Hands of Illusion Masquerading as Journalists, Pollsters, Economists and Politicians

Hands of Illusion Masquerading as Journalists, Pollsters, Economists and Politicians

Unfortunately today, it seems that everyone I know (seniors, the young, conservatives, liberals, the in betweens, those receiving government benefits, taxpayers, employees, employers, low income, high income) needs to be constantly on guard against the sleight of hand of those seeking to shape the news and direct the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election.

What worries me is that this election is in fact the most important election in my lifetime and I feel like many are not doing their due diligence in trying to get as close to the truth as they can before making their decisions.  It worries me that millions may not fully understand the consequences of their decisions – consequences to the economy, jobs, free speech, personal liberties, religious liberties, self-determination, to our very democracy.

If people vote for Obama or Romney with their eyes wide open, based upon true and accurate information, based upon their personal core values; it might be possible for us to come together after the election.  However, if the masses are forced to endure severe consequences, loss of democracy and personal liberties coming because many (in what looks like a slim majority) did not do their research, are simply voting for free stuff, did not look at various news sources to base their opinions, did not investigate the backgrounds of the candidates, did not question the media, and/or did not try to understand what’s coming – then heaven help us all.

The blatant manipulation this year is so bad that each of us needs to remind ourselves every time we watch or listen to the news, pundits, talk shows, and pollsters that up might in fact be down, down might be up, that a stupid movie is not the cause of a planned terror attack in Libya, that what today’s media seeks to portray is rarely close to being real or truthful, that truth and reality are in fact lying behind a curtain painted by charlatans dressed as journalists and pollsters?  And they, the mainstream media, are in fact America’s true enemy because they are choosing to put careers in a predominately leftist media and/or their own progressive/socialist agenda (which they seem to consider fashionable and titillating) ahead of the country, what it means to be a journalist, and truth.

One morning recently, I was half listening to NPR and they were busy harping on Mitt Romney’s comments that 47% of the population don’t pay taxes, are dependent on government and are highly unlikely to be persuaded to vote for him.  I totally understood what Romney was getting at, and given the context, it should not have offended reasonable people.  Yes, it could have been said better.

Romney is right that there is a large percentage of the population not paying federal income taxes and many millions are receiving government benefits.  However, I would suggest that at least half of the people receiving benefits are the ones for whom the benefits (the safety-net) were meant to aid – the truly disabled at work, those unable to work through no fault of their own, etc.  Many of these folks, I would suggest, are people who could or should be strongly supportive of Romney’s positions if they are fully explained because most know that the benefits they receive are being jeopardized by excessive government spending and the millions who are fraudulently signing up for benefits.   If Romney approached this issue in terms of making programs sustainable for those who truly need the assistance it would be a much stronger argument.   If you are one receiving government benefits that you are not truly entitled to and need, then SHAME on you.

IF the US economy collapses, if the government goes broke – then who will be receiving any vital benefits?  Will Social Security payments go out? Will Medicare and Medicaid exist? Will Worker’s Compensation benefits exist?  Will Social Security Disability payment be made if the economy collapses and the government is bankrupt?   Everyone has to know that these programs have to be fixed to ensure they are there for those truly in need and those who have paid in to programs like Social Security, Medicare, etc.

Anyone who’s ever been on temporary worker’s compensation or disability understands that it could be a temptation to not want to come back to work as soon as possible.  Especially, if a person is receiving a substantial check in their mailbox every few weeks, there is just not the pressure to move too quickly.  Imagine though the conflict of interest in those receiving a check on a more or less permanent basis and one Party is constantly accusing the other Party of planning to cut you off. That’s what’s happening with the Democrat Party and their cohorts in the media.  It is not true. There are good people in both Parties who understand the obligation to help people get to their feet and to continue assistance if a person really can’t.  The temptation to cast a vote for one candidate or another based solely on what the media says must be resisted.  Look closely at the candidates’ agendas, the person, their history, etc. and then cast a vote for sustainability, honesty, values and principles.  If your candidate doesn’t have a plan that is sustainable then we all will lose and lose big, not just in terms of your check in mailbox but in terms of individual liberty and freedom.

As anyone who has read my posts before would know, I have some real issues with Glenn Beck, however he has provided a valuable piece of video for the voter who wants to cast an inform vote. Mr. Beck (not a consistent fan of Romney) recently did a segment on his show looking at a few amazing selfless acts in Romney’s life that Romney never sought to promote.  I would urge anyone who wants to look behind the curtain painted by the media and gain a little insight about who Romney might really be to take an hour to watch it.  If you want to know who Obama might be behind the media’s curtain, I would urge you to watch 2016 Obama’s America – Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him.   There is another documentary out that I haven’t seen yet that could be helpful – ‘Occupy Unmasked’.

What is true is that the government is broke and the whole system will collapse if changes are not made to keep the safety nets in place for those in true need (being a bit lazy or being taught you are entitled is not true need).  When people get up and look in the mirror, can each one look at their reflection and honestly say that the benefits they are receiving were meant for them?  The ones who answer yes, these benefits were meant for me in my situation, then they must come to understand that their benefits are being threatened – not by one Party or another – but by an out of control government spending meant to pander for votes, as a temporary means to an end (government control) by creating dependency in both the truly entitled and those wrongfully hopping on the train.

If one needs further proof of the media’s blatant taking sides through mischaracterization and/or omission in this election allow me to point out just a few other recent instances where bias has been on parade.

Regarding the Romney segment about the 47% not paying federal income taxes:  

In addition to the one to two minutes of the speech edited out, the MSM failed to adequately report on the much more important segment of Romney’s speech. Mr. Romney presented an understanding of what the Federal Reserve is doing with QE3, printing money, and it’s consequences.  Further, the Mainstream Media failed to give other than minimal time to Obama’s recorded comments that he actually believes in redistribution of wealth and seems to not understand why Obama’s comments are controversial.

Regarding the recent rape and murder of our Ambassador to Libya:

I’m sure everyone is aware of the tragic events that took place across the Middle East on September 11th.  In Libya however, the tragedy turned even darker with the rape and death of the US Ambassador to Libya and three others. Had one listened or watched only the main stream media, one would be tempted to believe that the tragedy in Libya had come about solely in reaction to a poorly made, comical video called ‘Innocence of Muslims’. However, anyone with small measure of common sense or prior military service understood right away that the timeline and normal procedures, and the lock step circling of the media wagons to blame a stupid video indicated something else going on. We were not being told the truth and/or maybe there was someone’s butt they were trying to protect, Obama’s.

First of all, the facts are still being investigated and being uncovered in Libya, which should have been the Administrations response for the first few days.  Within the first 24 hours there were reports from sources in the region that the US had been warned several days in advance, the attackers were heavily armed, and the attack had been planned in advance. Even without warning, on 9/11 of all days, the Embassies around the world should have been on high alert.  On Thursday the 20th, a week later the spokesperson for the President finally had to admit that the event had been a terrorist attack on American Soil (the Embassy).  However, even after that admission, the President in a town hall event held by UniVision was still trying to blame the events in Libya on the movie. In Pakistan, the Embassy they are even running TV spots apologizing for the video.

All the media/Administration shaping of the news regarding the events in Libya early on and continuing for over a week begs the question of what is so damaging to Obama that the media would risk further damaging their own credibility to spin nonsense. The possibilities are getting interesting and it’s easy to see how the Administration might be desperate to make it all go away.

One speculation is that Ambassador was actually an Ambassador in name only while he and/or his companions were actually working for the CIA  to recover of the ocean of high tech weapons Obama rained down for the Libyan revolt.  This actually makes a lot of sense given the timeline of events, the lack of normal security measures for an Ambassador, and given that …”before his death, Glen Doherty, one of the former SEALs who was killed alongside Stevens, told ABC News about that he was looking for weapons in Libya”.  The speculation in the article is compelling.

There’s also another possibility that Ambassador Stevens was killed by a group affliated with a group in Syria that Obama is supporting.

What is clear is that Obama and the media do not want the truth to come out before the election.  Had this event had involved President Bush there would have been reporters standing on each others shoulders trying to ask probing questions.

Regardless of what the facts turn out to be, every American should be shocked that the Obama Administration and the media were/are so quick to throw the First Amendment free speech protections under the bus and apologize to appease a group who clearly wants to cause the West to kowtow to their supposed sensitivities.  How far will Obama and Hillary go to appease?  Will they seek to make it illegal to criticize Muhammad? The movie creator has already been perp-walked as an appeasement. They certainly wouldn’t want to limit the free speech of people criticizing Jesus, even though I’m fairly sure followers of Jesus can take it.

Thankfully people are waking up and don’t trust the media; however, it is important to remember not to let down your guard.

Regarding the Media failing to report the internals of recent polls:

There seems to be a lot of over sampling of Democrats in most of the recent polls or over sampling a subset of persons who at this time support Obama more than Romney such as women and minorities. Is there much if anything about this from the mainstream media?  Dick Morris has an article up this morning addressing how polling is fudged by using variations of the 2008 voter turnout numbers.  He has Romney leading when these factors are compensated for.  I personally don’t trust polling at all, especially in today’s high tech world.  For one thing, millions of people have cell phones and no landline.  Morris points out there would be an effect on outcomes by that fact alone.  Furthermore, if many people are like my wife and I, we don’t answer a call if it’s from a number we don’t recognize.  Any effect?  I bet so, but no analysis by the mainstream media.

Other Issues:

Regarding other issues reflecting serious media bias, the list is exhausting. The lack of coverage of Obama/Holder’s Fast and Furious arms dealing (that resulted in the death of a US Boarder Guard and somewhere around 200 Mexicans) which was seen as a way to gain public support for stricter gun regulation has not been covered fairly or in-depth other than to characterize it as a Republican witch hunt.  There is total lack of coverage by the mainstream media of comments made by leaders and clerics in the Middle East calling for the destruction of Israel and regarding Obama’s refusal to meet with Netanyahu while agreeing to meet with Muslim Brotherhood.  The Catholic Church, affiliates, and religious employers’ lawsuits against Obama’s new HHS instruction that they would be required to provide insurance that includes coverage for contraception and abortion have been subjected to minimal mainstream media coverage that seeks to mischaracterize/transform the fundamental religious liberty issue to a right to conception issue. This is a fundamental Religious Liberty issue at its heart.   And finally, Obama is evidentially ready to sign another Presidential Executive Order to get around Congress to authorize the emergency shut down of Internet.  This final issue is one the left, right and center should be able to passionately rally against.

But where are the hard questions from the media?

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