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The BOPAC Report:

Russian press outshines American media:

America’s decline into Marxism began long before Obama-nation
Pravda.Ru has recently published an article American capitalism gone with a whimper which describes the present-day economic situation in the USA. This article triggered a very vivid discussion in Western media sources. We received a lot of emails from our readers and here are the most interesting of them:

Wayne VanDerwood: “I read today the article about the United States loosing it’s freedoms. This article angers me a great deal. Especially coming from Pravda.Ru. I am particularly angry that there is not a single untruth in the entire article. The very idea of printing the truth. What has happened to the world when a Russian news paper lectures Americans on liberty and is completely correct.”
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World Net Daily provides further evidence that the document Obama supporters claim establishes Obama’s birth in Hawaii is little more than toilet paper. One day Dr. Orly, Philip Berg and the other attorneys demanding Obama prove that he is a Natural Born Citizen will get their day in court to present evidence. When the truth comes out about Obama’s birth and Larry Sinclair, it will be the final nail in the American Media’s coffin.

Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ not acceptable in Hawaii?

Even state requires long-form document for some eligibility, identification issues
Posted: June 07, 2009

From the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands website

WASHINGTON – The Hawaiian certification of live birth Barack Obama posted on his campaign website and distributed to select news organizations as proof he was a “natural born citizen” would not be accepted as a “birth certificate” even for some Hawaiian state government eligibility issues, WND has learned.

The investigation follows a Honolulu Star Bulletin column Saturday, which quotes a state Department of Health spokeswoman as saying the state’s current certification of live birth is recognized “as an official birth certificate meeting all federal and other requirements.”

The website of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
, however, states clearly the certification of live birth touted by the Obama campaign, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and a host of other Obama defenders is not acceptable as a form of identification to qualify under this program.

As WND has reported, certifications of live birth were widely issued to Hawaiians born in foreign countries in 1961, the year Obama was born.

Are you motivated yet to join the billboard campaign and clear up the air of mystery surrounding Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve?

The Star Bulletin column goes on to report: “The issue of what constitutes an official Hawaii birth certificate received national attention during last year’s presidential campaign. Those who doubted Barack Obama’s American citizenship called the copy of the Hawaii birth document posted on his campaign website a fake.”

However, Obama’s “citizenship” was never the question raised during the campaign or after the election. The issue raised by WND has consistently been that Obama failed to prove he was actually born in Hawaii and thus constitutionally qualified to become president as a “natural born citizen” – which requires that the birth took place in the United States.

The qualifications for the Hawaiian Home Lands program require a certified copy of a standard birth certificate – also known as the “long-form certificate” filled out in the hospital and including details such as the name of the hospital and the attending physician.

“In order to process your application, DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green,” the qualifications state. “This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL.”...Continue Reading

From Texas Darlin comes a thoughtful article about Israeli/Palestinian issue. Obama is certainly no friend of Israel and they must accept this as fact and act accordingly.

I Think The Barry Blundered

June 7, 2009 by shtuey

Let’s talk turkey for a moment. There has been a lot of stress lately among Jews about Resident Pajama’s evolving policies regarding the Middle East. We just finished enduring his latest campaign speech (ACORN must be paving the way to register foreign nationals to vote in American elections from the way he was kissing Arab/Muslim behind in Cairo). While supporters of Israel are feeling some heat over the seemingly chronic calls for halting settlement construction, I am beginning to realize that The Barry has backed himself into a tighter corner than I thought. It really hit home yesterday as I began seeing the reaction from his global Arab/Muslim audience…

…Polls in Israel are also indicating that the public understands that The Resident is advocating hostile policies against the Jewish state, and that Israelis approve of their Prime Minister’s handling of The Barry…Continue Reading

I especially liked the author referring to Obama as “The Resident.” Let’s see – that would make POTUS become ROTUS which is simuliar to Rodentia which might look like –


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