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The BOPAC Report:

Not A Natural Born Citizen –


If Obama is Not Eligible to Serve, He Cannot Issue "Lawful Orders" Obama may be a Natural Born Turd But He's Not a "Natural Born Citizen".

If Obama is Not Eligible to Serve, He Cannot Issue "Lawful Orders" Obama may be a Natural Born Turd But He's Not a "Natural Born Citizen".

As Dr. Orly Taitz approaches her hearing on Tuesday, September 8th, NaturalBornCitizen presents more information that should make it a slam dunk for the court to allow Dr. Taitz to proceed to discovery if Judge Carter is truly interested in getting to the bottom of foreign allegiances that prevent him from ever being a Natural Born Citizen.

FACTCHECK.ORG CAPITULATES – Admits Error In Obama Kenyan Citizenship Analysis.

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[ED – UPDATED 4:20 PM – Factcheck.org endorsed analyst caught scrubbing false data after original publication of this report.  See update below with screenshots.  We have retained a copy of the original cached web page.]

Yesterday, Factcheck.org admitted they reported a false fact concerning the alleged expiration of President Obama’s Kenyan citizenship.  They gave credit to this blog for correcting them:

Our Aug. 29, 2008, Ask FactCheck item asking whether Obama has Kenyan citizenship… stated that Obama did have dual citizenship as a child but that it expired as an adult.  But Leo Donofrio, a former lawyer, argues that we got the year wrong. He’s right about that, and we have corrected the item.

Initially, we said that Obama’s citizenship expired in 1982, on Obama’s 21st birthday. In fact, however, the Kenyan Constitution provides a two-year window during which one can decide which citizenship to keep. So, President Obama’s Kenyan citizenship expired on Aug. 4, 1984, not 1982, as we had initially reported.

We regret the error.

It’s not that they simply “got the year wrong”,  it’s that they misconstrued the statute which required a deeper analysis in order to comprehend how to arrive at the proper date.

Unfortunately, they made another factual error above;  I am not a former lawyer.  I am currently a lawyer with an active, pristine law license in the state of New Jersey.  I expect Factcheck.org to correct the defamatory statement.

Factcheck.org also incorrectly implied that I’m mixed up in the birth certificate issue.  I am not.  For those who don’t know the history of my blog, I’ve been asking a genuine legal question which stipulates Obama was born in Hawaii:

Since Obama admits he was a dual citizen governed by British law at birth, how can he be considered a natural born citizen of the US?

As to this question, Factcheck.org alleges a conspiracy theory.  But where is the conspiracy?  The US Supreme Court has never issued a ruling defining “natural born citizen”.  I have taken a position on this issue.  Others take the opposite position.  If taking a position thereto is a conspiracy theory, then their position must be the opposite conspiracy theory….Continue Reading

Following “Unlawful Orders” –

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Lady Justice Holds Her Nose while Dr. Orly Taitz Seeks a Fair Judge

Dr. Orly also has another motion before a Georgia court:

Request for emergency hearing

September 4th, 2009


4:09-cv-00106-CDL Rhodes v. MacDonald et al


U.S. District Court [LIVE AREA]

Georgia Middle District

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered by Taitz, Orly on 9/4/2009 at 3:16 PM EDT and filed on 9/4/2009

Case Name:                        Rhodes v. MacDonald et al

Case Number:                        4:09-cv-106

Filer:                        Connie Rhodes

Document Number:                        4

Docket Text:
MOTION request for emergency hearing September 9-10 due to scheduled deployment September 12 by Connie Rhodes filed by Orly Taitz.(Taitz, Orly)

Larry Sinclair’s Journey


Obama's Reading List - Larry Sinclair, Lenin and Marx

Obama's Reading List - Larry Sinclair, Lenin and Marx

It’s always interesting and informative to visit Larry Sinclair’s blog once a day to get is take on what’s going on in his life and the world of politics.  Larry Sinclair is the man who has alleged that he and Obama engaged in consensual sex and used cocaine back in 1999.  Nothing in Mr. Sinclair’s story has been contradicted by any facts.  Obama was available in Chicago during the week in question as far as anyone can tell.  Just like the question of whether Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, entitling him to remain in the Oval Office, Obama has refused to provide any documentation from his past that might refute Mr. Sinclair’s allegations.  I for one, from observing the incredible amounts of deception and hidden agendas present in the White House, believe Larry Sinclair.


Larry Sinclair has sent a copy of his book to the Michelle and Barack for their reading pleasure on their many taxpayer-funded vacations.   I suppose Larry Sinclair would be willing to consider any corrections that Obama would care to point out.  Maybe the Limo was not exactly white, but eggshell white.  Or maybe Obama wanted to do a little catching, but Mr. Sinclair refused him.  Who knows?  It’s interesting how everyone’s memories about events from years back differ in the small details.

I saw that Larry Sinclair had a post up that indicated that he had sent a copy of his book (Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder) to Glenn Beck.  Hopefully, Glenn Beck will read it.  Given that Glenn Beck’s eyes are now wide open to the deceptions and socialist/progressive agendas of the Obama Administration, he may just believe Mr. Sinclair. 

I also hope that Glenn Beck would revisit the Obama eligibility/natural born citizen issue. Given that Glenn Beck is fully aware how dangerous Obama’s agendas are to our American Republic and freedoms – maybe he will understand that if Obama is found to ineligible to serve as President, ALL of the Czars could be removed and everything Obama did undone. There could be real hope to set America back on course, based on fidelity to its Constitution!

Stop Obama Enterprises –


Obamanomics - Sarah Palin has a better plan!

Obamanomics - Sarah Palin has a better plan!

If our economic system of innovation and individual initiative is to survive and stand ready to tackle the enormous challenges that face America and the world, we must not allow the government to takeover American businesses.  Government run anything is a initiative, motivation, innovation, efficiency, freedom killing slug.


Support freedom – boycott General Motors, Chrysler, Citi-Bank and any other enterprise feeding off the taxpayer’s.



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