Obama is Eligible to Serve and ‘Birthers’ are Vindicated? – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

Obama is Eligible to Serve and ‘Birthers’ are Vindicated? 

Two days ago I read an American Thinker article that challenged my current thinking. The result – I may have to acknowledge the possibility that Obama is a ‘natural born citizen’ and therefore eligible to serve as President.  If either possibility presented in the article proves true and a few loose ends are tied up concerning Obama’s mother, I will be forced to stop referring to Obama as Obama and begin referring to him as President Obama.  Time will tell if ‘facts’ come out that beckon such a change.  Jack Cashill’s presentation is very compelling, but will journalists and historians use their gravitas to drive the final nails in the eligibility issue coffin?

I do so want to turn away from the eligibility issue temporarily and focus on the cliff Obama is taking America over. Did you see that a majority of Democrats have a favorable view of Socialism?  That’s going to be a main focus of the 2010 battle for Independents because spending, taxing, personal responsibility, voter dependency, federal debt, job creation, technological innovation and the role of government are all intimately intertwined with it. The reality is that November is fast approaching and every effort needs to be made to stop Obama’s socialist objectives.

But, because Presidential eligibility is such a bedrock issue, it’s almost impossible for those of us who care deeply about the Constitution and the rule of law to turn away based solely upon political calculations.  Something has to be added to the calculation to tip the scales. If real journalists could find documentation verifying Mr. Cashill’s suppositions, I’m sure most of us challenging Obama’s eligibility would fall away satisfied because there would in fact be a there there.

As much as it has been denied and misconstrued, determining the ‘truth’ has always been the objective regarding the ‘eligibility’ question for the vast majority of those trying to look behind the Obama curtain.  The media can name call and ridicule each and every one who has questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve as President. (‘We’ certainly didn’t choose the moniker ‘birther’.) They can maliciously imply that each and every question we raise involves some race-based angst or worse. They can manipulate public opinion. They can even shape the public’s understanding of the Constitutional requirements for the Presidency. It’s not right, it’s not true, it’s not journalism – but they can do it.  What they can’t do is rewrite history to say there wasn’t (isn’t) a ‘there, there’ regarding Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States.  What exactly the ‘there’ is hasn’t been discovered.  Obama knows – but he’s not cooperating.

Let’s be honest, don’t you think objective legal historians/researchers looking at the facts, the circumstantial evidence, the testimony of his grandmother, the news reports from years earlier, the actions of Obama (withholding documents from the public, spending vast sums in legal fees, etc.), the ‘founders’ understanding of the term ‘natural born citizen’, the reasons for the Constitutional provision, the actual limitations of what can be proven from Obama’s online ‘Hawaiian birth certificate’, the lack of on point court decisions talking about the term ‘natural born citizen’, the differences in meanings for the terms ‘citizen’ and ‘natural born citizen’, etc., etc. – would realize that it’s almost a certainty that legitimate issues of some type exist?  It may take historians many years to acquire the documentation that will vindicate the ‘birthers’.  But rest assured, this issue is important enough that some historian will continue to pay attention.  I wonder if a book is being out-lined at this very moment, maybe a few law review articles?

But seriously, looking at the big picture, is the status quo really the best situation for Obama?

Everyone knows that there’s a huge secret being kept. You know it. I know it. Orly Taitz knows it. Larry Sinclair knows it. Ahmadinejad knows it. Netanyahu knows it. Hu Jintao knows it. It’s like your driving on the interstate; you see a car pulled over with a police car on its bumper, lights flashing. As you drive past, you see one passenger toss something in the bushes when the State Trooper approaches the driver.  You don’t know exactly what’s up but you know something is.

Right now the situation is that a substantial number of Americans cannot ethically recognize Obama as President. How can that be good for America? How can that be good for the military?  Given that Obama has done nothing except post a document of limited evidentiary value online, how can anyone expect the concerns of Americans to be allayed? 

The reason Obama is fighting this so hard, spending so much, is because he knows the outcome is a crapshoot.  Taking the facts in a light most favorable to Obama, it still requires the judge(s) to find that Obama was born in Hawaii and that the meaning of the term ‘natural born citizen’ is either American citizenship equals ‘natural born citizenship’ or being a ‘natural born citizen’ requires only one of Obama’s parents to be an American citizen by birth or naturalization at the time of Obama’s birth.

Such an interpretation by the courts would necessarily require activist judges who believe that the Constitution is a living breathing document that changes with the times. Fortunately, the American justice system is not there yet because that would make the Constitution subject to the political whims of judges and politicians. Nevertheless, if such a decision did occur most Americans would live with the result. 

Additionally, such a decision outcome would vindicate the ‘birthers’ because the Constitution had to be stretched beyond its original meaning and that would be the ‘there’.  It would give Obama what he wants.  But, it would be the crapshoot of his life!

The other factual possibility that could establish Obama as a ‘natural born citizen’ brings us back to the American Thinker article – the existence of a secret so big that it jumps right over the inconvenient problems arising from the citizenship of Barack Obama, Sr.

The nice thing about this possibility is that (for me) it explains a lot if true and it vindicates the ‘birthers’.  And to top it off, it follows the principle of Occam’s razor.

… When competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selection of the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities while still sufficiently answering the question.…

It acknowledges the common sense desire a parent would have to make sure baby Obama has American citizenship and family legitimacy. It also recognizes that a parent would not have been worried about making sure Obama was a ‘natural born citizen’ because it is not realistic to think that a particular child will grow up to be President.

It makes it possible to imagine how and why the CIA and FBI appear to be covering for Obama.

It partly explains why Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the Republican Party didn’t raise the issue. What politician would risk raising such a possibility without absolute proof? (Gov. Jindal’s situation may have factored in for Republicans and for far left Democrats- effectively eviscerating one more parts of the Constitution is a progressive’s dream.)

It exposes how judges might have been persuaded to do a kabuki dance to avoid getting to the merits of eligibility cases and being forced to make the choice of wrongly expanding the meaning of ‘natural born citizen’ to avoid rioting in the streets or expose a huge secret.

It also partly explains why Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Hannity are being so reluctant to fully address the issue.  However, if the possibility of an election-changing secret is true and Glenn Beck did not reveal it, did Mr. Beck aid the Progressives in gutting the meaning and force of Article 1, Section II of the Constitution?

It explains why the media is going so far out of their way to misdirect and vilify those asking questions. (Not they needed a lot of arm-twisting to go – given their coverage of John Edward’s affair/love child and Larry Sinclair’s allegations of cocaine use and sex with Obama in 1999.)

And finally, it vindicates the much-maligned ‘birthers’ because there is a there there.  Either Obama is not a ‘natural born citizen’ and is not eligible to serve as President or Obama is a ‘natural born citizen’ and every other part of his life is a ‘natural born lie’/deception.  (As more and more Americans are discovering.)

Regardless of outcome, ‘birthers’ will be vindicated. 

Notwithstanding ‘birther’ vindication, it remains essential that we know the truth because though the actions and non-actions of the media, courts, talk-radio, and politicians – Article I, Section II of the Constitution has been weakened (eviscerated) for future elections unless individual States require Presidential Candidates to present proof of theirs and their parents’ citizenship.

Sorry, I haven’t given specific details about the American Thinker article’s revelations. To briefly mention the actual details doesn’t do justice, given that Jack Cashill has done such a nice job of laying it out.  It’s a must read.



Thank you for considering this article!

I think the next phase has to be turning to State Legislatures to require proof of eligibility. Such legislation may stop Obama from attempting another run for which he may well not be eligible and protect Article II, Section 1.

…Notwithstanding ‘birther’ vindication, it remains essential that we know the truth because though the actions and non-actions of the media, courts, talk-radio, and politicians – Article I, Section II of the Constitution has been weakened (eviscerated) for future elections unless individual States require Presidential Candidates to present proof of theirs and their parents’ citizenship….

Hopefully some of you will write your State legislators. Feel free to copy any article on my blog if it can aid in your efforts.

Stress the need for 3 birth certificates. One from the candidate and 2 from parents (or proof of naturalization)! Candidate’s parents have to have been US citizens at the time of his or her birth.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

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