France and Italy Better Friends to Israel than Obama – Birth Certificate Issue Notice – The BOPAC Report – Boycott GM

The BOPAC Report:

On World Net Daily, they have an article talking about the question: Is now the time for Israel to attack Iran? I have been thinking the same thing for the past 2 weeks.  I didn’t want to write anything in case Israel was considering the idea.

Should Israel attack distracted Iran now?

Aaron Klein weighs pros and cons of strike during opposition protests

Posted: June 24, 2009
By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – With the Tehran regime distracted by growing opposition protests, is now a good time for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear sites?

Iran is defying the international community and thumbing its nose at President Obama’s proposed dialogue over the nuclear issue. Israeli intelligence is warning it could be a matter of months – not years – before Iran has enough uranium that, if enriched more, could produce one or two nuclear

devices. With time swiftly running out, should Israel use the opportunity of the current drama in Iran to attack the country with the goal of setting back its nuclear program?

Here are a few pros and cons of an Israeli strike on Iran during opposition protests there….Continue Reading

Is seems that France will be a more reliable friend in the foreseeable future.

Meeting between French president Sarkozy and Israeli PM Netanyahu

President Sarkozy had an in-depth discussion on the Middle East with the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, during his first official visit to France since the Israeli general election in February.

The President Sarkozy reiterated with the same forcefulness as in his Knesset speech on 23 June 2008 that France will never compromise on Israel’s security. This commitment lies at the heart of the relations of friendship and trust uniting our two countries. In this regard, President Sarkozy once again clearly signalled that the prospect of a nuclear Iran is unacceptable.

President Sarkozy also reaffirmed that the creation of a Palestinian State which is independent, democratic, modern, viable, peace-loving and at peace with itself, existing in peace and security alongside Israel, is one of the best guarantees of Israel’s long-term security.

The Head of State welcomed the prospect of a Palestinian State outlined by Mr Netanyahu during his speech on 14 June at Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan University. That speech marked an important step forward towards the only possible solution, that of two States for two peoples. President Sarkozy specified that the future Palestinian State could in no way constitute a threat to Israel’s security….Continue Reading

Italy is also a better friend to Israel than Obama.

Italy backs Netanyahu’s peace plans

By STEVE WEIZMAN – 2 days ago

ROME (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got a warm and supportive welcome Tuesday from Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, while postponing a potentially less comfortable meeting with President Barack Obama’s Mideast envoy.

At a joint news conference after talks lasting about two hours, Berlusconi endorsed Netanyahu’s plan for a future demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes Israel as a “Jewish state.” That means that Palestinians must give up any notion of refugees who left what is now Israel — or their millions of descendants — resettling in their former homes.

And although the U.S. says emphatically that Israel must call an immediate halt to all forms of Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank, Berlusconi was more gentle, speaking only of the need for Israel “to send signals” on stopping settlement.

“It was a very warm welcome,” an upbeat Netanyahu briefed Israel-based journalists traveling with him after the Berlusconi meeting. “It would be hard to find a better friend.”….Continue Reading

I wonder what is going on in Obama’s Foreign Policy Office?


There is an important update concerning Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversity.

June 25, 2009

Exclusive: Judge Accepting Letters in Lawsuit Re. Birth Certificate Question

The Editors

Judge Joel Schneider is accepting letters in the Kerchner vs. Obama birth certificate case and will include them in the file if received by Monday, June 29th.

If you’re concerned about the Constitutional issues surrounding the birth certificate controversy, this is your chance to let your opinions be known. Security

for families and for all Americans rests on the principles of law, and subversion of the Constitution is not in anyone’s best interests.

Send your letters to:

Hon. U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider

U.S. District Court

401 Market Street

Camden, NJ 08102-1568

FAX 856-757-5370

Background information:

The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy – Not a Political Issue, but a Legal One

…Continue Reading

Of course here is what Obama is saying.


Support Freedom – Boycott General Motors (GM)

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