The Media, Politicians and Uninformed Citizens are a Bigger Threat than Guns

The hyperbole, the high and mighty discussions, the knee-jerk legislative reactions surrounding the gun debate (assault on the Second Amendment) these past few months have been absolutely crazy, shortsighted, misinformed, misdirected, unconscionable and potentially dangerous. There are moves in the works to require every gun owner in New York state to carry 1 million dollars worth of liability insurance estimated to cost between $1,600 to $2,000 annually, which would mainly prevent the poor and struggling families from having access to guns for self-defense.  In Washington State a legislator was trying to require certain gun owners to allow the sheriff to inspect their homes once a year.  A lot of veterans, hundreds perhaps thousands, are receiving letters that they cannot own or process firearms, deemed incompetent without due process Even though the above attempts have strong arguments against them on Constitutional grounds (2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 14th), that does not make them in any way palatable. 

The fact that veterans’ are having their rights taken away without due process raises another concern.  Who will say, and what standards will be used to say, a person is competent enough to own a firearm or not?  What about a person with a chronic back issue who was referred to a counselor because he or she felt a little blue and might benefit from talking with someone about dealing their new limitations?

Would Obama say this or that person is unfit to own a firearm?  (It might depend on his or her political Party registration with Obama.) 

No matter what the media and politicians around the nation are saying and trying to do, the real issue is not the Constitutional right of competent people in the United States to own firearms.  The Second Amendment my friend is a good thing, a necessary thing for everyone’s protection.

In our American tapestry, guns in the hands of competent law abiding citizens are a big net positive. They provide an effective deterrent to many types of crime (random assault, home invasion, burglary, rape, etc.).  Doesn’t it make sense that a violent predator or burglar would be much more likely to target those people (older, smaller, weaker, or disabled) who they have reason to believe are unarmed, or to target homes believed less likely to be protected by people with firearms?  Thus, having a significant portion of our responsible population armed also protects those who are not armed raising uncertainty in the mind of criminals.

Case in point, most of the recent mass killings in the news took place in venues that were expected not be adequately protected. In fact, most occurred in gun free zones, which is like putting up a sign that says ‘Look, Easy Pickings’(Just to note, the vast majority of violent crimes do not involve the actions of strangers.  They are committed by someone know to the victim – friends, family, acquaintances.) However, the focus of this article is not primarily about guns.

It’s about politicians and media taking advantage of every crisis, real or manufactured, to further their agendas and misinform the vast majority of those who are too busy to pay close attention.  Regarding the gun issue (like they do nearly every other issue), the U.S. media consistently fails to cover the issue fairly and honestly; and most times they fail to present all the relevant facts.  When they report statistics about gun violence, they nearly always fail to even attempt to report on a number that I’m sure would dwarf the number of people killed or injured by disturbed and violent people using firearms for nefarious purposes.  This number is the number of deaths, injuries, robberies, rapes, assaults, or burglaries that did NOT occur; or where damages and injuries were reduced; or criminal activities were forced to end early because the criminal(s) were thwarted, because there was an armed victim, an armed guard, an armed civilian intervener, or common knowledge that many people in this state or neighborhood might be armed, or something as innocuous as an NRA bumper sticker on a car.

They fail to report on nations like Switzerland that requires all men 20 to 42 to own automatic rifles (their lack of gun crime) or a survey of 9 countries gun laws and gun crime in Foreign Policy magazine that “…did not find any correlation between firearm control and ownership on the one hand and violent crime on the other….”

Sorry to use this well worn cliché, but it is very true.  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have gunsHave you read the stories about it now being possible to print guns, gun magazines and gun parts with 3D printers?  These guns could be made in a way with a 3D printer as to be nearly undetectable. Now that’s a scary thought.

Is the government going after 3D printers, then crossbows, machetes, knives, martial arts schools, etc.? Everyone knows criminals are not going to buy liability insurance, are not going to register their guns, they simply are not going to comply and they will find or make the weapons they want.  This leaves the real purpose of these current legislative efforts – to make gun ownership too burdensome and expensive for ordinary law abiding Americans (except for the rich and powerful), for now.

While I hope that these zealot ‘progressive’ legislators will discontinue their insistence on going down the path of disarming the nation because it will surely nudge many reasonable law abiding people to consider disobeying the law, I’m afraid that they are too blinded by their ideology.  The 2nd Amendment (which protects all the other Amendments) is extremely important to tens of millions of Americans and for good reason. And when the left’s endgame is apparent to the vast majority, we can expect many if not most of these good folks to not take these efforts lying down.

Thankfully, today there are some standing up to these purveyors of deceit, those peddling a notion that Americans’ ability to adequately defend themselves against thugs, rapists and murderers needs to be castrated and turned over to the government.  How dare they dictate to a woman, an elderly person, a disabled person, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, or any person how they can or cannot defend their person, their family, their property, or their home against violence.  Everyone knows that by the time the police (in almost every case) get to the scene of an attack or burglary – they are there mainly to collect evidence, call the ambulance, or the coroner, or both.  Several Sheriffs around the country have made it clear that they will not be enforcing  new gun control measures that curtail their citizens’ ability to defend themselves and their homes. Many legislators in gun friendly states are making efforts to quash the current volley of attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Forty-four Gun companies are refusing to sell their products to law enforcement agencies in states that are attacking the 2nd Amendment.  Everyone needs to stand up and support these companies, legislators, Sheriffs, organizations like the NRA, and supportive media personalities.

There is however one specific action in defense of the 2nd Amendment that I would love to see happen and Texas is the place I like to see it happen.

The 2nd Amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL not be infringed.

What if a state like Texas, Gov. Rick Perry, were to say that it desires to maintain a WELL REGULATED standby militia and that every adult in the state, who applies and passes a background check, would be registered on a confidential list (not shared with the fed)?  Then each person would be requested to safely maintain at least 1 firearm, up to 20 (assault weapons allowed), in their home.  They would not be subject to sales taxes on said arms and ammunition, nor would they be subject to the legislative imposition of mandatory individual liability insurance on said weapons?  Each person could be issued a card that identifies the person’s special skills in the event of an emergency (CPR training, life guard experience, military experience, helicopter pilot, truck driver, fire fighter, police training, diver, etc.)  This could be a real program with a real purpose for Texas.

Guns will always be with us, but the real question is how we will recognize and treat those with hearts and minds so damaged that they should not be allowed to own a firearm? The media apparently doesn’t really care about this question.

Our genuflecting media is in reality more interested in disarming those Obama, Holder, Napalotano and they themselves disagree with, or think they disagree with, or think they might disagree with in the future when they make more progress on their agendas – than they are in protecting victims and the rights of the American people. Regretfully, people armed merely with pitchforks and shaking fists do not worry these genuflecting fools, given they believe they are protected by Obama and Holder.  First they came for the Jews…and I did not speak out.

These proposed gun control laws will not work; and unfortunately, many times they will have the opposite effect.   Did you know that states with the most legal gun ownership have seen the largest reductions in violent crimes? The only thing these regulations and banning might do is to cause the uninformed person feel a little bit better because he or she believes that at least ‘they’ are doing something. Obama’s trying!  [Honey it’s so good they are trying to ban those nasty assault machine guns. Honey could you pass me the remote? Honey, who’s on Saturday Night Live tonight?]

Here’s a quote that a visiting scholar, John Lott, at the University of Chicago reported Obama having said to him when discussing the gun issue:  “I don’t think people should be able to own guns.”

This statement reflects what the vast majority of people who support the Constitution believe to be the heart’s desire of Obama, of many on the ‘progressive left’, and of most in mainstream media.

It’s not about guns. It’s about agenda for the left and not having anyone who can stop it.  It’s about proposing extreme measures so that when additional gun restrictions are put in place people will accept them because they are not as bad as they could have been.  Then they start with the next round, and so on.

[Putting a frog in a pot and turning up the heat slowing so it won’t notice until it’s to late comes to mind.]

The real issues regarding violence, and gun violence in particular, are that severe mental disorders are not being properly identified or managed effectively in our society and that many societal factors are desensitizing the psyches of troubled individuals to extreme violence. Many of these people are young, still developing their sense of right and wrong.

Some examples of societal factors that might play a part in the desensitizing process to violence are violent video games, extreme violence in movies, RAP music that denigrates women and glorifies violence, late-term abortions and infanticide of babies who survive abortions (supported by Obama) demonstrating a growing lack of respect for life, spousal abuse, the how our society treats our elderly (warehousing and hoping they will die), the moral relativism of this administration (i.e. drone attacks on American citizens without any due process of law), gang culture in cities, violence caused by there being so MUCH profit in illegal drugs, Obama and Hillary basically shrugging their shoulders at the deaths of 4 Americans they left behind in Benghazi (“What difference does it make now?”), etc.,  etc.

The morays and principles of our society and our politicians are degenerating before our eyes.  Do we really want the only ones with guns to be the current bunch of degenerates in charge of taxing, spending, setting the agenda, controlling our lives?  Can’t you imagine where this government, with its questionable sense of morality and priorities, will lead us?  Or the next? Can’t you imagine the possibility of tyranny?  Don’t you know that disarming a country’s citizens is a fundamental step of tyrants throughout history?

However, these factors are not the focus of the media because they on board with Obama’s belief that private citizens should not own guns.  So the agenda driven media is all in regarding putting in forth the fairy tale that guns are the issue. It’s just like with Benghazi – it was the video!

Today’s naïve, agenda driven, media is the omnipotent villain (dare I say evil villain) in the current narration of America, an America where the majority of her people are desperately clinging to the ideas of representative government and individual freedoms. It is an America in a state of anger and resentment, simmering, intentionally polarized; being constantly prodded by Obama, the left and their friends to find her breaking point (trying to force churches and people of faith to be complicit in abortions and contraceptives, vilifying gun owners, encouraging people to be dependent on the government, vilifying the religious communities, setting Israel up for destruction, ignoring Constitutional constraints, vilifying business, ignoring a national debt that will cripple us, destroying our healthcare system, increasing the costs of energy though destructive energy policies, persecuting whistleblowers, vilifying ordinary Americans like those in the Tea Party, vilifying  Palin, Cruz, Rubio, Romney, etc.).

Almost everyone knows things are really screwed up, but they differ on where to place blame and how to resolve things.  And I strongly believe that the vast majority of America’s informed citizens (those paying attention to multiple media sources other than, or in addition to, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Current TV, John Stewart, Charlie Rose, Entertainment Tonight, or NPR) are completely aware that, but for a corrupt, compliant media, this unbridled centralized government taking shape under Obama would be impotent in its relentless quest make our rights and privileges as citizens subservient to the tenets of the few.

We are awake to the fact that this government relies on its media friends to keep the American people misinformed, confused and blaming straw men.  We are fully aware that this media keeps Obama from having to take responsibility for the messes that he creates, and keeps him in campaign mode where he excels.  (And the uninformed masses become sheep bleating baah, baah – which means we think Obama is fighting for us against ‘them’.)

I use the adjective naïve to describe today’s media because it, they, appear so completely oblivious to the great likelihood that the path they are trying to direct America’s future will inevitably lead to they themselves becoming nothing more than mouthpieces for those in charge.

[The ‘Hunger Games’ comes to mind.]

As history has shown over and over – the keepers, distributors, and controllers of critical information, written history and ‘truth’ hold the real power in any society though its ability to shape and direct the awareness and emotions of the multitude of those too busy working and/or struggling to survive.

Such power so wielded is the power of ‘revelation and empowerment’ or ‘control and tyranny’, depending on the character of those who have near exclusive access to news worthy information. Unfortunately, today we have an ideologically simpatico media that has ceded its duty to be journalists for the American people. They (the media) have become so seduced or conditioned to the notion that ‘we’ would be much better off being subservient to the enlightened few (the Progressive Left) leading this nation to its rightful place of mediocrity (merely a nation among nations), undergoing a managed decline in our living standard, being unburdened by arcane notions of religion or higher powers, being unrestricted by the Constitution subject only to ‘progressive’ whims and visions, making decisions as to who is worthy of life, at what age we become a burden and unworthy of medical treatment, deciding whose opinions should be heard, what is acceptable thought, who should be disarmed, and dictating that we will be governed by an all powerful centralized government.

[The Borg Collective from Star Trek comes to mind, however resistance in our case is a necessary for all those who yearn to be free.]

Thankfully, because secondary sources of information are rapidly expanding though of the marvel of the Internet (citizen journalists, bloggers, etc.) and private ventures like Glenn Beck’s network– the mainstream media is in fact losing a substantial amount of its credibility and influence story by story, with each demonstration of selective editing, unjust vilification, or omission of relevant facts and opinion.  And one day, the day will come that the powers that be will offer ‘journalists’ little or no choice in how or what information they can share – and America’s people will hear the ‘media’ call out to those who for so many years they have betrayed – help us, please!

[It’s the story of the boy who cried wolf one too many times (or hugged Obama one too many times).]

How far journalism has fallen and will likely continue to fall from its noble role as protector of democracy, informers of the uninformed, standing up to power and corruption, through its embrace of infatuation and ideology over responsibility.

When the real, I mean truly big crisis(s) comes, as surely it will, I can only pray that the American people who will likely suffer the most (the poor, the unemployed, those in big cities, those with high debt, those on fixed incomes, me, my wife, etc.) will be wise enough not to allow their anger and rage to turn to violence against the targets Obama and his courtier media have so artfully and so wrongly identified as the causes of their problems – businesses (small and large), the Tea Party, the wealthy, people doing somewhat okay, people living in suburbs, Banks, Wall Street, Romney, anyone named Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, big whatever (oil, insurance, etc.), the  GOP, Conservatives, Libertarians, people of faith, and NRA members (of which I’m one).

I would pray that what happened in Germany seventy something years ago, when Hitler so artfully and so wrongly targeted the Jews as the source of Germany’s problem, does not happen again.  I hope the people see clearly and take their pitchforks to stand on the doorsteps of those who have truly lied, stretched and manipulated ‘truth’, vilified, shaped and conjured the ‘facts’, over and over again, and hold them accountable.  Politicians and media who have sacrificed truth and service to Americans for an unsustainable corrupt agenda (questing for personal power and dependent voters, an agenda appropriate only for sheep and tyrants) are the ones who need to answer.

WHY have you done this to America?

But remember, they don’t fear people armed merely with pitchforks and clinched fists.


I made a chart based on a chalkboard drawing that Glenn Beck uses from time to time to illustrate that both Parties are moving towards less freedom.  The main difference is that the Democrats are moving at a greater speed than the establishment Republicans.  It’s worth spending a little time thinking about and deciding where you fall on the line of freedom.

As you can see, both Democrats and Establishment Republicans are moving in the same direction towards less freedom.

As you can see, both Democrats and Establishment Republicans are moving in the same direction towards less freedom.

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  2. Media Politicians and uninformed citizens bigger threat than guns, NY state legislation would hurt poor struggling families, Orwellian rules on competency to own firearms | Citizen WElls Says:

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  3. Interested Bystander Says:


    To understand what a “well regulated Militia” was back when we were a new REPUBLIC, you’d have to read the Militia Act of 1792.

    Here it is:

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