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The BOPAC Report

First – I’ve been busy for the past few weeks with some personal business so my posts have been scant.  I hope to gear up for a push just prior to 2010 elections.  I’ve included a list of a few sites that I try to visit to keep up with what the State Run Media is not telling us. 

The Secret Life of O –

The Universal United Church of OBamboozle! State Run Media Always Welcome! Every Secret Well Kept! Kal Penn, Larry Sinclair, not a Natural Born Citizen, Bill Ayers, Reggie, etc., etc., etc.

Maybe this should be under the ChiBama Politics header but everything involved with the BOPAC Administration is part of the Secret Life of O.

Trail of Dropped Black Panther Case May Lead to White House

By Bob Ellis on July 13th, 2010

I know you’ll be shocked, but new evidence seems to indicate the order to dismiss the already-won case against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Pennsylvania in 2008 may have come from the White House itself.

In case you somehow managed to miss this incident amidst the wall-to-wall, nonstop media coverage (sarcasm alert, sarcasm alert), on Election Day in 2008, Black Panthers stationed themselves in front of the doors of voting locations in Philadelphia, and in at least one case, a Panther wielded a night stick.  There were also allegations of verbal intimidation by the Panthers, with one allegedly telling a white person they would soon know what it was like to be “ruled by the black man.”

Yet this clear case of voter intimidation was suddenly shot down by the powers that be in the Department of “Justice.”

It should always seem odd when a case that is practically won and is ready to go to the sentencing phase is suddenly dropped–especially when the players all have political connections to one another.

The players, other than the Black Panthers themselves, are Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli (a political appointee who raised about $500,000 for Obama), hite House Deputy Counsel Cassandra Butts and President Barack Obama.

The video below gives the following timeline:

Continue Reading


ChiBama Politics –

Unfortunately, I don't have to make a big leap to believe something like this actually exists in the Obama White House basement! Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, The Constitution, our freedoms, etc. all appear to be in the BOPAC Administration's sights.

Every Conservative, Tea Party Activist, Republican, Talk Radio personality and Democrat who is an Obama kool-aid survivor had better gird their loins because Obama’s attacks are going to get much worse. 

This is wonderful: Tea Party condemns bigoted NAACP

Posted by hillbuzz

The NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and similar organizations are the most bigoted and racist groups in this country.

They get a pass on everything they do from the American Media, because Liberals treat black people like pets — they use them whenever they need convenient agitators and props to scream and yell about something on television, or as set dressing for any event they want to look “diverse”, but other than that ignore completely.  The Left has no desire in helping black people advance, assimilate into the business and professional class, and move out of rundown urban areas.  The NAACP and CBC have no interest in any of this either.  They like black people right where they are, as poor and dependent on the state as they are, because that means they have to keep voting Democrat in lockstep to keep being fed, clothed, and housed by the state.  Like pets.

We think the Race Industry in this country has gone too far, but hasn’t realized it yet.

The breaking point seems to be shaking out as the false claims of RAAACISM!…Continue Reading

Surprise – It passed!  Maybe NAACP now means the National Association Advancing Cesspool Politics!

If the NAACP wants to see the racism of the Tea Party, they have to look no further than Lt. Col. Allen West. He is one of their ‘Rock Stars’ (mine too).  His condemnation says it all.

From Atlas Shrugs:

Real Leadership is Color Blind: Lt Colonel Allen West on NAACP Race Baiting

Statement Condemning the NAACP Resolution by LTC Allen West (USA, Ret.)

“The NAACP has missed the target. Their target should not be the Tea Party, but instead the larger issues facing the Black community: astronomical unemployment rates (15.5%) and the breakdown of the Black family, which result in higher drop-out rates, disproportionate incarceration rates and teen pregnancy rates (12.6%). These issues should be the focus of increased scrutiny by the NAACP.

This NAACP Resolution is consistent with the Obama administration tactic of demonizing and blaming someone else for your own failures and shortcomings, and not take responsibility and accountability.”


Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey –


I'm Sure There Are Many Soldiers Living This Nightmare. It's Time For The Joint Chiefs of Staff to Step To The Plate and Support Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin! Don't Be Military Sheep.

In support of Lt. Col. Lakin’s courage in seeking the ‘Truth’ (and as a former In-Flight Tech in the Navy), I urge all who have served or have friends/family in the military to ask the following question of those currently serving. 

Brothers and Sisters in the Military, when are you going to demand Obama establish that he is a Natural Born Citizen, eligible to serve as Commander In Chief?  

The military is the only government organization that I continue to have respect for and it pains me criticize those serving.  And I understand the consequences of challenging Obama’s eligibility directly, but the continuing attacks against our Constitution by the left cannot be allowed to pass without objection in some form or another.  Acquiescence is not the only option.

Consider this please.  What if every serviceman or woman went to his or her Chaplin, stated their concerns and provided the basic evidence (direct and circumstantial, links, former statements by NPR etc. indicating a Kenyan birth, etc., etc.) that would cause most reasonable persons to have legitimate questions about Obama’s lack of eligibility to serve and issue lawful orders?  What if requests were made to each Chaplin instructing them to pass these concerns up the Chain of Command?  Would there come a point, a number of requests that would cause the leadership to demand proof of eligibility?

Maybe military leadership could utilize the following provision?

§ 935. Art. 135. Courts of inquiry

(a) Courts of inquiry to investigate any matter may be convened by any person authorized to convene a general court-martial or by any other person designated by the Secretary concerned for that purpose, whether or not the persons involved have requested such an inquiry.

If the Oath to protect the Constitution is not important today, why don’t we just change the oath of allegiance to reflect our current level of commitment? 

I, _______, do solemnly swear to protect ME and I will try to defend the Constitution as long as it doesn’t adversely impact the aforementioned ‘ME’.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein


Other News:


The Permanant Handout Herd is Leading America to Slaughter! Everyone Needs a Hand Up from Time to Time, but Expecting it to be a Permanent Fixture is Distructive to America!

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