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The BOPAC Report:

Obama Climate Policy –

Obama Heading Wrong Direction on Climate Change - Carbon Capture, Storage and Use Makes More Sense Than Killing Millions of Jobs With CAP and TAX

Obama Heading Wrong Direction on Climate Change - Carbon Capture, Storage and Use Makes More Sense Than Killing Millions of Jobs With CAP and TAX

World Net Daily has a new poll out reflecting that most Americas realize that Obama’s Cap and Tax Plan is total crap. Research should be focused on removing CO2 from atmosphere, storing it and using it in manufacturing, etc.  Cap and Tax is designed to give more power to Obama’s government and to line the pockets of the chosen few.  California should drill to get out of their problems, nuclear power should be quickly ramped up and personal vehicles over a certain weight should pay a little more due to their impact on the highways (not because they use more gas).

2 out of 3 Americans oppose carbon taxes
Survey shows huge majority resists opening wallets for Cap-and-Trade

Posted: July 21, 2009

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Editor’s note: This is another is a series of monthly “Freedom Index” polls conducted exclusively for WND by the public opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies.

Almost half of the Americans who responded to a new poll say they have concerns about the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate, but two out of three say they have no interest whatsoever in opening their wallets to pay for any mitigation….Continue Reading

Obama’s “God Damn America” Whitehouse –

ChiBama Politics - Fires Secret Service Agent for asking for a Non-Hostile Workplace!

ChiBama Politics -

Update:  I have just learned that there is a likelihood that the following

story is either a plant from the left or not verified. I will put it back up if it is ever verified.

Secret Service Agent fired.

Back to established sources.

Atlas Shrugs has an interesting post about Obama’s propensity to turn everything into race.

‘Obama’s racist demagoguery’ By Pamela Geller, World Net Daily

Check out my latest oped piece in today’s World Net Daily
Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts president for blaming Whitey in NAACP speech


Obama’s racist demagoguery

Posted: July 22, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By Pamela Geller
© 2009 

After reading Barack Obama’s speech at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the NAACP Thursday, there is no getting around it: The man is a racist. He is not a unifier, a healer, or a leader – he divides, incites, destroys. He foments animus and anger. The speech proves, yet again, that he does not (nor does he want to) represent all Americans. He is the most racist, divisive official we have ever elected to any high office, let alone the most powerful office in the world. Continue Reading

ChiBama Politics –

Blago and Monk coming home to roost?

Is Chicago following Obama to the White House?

Is Chicago following Obama to the White House?

Is Monk’s plea being postponed to allow more time to milk information out of him?  Maybe he giving information about some higher up in Obama’s Administration?

Former Blago Chief Of Staff Postpones Guilty Plea

MIKE ROBINSON, AP Legal Affairs Writer
CHICAGO (AP) ― An attorney accused of scheming with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich to use the governor’s office as a vehicle for making money postponed Monday his plan to plead guilty to federal corruption charges.

Alonzo Monk, 50, Blagojevich’s law school roommate and first chief of staff in the governor’s office, is now set to plead guilty at an Aug. 11 hearing.

Monk attorney Michael J. Shepard of San Francisco declined to comment on the reason for the delay. Other attorneys in the case said there was no reason to suspect the snag was anything that couldn’t be ironed out.

The one-time chief of staff has been cooperating with federal prosecutors in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. Plea negotiations can be complicated and delays are common….Continue Reading

CitizenWells has this covered also! There are always  interesting comments on CitizenWell’s sites.

Obama’s Military –

Jibamahad Policy - Israel Loses Everything

Jibamahad Policy - Israel Loses Everything

Who was that said America has the most to fear from those who attack her from within? Now we have them within the Pentagon and the White House. Thank you Michelle Malkin for staying on top of the Administration’s shenanigans.

Anti-war congresswoman who protested surge now at the Pentagon

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 21, 2009 11:57 PM

Former Democrat Rep. Nancy Boyda of Kansas was once so allergic to positive reports about the surge in Iraq that she walked out of a House hearing in a snit fit.

Flashback 2007:

Kansas Rep. Nancy Boyda is defending her decision to step out of a hearing room last week while a retired Army general testified about U.S. progress in Iraq.

But Republicans on Monday accused Boyda of refusing to listen to the positive aspects of the Bush administration’s new Iraq strategy….Continue Reading

Just Say No to Cap and Tax, ObamaCare, Obamanomics, & Socialism!

Support Freedom – Boycott General Motors and Chrysler!

Support Freedom - Boycott General Motors (GM) and Chrysler

Support Freedom - Boycott General Motors (GM) and Chrysler

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