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The BOPAC Report

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

Larry Sinclair has always been under threat from Obama's minions for daring to disclose allegations of sex, drugs, and other things involving Obama. Take Care Larry.

Larry Sinclair has a request for bloggers who have been following his story from the beginning.

Calling All Bloggers: Need All Screen Shots You May Have in Your Blog Archives of

Written By: Larry – Jan• 08•11

Attention All Bloggers, your assistance in needed in Parisi et al. v Sinclair et al.

Currently we are in the process of putting together a Motion to Dismiss to be filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia no later than January 28, 2011. We have some screen shots from articles posted by Dan Parisi at in February 2008. You can be of great assistance in getting the defamation suit brought by Dan Parisi dismissed by checking your Blog files and archives for any screen shots and or copies of articles posted at between February 15, 2008 and June 18, 2008.  What would be of even greater help is if you have a screen shot of when Dan Parisi removed all comments and posts about Larry Sinclair before putting back up doing campaign attacks on Hillary Clinton & John McCain.

I know this is a lot to ask from you guys but, I would appreciate you taking  the time to check your archives and Blog files and forward to me any and all screen shots and articles you have from

See also: Larry Sinclair asks for blogger help


Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey –

I'm Sure There Are Many Soldiers Living This Nightmare. It's Time For The Joint Chiefs of Staff to Step To The Plate and Support Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin! Don't Be Military Sheep.

On this somber day, in the wake the terrible shooting in Arizona, The Greeley Gazette gives all Americans another reason to pause and consider how they can work to make a difference in restoring America’s greatness. That greatness can only continue if America returns to the rule of law and the bedrock principle that no one, not even Obama, is above the law.

“In a letter from prison Lakin wrote, “The thing is for the work to carry-on so we never have this situation again.””



No person Except a Natural Born Citizen


Lakin’s conviction has awakened sleeping giant in Obama’s eligibility

Posted by Jack Minor • January 9, 2011

Prominent liberals and Democrats now calling for birth certificate

By Jack Minor

If the Obama administration hoped the court-martial of Greeley resident Lt. Col. Terry Lakin would put the eligibility issue to rest once and for all, their hopes appear to have been in vain. The eligibility issue looks as if it’s gaining traction with prominent liberals and Democrats now calling for the President to release his birth certificate.

During the trial, Lakin was not allowed to present witnesses or documents related to the President’s eligibility to be Commander-in-Chief under article II of the Constitution. Following his conviction, Lakin was sentenced to six months in Ft. Leavenworth. The sentence has yet to be approved by the commanding general, MGen Horst, who has the ability to reduce or commute the sentence…

…Supporters of Lt. Col. Lakin have set up a fund at where people can make donations to help Lakin and his family. Another website,, has begun selling t-shirts and mugs saying things such as “all he wanted was the truth, instead he got prison” with all profits going to support Lakin.

Those wishing to write Terry can do so by sending a letter to:

Terrance Lakin #89996

830 Sabalu Road

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

When writing, do not include rank or title on the address. Lakin can only receive letters, greeting cards and post office money orders. Do not send any packages, food, magazines etc.

According to his wife Pili, Lakin is in good spirits and doing well. In a letter from prison Lakin wrote, “The thing is for the work to carry-on so we never have this situation again.”


ChiBama Politics –

The Journolist Truth Assassins - careless with truth regarding little things, big things and all things in between. Do you doubt the "Journolists Truth Assassins" were involved in shaping the news regarding Obama's lack of eligibility?

Before any facts were known about Rep. Giffords’ shooter, the ‘Journolist’ media and politicians were gearing up to blame everyone who might fit their idea of villains (down to earth ordinary Americans).

The good folks at the HillBuzz make it crystal clear:

“Jared Lee Loughner, the would-be assassin, is a confirmed Leftist Democrat  upset with Congresswoman Giffords for being a conservative Democrat who was not Leftist enough for his tastes.”

See also:

January 9, 2011

Democrat Linda Lopez owes Americans an apology…was driving force behind Left’s attempt to blame Tea Party for assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords.

Posted by kevindujan01

Want to do something productive with all the emotions you are feeling today?

How about using the upcoming week to put immense pressure on Democrat Linda Lopez to apologize to all Americans for turning the tragic assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords into a partisan political attack by Democrats on the Tea Party movement.

Arizona state representative Lopez was a high profile driving force behind the immediate effort on the Left to blame the Tea Party for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and the murder of 6 bystanders yesterday (with scores more injured).  Without having a single piece of information, Lopez took to the airwaves condemning the Tea Party and conservatives for the murder spree.

Jared Lee Loughner, the would-be assassin, is a confirmed Leftist Democrat  upset with Congresswoman Giffords for being a conservative Democrat who was not Leftist enough for his tastes. has suggested directing attention and energy toward Lopez to let her know how Americans feel about Democrats taking the advice of Rahm Emanuel to “never let a good crisis go to waste” and politicizing a tragedy into an assault on opponents….Continue Reading


Commentary –

If Gen. George Patton were still around, I would bet that he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Lt. Col. Lakin!

In support of Lt. Col. Lakin’s courage in seeking the ‘Truth’ (and as a former In-Flight Tech in the Navy), I urge all who have served or have friends/family in the military to ask the following question of those currently serving. 

Brothers and Sisters in the Military, when are you going to demand Obama establish that he is a Natural Born Citizen, eligible to serve as Commander In Chief?  

The military is the only government organization that I continue to have respect for and it pains me criticize those serving.  And I understand the consequences of challenging Obama’s eligibility directly, but the continuing attacks against our Constitution by the left cannot be allowed to pass without objection in some form or another.  Acquiescence is not the only option.

Consider this please.  What if every serviceman or woman went to his or her Chaplin, stated their concerns and provided the basic evidence (direct and circumstantial, links, former statements by NPR etc. indicating a Kenyan birth, etc., etc.) that would cause most reasonable persons to have legitimate questions about Obama’s lack of eligibility to serve and issue lawful orders?  What if requests were made to each Chaplin instructing them to pass these concerns up the Chain of Command?  Would there come a point, a number of requests that would cause the leadership to demand proof of eligibility?

Maybe military leadership could utilize the following provision?

§ 935. Art. 135. Courts of inquiry

(a) Courts of inquiry to investigate any matter may be convened by any person authorized to convene a general court-martial or by any other person designated by the Secretary concerned for that purpose, whether or not the persons involved have requested such an inquiry.

If the Oath to protect the Constitution is not important today, why don’t we just change the oath of allegiance to reflect our current level of commitment? 

I, _______, do solemnly swear to protect ME and I will try to defend the Constitution as long as it doesn’t adversely impact the aforementioned ‘ME’.

Selwyn Duke says Obama is a moral relativist – which when it comes to faith wouldn’t make a pimple on a real Christian’s, Jew’s, or Muslim’s butt. Moral relativism does explain Obama’s marriage, rumors of his Man’s Country membership, his fling with Larry Sinclair and how the world revolves around Obama. Moral relativist it is!

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein

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 Official DisclosureJust to be clear, my graphics depict almost all members of the BOPAC Administration as being full of crap.  They do not actually look like turds – one needs special ‘full of crap’ glasses to be able to see the core of those who continually feed America BS.  I treat everyone equally – when Glenn Beck goes off on those who reasonably question Obama’s eligibility, he gets a half-full of crap depiction.

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