Obama’s Steamy Secret – Man’s Country – The Globe – Larry Sinclair Counter Claim for Damages? – Lt. Col. Lakin has Rev. Manning’s Support – Gen. Vallely – We’re almost to the point of no return – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report 

The Secret Life of O –

Rahm's Man's Country Ballet Class - Given Obama's secrecy about all aspects of his life and Rahm's childhood training as a ballerina, is it too far of a stretch to imagine Rahm teaching his friends a few moves at Man's Country?

Gotta love the Globe!  One day there will not be more than a handful of people who believe anything Obama says.  Then maybe the media will reclaim their responsibilities as ‘Journalists’ and cover him warts and all!

Obama’s Steamy Secret 

President Barack Obama secretly holds a life-time membership in Chicago’s most notorious gay bath house! That’s the shocking charge by a prominent political insider, who rips the lid off the sensational scandal in an exclusive GLOBE interview that’s must reading for every American.

Larry Sinclair’s Journey –

Larry Sinclair's story will be told and I'm confident he will be vindicated - The pieces of the story continue to unfold.

Update from Larry Sinclair:

Published June 16, 2010

On June 15, 2010, exactly one year to the day that Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? was published, our distributor notified Sinclair Publishing, Inc that the book “…has been temporarily pulled from distribution.”  Ingram Content Group was served with an identical civil complaint by Daniel Parisi and Patton Boggs LLP on June 10, 2010.  The Cease & Desist letter of the same date from Patton Boggs makes it clear counsel for the Plaintiff is using the same internet warriors that Paul Levy of Public Citizens Litigation Group used to attack and spread false claims….Continue Reading

Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey –


I'm Sure There Are Many Soldiers Living This Nightmare. It's Time For The Joint Chiefs of Staff to Step To The Plate and Support Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin! Don't Be Military Sheep.

Rev. David Manning makes a valid but unfortunate point about the political reality of all politicians and media figures at the national level.  Who they support, who they rush to defend, who they hold their hand out to – is all the result of political calculations.  Unfortunately it is also true for most people and reflects the sad state of affronting America’s future. 

It’s why Democrats have made the political calculations to make as many people they can dependent on the federal government with unsustainable (unconstitutional) promises.  It puts the ‘handout herd’ in the position of voting against their own self-serving interests to vote for people of principle.

The Permanant Handout Herd is Leading America to Slaughter! Everyone Needs a Hand Up from Time to Time, but Expecting it to be a Permanent Fixture is Distructive to America!

It’s also why many others in the military who question Obama’s legitimacy have not stepped up.  It would likely cost them their careers/liberty.  We all do it – but we all should admire those who are brave enough to follow their convictions.

From Sonoran News:

Pastor Manning declares ‘I Am Terry Lakin’s Brother’


‘I also know that not one of these hypocrites, including Glenn Beck, will lift an eyebrow to help or save Terry Lakin’

HARLEM, N.Y. – Last Sunday, Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Ministries, sent out an e-mail with the subject line: “I Am Terry Lakin’s Brother.”

Manning, who held a 10th Amendment trial at his Harlem (ATLAH) church last month that found President Obama; Michael Sovern, president of Columbia University during the years Obama supposedly attended; and the trustees of Columbia University, guilty on all 17 counts of sedition, conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice, has been following the case of Lt. Col. Terrance “Terry” Lakin with great interest.

Lakin is sacrificing his military career to do what he took an oath to do, defend the Constitution.

Manning’s e-mail opened, “I am prepared to publicly declare the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin an act of tyranny. The Obama administration aims to put down the brewing revolution of military officers who question his ability.

“Rather than producing the documents, Obama and his thugs, supported by the deafening silence of the American people, will railroad Terry Lakin.”

Manning went on say, I am further prepared to publicly state that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Scott Brown and the national leadership of the Tea Party will treat Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as if he is a leper….Continue Reading

ChiBama Politics –

Tomb of Unknow Soldiers! WTF is the Obama Administration Doing Prosecuting Our Navy Seals? It's all part of Obama's script in the tiresome and dangerous play - “How can I F%@K the military again today?”

Drip, Drip, Drip

From Before It’s News:

Contributed by Anonymous (Reporter)

Submitted by: Myke


(Jun. 16, 2010) — Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (Ret.), was born in DuBois, PA. He retired in 1992 from the US Army as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii. General Vallely graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961, serving a distinguishing career of 32 years. He served in many overseas theaters to include Europe and the Pacific Rim Countries as well as two combat tours in Vietnam. He has served on US security assistance missions on civilian-military relations to Europe, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Central America with in-country experience in Indonesia, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala.

General Vallely is a graduate of the Infantry School, Ranger and Airborne Schools, Jumpmaster School, the Command and General Staff School, The Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the Army War College. His combat service in Vietnam included positions as infantry company commander, intelligence officer, operations officer, military advisor and aide-de-camp. He has over fifteen (15) years’ experience in Special Operations, Psychological and Civil-Military Operations.

He has served as a consultant to the Commanding General of the Special Operations Command as well as the DOD Anti-Drug and Counter-Terrorist Task Forces. He also designed and developed the Host-Nation Support Program in the Pacific for the DOD and the State Department. He has in-country security assistance experience in Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, El Salvador, Colombia and Indonesia in the development of civil-military relations interfacing with senior level military and civilian leadership.
General Vallely has been a military analyst on television and radio for over nine years. He is a guest lecturer on National Security matters and the War against Global Jihad. He co-authored the books “Endgame – Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror,” “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze.” He is a member and founder of the Iran Policy Committee. He was the senior military analyst for the Fox News Channel from 2000-2007. His new book, “Operation Sucker Punch,” was released in January 2009. He is Chairman of StandUpAmerica and Co-Chairman of Veteran Defenders of America.
He and his wife, Marian, are the co-trustees of the Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund and reside in Montana.
MRS. RONDEAU: I heard the broadcast on Chalice’s show last Monday wherein General Cash and you called for having Obama and his regime removed from office. How do you think the American people could get that done?
GEN. VALLELY: When you go back to the Constitution, it says that it’s the people’s right to remove a government, hopefully through a peaceful process. If you look at what’s out there, as far as the people and the government are concerned, there are only about four ways to effect a peaceful transfer of power. One way, of course, is through the elections. The second is to demand resignation, where the people actually demand that a sitting president resign as they did when the pressure was put on Richard Nixon, for example. Now with that pressure and declining popularity dipping into 40% support, then 30, then 20%…basically, it’s a no-confidence vote of the people that this executive is not doing the job for America. So then you have the demand-resignation pressure that could occur on the part of the people of the country, and other leadership, corporate as well as political, that could create a tremendous demand that this administration resign. And I’m not talking only about Obama resigning for incompetence, corruptness, fraud, lying, and treasonous occurrences in his administration which are violations of his oath and violation of the Constitution, but also his entire political apparatus in Washington and those who contributed to the corruption. So there is plenty of material there that should create enough public support that they demand his resignation.
MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think that we’ve reached that point in America?
GEN. VALLELY: We’re reaching that point, absolutely; we’re almost to the point of no return here. There has been so much destruction to the country already that we cannot wait around until the election of 2012, in my opinion….Continue Reading


Obamanomics –

Obamanomics - It's a Crap Shoot! Maybe Gov. Christie should move in the White House?

Anyone who has studied economics and has friends who are ‘progressives’ is sure to find themselves shaking their heads when their  ‘handout herd’ ‘pie in the sky’ economics comes up in conversation.  Now we know why.

From The Steady Drip:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Economics for progressives: The Daniel Klein survey explains a lot

Economics for progressives: The Daniel Klein survey explains a lot
By: Max Borders
Special to Examiner

Who’s smarter than a fifth grader in economics? Not the progressive left, according to pollsters and one academic economist.Daniel Klein had a revealing must-read piece in the Wall Street Journal detailing the dearth of economics knowledge among the so-called “reality-based” community. The upshot? The people running our country probably don’t understand basic supply and demand, much less the benefits of trade. Here’s a slice:

Who is better informed about the policy choices facing the country—liberals, conservatives or libertarians? According to a Zogby International survey that I write about in the May issue of Econ Journal Watch, the answer is unequivocal: The left flunks Econ 101.

Zogby researcher Zeljka Buturovic and I considered the 4,835 respondents’ (all American adults) answers to eight survey questions about basic economics. We also asked the respondents about their political leanings:

progressive/very liberal; liberal; moderate; conservative; very conservative; and libertarian….Consider one of the economic propositions in the December 2008 poll: “Restrictions on housing development make housing less affordable.” People were asked if they: 1) strongly agree; 2) somewhat agree; 3) somewhat disagree; 4) strongly disagree; 5) are not sure.
Basic economics acknowledges that whatever redeeming features a restriction may have, it increases the cost of production and exchange, making goods and services less affordable. There may be exceptions to the general case, but they would be atypical.

Therefore, we counted as incorrect responses of “somewhat disagree” and “strongly disagree.” This treatment gives leeway for those who think the question is ambiguous or half right and half wrong. They would likely answer “not sure,” which we do not count as incorrect.

In this case, percentage of conservatives answering incorrectly was 22.3%, very conservatives 17.6% and libertarians 15.7%. But the percentage of progressive/very liberals answering incorrectly was 67.6% and liberals 60.1%. The pattern was not an anomaly.

Honestly, I am a little bit surprised by this result. If I’d tried to predict the outcome, I would have said that most people who lean left are at least aware of economic realities but that ideology compels them to ignore these considerations (as often with Paul Krugman whose condition I’ve referred to elsewhere as Krugmania). It turns out, we can’t even be that charitable. Most progressives are just plain economically illiterate – and that is not an ad hominem attack. It is an unfortunate but statistically accurate statement….Continue Reading

Obama Dreams About Government Run Health Care, Larry Sinclair, Birth Certificates, Natural Born Citizens While America Lives in a Nightmare.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein


Other News:

The Universal United Church of OBamboozle! State Run Media Always Welcome! Every Secret Well Kept! Kal Penn, Larry Sinclair, not a Natural Born Citizen, Bill Ayers, Reggie, etc., etc., etc.






Poll: 65% of Jewish Israelis say U.S. Jews should criticize Obama’s Mideast policy

Hill Buzz

QUESTION: What do you think it means for Obama now that the Leftist Media has apparently turned against him?

Israel Insider

Former Honolulu senior election official: I’d testify Obama was not born in Hawaii

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Kerchner et al v. Obama/Congress et al Appeal to the Third Circuit to Be Decided on the Briefs with No Oral Argument

Military Times

3-star: Caution backfiring in Afghanistan

By Jim Michaels – USA TODAY
Posted : Wednesday Jun 16, 2010 17:40:16 EDT

Commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan have been reluctant to launch more secret operations because of an excess of caution about violating military rules and international law, a top Army officer says.

The tentative approach to “deception operations” has cost the U.S. military opportunities to weaken the enemy without firing a shot, said Army Lt. Gen. Michael Oates, commander of the Pentagon’s task force to counter improvised explosive devices….

SafeguardOurConstituion – Lt. Col. Lakin’s Site


The Post Email


World Net Daily

Hawaiian elections clerk has eligibility ‘solution’

Official who says Obama has no birth certificate thinks idea would ‘solve the entire controversy’

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