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The BOPAC Report:

Where was Obama Born?

I can prove I was born somewhere! Trust me.

I can prove I was born somewhere! Trust me.

From World Net Daily comes more contradictions out of the White House.

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
Walter Scott

Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital
Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims

Posted: July 07, 2009

By Joe Kovacs and Jerome Corsi

More than eight months after Barack Obama was elected president, the mystery surrounding his precise birthplace is deepening as the myth-busting website Snopes.com – along with several news agencies and an Obama community blog – directly contradict the president’s own claim regarding the hospital in which he was born.

In an official letter signed by Obama on White House stationery, the president celebrates his birth at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii. The facility has posted that letter on its website, along with video of the letter being read in public….Continue Reading

More on the subject of Obama’s tangled webs, Right Side of Life is reporting on Allen v. Soetoro

Allen v. Soetoro: Petition to Release FOIA Materials Filed in Federal Court

Submitted by Phil on Tue, Jul 7, 2005

Tucson, Arizona resident Kenneth Allen filed a petition with the United States District Court on July 6 alleging that his original request for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) materials had not been completely fulfilled (h/t Repubx.com):

Ken Allen had previously filed a FOI Request for information about one Barry Soetoro. The information requested, among other things, included Barry Soetoro’s school records and his Alien number. Ken has reason to believe that the Defendants in this Complaint have illegally prevented him from receiving the requested information, thus, the Lawsuit.

Ken Allen filed the original Request based on information and belief (not stated) that:

1. When registering as an attorney in the state of Illinois, Obama was required to fill out a form which asked for “Full Former Names” used. Obama wrote “None”. The other names he has used, that we currently know, are: Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham.

2. Obama has “sealed” all U.S. birth, school and business records filed under the Barack Obama name via legal action along with an Executive Order of Jan. 26, 2009.

3. If it is found that he has “sealed” all of the above mentioned records filed under the name of “Barry Soetoro”, it would be an admission of Perjury… a felony, plus an admission of ineligibility… cause for removal.

4. If he has not “sealed” or “scrubbed” these records, they will be available under the FOIA, hence the Complaint.


Continue Reading

Media Still Carrying Obama’s water!

Media Faithful in Carrying Obama's Water

Media Faithful in Carrying Obama's Water

The media has a short memory of what they question.  Atlas Shrugs continues bringing news that no other media will touch.

Media Laps Up Obama’s Weak and Hopelessly Naive Capitulation to Russia

UPDATE 10:13 pm: Obama says we did not win the cold war. OBAMA REVISING HISTORY. Obama said, “We don’t have to diminish other people in order to recognize our role in that history”. Yes, he said that. Listen to this – WATCH IT:

Who can forget how the media derided and mocked George W. Bush when, after a 2001 visit, he said of Vladimir Putin, “I looked the man in the eye. I was able to get a sense of his soul, a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.”

They pounded him relentlessly. Six years later the NY Times was still running headlines like Mr. Bush Gets Another Look into Putin’s eyes.

So it is amusing to watch the media cows groveling at Obama groveling to an evil despot (note, in the article, the media is still blaming Bush). Am I the only American who winces in embarrassment when Obama does his ass kissing/apology tours?

Obama Lauds Putin’s ‘Extraordinary Work’ in Visit to Mend Ties

July 7 (Bloomberg) — U.S. President Barack Obama lauded Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for his service to Russia, continuing a three-day push to overcome the animosities of the George W. Bush era.

“I am aware of not only the extraordinary work you have done on behalf of the Russian people in your previous role as prime minister — as president — but in your current role as prime minister,” Obama told Putin.

Yes, invading Georgia was an extraordinary moment. He appears weak and easily beatable. The man is groveling to Russia. I am going to puke.

Obama has accomplished worse than nothing. He abandoned our allies in the region as he dumps a desperately needed missile defense plan for Poland.

When queried in his press conference with Mededev by Ben Feller of the Associated Press as to whether he trusted his Russian counterpart and whether he believed he’s truly in charge, Obama said:

“I trust President Medvedev”…Continue Reading

Larry Sinclair shipping books round the world –

USS Larry Sinclair on Course

USS Larry Sinclair on Course

From Cao’s Blog comes this report:


BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? – books are ready for shipping

By: Cao

The Obots are absolutely sweating and fretting about Larry Sinclair sending the book orders out – and as they watch this video of him packing them up for shipping.

They have tried SO hard to prevent this from happening. See how effective the “truth squad” is, David, Michael & Billy? I’d like to see David write in his upcoming book “Audacity to Win” the truth about Larry Sinclair’s illegal arrest without a warrant due to the possible exposure of Obama’s & Reverend Wright’s connection to Donald Young’s murder in 2007; the crack Cocaine use long after Obama said he’d quite; and things that weren’t in the book-such as the grandmother in Kenya who says she witnessed his birth in Kenya; Obama and his sister not being able to agree on what hospital in Hawaii he was born in; the lawsuits that the Obama campaign spent over $900,000 to avoid showing a $10.00 birth certificate…Those hot little items would really show their collective AUDACITY TO WIN. Without them, I don’t think the book will be very successful…because the American people know about all these troubling things. When I went to Nashville and at the tea parties, I discovered–PEOPLE KNOW.

Larry Sinclair’s story is only a part of it.

But we can smile knowing that Larry Sinclair’s book wasn’t silenced. BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? is now on its way to the many people who ordered it-and mine were shipped out already- God love him; with a personal inscription in one of them-and I only wish i was closer to him geographically speaking so I could help print off packing slips and labels….Continue Reading

ChiBama Politics –

ChiBama Politics Destroying America

ChiBama Politics Destroying America

Obambi.com has a good piece on Sarah Palin.  I agree with her describing her critics accusations as “bull crap.”  I see Obama and most of his administration as crap from head to toe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009…6:19 pm

Why we like Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin was coy about her presidential aspirations but criticized both President Obama and the Republican Party in her first interview since announcing she was stepping down as governor of Alaska.

Standing astride a fishing boat she would later climb aboard to haul in fishing nets and salmon, Palin expressed bitterness at bloggers who peppered her with ethics accusations, whom she said brought government in Alaska to a grinding halt.

“The critics want to put you on a course of personal bankruptcy, so you can’t afford to serve,” she said, calling the attacks “bull crap.”

The governor made the remarks in an interview with FOX News in Dillingham, where she was fishing with her husband, Todd, and daughter Piper. Reporters from three other networks were also in attendance.

Watch the full interview on FOX News Channel at 9 a.m. ET

Palin said she has started a legal defense fund to raise money for legal fees.

She said Obama is taking the country in the wrong direction, and while she wouldn’t reveal her future plans, indicated she has fight left in her….Continue Reading

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