Dr. Taitz Hearing Today – DoJ Argument – It’s the Fox’s Responsibility (The One With The Feather Stuck In His Teeth Who Watchs The Hen House) – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

Natural Born Citizen Issue –

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Today is the day of Dr. Orly Taitz’s hearing before the Honorable Judge Carter.  The Department of Justice has responded with a typical Obamanista response. 

Basically, the DOJ response is that since Attorneys’ directing legal challenges in over 50 cases across the nation and nearly half a million citizens signing petitions, writing letters, sending emails, and calling Congress failed to break through the intentional wall of oblivion of the media, the State Officials in charge of elections, District Attorney’s across the nation, Electors of the fifty states, and Members of the House and Senate – no one in the United States has standing to challenge Obama’s lack of eligibility after Congress ratified the vote of the Electoral College, other than the same Congress that allowed the fraud. 

The DOJ argues that other candidates who were cheated and members of the military who are sworn to protect the Constitution and are prohibited from following unlawful orders have NO standing.

The argument is analogous to a Senator driving drunk, his car goes in a river, his date dies and the Prosecutors for political reasons turn their heads, look the other way and say let God sort it out.  Then people are somehow expected to believe that the same prosecutors will months later revisit their neglect.  It will never happen.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that is just crap.

At 11:30 Eastern Time, I will send up a short prayer in hopes that God will sort out Judge Carter’s Marine Heart.

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