Notre Dame Seniors Boycott Obama – Boycott GM and Chyrsler – BUY FORD – CitizenWells – Norman Mattoon Thomas – Larry Sinclair – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

This is the kind of Community Organizing that Obama should be proud of but probably will not even notice (like he didn’t notice the Tea Parties).  I hope all of the graduating class of Notre Dame boycotts Obama’s attendance.

Some Notre Dame Seniors Say No to Graduation

Because of President Obama’s appearance and speech at Notre Dame this Sunday, some seniors will not attend their own graduation ceremony and instead join a University prayer service on the grounds at Notre Dame. No indication yet as to how many seniors will forgo the graduation ceremony.

The student group behind this effort, ND Response, has made this wild hollywood style video showcasing their displeasure with Notre Dame and the President. I must say the production value is extremely high and I feel like I’m watching a trailor for some sort of hollywood blockbuster movie. Watch it here.

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Maybe these Notre Dame Seniors will organize a boycott of GM and Chrysler for their unseemly acquiescence to Obama’s marching America to socialism.  BUY Ford!

CitizenWells has an excellent post up that says it all!

Norman Mattoon Thomas

Leading American socialist

Six time Socialist Party of America presidential candidate

Norman Thomas, 1962

Norman Thomas, 1962

From a 1944 Norman Thomas speech:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism.

But, under the name of “liberalism”,

they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program,

until one day America will be a socialist nation,

without knowing how it happened.”

“I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party.

The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

A  Comment on Larry Sinclair’s Site gives a small glimmer of hope that the Media’s Baby-Pooh Yellow Wall of Silence is showing a few cracks.  Time will tell.  The Comment is in response to Larry’s post-


Anonymous said… I think your going to win it Larry. My neighbor’s daughter came to visit for Mother’s Day and we had a surprising talk. Turns out she is a senior in journalism at Missouri, and is interning at a major midwest newspaper. Believe it or not, she has been secretly interviewing people from…Continue Reading

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