Larry Sinclair is Receiving Book Orders Now – WND Reward for Witness to Obama’s Birth – Speculation About $134 Billion in Treasury Securities – Obama Comes Late To Iran – Michelle Malkin – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

Larry Sinclair has begun taking orders for his new book!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Orders for the Book have started coming in and will begin shipping out next week. Direct orders may be placed using the form at

This is an interesting post about a subject that I have been following for a week or two.  I need to have a few more facts before panic time.

If you were worried before…


It’s now time to panic!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about a couple of Japanese businessmen who were arrested at the Italian/Swiss border while trying to smuggle $134-BILLION in U.S. Treasury notes across the border.  This was ignored by the American main stream media.

The U.S. Government tried to tell the world press that these were forgeries and fakes.  If you believe that, I’ve got some great beachfront property near Phoenix and a fabulous bridge in New York you might be interested in buying…

This is the single biggest farce I’ve heard about in a long time.  Does anyone actually believe that anyone would be transiting a national border with $134 Billion in “fake” Bonds concealed in a suitcase with a fake bottom?

Does anyone actually believe Italian Authorities would ignore their own laws and release persons who violated Italian financial disclosure laws?

Does anyone really believe that a bank or other entity would simply accept a US Treasury “Intergovernmental” Bond with a face value of either $500 Million or $1 Billion without ever calling the US Treasury to determine if the bonds were valid?

The absurd explanation provided by the U.S. Government that the bonds were “fakes” would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic….Continue Reading

World Net Daily is announcing a reward for a witness to Obama’s birth –

Farah’s $10,000 birth certificate challenge
Editor encourages readers to help him up the ante

Posted: June 22, 2009
WASHINGTON – WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove he or she was present at the birth of Barack Obama – and he’s asking Americans to donate to the cause in hopes of raising the bounty to an irresistible amount.

“Barack Obama claims to have been born in Honolulu Aug. 4, 1961,” explains Farah. “His entire constitutional claim to the presidency rests on this premise. Yet, he refuses to release a copy of his long-form birth certificate – the only document that could possibly corroborate his claim. Therefore, in the interest of truth, justice and the Constitution, I am making the extraordinary offer to entice someone to come forward with the facts of his birth – whether it took place in Hawaii or elsewhere.”

Obama has steadfastly refused to release evidence of that Hawaiian birth – a valid, long-form birth certificate that would show details of the birth, such as the hospital and the attending physician. Because the short-form “certification of live birth” he released to select news organization was at least sometimes issued for foreign births on the basis of an affidavit by one parent, it proves nothing as far as constitutional eligibility – and, in fact, raises suspicions about a foreign birth….Continue Reading

Michelle Malkin and Atlas Shrugs have been doing a great job of reporting on the Iranian Issue –

From Ms. Malkin:

Obama-come-lately on Iran; O’s obligatory press conference

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 23, 2009 11:43 AM

At around 12:30pm Eastern, Barack Obama will put down his ice cream cone and boldly condemn repression in Iran.

Why now?

Andrew Malcolm explains the timing:

You don’t need to be a basketball-loving president of the United States to know that if you’re trying to block opponents’ shots in your end, you sure aren’t increasing your own totals. You can’t score points on D.

So Obama’s news conference this morning Pacific time is his bid to steal the ball from his opponents and scoot down the court for his own layup. It’s a classic political reset of the play clock. At 9:30 a.m. Pacific (12:30 p.m. Eastern, 4:30 p.m. GMT), Obama will make a statement in the White House Rose Garden and then take questions.

Obama has lost some mojo in recent days on this month’s pressing issues, especially Iran’s ongoing protests and healthcare reform…Continue Reading


Keep Obama’s Economic Team From Flushing America’s Economy!

Obama taking over American businesses under the guise of rescue is Obama paying back union leaders for their support and Obama intentionally growing government to increase its power.

Support Freedom – Boycott General Motors (GM)

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