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The BOPAC Report:

Obama Foreign Policy –

Obama turns his back on people of Iran and supports wrong side in Honduras. Zelaya should be in a jail in Tegucigalpa!

Obama turns his back on people of Iran and supports wrong side in Honduras. Zelaya should be in a jail in Tegucigalpa!

Obama turns his back on Iranian protesters and supports Zelaya in Honduras. I have to agree with Ms. O’Grady’s statement – “in a perfect world former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya would be in jail in his own country right now, awaiting trial.” And where is the media?  Still carrying Obama’s water.

Why Honduras Sent Zelaya Away

The former president threatened to use force against the Congress and other institutions.


In a perfect world former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya would be in jail in his own country right now, awaiting trial. The Honduran attorney general has charged him with deliberately violating Honduran law and the Supreme Court ordered his arrest in Tegucigalpa on June 28.

But the Honduran military whisked him out of the country, to Costa Rica, when it executed the court’s order.

His expulsion has given his supporters ammunition to allege that he was treated unlawfully. Now he is an international hero of the left. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cuban dictator Raúl Castro, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez are all insisting that he be restored to power. This demand is baseless. Mr. Zelaya’s detention was legal, as was his official removal from office by Congress.

If there is anything debatable about the crisis it is the question of whether the government can defend the expulsion of the president. In fact it had good reasons for that move and they are worth Mrs. Clinton’s attention if she is interested in defending democracy.

Besides eagerly trampling the constitution, Mr. Zelaya had demonstrated that he was ready to employ the violent tactics of chavismo to hang onto power. The decision to pack him off immediately was taken in the interest of protecting both constitutional order and human life….Continue Reading

ChiBama Politics –

ChiBama Politics - Inspector General Walpin is one of many victims.

ChiBama Politics - Inspector General Walpin is one of many victims.

This  story of the Obama Administration’s blatant abuse of power is still in the news. It should be in every newspaper everyday. It’s like America has a smooth talking mobster in the Oval Office.

Why’d Obama fire investigator probing Sacramento mayor?

By Sam Stanton

Sacramento Bee

NEW YORK — Gerald Walpin doesn’t look “disoriented.”

Sitting in his seventh-floor Park Avenue home, he can remember when U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy summoned him to discuss prosecuting Roy M. Cohn, the attack dog for Joe McCarthy. He recalls Ethel Kennedy serving them tea or coffee as Kennedy’s huge dog lumbered over to lap at the creamer.

He smiles with satisfaction relaying how he verbally pummeled Woody Allen’s child psychologist on the stand to help Mia Farrow in her 1993 child custody case. “I did murder,” he says, “figuratively, not literally.”

What he can’t explain is why President Barack Obama fired him last month as the inspector general pursuing a case against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson for misuse of federal grant funds.

He said he has heard various explanations for his firing, the most recent that he appeared at a May 20 board meeting of the Corporation for National and Community Service in a “confused, disoriented” state.

He takes issue with them all and questions whether Johnson’s ties to the Obama White House are at the heart of his removal.

“The bottom line of what I believe is, I was fired for doing my job,” …Continue Reading

Obama Birth Certificate Issue –

Dr. Orly Taitz continue to ask the question - Where's the Birth Certificate?

Dr. Orly Taitz continue to ask the question - Where's the Birth Certificate?

Speaking of mobsters in the Oval Office, time to check in at Dr. Orly Taitz’s site.  Dr. Orly will be very busy this week with an important hearing this morning in Santa Ana, California and then on Wednesday she will be in court in Georgia (Cook v. Good et. al.). The action in Georgia is one reflecting extreme courage on the part of the Plaintiff, Major Stefan Frederick Cook, who is putting his military career on the line.  Hopefully, the judge hearing Dr. Orly’s cases will exercise the same courage as Major Cook and do what is right as opposed to what is “politically correct.”  I hope many people will attend these hearings to lend support to Dr. Orly Taitz’s efforts to protect the Constitution  of the United States.

From Dr. Orly’s site:

Please, keep in mind, tomorrow is just a hearing, I don’t want anybody disappointed. If Judge Carter rules in our favor, it will be great. If not, it is not the end of the world, and there will be more hearings. What is the most important, is that the Truth and Justice is on our side and the Truth will prevail sooner or later.

Dr. Orly Taitz’s appearance in Fed. Judge David Carter’s court TOMORROW!…

…Dear Friends,

…To those of you who live within an hour or two drive from Santa Ana;  I urge you to get up a little early and make the drive to get you to the Federal Building at the 8:00 am opening so you can get a seat behind Dr. Taitz in the courtroom TO WATCH and BE A PART OF, THIS TURNING POINT IN AMERICA’S HISTORY.  To date, most judges have weaseled out of   making decisions and judgments that would not be seen as favorable in advancing their careers OR detrimental to the Obama  machine.  I do NOT expect Judge Carter to be looking for “loopholes” so as to avoid “being on the hook” or intimidation by/from “the Feds.”

PLEASE try to get there and show Dr. Taitz your support.  If you can’t make it; maybe you “could” go to her web-site and follow directions to make a financial support payment.  Her expenses are VERY heavy.  On Wednesday, the 16th, she has to BE in Columbus. Georgia for a 9:30 am  appearance  before the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia on an ancillary case.

Liberty is not free folks … unless you are an ILLEGAL alien trespasser.  Kick in a few bucks to help defray Dr. Taitz’s expenses.  I thank You!


Where the action is!

U.S. Courthouse at Ronald Reagan Federal Building, 411 W. 4th St., Santa Ana, CA

Local Map HERE. …Continue Reading

CitizenWells is pointing everyone’s attention to a new ad.

Kerchner V Obama, lawsuit, July 13, 2009, Washington Times, Mario Apuzzo, Obama not natural born citizen

July 12, 2009

Look for this ad in the Washington Times on Monday, July 13, 2009, regarding the Kerchner v Obama lawsuit filed by attorney Mario Apuzzo…


Here is the text…Continue Reading

Larry Sinclair Story –

USS Larry Sinclair on Course

USS Larry Sinclair on Course

The Book Reviews keep coming regarding Larry Sinclair’s new book.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A BOOK REVIEW BY SOMEONE WHO READ THE BOOK: Not The Fake Obot Reviews Posted at BN.com and Amazon.com

Couldn’t find a listing for your book at Barnes & Noble so I posted this comment on Pat Buchanan’s blog. You have my permission to post it on your blog if you so desire, Larry…
I have just finished reading a book written by Lawrence W. Sinclair which title is:


The book is unique in a couple of ways. First, a separate ‘Note’ that came with the book (I have a numbered and autographed copy — one of the ‘early’ printings) that states “…some minor printing errors after the printer was instructed to print.” It goes on to say that I could return the book and get one of the subsequently corrected copies. It also said that the “…errors are in the printing ONLY and not in the content.”

I will state now that I wouldn’t return his book for anything; printing flaws and all. That book will be an historical collector’s item in no time…

As to the content: The author wrote his book under the most trying of circumstances including threats on his life and his family’s lives. The lies that have been told about him, by Obama supporters, among people in high places, in government and the news media only attest to one thing; THE BOOK IS TOTALLY NON-FICTION.

Plato (the philosopher) once pointed out that truth has a certain ring to it; Sinclair’s book, without a doubt, proves Plato’s point. The ‘ring of truth’ in his (Larry’s) book is loud and clear.

If you would like to learn of the depth politicians will go to amass power — if you would like to learn of just a few of the ‘deals’ politicians make with the devil, get a copy of Sinclair’s book. It will disgust you — it will make you want to vomit — it will make you angry as hell. Above all, it will make you realize “…this isn’t Kansas, Toto.” It is beyond belief that Mr. Sinclair was able to even publish his book, let alone have it printed.

Two things are for sure: 1) After reading it you will know what type of hoodlum resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 2) Although Larry Sinclair is an admitted gay person, he is more of a ‘man’ than 99 percent of the politicians in Washington.

This is not a diatribe against a ‘black’ president: There are many black men and women I would vote for in a heart-beat. Also, for those who now support Obama, read Sinclair’s book and ask yourself if your mind has been changed. If not, read it again…

The below is from a different individual who sent this by email:

Well I pampered myself today and stayed home from work so I could finally read your book. So I curled up on the couch today, with the doggies, and spent the whole morning doing what I’ve been waiting to do for so long… reading “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder”.

I have to tell you Larry that I was very impressed by how beautifully it flowed. You were very informative along with keeping it entertaining as well. You didn’t waste time with irrelevant chitchat for effect. Instead, you made sure to present the important facts and details. To put it in a nutshell, YOU DID GOOD!

Now I can’t wait to see it hit the bookstores. I plan to go to all the bookstores in this area and make sure they are properly displayed. If they’re not, I’ll raise HELL.

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