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The BOPAC Report

Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey –

Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"! Joint Chiefs of Staff’s new mottos: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil & Don’t rock the boat!

It’s time to start putting pressure on your Congressional Representatives to support Lt. Col. Lakin.

From CitizenWells:

LTC Terry Lakin update, November 15, 2010, Inform Congress, American Patriot Foundation request

Posted on November 15, 2010 by citizenwells

LTC Terry Lakin update, November 15, 2010, Inform Congress, American Patriot Foundation request

From American Patriot Foundation.
“American Patriot Foundation: Updates on LTC Terry Lakin’s Case
Dear Supporter of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin,
With LTC Terry Lakin’s court-martial only one month out, the American Patriot Foundation is encouraging phone calls to Congress next week and to newly elected Members of the House and Senate– to drive home the fact that a decorated 18-year serving Army officer with numerous deployment overseas and winner of a Bronze Star– is facing imprisonment for defying military orders in order to seek assurance that the President/Commander-in-Chief is Constitutionally eligible to serve in his current post. 
Since Nuremberg, servicemembers are trained to question illegal orders, yet for more than a year, no one in the Pentagon could answer LTC Lakin’s simple question– is there proof that the CINC is legally, Constitutionally eligible to be in charge of the U.S. Armed Forces?  LTC Lakin would have been part of Barack Obama’s surge forces to Afghanistan– but now he faces up to four years of hard labor at Fort Leavenworth prison– if convicted at court-martial on December 14th. 
Click Here For Details on How You Can Help
You can also download our latest document: Download APF’s New Blunders Report: A Sampling of Common Blunders and Uncorroborated Statements by Members of Congress about Obama’s Birth and Constitutional Eligibility
Note: We continue to need your contributions to support Terry’s communications efforts. He also needs your prayers. And so, we ask that you not only once again go to our website and make a tax deductible donation.

Support Terry’s Communications Efforts

Add a Banner to Your Website
Forward this email to anyone you feel may have an interest in Terry’s case.”

The Universal United Church of OBamboozle! State Run Media Always Welcome! Every Secret Well Kept! Kal Penn, Larry Sinclair, not a Natural Born Citizen, Bill Ayers, Reggie, etc., etc., etc.

There’s a list of contact information over at ObamaReleaseYourRecords and instructions.

….Via SafeguardOurConstitution; On December 14, Army officer LTC Terry Lakin will be appearing in a courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland- for the court-martial he invited by disobeying military orders in pursuit of the truth about Obama’s Constitutional eligibility under Article II, Section 1, requiring the President and Commander-in-Chief be a “natural born” citizen. LTC Lakin tried many times, without success, through his chains of command, to seek an answer to his nagging question- is Barack Obama legally, Constitutionally eligible, to serve as head of the U.S. Armed Forces?

With Congress back for the “lame duck” session we are urging Terry’s advocates to make calls to Capitol Hill- and to newly elected Members of Congress- during the week of Nov 15-19 to urge them to speak up for LTC Lakin and to provide feedback on the response to those calls. Remember that the U.S. Congress works for you- and that Members have a certain obligation to respond to constituent inquiries- but please be polite and respectful in advancing your point of view.

The Capitol Switchboard is 202/225-3121 and the Senate is 202/224-3121. You may reach any House or Senate office through these telephone numbers. The internet addresses are as follows: and

Please consider this short guidance and talking points below:

Ask to speak to the legislative assistant who handles defense issues. If unavailable, ask to speak to the legislative staffer who handles the Judiciary Committee and Constitutional issues. Avoid speaking to the receptionist, as this person generally is a junior staffer and does not have legislative responsibilities. Please be sure to take down the name of the Congressional staffer and keep notes on the content of your conversation.

Ask if the Congressman or Senator believes that a decorated military officer should face jail time for upholding his sworn oath to the Constitution- and for seeking assurance that his military orders were legal– issued by a lawful Commander-in-Chief, when a copy of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate would cost less than $20 to obtain?

(Keep in mind that the Obama online Certification of Live Birth which appeared on some websites in 2008 is NOT an original birth certificate- it is a laser-printed, computer generated document- the original 1961 birth filing– which produced the two newspapers announcements in Hawaiian papers, remains concealed at Barack Obama’s directive).


Also remember that the State of Hawaii has never claimed that the Certification of Live Birth is a state-issued document. Realize most Members of Congress who’ve answered letters on the eligibility issue believe Obama was “natural born” because they believed he was born in Hawaii- therefore, press them on this next question:

Why has no hospital in Hawaiil claimed to be the birthplace of Obama and why were two hospital names given out to the press (first, Queens Medical Center and then Kapi’olani)?- and why has no doctor or midwife’s name been identified by any Obama spokesman? What possible explanation could be there be for the lack of a hospital name or attending physician- two standard data points common to original birth certificates?

Finally, ask if the Congressman is willing to speak up to and demand Obama act to avert a possible jail sentence for LTC Lakin for staying true to his sworn oath and for doing his duty- to uphold the U.S. Constitution. (and remember, ALL Members of Congress also take an oath to support the U.S. Constitution)…..

 You Can Also Contact New Members of Congress (not yet sworn in) here


If Gen. George Patton were still around, I would bet that he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Lt. Col. Lakin!


Commentary –

In support of Lt. Col. Lakin’s courage in seeking the ‘Truth’ (and as a former In-Flight Tech in the Navy), I urge all who have served or have friends/family in the military to ask the following question of those currently serving. 

Brothers and Sisters in the Military, when are you going to demand Obama establish that he is a Natural Born Citizen, eligible to serve as Commander In Chief?  

The military is the only government organization that I continue to have respect for and it pains me criticize those serving.  And I understand the consequences of challenging Obama’s eligibility directly, but the continuing attacks against our Constitution by the left cannot be allowed to pass without objection in some form or another.  Acquiescence is not the only option.

Consider this please.  What if every serviceman or woman went to his or her Chaplin, stated their concerns and provided the basic evidence (direct and circumstantial, links, former statements by NPR etc. indicating a Kenyan birth, etc., etc.) that would cause most reasonable persons to have legitimate questions about Obama’s lack of eligibility to serve and issue lawful orders?  What if requests were made to each Chaplin instructing them to pass these concerns up the Chain of Command?  Would there come a point, a number of requests that would cause the leadership to demand proof of eligibility?

Maybe military leadership could utilize the following provision?

§ 935. Art. 135. Courts of inquiry

(a) Courts of inquiry to investigate any matter may be convened by any person authorized to convene a general court-martial or by any other person designated by the Secretary concerned for that purpose, whether or not the persons involved have requested such an inquiry.

If the Oath to protect the Constitution is not important today, why don’t we just change the oath of allegiance to reflect our current level of commitment? 

I, _______, do solemnly swear to protect ME and I will try to defend the Constitution as long as it doesn’t adversely impact the aforementioned ‘ME’.

Official Disclosure – Just to be clear, my graphics depict almost all members of the BOPAC Administration as being full of crap.  They do not actually look like turds – one needs special ‘full of crap’ glasses to be able to see the core of those who continually feed America BS.  I treat everyone equally – when Glenn Beck goes off on those who reasonably question Obama’s eligibility, he gets a half-full of crap depiction.

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