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The BOPAC Report:

I’m back from a month long stay in Honduras and I see the U. S. media continues to characterize the ouster of Zelaya as a coup.  It was not and I did not find one person in Honduras that believes it was a coup.  In Honduras, Zelaya is thought of as a corrupt politician who with Chavez’s help is trying to establish a dictatorship. He stole millions from the Honduran treasury, which was discovered after the earthquake. Zelaya is thought to be facilitating the drug trade and is widely believed to have a cocaine problem. I plan to write about this soon.  However, there should be some resolution in the next day or so.

Eligibility Issue –

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

The Right Side of Life provides a good summary of many early news articles that state that Obama is Kenya Born.

Historical News Articles and FactCheck Agree: Obama is Kenyan-born

Submitted by Phil on Sun, Oct 18, 2009

What had been a footnote to a recent posting on this site — as originally broke by TheBirthers.org — has become a whirl-wind of unearthed historical documents that were originally posted long before Mr. Obama’s eligibility had ever become the subject of scrutiny. In fact, TheObamaFile.com has compiled a number of links to these various stories:

  • Kenya Sunday Standard headline — “Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate”
  • The Nigerian Observer — “Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win.  The Kenyan-born Senator will…”
  • USAfrica — “Kenyan-born OBAMA makes history…wins presidential nomination of U. S. Democratic party; eyes on White House…”
  • AllAfrica.com — ” Little wonder then why Kenyan-born Barack Obama, America’s first Black President…”
  • GraphicGhana.com — “For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.” The same article, with the same quote, appeared in ModernGhana.com.
  • The Ghana Times — “So far, the odds favour the once underdog in American politics, Obama, the African-American Senator from Illinois state. A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan born American ahead of his rivel, John McCain.”…Continue Reading


Pretender In Chief –

Unknow Soldiers!

Unknow Soldiers!

 The Drudge Report has an interesting story up today.  Oath Keepers are certainly needed to protect America.

READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

Group asks police and military to lay down arms in response to orders deemed unlawful


Depending on your perspective, the Oath Keepers are either strident defenders of liberty or dangerous peddlers of paranoia.

In the age of town halls, talk radio and tea parties, middle ground of opinion is hard to find.

Launched in March by Las Vegan Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers bills itself as a nonpartisan group of current and retired law enforcement and military personnel who vow to fulfill their oaths to the Constitution.

More specifically, the group’s members, which number in the thousands, pledge to disobey orders they deem unlawful, including directives to disarm the American people and to blockade American cities. By refusing the latter order, the Oath Keepers hope to prevent cities from becoming “giant concentration camps,” a scenario the 44-year-old Rhodes says he can envision happening in the coming years.

It’s a Cold War-era nightmare vision with a major twist: The occupying forces in this imagined future are American, not Soviet.

“The whole point of Oath Keepers is to stop a dictatorship from ever happening here,” Rhodes, a former Army paratrooper and Yale-trained lawyer, said in an interview with the Review-Journal. “My focus is on the guys with the guns, because they can’t do it without them.

“We say if the American people decide it’s time for a revolution, we’ll fight with you.”…Continue Reading

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