to have a chance. Obama has reportedly said that he was friendly with him. Their group bombed the Pentagon!!!

m And Tony Rezco. When he raised money for Senator Obama’s political career, gave him a sweetheart land deal, introduced him to influential people, and most likely taught Sen. Obama a lot about politics in Chicago.

So what I know is that the Senator learned his lessons about Chicago politics well. When it was time to throw someone, anyone, a church, a grandmother under the bus to advance his political career, he did it with prose and ease.

So what I know is that the people in Chicago understand that politicians say and do the things that politicians believe they need to say and do. Take Rev. Wright for example.

So what my fear is? Because of what I know above, if Senator Barrack Obama finds himself in the White House, then it is entirely possible that all of the people mentioned above will be welcomed back into Senator Obama’s life. I think I heard that he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could disown the black community? (Or something like that.)

So that leads to my question:

Will we see Rev. Wright, Pastor Michael Pfleger, Pentagon bombers Bernradine Dorn and William Ayers, Minister Louis Farrakhan and corrupt Tony Rezco and his associates, staying in the Lincoln bedroom?

Will they be having a pajama party?

Is there a hot tub in the White House?

And lastly, will the American Tax Payers be forced to endure the ultimate humiliation by being required to foot the bill for pampering and honoring Louis Farrakhan and the Brothers of Islam, for honoring Senator Obama’s Racist Pastors, for honoring Pentagon bombers and terrorists, for honoring America hating elitists and for honoring (and possibly pardoning) the Senator’s corrupt contributor Tony Rezco and his associates? Will We? Will We? We need to wake up and look closely at Sen. Obama’s companions and friends. We must.

I wish I knew how to break the hypnotic spell that the Senator and the Media has managed to cast on many in America. WAKE UP, PLEASE! Wake up now, before it is too late.

[i] Allegations Sen. Obamadid crack and had gay sex in 1999.