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The BOPAC Report 

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

Ahmadinejad - One of Many Reasons Why Larry Sinclair's Allegations Matter!

It won’t be long before Obama’s credibility will be frozen below zero.  Once that happens, I wonder if the media will turn on him to save their own sorry butts.  I doubt it – they are committed to lovin Obama up no matter what the facts and reality on the ground indicate.

From fellowshipofminds:

Obama’s Dog and Lover Fly In Own Jet

July 18, 2010 ·

As Rome burned, Emperor Nero played the fiddle.

As of 4:43 am, west coast time, Sunday, July 18, 2010, the U.S. national debt was $13,204,759,696,170 and increasing by the second. Debt per citizen was $42,628 and increasing by the second. Debt per taxpayer was $119,360 and increasing by the second.

But Obama and family flew to Bar Harbor, Maine, for their THIRD vacation since the BP Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded on April 20.

Arriving at the airport before the Obamas were first dog Bo and Obama’s “special assistant/personal aidegay lover, the aptly named Reggie Love in their own small jet plane.

This is how Wikipedia describes Love: “As Obama’s aide, he has to anticipate any and all of Obama’s needs.”

Yes, we can! — and we’re footing the bill! That is, the 60% of Americans who actually pay federal income taxes…Continue Reading


Natural Born Citizen Issue –


Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"! Joint Chiefs of Staff’s new mottos: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil & Don’t rock the boat!

Mr. Maldonado certainly would have my vote if I lived in Missouri! Sharon Rondeau does a great job in her interview of asking the right questions.


U.S. Senate Hopeful Hector Maldonado: If Obama ineligible, he has committed “high crimes and possibly treason”


by Sharon Rondeau

Hector Maldonado is running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, and his motto is “Show Me Freedom.”

(Jul. 18, 2010) — Although his birthplace is in Mexico, Hector Maldonado’s heart is with the United States.  He is a decorated combat Army veteran, having served in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan and attaining the rank of captain and Master Trainer.

Born on April 21, 1972, Mr. Maldonado is one of ten children and was raised on a farm in California. He became a U.S. citizen in 1995.  He graduated with honors with a  degree in Political Science from California State University, San Bernardino.  He has worked in the field of health care and served in the New York Army National Guard, which  caused him to become a first responder to the terrorist attacks in Manhattan on September 11, 2001.

Mr. Maldonado officially launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate from Missouri on March 1, 2010 by by meeting with small business owners in Kansas City.   He opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, is staunchly pro-life, and quotes frequently from the writings of the Founding Fathers.  His reason for running for the Senate is that “America deserves leaders that love Liberty and Freedom, not Power.”  His campaign website and blog are here, and the press release announcing his Senate bid is here.

MRS. RONDEAU: I saw the video from Branson Radio Live during which you discuss the fact that the Missouri Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, wrote you a certified letter asking for your birth certificate as proof of eligibility for you to run for the U.S. Senate.  Who was the interviewer?

MR. MALDONADO: Her name is Karen Berka.  I’m putting together some concerts to get my name out with Gary S. Paxton, the legendary songwriter who wrote a lot of great hits.  He wrote “Monster Mash,” “America, You’re Too Young to Die,” “These Colors Don’t Run,” “Cherry Pie”…2600 songs.  He gave me a CD and we did our first concert in Branson.  Karen Berka is the radio host for Branson Radio Live, so during part of the concert, we did about an hour interview, and the video is a short segment of that.

MRS. RONDEAU: I only recently learned who you were after your name was all over the internet regarding the request for your birth certificate to determine your eligibility.  How did it begin, and why do you think the Secretary of State’s office pursued it?…Continue Reading

Ji’Obama’had –

Loyalty is Required in the Obama Cult!

From Atlas Shrugs comes more news of conservative women will real backbone.  This week it’s Sarah Palin and as the author says, ‘Gd, I love this woman!  – and Atlas Shrugs.

Sarah Palin Opposes Ground Zero Mega Mosque

….Gd, I love this woman! She is not afraid of the jackals, hyenas, and vultures who troll her home, her garbage cans, and her most prized possession, her children. She has spine, character, ethics, integrity, and above all, true grit. If she runs, I’ll be right behind her. 

Here is Sarah’s twitter: (hat tip MZ)

Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real

The Islamic supremacist mega mosque is a stab in the eye of every American. The question is, why there? Why did the terror-tied Imam Rauf spend five million dollars to build a triumphal mosque 600 feet from the site of the largest attack, Islamic attack in American history? There have been 15,644 Islamic attacks since 911 across the world. Each one had the imprimatur of an Islamic cleric. What is being done to expunge the koran of the violent texts that inspire jihad?

The response to the overwhelming pain this mosque has caused has been ad hominem attacks. I find the Cordoba Initiative’s callousness towards the grief they are causing radically intolerant….Continue Reading

ChiBama Politics –

Unfortunately, I don't have to make a big leap to believe something like this actually exists in the Obama White House basement! Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, The Constitution, our freedoms, etc. all appear to be in the BOPAC Administration's and their friends' (State Run Media, NAACP, Black Panthers, Ayers, Rev. Wright) sights.

Soros-funded group wants feds to probe talk radio

Says cable-news networks engaged in ‘hate speech’

Posted: July 18, 2010
9:17 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

A George Soros-funded, Marxist-founded organization with close ties to the White House has urged the Federal Communications Commission to investigate talk radio and cable news for “hate speech.”

The organization, calling itself Free Press, claims media companies are engaging in “hate speech” because a disproportionate number of radio and cable-news networks are owned by non-minorities.

WND previously reported Free Press published a study advocating the development of a “world class” government-run media system in the U.S.

The hot new best-seller, “The Manchurian President,” by Aaron Klein reveals inside story on Team Obama and its members. Now available autographed at WND’s Superstore!

Free Press was one of 33 organizations that drafted a 25-page petition asking the FCC to “initiate an inquiry into the extent and effects of hate speech in media and to explore non-regulatory means by which to mitigate its negative impacts.”

….Continue Reading

See also CitizenWells post –

Obama deception illegally removed from YouTube, 1984, Big Brother, Citizen Wells open thread, July 19, 2010

Tea Party –


The Universal United Church of OBamboozle! State Run Media Always Welcome! Every Secret Well Kept! Kal Penn, Larry Sinclair, not a Natural Born Citizen, Bill Ayers, Reggie, etc., etc., etc.

I can’t tell you how much respect I have for Lloyd Marcus for his courage in standing up for what is right and seeing clearly the deceptions put out by Obama’s supporters. Real ‘racism’ must be fought whenever it raises its head because it is one of the ugliest and most contemptible afflictions one can have or be raised with. And yes – it afflicts every ethnic group.  For the NAACP to sling allegations of racism for nothing more than political gain does dishonor to all in the ‘civil rights’ movement.

“…it is foolish for tea party patriots to pander to our enemy, the liberal mainstream media…”

From The American Thinker:

Race Roils Tea Party Movement

By Lloyd Marcus

Who on earth could be calling me at 5:30am? It was CNN. After apologizing for the early call, the producer, almost giddy with excitement, said tea party spokesperson, Mark Williams made, “what some would call”, a racist comment on his blog about the NAACP.

Me being a black spokesperson for the Tea Party Movement, CNN was requesting that I come on the air to address Mark’s comment. I told the CNN producer that I had not read Mark’s comment. The response was, “I’ll email it to you. Please read it and call me back.”

After reading Mark’s comment, I told my wife, “This is much ado about nothing. I am not going on the air allowing them to put me on the defensive defending Mark Williams.” My beautiful, wonderful and wise wife replied, “Do the interview, but do not defend Mark. Use this as an opportunity to defend the Tea Party Movement.”

It is truly unfortunate that some on our side are so easily put on the defensive. NAACP, president, Ben Jealous slandered millions of decent Tea Party patriots by saying we tolerate racist signs. We do not. Not one liberal mainstream media outlet demanded that Jealous produce the “Lynch Barack Obama” and “Lynch Eric Holder” signs he claimed to have seen. Thus, the liberal media are saying these violent racist signs exist and the tea partiers are guilty simply because Jealous says so.

Furthering their efforts to discredit the tea party movement by portraying them as racist, the liberal media attacked our Mark Williams for a satirical comment on his blog. Mark is a personal friend who is not a racist; far from it. On his blog, Mark was making a point about the blatant hypocrisy and backwardness of the NAACP.

Meanwhile, the liberal media typically ignores “real racism” coming from the left. …Continue Reading

ObamaCare –

Soros keeps popping up over and over. His hand is everywhere in America's destruction.

Once upon a time, I used to believe that those who called themselves the ‘left’ were committed to civil rights and protecting our freedoms under the Constitution. Boy was I wrong.  I have struggled throughout my lifetime for equality, civil rights and I really did respect the ‘left’ for what I mistook as passion for our freedoms.  I thought we had this in common.  However, I mostly considered the ‘left’ naïve when it came to understanding economics. That’s why I have many times voted for Republican candidates. The left needed fiscal conservatives to keep them from wrecking America’s economy and destroying the ‘safety net’ for those in need. 

Today, it seems for the ‘left’ it has always been about hidden agendas (voter dependency, etc.) that were meant to destroy America’s free market economy, her sovereignty, her Constitution and ensure power.  They talk a good game about free speech etc. but only if they are the ones who get to decide what and who can say what and when – what and who can receive what and when – and who gets to govern.

From the American Spectator:

Perverse Democrats

By The Prowler on 7.19.10 @ 6:10AM

Donald Berwick
— the Obama Administration’s recess-appointed head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — and his staff aren’t wasting a lot of time getting settled into their offices.  Already, Berwick, according to career employees at CMS, has begun looking at what resources are at his disposal to launch a wide-scale media and public relations offensive in support of Obamacare and his views on government-funded health care. CMS is the agency charged with administering Medicare and working with state governments to administer Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The agency also has a role in setting and overseeing quality standards in nursing homes.

Berwick is also said to have asked his senior staff to look for ways to utilize some of the foundations and entities he has had relationships with while working at Harvard and his own think tank, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and those organizations read like a who’s who from the George Soros Dustbin of Leftist Agitators.

Tops of among them is the Open Society Institute (OSI), itself a Soros-funded organization, which, through several different channels, has funneled money to Berwick’s IHI think tank at Harvard. Scholars at IHI were involved, for example in the Soros-funded “Project on Death in America,” which seeded hundreds of thousands of dollars across the country for studies into end of life issues. The OSI has also funneled similar amounts to organizations involved in drug-policy circles….Continue Reading

Commentary –


I'm Sure There Are Many Soldiers Living This Nightmare. It's Time For The Joint Chiefs of Staff to Step To The Plate and Support Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin! Don't Be Military Sheep.

In support of Lt. Col. Lakin’s courage in seeking the ‘Truth’ (and as a former In-Flight Tech in the Navy), I urge all who have served or have friends/family in the military to ask the following question of those currently serving. 

Brothers and Sisters in the Military, when are you going to demand Obama establish that he is a Natural Born Citizen, eligible to serve as Commander In Chief?  

The military is the only government organization that I continue to have respect for and it pains me criticize those serving.  And I understand the consequences of challenging Obama’s eligibility directly, but the continuing attacks against our Constitution by the left cannot be allowed to pass without objection in some form or another.  Acquiescence is not the only option.

Consider this please.  What if every serviceman or woman went to his or her Chaplin, stated their concerns and provided the basic evidence (direct and circumstantial, links, former statements by NPR etc. indicating a Kenyan birth, etc., etc.) that would cause most reasonable persons to have legitimate questions about Obama’s lack of eligibility to serve and issue lawful orders?  What if requests were made to each Chaplin instructing them to pass these concerns up the Chain of Command?  Would there come a point, a number of requests that would cause the leadership to demand proof of eligibility?

Maybe military leadership could utilize the following provision?

§ 935. Art. 135. Courts of inquiry

(a) Courts of inquiry to investigate any matter may be convened by any person authorized to convene a general court-martial or by any other person designated by the Secretary concerned for that purpose, whether or not the persons involved have requested such an inquiry.

If the Oath to protect the Constitution is not important today, why don’t we just change the oath of allegiance to reflect our current level of commitment? 

I, _______, do solemnly swear to protect ME and I will try to defend the Constitution as long as it doesn’t adversely impact the aforementioned ‘ME’.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein


Other News:


As Aretha Franklin says: You better think, think, think what you do to me!

Alan Keyes is Loyal to Liberty


Obama deception illegally removed from YouTube, 1984, Big Brother, Citizen Wells open thread, July 19, 2010

Hot Air


Jefferson’s Rebels

Lame Cherry

No Quarter

SafeguardOurConstituion – Lt. Col. Lakin’s Site

The Steady Drip

United States Constitution

 Official DisclosureJust to be clear, my graphics depict almost all members of the BOPAC Administration as being full of crap.  They do not actually look like turds – one needs special ‘full of crap’ glasses to be able to see the core of those who continually feed America BS.  I treat everyone equally – when Glenn Beck goes off on those who reasonably question Obama’s eligibility, he gets a half-full of crap depiction.

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