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 The BOPAC Report 

2010 Election –

As Aretha Franklin says: You better think (think) think about what you're trying to do to me - Yeah, think (think,think), let your mind go, let yourself be free!

As the old Aretha Franklin song ‘Think’ lyrics go: 

You better think (think) think about what you’re trying to do to me
Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free 

Democrats had better THINK! 

Generic Congressional Ballot 

Republicans Lead Democrats by 10 in Generic Ballot, Highest Lead Yet 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 

Republican candidates have now stretched their lead over Democrats to 10 points in the Generic Congressional Ballot, their biggest lead ever in nearly three years of weekly tracking. The GOP has been leading on the ballot for months. 

The new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 45% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 35% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent. Voter support for GOP congressional candidates increased slightly from last week, while support for Democrats fell two points. …Continue Reading 

Tea Party –

Tea Party - Supporting Those of Any Party Who Support The Constitution, Limited Government, Responsible Fiscal Policy, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets. Add Sen. Ben Nelson to the list of those to flush out of the Senate.

Reading tea party leaves 

Members have been portrayed as anti-intellectual and anti-elitist, but their goal is a system that reflects the Constitution and the precepts of limited government. 

By Jonah Goldberg 

March 16, 2010 

If you read the Op-Ed pages these days, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the GOP and the conservative movement have been taken over by know-nothing mobs, anti-intellectual demagogues and pitchfork-wielding bigots. There’s no omnibus label for this argument, but it’s a giveaway that a person subscribes to it if he or she describes the “tea party” movement as “tea baggers,” an awfully telling bit of condescension from the camp that affects the pose of being more high-minded. 

The case against the tea party movement is constantly evolving. Initially, they were written off as “astroturfers,” faux populists paid by K Street lobbyists to provide damaging footage for Fox News’ Obama coverage. Then, they were deemed racists who couldn’t handle having a black president. 

But now that the movement or, more broadly, the Obama backlash is so widespread…Continue Reading 

Natural Born Citizen –

Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"! Joint Chiefs of Staff’s new mottos: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil & Don’t rock the boat!

The struggle for truth continues: 

Monday, March 15, 2010 

New Ad – Obama Flaunts the Constitution – 15 Mar 2010 Issue of Wash Times Natl Wkly – pg 5 


New Ad – Obama Flaunts the Constitution – 15 Mar 2010 Issue of Wash Times Natl Wkly – pg 5 

Commander Kerchner makes a statement in this new ad concerning what he believes was an absolutely incredulously lame legal brief filed by the DOJ lawyers for the putative president Obama on March 8th because it shows the total disregard for the Constitution of the United States held by the Administration and his subverted Department of Justice. The DOJ should be standing up to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and honor the oath they took to do so, instead of defending the constitutionally ineligible usurper putative president in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama, and helping him hide his true legal identity and all his early life records. Obama was born a British Subject. How can a person born British be eligible to be President and commander of our military? He cannot. A person born a British Subject, and a dual-Citizen at best, is NOT a “natural born Citizen” of the USA which is the Article II eligibility requirement in the U.S. Constitution for the person who would be President.  See the new ad for more information. 

Charles Kerchner, Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress 

ObamaCare –

Well Maybe Obama's Obamacare will save money? But it will suck to be old!

ObamaCare is not about reforming healthcare.  It’s about taking control of a fifth of the US economy.  It’s a stepping stone to greater and greater control over all our lives.  I don’t know about you but I like have control of my own life. Thank you very much. 

Key Dem: Using ‘deem and pass’ health plan is ‘wrong’By Jordan Fabian – 03/16/10 11:53 AM ET 

A plan that would allow House Democrats to bypass a direct vote on the Senate’s healthcare bill is causing “discomfort,” a key centrist Democrat said Tuesday. 

Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), a member of the Blue Dog and New Democrat Coalitions, said that the plan to pass the plan using the so-called “deem and pass” procedure is “wrong” and unpopular among his constituents. …Continue Reading 

…“If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistakes of the health insurance mandate on a national level, they will bankrupt this country within four years,” Cahill said. … 

Cahill is the Massachusetts Treasurer. 

From the Boston Herald: 

Cahill rips governor on health care plans 

By Jessica Van Sack
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 – Updated 11h ago 

Treasurer Tim Cahill ripped Gov. Deval Patrick and President Obama this morning for health care initiatives that the independent gubernatorial hopeful alleged will “bankrupt the country in four years.” 

“Last week Gov. Patrick criticized me as ‘missing in action’ on the issue of health care in Massachusetts,” Cahill said. “In reality, I’ve been critical of Gov. Patrick’s implementation and management of the Massachusetts universal health care program for a long time.” 

Cahill alleged the governor has “spent like we’re in a booming economy at a time when we’re experiencing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” 

“If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistakes of the health insurance mandate on a national level, they will bankrupt this country within four years,” Cahill said. “It is time for the President and the Democratic leadership to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan that does not threaten to wipe out the American economy.” 

Cahill’s call for a new plan resembled the statement made during US Sen. Scott Brown’s insurgent campaign…. Continue Reading 

For our children and grand children’s sake, we must keep up the pressure to kill this bill. 

CNN: ObamaCare opponents 11 votes away from killing the bill 

March 16, 2010 by Allahpundit

I maintain that whip counts are worthless, but (a) the GOP has the same count and (b) since we’re probably headed for a bitter defeat this weekend, we should enjoy our illusions of hope while we can. 

Feel the nomentum. Can you feel it? 

Five more House Democrats said Tuesday that they will vote against Senate health care legislation, which puts opponents of reform just 11 votes shy of the 216 needed to prevent President Obama from scoring a major victory on his top domestic priority… 

A total of 27 House Democrats, including nine who supported the House plan in November, have indicated that they would join a unified Republican caucus in opposing the Senate plan, which passed in that chamber December 24 with the minimum required 60 votes… 

Of the 39 Democrats who voted against the House plan in November, 17 have indicated that they will vote against the Senate plan as written, 11 remain uncommitted, and nine did not return repeated calls for comment

One member, Parker Griffith of Alabama, became a Republican in December. An additional member, Rep. Eric Massa of New York, resigned his seat last week. 

If the reports tonight are true, Kucinich will be a no-to-yes flip tomorrow. Even so, all we need are 11 of the 19 undecided Dems who hated this thing enough to vote no on the House bill way back in November? Granted, the Senate bill is kinda sorta more fiscally conservative than Pelosi’s bill was (no public option, for starters), but the political climate is more toxic now too. Eleven seems … possible, especially with the phones melting down. …Continue Reading 

Anti-ObamaNomics –

Obamanomics - It's a Crap Shoot!

 Where are the Blue Dog Democrats? 

Gov. Christie budget plan unveils big cuts and layoffs 


TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie unveiled a $28.3 billion state budget plan Tuesday that includes deep cuts in spending on property tax rebates and aid to municipalities, schools and colleges, as well as the layoffs of thousands of state workers. 

“This plan requires sacrifice by all New Jerseyans. But it is a shared sacrifice. And while holding the line is difficult today, it is necessary for a better tomorrow,” Christie said. 

“The watchwords of this budget are shared sacrifice and fairness. Individuals contribute, businesses sacrifice, local governments tighten their belts, and we end our
addiction to spending,” Christie said. “Everyone comes to the center of the room — we
jump off the cliff together to stave off certain fiscal death for the hope of economic salvation tomorrow.”…Continue Reading 

ObamaNomics  –

(It’s not fuzzy math, it’s idiotic math.) 

Obama Dreams About Government Run Health Care, Larry Sinclair, Birth Certificates, Natural Born Citizens While America Lives in a Nightmare.

What an idiot!  100% reduction would mean employer pays nothing. 

Rush Limbaugh gives more details: 


RUSH: Audio sound bites.  This is Obama yesterday in Strongsville, Ohio.  This whole appearance yesterday was filled with lies, falsehoods, untruths, even another sob story about some person unable to get health care. “Yeah, she can’t be here today because she’s so sick.” The reason why she wasn’t there is she’s in the hospital, being treated at no charge!  Anyway, this is just one thing Obama said. 

OBAMA:  How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands?  A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE! 

FOLLOWERS: (cheering) 

RUSH:  Three thousand percent premiums are going to fall! Three thousand percent!  Now, there were only 200 people that showed up yesterday.  I don’t know if that’s all that were interested or that’s just the number they could find that were not opposed to health care.  But let’s just look at some numbers here. Let’s apply some numbers here to this 3,000% reduction in premiums.  I’m just going to pick a random number here to use. Let’s say the employer pays $4,000 in health care premiums for an employee.  If his premium went down 100%, he would save $4,000, all right?  If the premium went down 3,000%, that’s a savings of $4,000 (100%) times 30.  That equals $120,000, which means that if Obama’s number is accurate here, that health care will allow employers to give people a raise because their premiums will go down 3,000%. That means the employer will make a $120,000 profit on each employee’s health care insurance once Obamacare is passed.  Now, you can buy a lot of unicorns for $120,000, and you can buy a lot of idiots for $120,000, but that’s what he said. (doing impression) “Employer, eh, 3,000%! He could give you a raise.”  Well, they’re not going to get any raise.  This is bogus, 3,000%?  The health care companies are going to be giving employers 120 grand per employee?…Continue Reading 

Second Amendment –

Pretty soon only the tyrannical members of our government and criminals will be the ones with guns! Protect the Second Amendment to the Constitution with everything you have!

The Eggman is exactly right in his analysis over at ammoland. 

No More Gun Rights and No More Gun Control 

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 8:20 pm
Tags: Gun ControlGun Owner ControlGun Owner RightsGun RightsNAGRNRASCOUTS 

No More Gun Rights and No More Gun Control
By TheEggman 

Letters to the AmmoLand Editor: Got something on your mind? Let us know and you can see it here. 

Virginia –-( I am constantly reading on the Net and in the media about so-called “gun rights” and “gun control.” 

Some examples; 

“The final briefs seeking to shape the Supreme Court’s coming decision on the reach of the Second Amendment’s protection of gun rights suggested Friday that states might be free to violate other parts of the Bill of Rights…” 

“The National Association for Gun Rights, often referred to as “NAGR”, was founded to assist the growing movement of pro-Second Amendment organizations, especially state-level gun rights groups. 

“The National Rifle Association is the largest gun rights lobbying organization in the United States.” 

On one hand, we preach that guns are mere machines, inanimate objects and tools. On the other, we appear to be attempting to give ‘rights’ to these inanimate machines. 

I submit to you a request; that we remove the phrase “gun rights” from our vocabulary and replace it with the more human, and more accurate, “gun-owner rights.” 

The First Amendment does not guarantee rights to printing presses as machines; it guarantees the rights of people to use printing presses, radios, televisions and the Internet without restriction. 

The Second Amendment guarantees no rights to guns themselves, as they are mere machines. However, it does guarantee the right of the people to keep and bear them…Continue Reading 

Other Team FOCOA News – 

(Full of Crap Obama Administration)

When I served in the Navy, I understood that I was risking my life for Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution. I would not have joined if I were defending socialism. Have our most revered sacrificed all in vain? Not yet but we are getting close. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Says ObamaCare will “Break the Federal Budget”; Lead to “50%-60% Tax Rates” – Video 3/16/10


…Forty-three percent (43%) have a favorable view of Chrysler, with just nine percent (9%) very favorable. Forty-seven percent (47%) view the bailed-out automaker unfavorably, including 16% with a very unfavorable opinion. 

Ford is the most popular of the five automakers included in the new survey. Seventy-three percent (73%) view Ford favorably and just 18% unfavorably. This includes 34% with a very favorable opinion and five percent (5%) who see the company very unfavorably.  

Sixty-six percent (66%) have a favorable opinion of Honda, including 25% who view the carmaker very favorably. Honda is viewed unfavorably by 26%, with just eight percent (8%) very unfavorable. 

The other bailed-out Big Three automaker, General Motors, is regarded favorably by 57% and unfavorably by 37%. These findings included 20% with a very favorable opinion and 11% who view GM very unfavorably. …

Boycott General Motors and Chrysler!


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