California’s Dysfunctional Family – Obama – Motivations – Birth Certificate – Tenth Amendment – Larry Sinclair – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

California’s Dysfunctional Family –

Obama and Congressional Motivations in Bailing Them Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Washington this week (hiding) participating in some mutual back slapping with Obama while his California’s ballot measures are predicted to go down in flames.  Good, if the measures are defeated and good for the apparent reemergence of common sense in California voters! These revenue raising measures have been correctly identified by voters as more of the “Kabuki dance of dysfunctionality.”  Like Michigan, New York, and other reliably blue “progressive” states with high taxes and crippling budget deficits, the problems with their economies rest with legislatures putting the cart carrying the “I wants” ahead of the “revenue” horse.  Hell, most of the legislators in these states are so inept that they fail to recognize what to feed the “revenue” horse so it will produce revenues.

In California, legislators were hoping to cobble together measures that could help close their 42 billion dollar deficit. However, instead of trying to explain in detail how all this came to be, it may be more useful to analogize California’s Governor and Legislature (and other states whose balance sheets are in such a mess) to dysfunctional parents and compare them to parents in “successful” American families.

What are the modeled, learned and acquired attributes present in families that predict success? I think success comes frequently when family members are trying to live ethically, honestly, lovingly, responsibly, determinedly and compassionately. Success comes where family members are trying to think well about each other and trying to be there when one is down and needs a hand up.  Success comes when people are trying to be as self-sufficient as they can by identifying their resources, needs, wants and responsibilities.  I think success comes when family members are prioritizing and focusing on moving forward (as they wish) towards reaching their individual goals; and at the same time, looking out for and taking into consideration the family’s health and economic well being.

What are the attributes of parents that are more likely to lead to a successful family? Parents need to be the adults, thinking about creating opportunities for success for their kids and each other.  Parents need to be role models of responsibility and self-reliance for their children.  They need to be paying attention to each individual family member and the family as a unit.  They need to identify family resources, needs, wants, and responsibilities.  Parents need to model living within one’s means with responsible prioritizing. Parents need to allow children to acquire independence.  They also need to be able to keep strong willed children from running roughshod over the less aggressive family members.  They need to encourage competition and allow failure from time to time. They must say no when necessary.

What has happened in California? Let’s say that the Governor/Legislative bodies are the parents and that the individual legislators, special interest groups and citizens are the children.

I was living in Los Angeles when Arnold was first elected, and at that time he seemed very responsible and determined to set California on a road to fiscal responsibility. It was amazing that it seemed most people were on board and hoping for positive change. Then when spending cuts were proposed – the teachers unions, the media and others threw their money, weight and voices behind blocking everything Arnold was trying to do. The Terminator was effectively castrated by the unions and their friends. Now Governor Schwarzenegger seems to have given up on real fiscal responsibility and has been reduced to a parent negotiating and pleading with strong willed children (legislators beholding to teacher’s unions, environmental groups and other special interests) to be liked and survive.

These groups in California are so strong and selfish that neither the Governor nor the Legislature can do anything that bumps up against their interests or wants without throwing them something.   They stomp their feet and scream that they want THAT toy NOW or scream NO that’s mine. The regular non-governmental citizens/taxpayers are the less aggressive children who are being run over by selfish bullies in the family and being asked to sacrifice (pay taxes) for their greed.  The parents (the Governor and Legislature) are unwilling (afraid) to say no to the bullies or take care of the other less aggressive children. The possibility of not being reelected is clouding the duty of these “parents” to create economic stability.

The parents are certainly aware that they have resources that could go a long way towards getting them through their financial crisis. They could cut taxes on businesses and corporations to try to attract jobs and increase revenue to the state.  They could start the ball rolling on reviving the nuclear power industry, creating good jobs and providing clean energy. California also has lots of oil just off the coast seeping out naturally and the ability to solve a lot of their water problems with simple solutions but their obstinate children continue to stand opposed, tying up projects and solutions that could help the “family.”

So is Governor Schwarzenegger now in Washington just to soak up the applause of the left with his support of much higher national CAFE standards that will hasten the demise of the American auto industry?   Or is Governor Schwarzeneggar there to cement some type of federal bond guarantee/bailout from the Grand Parents – Obama and the Federal Government?  Is he shaking hands with the devil or following a Siren steering America and her Constitution to the rocks? (These new standards will add about 1,300 dollars to the cost of each new American car. America/California needs to be accelerating research to find ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and use/store it, instead of ways to slow our economy with cap and trade nonsense that will only make a certain few rich beyond measure. China and India are not signing on to forced reductions of CO2; and therefore, we will only accomplish damaging the competitiveness of American businesses and sending American jobs packing. Yesterday, NPR had a piece on reverse migration for India – a brain drain from the U.S.  For most of middle/rural America, all the government incentives Congress can print won’t make it economically feasible for most to pay what these cars are going to cost. When Obama gets his $5.00 a gallon gas price established, it will only serve to drive rural Americans and America’s businesses over the cliff. )

Hasn’t Schwarzenegger seen that with everything Obama has touched so far, there are tentacles attached that are intended to keep control with our incompetent Congress?  Does he really think that Obama is not going to cause some part of California’s sovereignty to slip away?  Will something Governor Schwarzenegger agrees to cause every state’s sovereignty to erode?  Will the Terminator terminate the protection afforded California through the 10th Amendment for 30 (billion) pieces of silver?

Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This “Grandparent” has a closet full of skeletons poised to bust the door down if the media ever starts acting like journalists instead of cheerleaders.  There are numerous lawsuits challenging the eligibility of Obama to hold the Office of President of the United States.  Many in the United States Military and several state legislators have joined these actions as Plaintiffs – but not a word from the media. However, if one judge remembers that his or her oath was not to Obama but was to the Constitution of the United States and the Rule of Law, then Obama’s time in the Oval Office will probably be over soon.  If discovery is allowed to proceed and Obama is forced to produce his long form birth certificate, college records and other requested documents; we all may see exactly why Obama has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep these documents from the public.  The reason is that he may not be a “natural born citizen” as required under the Constitution.  (See Philip Berg, Dr. Orly Taitz, CitizenWells, Mario Apuzzo and the Right Side of Life for information about the eligibility issue.)

Another skeleton that might slide under Obama’s door may be his association(s) with the community group, ACORN.  Regrettably, the only nationally known person acting at all like a real journalist this year and investigating ACORN is the self-described opinion guy, Glenn Beck. Nevertheless, a preliminary indication from what Mr. Beck has reported is that ACORN is looking like a snake pit of corruption.  On cue, it turns out that the New York Times apparently squashed an Obama/ACORN/corruption story prior to the election because it might have looked bad for him.  Imagine that. The media’s manipulation/non-reporting of the news is the main problem facing America today because people cannot tell what the truth is and they don’t have the time or energy to dig for it.  America’s problems can’t be solved effectively if we don’t have all the information.

Even though Rezko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, Alinsky, Odingo, Farrakhan, and Larry Sinclair reflect different verses to Obama’s Song, the media fails to report family secrets. For Governor Schwarzenegger to approach Obama the “grandparent” looking for a handout is like a parent approaching the child-molesting grandparent for help and giving them more access to his family.

Governors across America had better be paying attention when these dysfunctional families/states seek to shift the results (debt) of their lack of fiscal responsibility onto the backs of residents of states that are not sinking and how such efforts could affect our rights under the 10th Amendment. It is not right – but it will not be a surprise when citizens of responsible states are forced to bear the burden of paying for dysfunctional (blue) states’ drunken spending.  The Obama Administration is not going to let California’s crisis go to waste and miss the opportunity to further consolidate power in their ever growing Federal Government.

The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothingAlbert Einstein

I believe Texas Governor Perry should contact Dr. Orly Taitz or Philip Berg and join their efforts seeking enforcement/protection of the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law. With Nancy Pelosi daily undermining the CIA efforts to keep America safe and Obama making huge strides towards creating his “central” government, time is increasingly short.

Update: California measures all failed except the single good one.  Watch for the Governator’s hand reaching for your wallet vis-à-vis Obama!

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  1. thedametruth Says:

    EXCELLENT piece!

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