A Handful of Words That Warn of Obama’s America

Never have I seen or heard words spoken that so poignantly call into question the very existence of America. Even though Officer Cheeks’ words (captured on YouTube), responding to a peaceful Obama protester’s attempt to exercise his, yours and my lawful expressions of political speech through a simple hand held sign, were calmly spoken; they should reverberate in every home, village, town and city as a warning.

“It ain’t (America) no more, OK?”

This handful of words, sanctioned by a police officer’s badge, manifesting intolerance and the casual acceptance of surrender of precious freedoms that have been paid for with blood, must strengthen every American’s resolve.  Americans, of every ilk and heritage bonded together with the knowledge that each person’s reflection and voice is protected from those who would oppress, suppress, or silence MUST BE resolved to defend (for ourselves and especially for those with whom we disagree) each and every right or freedom  flowing from the Constitution of the United States.  If we don’t, cherished rights will be eroded or dissolved by those gaming the system for their own purpose(s). It may be that some (or all of us) will have certain rights; but they could be at the whim of those in power.

Be a person a politician, a General, a private, an officer of the law, or a judge – each person cloaked with authority must be held strictly accountable as a sworn protector of our freedoms – by each and every American citizen for each and every American citizen. Each holder of authority must at a minimum understand that every freedom Americans have flows directly from the Constitution of the United States. It is the source that all Americans must protect and faithfully follow if our Republic is to sustain itself and avoid succumbing to the left’s ideal of the fascist state. A state where the “enlightened” dictate to everyone else what we can say, if we can meet, what we can eat, what we can do, how many children we can have, how much we can weigh, what we can drive, what property we can own, how much we can make, what we can believe, and when we can die.  It’s not a state I want any part of.

Each citizen, young and old, needs to be reminded that every freedom expressed in the Constitution is, was and will for the foreseeable future continue to be sanguineous if our freedoms are to survive.  In today’s world, for every person willing to sacrifice themselves for freedom for their friends and neighbors, there are scores trying just as hard to undermine our freedoms here and abroad.

I’m confident that the members of our military and their families know all too well that each freedom we cherish is made sacred by the blood that has been sacrificed to protect it. However, in the me, me, me video world we now live in, I’m not so confident that people are at all aware.  Most, I’m afraid, just bounce along thru life waiting for the next “clunker fairy” to appear. If every American’s life were truly touched by the sacrifice and blood that has been spilled protecting the rights of political dissent, free speech, privacy, assembly, religion and to the right to bear arms – eighty percent of politicians would be looking for new lines of work.  They would be recognized as self-serving parasites that are not nearly worthy of defending our freedoms and voted out.  Thankfully, the 2010 elections are just around the corner.

It used to be understood that each person’s rights and freedoms flowed from God, but it’s not so politically correct to recognize this reality today. Thus, the Constitution is the only vessel of freedoms remaining that can be used to hold politicians accountable. We could ask:  What in God’s name are you doing?  But the likely response from today’s politicians would be – Who?  So, we are left with only one document that can prevent America and our freedoms from going over the cliff – the Constitution.

Even though the far left won’t acknowledge it, the Constitution was written by very religious men, many Free Masons, spiritual men who would quickly admit that the unseen hand of the Grand Architect guided many of their thoughts, ideals, and concerns for our freedoms.  The Constitution was not written for the political gains of politicians or political parties. It was written to protect the individual from the tyranny of government. It was written to protect every individual American from the ambitions of those like Obama who would tear the Constitution into a thousand pieces and spread them to the far corners of the earth.

We need to put down the remote, get off our behinds, stand up and make a stand.  It may be our last opportunity. It used to be the media who would monitor the excesses of the politicians, acting as our informer and defender of our rights. But now, the main stream media is only interested in presenting the government’s version of every story because their guy is holding the reigns. They created the “Obama Illusion” and are doing everything they can do to protect Obama’s image and sugarcoat his agenda. We need to accept this as fact and take up the responsibilities of citizen reporters as our own.

The media got Obama elected by not reporting on his past. They failed to report that it is likely that Obama is not a “Natural Born Citizen” as required by the Constitution to hold the Office of the Presidency. More than not reporting, once confronted, they went out of their way to misstate/misrepresent the NBC requirements by equating natural born citizens and ordinary citizens as the same thing. They are not. They failed to demand any of the documentation that any other Presidential Candidate would have been required to provide. They failed to truthfully report on Omaba’s ties to Rezko, Larry Sinclair, Rev. Wright, William Ayers, George Soros, ACORN, SEIU, socialism, and corrupt Chicago Politics. Thank goodness for Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is one of very few in the media who is willing to ask the questions that can arm Americans with information needed to defend our rights.

I will resist every attempt to erode our freedoms; but in the end, if the me, me, me Americans decide that our freedoms are not worth fighting for because they are willing to trust the media created Obama Fairy Tale, what can I do?

I can go to Tea Parties. I can go to Washington D.C. on September 12th. I can talk to my friends and family. I can write my Representatives. I can write letters to the editor. I can protest. I can talk to my friends and family in the military and law enforcement. I can give them Dr. Orly Taitz’s, Philip Bergs’, Stephen Pidgeon’s email addresses. I can put up flyers and posters. I can boycott companies like General Motors that keep their hands out for tax payer dollars. I can cut up my credit cards from banks that slither up to take tax payer dollars. I can pay attention.  I can turn off CNN, NBC, CBS, MS-NBC.  I can save a tree and cancel subscriptions to the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other media outlets who fail to present all sides of stories accurately. I can try to convince as many Americans as I can that, for their children’s sake, our freedoms are worth any price that we may be required to pay.  There’s a lot I can still do.  The most important thing that I have decided is that I will take the side of the Constitution and freedom.

It’s not over by a long shot.

At the beginning of this article I indicated that if we must protect our rights or they will be eroded or dissolved by those gaming the system for their own purpose(s). Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is the greatest threat to our rights that America has ever seen by his gaming the system.

Just look at the Obama Administration’s (unconstitutional?) attempts to consolidate more and more power in the Executive Branch though the appointment of dozens of Czars.  Look at the people Obama surrounds himself with – anti-Semites, socialists, communists, and extremists. Look at the bailouts and takeover of General Motors undermining free enterprise. Look at how SEIU and ACORN are driving Obama’s policy. Look at who took part in writing the Stimulus Bill. Look at Obama’s treatment of Inspector General Walpin for doing his job and exposing corruption. Look at Obama trying to gain the ability to select Inspectors General. Look at Obama’s internet snitch brigade. Look at Obama’s attempts to create his own civilian security force.  Look at Obama’s disrespect of those in the military who protect our freedoms by not providing sufficient evidence that he is a Natural Born Citizen. Look at Obama’s unjustified meddling in the affairs of Honduras to prop up one of Chavez’s buddies, Zelaya. Look at Obama Attorney General Eric Holders’ political attacks on those in the CIA who have risked their lives to protect our freedoms solely to appease the far left. Look at Obama’s attempts to take over health care and our ability to make our own decisions regarding our care.  Look at Obama’s attacks on free speech and talk radio thru diversity panels!

Well, that’s all I have to say for now.

Zach Jones

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