Dogs of Blue – What Will They Do? Find Their Voices for Their Constituents or Will They Choose to Betray the Founding Concept that America is a Representative Republic

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Dogs of Blue – What Will They Do?

Will They –

Find Their Voices for Their Constituents or Will They Choose to Betray the Founding Concept that America is a Representative Republic

Democratic extremists, now in charge of the “Democratic Party”, are poised to force all of America and the “Democratic Party” of my parents on a possibly irreversible socialist path without regard for what Americans are thinking.  At this moment, just one group holds the reigns of America’s future in their hands.   A handful of Blue Dog Democrats have the power to block Obama’s people in their attempt to rest power and control away the People, States and the Constitution under the guise of saving the planet and providing government run healthcare.

The question is what will the Blue Dogs do.  Will they follow their articulated positions that got them elected by the people they represent?  Positions like promises of fiscal responsibility, of having balanced budgets, fair taxes, belief in a strong dollar, the need for a strong defense, respecting the Constitution, energy independence including drilling and nuclear, the need for more scientific discussion/investigation of global warming and the solutions, job creation and articulated views on social issues such as abortion, illegal immigration and gun control – are the ones that got many moderate/centrist Democrats elected in the era when Republicans had seemingly gone wild. Will Blue Dogs put Party leadership commands above the beliefs, principles and desires of their constituents?

Make no mistake, millions of Americans have been watching the Democratic leadership and Obama demand that Democrats (Blue and otherwise) get in line, shut up and vote for this “historic” government-run healthcare legislation.  Regardless of the fact that “Historic” does not always equate to good legislation, it doesn’t seem to matter to Obama, Pelosi or Reid. Of the millions who are watching, I’m sure that the vast majority can’t help but come to the conclusion that the Obama Administration cares much more about creating an unbreakable dependence on the Federal Government, rather than on actually making reforms that would improve healthcare and benefit most Americans.

Why would a majority of Americans oppose this legislation if they trusted the Democratic leadership or the federal government?  Why would 10% of Democrats and 5% of those who voted for Obama be calling for the impeachment of Obama so early in his term? Are they waking up? Of the 52% of who oppose Obamacare, 90% say that too much government is involved.  Let me be clear, Americans are overwhelmingly for sensible healthcare reform.  But what is critical for Blue Dogs to understand is that most Americans are also fully aware that improvements to healthcare can be made without infringing upon our freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

In the efforts to pass some sort of government run healthcare bill, any sort, Obama’s forces have been arm-twisting, threatening, and buying votes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and with tons of pork.  Regretfully, many Blue Dogs have been coerced. It seems that politicians today rarely fail to live up to American’s low opinion of them.  Nevertheless, I do continue to hold out hope for Sen. Lieberman.  (Come on Joe, don’t sell America out.)

Are these Blue Dogs so insulated and isolated in Washington that they can’t see that the vast majority of rural Americans actually realize the proposed healthcare legislation in the Senate will push America over the cliff to bankruptcy and a downgrading of her sovereign credit rating?  How can they not know what their constituents want?

Yes – the government run healthcare reforms and the coming Cap & Trade legislation are “historic”.  But, they are “historic” in that they will collapse America’s economy and her values.  What a way for a “Blue Dog Democrat” to be remembered! Blue Dogs remembered for allowing irresponsible Democratic spending, control and taxing to take America to a dung-pile of mediocrity with fewer rights and protections for its people.  Blue Dogs remembered for creating the new America where the masses do only the minimum to get by and everyone else funds Obama’s stash.  Now that’s something they should be proud to tell their grand children about!

Yes, America is waking up to the reality that we made a terrible and dangerous mistake by electing Obama and giving his Party control of both Houses of Congress.

Blue Dog Democrats like Sen. Lieberman stand at the precipice.  The decision of what America will look like is theirs.

Here’s what’s amazing. What they need to do to save America from a socialist future is not that hard.  It will probably get them re-elected in the process.

The first thing is they need to vote against any healthcare reform with any kind of government run option; or anything that has the effect of crippling private insurance.  Blue Dogs need to tell Harry Reid to stop and start over with Republicans at the table. (They can consider tort reform, deductibility of premiums, buying insurance across state lines, medical savings accounts, more options for catastrophic coverage, etc.)

Second, they need to quickly open up the debate on the science of climate change and find commonsense solutions to the effects of an increase CO2 in the atmosphere.  They must investigate climate-gate and try to re-establish some credibility in the scientific community and their methods. Cap and Trade is not a commonsense solution.  It is not a solution at all and has failed everywhere it has been tried.  It is a vehicle for more government control, diminished U.S. sovereignty, and fraud.   Commonsense solutions involve looking for technology to remove CO2 as needed from the atmosphere; and using or converting the by-products into something that can be used.  Commonsense is to push for nuclear power while exploring more “clean” energy.  Commonsense is not increasing taxes and prices on energy in a time of recession.

Blue Dog Democrats need to claim the center strongly and proudly.  They need to identify what that means to them.  I’m sure that many Republicans and Independents would join them. They need to recognize that the Tea Party protesters are not the radical right. They’re nothing other than ordinary Americans with serious concerns.

Tea Party people are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalists, Conservatives, etc., and they are not in lock step on social issues.  They are people like me who have differing views depending on the issue – abortion, marriage, legalization of drugs, capital punishment, etc. They do however seem to be strongly united around ideas such as limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to the Constitution.  What’s not to love about that?

Blue Dog Democrats need to distance themselves from Pelosi, Reid, the far left, SEIU, ACORN, and Obama. 

They need to encourage the press to report accurately and fairly the shenanigans that are going on in Congress and the Obama Administration.  America will not survive long without a free and independent press.  When something not right is going on some Blue Dog Democrat, Republican or Independent needs to let people know.  Transparency and accountability needs to be the norm.

If any Blue Dogs do really exist, they should be able to easily appeal to the Tea Party Movement if they are sincere.

A real good start to get things really going would be to organize and declare that they are going to caucus with Republicans until the Democrats come back to their senses.  

When you run for re-election, I even have a suggestion for a theme song to play at your rallies.   It’s a take off of an old standard that Louie Armstrong used to sing.

What a Wonderful ‘Tea Party’ World

I see Dawgs of Blue, Tea Parties too
I see them Stand for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see Dawgs of Blue and Doing What’s Right
A Sound Dollar’s day, A Bark Sounding Might
And I think to myself, what a Tea Party world…


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