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The BOPAC Report

Natural Born Citizen Issue –

Harry Potter's Mirror of Erised is in Obama Oval Office! I bet Obama won't reveal his real plans for America in his 2010 State of the Union Address.

 The following comment was on CitizenWell’s blog this morning.  Thanks for the tip Jacqlyn Smith.  Note – the ad was placed yesterday.

Below is a comment from Charles Kerchner at…

if you can’t contribute to help with the ad please pass the information far and wide…..we will never give up!!!!


Thanks Dix and others for you comments about my op-ed type piece.

I’m also pleased to announce today that as a result of continued donations we were able to place another full page insertion in today’s Washington Times National Weekly edition, page 5. You can see and download an electronic copy of it at this link.

If you would like to see more ads like this one run in the Print Media please make a donation to help the cause. You can see all dozens of ad insertions we’ve run to-date at the same site. And the OBOTS have noticed them too. That is for sure. You can tell by the hate email I get when you hit a nerve with them.

Thank you to all who have donated in the past. But we need to keep donating to keep this going until Obama is removed. Please stop on by the site and make a donation. Small or large it all adds up and helps this cause to continue the battle in an effective way. I can do a lot with a little. But I do need that “little bit extra” to make it happen. Give what you can. I thank you.

Charles Kerchner
CDR USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

Well, well – it seems that PC secrets trump truth worldwide!  Atlas Shrugs has an important investigative post that will shake things up if the allegations can be proved.  Just as Obama’s lack of eligibility to serve has been quashed because of political correctness reasons, there seems to be an effort to hide some potentially damaging evidence against the leader of Palestinians.

In Whose Apartment were the Blueprints for Auschwitz found? Why the Secret? [BUMPED]

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: This post will continue to be updated as fresh evidence emerges. The blueprints for Auschwitz went on display yesterday after being discovered in November 2008. The location of their discovery is being kept secret. They were ‘discovered in a apartment behind a wall when a renovation/remodel was taking place’. No one will say whose apartment. Germany does not hide information like this after WWII……why are they hiding it now? If the location were revealed to incriminate the Grand Mufti, this would be the ONLY reason to keep this location secret. There are no other reasons. Everyone is speaking of the ‘plans’, yet no one is speaking of the ‘location,’ and location is everything.

UPDATE 3:38 am:
Armaros opines, “So Rommel gets beaten in 1942 in N Africa. The Nazis fail to take Palestine as a result and as such cannot build their death camps there. Plan B. Mufti. Mufti is invited to Berlin and proceeds to plan a camp for Nablus starting the killing in 1945. The Nazis lose, he flees Berlin and probably doesn’t want to be arrested by the British with these docs on his person. He obtains immunity from the British, ends up in Egypt, and when Eichmann is arrested they hope to expose him. But Eichmann keeps his silence, which the Mufti thanks him for. (They should have water boarded Eichmann.”

Nazis planned Holocaust in Palestine: historians 12 April 2006

STUTTGART, GERMANY – The Nazis made plans to conduct a Holocaust of Jews living in Palestine during the Second World War, according to German historians who have examined secret archives. The Nazis stationed a unit of ruthless troops in the Greek capital Athens with the task of landing in Palestine and murdering about 500,000 European Jews who had taken refuge there, the historians at the University of Stuttgart said Wednesday. But it never deployed.

The rapid-deployment unit was answerable to the Afrika Korps, the German army in North Africa headed by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Klaus Michael Mallmann of the University’s Ludwigsburg research team and his assistant Martin Cueppers said they had spent three years studying German wartime archives including those at the Foreign Office in Berlin.

The Allied defeat of Rommel at the end of 1942 had prevented the extension of the Holocaust to Palestine, they said. If Rommel had beaten the Allies in the desert and invaded Egypt, a push into Palestine would have followed and the unit would have deployed there.

The researchers, whose findings appear in a new book entitled Germans, Jews, Genocide, said the Athens unit was intended to operate like Nazi units that hunted for Jews in eastern Europe and either massacred them or sent them to the Nazi death camps.

Mallmann and Cueppers said the Nazis had planned to exploit Arab friendship for their plans.

“The most important collaborator with the Nazis and an absolute Arab anti-Semite was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem,” they said in the book. He was a prime example of how Arabs and Nazis became friends out of a hatred of Jews. …

… All of the evidence is damning?

The official leader of the Palestinians, Haj Amin al-Husseini, spent the war years in Berlin with Hitler, serving as a consultant on the Jewish question. He was taken on a tour of Auschwitz and expressed support for the mass murder of European Jews. He also sought to “solve the problems of the Jewish element in Palestine and other Arab countries” by employing “the same method” being used “in the Axis countries.”

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Government Motors Boycott –


Support Freedom - Boycott General Motors (GM) and Chrysler

John Stossel has a post up today titled “Say No to Government Motors”. I wholeheartedly agree!

January 26, 2010 06:05 AM EST

“Say No to Government Motors”

Ford, the US car company that didn’t plead for a bailout, has had a great month. December sales are up 33 percent from a year ago while GM and Chrysler, the Motor City panhandlers, saw sales drop. Could there be a connection? Of course there is, says Dick Edwards, a Ford dealer in Manhattan, KS. The American Thinker reports that Edwards decided to say, in a big way, what many in the auto industry have been reluctant to say. Edwards put up a billboard that reads: “Say No to Government Motors. Buy a Ford.” (Sales manager Mark) Besthorn says the response to their billboards has been overwhelmingly positive. “There … read more

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