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The BOPAC Report

Climategate – Copenhagen’s Shabby Science – The Russian Connection


Climate Rascals - Climategate - Al Gore is bulling "science" out of his butt.

Yesterday, I reported on additional evidence that the estimates of future global climate change are overstated.  This story is growing and defining the climate change science community as political hacks. 

This is from Russia Today:

Russian weather data cherry picked by UK climatologists – report17 December, 2009, 11:25

A Russian think tank has accused British climate researchers of ignoring the temperature data from Russian weather stations which do not fit into alarming global warming theory.

The Institute for Economic Analysis (IEA) has attacked the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research of the British Meteorology Office, reports Kommersant newspaper. The Center has recently made public part of the raw data used by HadCRUT, its joint research team with the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, which was earlier involved in a scandal dubbed “Climategate” by some media.

In a report this week the Russian institute says the HADCRUT’s study of climate change ignored data from three quarters of the weather stations on the territory of Russia. This includes “more than 40% of the area,” which was not included, not due to missing data, but “for some other reasons.”

Moreover, of the data available for the same location, the British researchers chose incomplete sets showing temperature growth trends over complete ones that didn’t fit in the global warming model. Also data from stations located in cities, which could have bias due to waste heat generated by local industries and homes, were preferred over those in remote areas, the IEA says.

All in all, the institute evaluates the difference between growth of average temperatures between 1870s and 1990s based on all data available for Russia and those delivered by HadCRUT as at least 0.64 degrees Celsius.

The report goes on to say that if similar practices, which the IEA bluntly calls “overstating the scale of the warming by HadCRUT”, were used in selection of raw data from other regions of the world, global estimates for climate change should be seriously corrected.

HadCRUT figures are being used by climatologists at the COP-15 international climate change conference currently underway in Copenhagen. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to attend the summit. He also signed into law this week the Russian Climate Doctrine, a document outlining the estimated risks of global warming and Russian government’s planned measures to counter them.

ObamaCare & ChiBama Politics –


Obama's "GANGSTER" Government!

No Turds In 2010 - Democrat, Republican, or Independent Turds - Vote For Fiscal Responsibility and Those Who Will Support The Constitution! Note: I'm not calling Obama a Nazi. I'm calling his movement fascist because it constantly seeks to ruin, ridicule, intimidate and/or censor everyone who questions Obama's honesty or his policies. It's crap!

If the White House was involved in threatening/blackmailing Sen. Nelson with closure of Offutt AFB in return for his playing ball on ObamaCare, heads should roll.  Where is that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald when America needs him?

From World Net Daily:

20 senators demand probe of health-care vote ‘threat’

Did White House say it would close Air Force base if Nelson didn’t play?

Posted: December 16, 2009
8:16 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Twenty senators are demanding an investigation into reports the Obama administration threatened to close Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska if that state’s Democratic senator, Ben Nelson, didn’t join other Democrats in voting for health-care reform.

The group of 20, all Republicans, today called for a hearing in a letter to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., and the committee’s top Republican Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

The text of the letter states:

It has been reported that the Obama Administration threatened the closure of a U.S. military installation for political purposes, thereby bringing into question the integrity of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. The BRAC process was established to remove political influence so that the decision to close or not to close a military installation could be based upon military utility.

Specifically, various media reports have stated that the Obama Administration would put Offutt AFB in southeastern Nebraska on a future BRAC list because of a vote on healthcare reform. While we recognize the importance of Offutt AFB as the headquarters of U.S. Strategic Command and the approximately 10,000 individuals that work there, we feel that this installation should remain open or be closed on its own merits.

Therefore, we respectfully ask that a hearing be held as to whether the BRAC process has been compromised.

Continue Reading

Navy Seals Prosecution –

Tomb of Unknown Soldier! WTF is the Obama Administration Doing Prosecuting Our Navy Seals? Oh yeah I forgot - selling out CIA - terror trial in NYC - I guess it makes sense for Obama. Navy Seals Arraigned on Pearl Harbor Day. reminds America of just how much she lost when terrorists took the life of former Navy Seal Scott Helvenston in Fallujah.  Thank you! 

I pray America will wake up to the reality that Obama is not a friend of the United States Military. If he is, he sure is hiding it.  Photo ops of America’s fallen returning home in flag draped caskets, undermining the work of the CIA, reluctantly placing a hand (if at all) over his heart when the National Anthem is played, intentionally concealing documentation that would prove he is a “natural born citizen”, bringing terrorist Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to New York for a show trial against the CIA and the Bush Administration, moving Gitmo to Illinois for more show trials, reports of using Offutt AFB as political blackmail pawn, and not naming the Ft. Hood attacker an Islamic terror attack do not show appreciation or respect for the American military.

Scott Helvenston: Former Navy SEAL, Fallujah Ambush Casualty

Posted December 17th, 2009 by USNavySeals

With all the talk going on about assault charges hurled against three Navy SEALs for capturing Ahmed Hashim Abed, now may be a good time as any to revisit the story of a former Navy SEAL whose life so brutally came to an end one tragic day in Fallujah, Iraq.

His image will probably precede him, as he graced the cover of the Navy SEALs 1992 calendar. Scott Helvenston was the youngest to ever complete Navy SEAL training, after being given special permission at 16 years old to join the Navy and completing Navy SEAL training at 17….Continue Reading


Natural Born Citizen Issue –


Just like Obama is not Malcolm X - Obama is not a "Natural Born Citizen"! Obama may look like Malcolm X and Obama may be a "Citizen"; but being a "Citizen" does not necessarily mean that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen"!


I received the following email this morning and thought I would share in case people are in the area and would like to attend:

Obama author Andy Martin starts pre-conference activity with TV network interviews Thursday. The full conference opens Friday, December 18th in lower Manhattan.

Second National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records

December 18-19, New York City

Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama

Chicago mail:

Andy Martin, J. D.

Professor of Law (Adj.)

Executive Director

30 E. Huron Street, Suite 4406

Chicago, IL60611-4723

Tel.               (866) 706-2639         (866) 706-2639

Fax (866) 707-2639

December 17, 2009

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Second National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records. Our meeting begins tomorrow in New York City! I am delighted to provide you with this second progress report.

1. Network interviews before the Conference

We have scheduled television network interviews to begin Thursday afternoon. More on the network and actual interviews after they are conducted. As with taping of the conference itself, we offer no guarantees or predictions when the interviews will actually be shown.

2. TV network coverage of the Conference

It now appears that one of the major TV networks (see above) will also tape some of the conference proceedings. We have no idea if and when any tape may be broadcast. Just let us know if you don’t want to appear on tape and we will arrange your seating so you don’t appear in the recordings.

3. Videotaping/Internet cancellation

Unfortunately, our plan to videotape the conference and post the proceedings on the Internet is stalled. We did not receive enough financial support to hire a professional videographer to tape the conference, so we have cancelled our reservation. If late-in-the-day financial support still arrives, we will see if someone is available to tape.

4. Conference location

We managed to find an affordable first class hotel in lower Manhattan. You can expect a “wow” location for the conference. We hope to notify conference registrants and media Thursday evening after we have set up.

5. Obama: The Hawai’i Years

I had hoped we could finish editing our Hawai’i movie by early December but we are swamped with work and preparations for the conference. We will definitely show a rough cut of the movie on a laptop at the Conference and finish the film up for New Year’s.

6.  Late registration/more information about the conference 

Information on how to register, etc. is posted on our Conference blog:

Please remember to bring a photo ID. Security is tight in New York and at the hotel. We also have security procedures in effect.

7. My thanks to everyone (letters of thanks to follow)

I want to thank everyone who has contributed both personal effort and financial support. We expect to have a spectacularly successful conference.

May I take this opportunity to once again wish everyone a Merry Christmas or, if you are not a Christian, a very happy holiday season. Joy to all.





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