Obama’s Economy – Rahm Emanuel – Stimulus Creating Bigger and Better Jobs – Somebody’s Full of Something – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

Obama’s Economic Stimulus

Obama is going to give an important speech about the Economy soon.  Hopefully, it will be something other than the same ol s#@t!  Here’s a little of what I expect Mr. Obama to tell us.

Toilet-Economy-Obama - Giethner-and Emanuel

Unfortunately, most politicians are normally so full of it (excrement), that one can’t help but imaging them like Mr. Obama in this cartoon.  If the media did its job, I’m fairly sure that most Americans would see Obama this way too.  Kinda like the Emperor with no clothes, pure pooh.  I bet AmeriCorps Inspector General Walpin sees Obama and his minions like the above cartoon.

Support Freedom – Boycott General Motors (GM)

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