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Senator McCain in a Time Rift!

June 26, 2008

Is John McCain

Really Harry Potter

Looking Through


Mirror Of Time?


Who is the young Harry Potter’s


The much older

He Who Must Not Be Named

by all others.


Who is the older John McCain’s


The much younger

He Who Must Not Be Named

by all others.


Harry Potter’s rival

Lord Voldemort was

called something

different as a young man.

He was called Tom Riddle.

He was drawn to the intensely

dark side of magic, the one that

would control everything, even the

thoughts of the wizarding



John McCain’s rival

Obama was called

something different as a

young man. He was called

Barack Hussein Obama.

He was drawn to the radically

liberal side of politics,

the one that would control

everything, even the thoughts

of the American community.


Lord Voldemort

once appeared in Professor

Quirrel’s turban when he was

trying to regain his identity.



once appeared in his clan’s

turban when he was trying to

regain his identity.


Lord Voldemort’s

followers do not dare

question his




followers don’t even

know his policies –

or care

what they are.


Lord Voldemort’s

cultish followers are called

Death Eaters.



cultish followers are called



Lord Voldemort’s

Death Eater cult does

anything they are asked to do

to destroy Voldemort’s




Messianic cult would also do

anything they are asked to do

to destroy Obama’s



Lord Voldemort

was concerned about his

half-blood status getting

the in way of gaining

loyalty of the pure bloods.



has had some concern

that his half-blood status

would get in the way of his

gaining loyalty of the

African American



Lord Voldemort

had a birth certificate

problem and tried to hide

that he was born to a muggle.



has a birth certificate

problem that raises questions

about if he really qualifies to

run for President.


Harry Potter’s Efforts

Against Lord Voldemort

are aided by strong,

determined, honest

gay man

named Dombledor


Senator McCain’s efforts

against Obama

could also be aided by a strong,

determined, honest

gay man


Larry Sinclair.


A Little Crack

And Little Gay Sex

In 1999 –

Me & My Rented Limo


Who knows,


Senator Clinton could

be aided also?

See Ya In Denver!


Where’s the Media

in this Story?


They all have

the dark mark

of their creation.


It’s Time To Wake Up!

To Follow this story and for real time live information and up to date information regarding Mr. Larry Sinclair’s allegations, “Senator Obama and Larry Sinclair engaged in the illegal use of cocaine and engaged in gay sex in 1999”, see links below:

Larry Sinclair’s Blog

CitizenWell’s Blog Blog

It would be a public service if some credible news service would investigate Larry Sinclair’s allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in 1999.

May 27, 2008

It would be a public service if some credible news service would investigate Larry Sinclair’s allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in 1999. There was a polygraph exam and according to the examiner, it showed some deception; however the computer analysis showed that he passed it. So whether Mr. Sinclair’s claims are true or not goes to the heart of the credibility and truthfulness of Sen. Obama. This is clearly an important issue considering the position which is being pursued.

The statements from Rev. Manning, the statement from a person on Mr. Sinclair’s blog that one of Obama’s pilots saw Obama kissing a male aid, and a Chicago restaurant owner learning from her patrons of Obama being on the “down low”- all tend to support Mr. Sinclair’s allegations. Mr. Sinclair and Rev. Manning claim to have evidence proving their allegations, but they each say they are waiting on disclosing the evidence. (It might be that advice of counsel or political timing is the reason.) However, it seems as though the main street media is determined to keep these allegations from seeing the light of day and truth. Nevertheless, the number of people talking about these allegations is growing every day. (795,930 hits on May 27, 2008.) Therefore it is imperative that these allegations be quickly either corroborated or put to rest. Someone or organization must have the courage to take the heat in order find out the truth.


  • May 22, 2008 pm- Another post from CitizenWell’s May 21 topic which gives another take on why it is important to investigate these allegations:

Lee // May 22, 2008 at 5:51 pm

Just a thought – As we know, Sen. Obama has stated that he would sit down with the enemies of the United States as part of his foreign diplomacy position. The degree of preparation before such meetings and whether it would be interpreted as appeasement or lack of resolve are questions for others. I just wonder if the Democratic leadership has thought about the huge logistical consequences and embarrassment to the United States’ diplomacy efforts if the President is discovered at some point to be bisexual and an adulterer.

Are they willing to be responsible for those and any other legitimate consequences, especially given that they are fully aware of the allegations and have chosen not to act or require investigation into the veracity of the charges? I would bet that Al Jazeera and other foreign news services are monitoring the rumors about the candidates that are circulating on the internet and that they will likely withhold comment until the most politically damaging effect to the United States can be achieved. The U.S., the great Satan, might be being led by a bisexual adulterer as its President -WOW. It seems as though the Democratic leadership should think about this. Therefore, I suggest that not only must the allegations be investigated and the truth discovered, but if the charges have any possibility of being true – they need to be affirmatively disproved by Sen. Obama. All he needs to do is prove he was not in Chicago during the time in question. This allegation, true or not, could very well further damage the reputation of the United States.

  • May 22, 2008 am – A post in response to the below CitizenWell’s May 21, 2008 topic is also relevant:

Delenn // May 22, 2008 at 3:58 am

In any case, I’ve been hearing rumors concerning Obama’s sexuality for the better part of a decade now. I didn’t even learn of Larry Sinclair until April… but his allegations support the similar stories I’ve heard from other Chicago-area gay men. So Sinclair or no Sinclair, I have dozens of reasons to believe that Obama genuinely does have clandestine sexual encounters with men. And frankly the allegations about drug use resonate with me, too.
I have no objections whatsoever to having a gay or lesbian president — in many ways I’d welcome it, depending on the individual. But I have serious objections to having a lying, deceitful, legislatively unimpressive drug user as president.
Stanton, I failed a polygraph once, even down to giving my real name, while investigating their use and abuse back in my days as a news reporter/anchor. There’s a reason that polygraphs aren’t accepted as evidence in most American courtrooms: they’re grossly inaccurate. And in Larry Sinclair’s case, keep in mind, the (unbiased) computer passed Sinclair. It was the human examiner who considered SOME of Sinclair’s responses untruthful… the human examiner who a) hooked the machine up incorrectly; and b) got his supposed doctorate from an online diploma mill.

  • May 21, 2008 – There are several interesting posts about Sen. Obama and his alleged encounters with Larry Sinclair. These can be found at:

Citizenwell’s post today is titled:

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