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Media Bias – Media Trust –

Net Neutrality's Goal is State Controlled Media and Information

America Needs a Fair and Objective Media! Climategate, Navy-Seal-Gate, Larry Sinclair Gate - bias is everywhere.

 From Politico comes some news most Americans know. Even though FOX has failed to adequately investigate the ‘natural born citizen’ issue, they do a better job than the others on the rest of the news.  FOX does seem to try to fair to all sides. 

A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network

Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded…


Poll: Fox is most trusted name in news
By: Andy Barr
January 26, 2010 05:35 PM EST

Fox is the most trusted television news network in the country, according to a new poll out Tuesday.

A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded. …

… Forty-four percent said they did not trust NBC, which was combined with its sister cable station MSNBC.

Thirty-two percent of respondents said they trusted CBS, while 31 percent trusted ABC. Both CBS and ABC were not trusted by 46 percent of those polled…

…The telephone poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points. Read Complete Article


ChiBama Politics –


We are family and we get to choose who's we! Chibama Politics & Obama's attack of Inspector General Walpin!

From Massachusetts to 2010, HotAir reveals the Democratic Strategy for success?

Dems’ new midterm strategy: Make the election about … Birtherism

posted at 9:18 pm on January 26, 2010 by Allahpundit

The “blame Bush” strategy flamed out in Massachusetts so they’re moving on to an even more substantive Plan B.

“Given the pressure Republican candidates feel from the extreme right in their party, there is a critical – yet time-sensitive –opportunity for Democratic candidates,” a DSCC memo, obtained by CNN, states. “We have a finite window when Republicans candidates will feel susceptible to the extremists in their party. Given the urgent nature of this dynamic, we suggest an aggressive effort to get your opponents on the record.”

Specifically, the DSCC wants Democratic candidates to pin down their likely opponents on several hot-button issues, including:

– Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S.citizen?
– Do you think the Tenth Amendment bars Congress from issuing regulations like minimum healthcare coverage standards?
– Do you think programs like Social Security and Medicare represent socialism, and should never have been created in the first place?
– Do you think President Obama is a socialist?
– Do you think America should return to a gold standard?

Honestly, it’s not a bad strategy. They’ve got nothing left to offer independents, as Brown’s win proved only too well, and they’re too fatally compromised by ObamaCare to recast themselves as small-government types now. If they want to win the center, their best bet — which doesn’t mean it’s a good bet — is to screech about “birthers, ‘baggers, and blowhards,” as Bob Beckel so memorably put it…Continue Reading


Natural Born Citizen Issue –

Where's the documentation that proves that Obama is a 'natural born citizen' - see the list below.

If Democrats do decide to use the ‘natural born citizen’ issue to attack opposition candidates, the candidate had better be prepared.

First of all, if the question is asked about is Obama a ‘citizen’, one might answer –

Well (Chris), as you know there is a difference between being an ordinary ‘citizen’ and being a ‘natural born citizen’ – and the Supreme Court has not to date clarified exactly what the term means. 

Historically it involved making sure the person leading the country and our military does not have divided loyalties. 

As to the question is Obama a citizen – I haven’t seen anything that would cause me to believe that Obama was not born in Hawaii.  However, Obama could have easily put the issue to rest by being more forthright about releasing documents that every other candidate has released.  That would have been the common sense thing to do. He still can!

I found the following list documentation not provided over at TheRightSideofLife.

Obama’s Sealed Background Documentation

This data originally garnered from TheObamaFile.com.

Updated: 07/07/09

WorldNetDaily’s “Where have all his records gone?” posting further elaborates on the following:

  • Original, vault copy birth certificate — Not released — Lawyers fees — greater than $1,000,000 — birth certificate — $15.
  • Certification of Live Birth — Released – CounterfeitCase and Affidavits
  • Admitted British citizenship at birth — Confirmed via FactCheck.org/FightTheSmears.com
  • Birth Announcement — Alleged to be a forgery
  • Hospital of birth — Kapi’olani Medical Center won’t confirm Obama’s birth assertion; sister claims a different hospital
  • Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released
  • Obama/Dunham divorce – Released (by independent investigators)
  • Kindergarten records – Records lost (this is a big one — see here — read two frames)
  • Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released
  • Soetoro adoption records — Not released
  • Fransiskus Assisi School  School application — Released (by independent investigators)
  • Punahou School records — Not released
  • Soetoro/Dunham divorce – Released (by independent investigators)
  • Selective Service Registration — Released – Counterfeit — Document Locator Number update — another FOIA request
  • Occidental College records — Not released
  • Passport — Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama’s terrorism and intelligence adviser
  • Columbia College records — Not released
  • Columbia thesis — “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” – Not released
  • Harvard College records — Not released
  • Harvard Law Review articles — None
  • Illinois Bar Records — Not released.
  • Baptism certificate — None
  • Medical records — Not released
  • Illinois State Senate records — None
  • Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost
  • Law practice client list — Not released
  • University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

So the question remains, why hasn’t Obama put this issue to rest?

Navy Seals Prosecution –

Tomb of Unknow Soldiers! WTF is the Obama Administration Doing Prosecuting Our Navy Seals? It's all part of Obama's script in the tiresome and dangerous play - “How can I F%@K the military again today?”

I normally don’t promote fund raising ideas for others, but the Navy Seals Prosecution injustice  is critical and the T-Shirt looks good.  USNavySeals.com also gives half to the warrior defense fund. It would be great to wear to your next Tea Party.

Send Help by Buying “Support Our SEALS” Shirts


Posted January 27th, 2010 by USNavySeals


The cases of three Navy SEALs who have been accused of assaulting a suspected terrorist and then attempting to cover it up have drawn a lot of attention – and support. There have been various ways through which people were able to express support for the SEALs and provide them with much-needed financial assistance to help defray legal expenses. Support rallies have been organized and websites set up for charities that accept donations and hand these donations over to the SEALs’ lawyers.


The U.S. Navy SEALs Store is expressing its support for Navy SEALs Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe by selling t-shirts that show that they are behind the SEALs.


The shirts come in two designs, one emblazoned with the words “SUPPORT OUR SEALS” and the other “CONDEMN THE TERRORISTS, NOT OUR HEROES”. The shirts sell for $20 each.


These shirts, however, give the wearer more than just a way of showing to the world that he or she is behind the Navy SEALs; the U.S. Navy SEALs store is donating half of the t-shirts’ purchase price – $10 – to the Warrior Defense Fund. … Continue Reading


 support our seals shirts

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