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Symbolic Acts Might Just Set In Motion

“Change Resembling American Principles”

What is the individual to do when the concepts & principles he or she loves about America are being grossly manipulated, trampled or even thrown away by politicians? The principles and concepts that I’m talking about are those such as personal responsibility for decisions; honesty, integrity, and honor; neighbor helping neighbor, self reliance, family reliance and minimal dependence on government (politicians); the rule of law; fiscal responsibility for government, business, and the individual; and having a federal government that is as limited as possible so it does not unreasonably infringe upon the rights of the states or citizens. What’s the individual to do when the government itself is the instigator of changes that are leading America to bankruptcy and socialism? When the media has brought into the government’s plan for a dependent and compliant population?

If anything can be learned from the last few weeks and months that can help answer these questions, it is that ‘Symbols’ and ‘Symbolic Gestures” are always in play and can be powerful.

What have we seen?

Just a few months ago, the financial bailouts began and the Symbolic Barrier of a Trillion Dollars flew by – a trillion dollars of new debt had been thrown on the table by Congress. (Many Members of Congress had not even read the bills.) The bailing out of the financial sector had begun in earnest. Wham Bam!

Unfortunately, Americans have never been sufficiently informed about what really happened to cause the breaking of the trillion dollar barrier. Most Americans turned on their TVs for the evening news or checked out media reports on Google or Yahoo News for the story. However, reality almost never matches what we read, hear or see in the media or from politicians. With tons of filtered and select versions of “the facts” being presented in the media, the culpable in Congress were able to slide the lion’s share of the blame for the need of bailouts on to the backs of greedy big business, when in fact Congress had started the ball rolling years ago by requiring banks to make riskier and riskier mortgage loans to people who could not afford them. Instead of Congress as the Symbol of Incompetence, the image was created that government is the Symbol of Salvation, the only choice available for the America’s financial systems.

One could almost see the wheels turning in psyches of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, and Obama. I believe it was the Symbol of Obama as a Friend to Israel, Rahm Emanuel and the Symbol of Obama’s Magnanimity, Hillary Clinton who had both said that you never want to waste a serious crisis. It’s an opportunity to do the things you did not think you could do before. Hello Obama’s 3+ Trillion dollar budget! What’s a trillion here or there when we have so much to do to ensure our power from now until the sun burns out?

That’s the thing about breaking the Trillion dollar barrier, when it’s done – it’s done. Obama supporters and the “main stream media” now just accept it as normal, a natural means to an end and they spin it. Never mind the extreme inflation that will certainly result from printing money from thin air; and that the Symbol of Economic Health, the dollar’s currency exchange rates will likely fall to historic lows in the not to distant future; and that a glaring Symbol of American Weakness has been created with China owning so much of our debt that we are effectively held hostage.

Because the “main stream media” for many remains the Symbol of Journalism, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, the Obama deceptions can continue. Most people are just too busy to pay attention and look behind what they read, hear or see.

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd (two of the primary enablers of America’s financial calamity) and the majority of the Democratic leadership plant daily Wall Street and AIG Greed seeds. They water them with hatred and righteous indignation against bonuses and high pay for executives of AIG and banks that took TARP funds. They poke the public with class warfare spears of injustice, jealousy and outrage. Obama’s former employer, ACORN, joined in on drawing extra negative attention to these executives. They organized bus tours to the homes of AIG executives to intimidate. Always wanting to be helpful, the media steadfastly neglects the real details of how all this came about – the roles of Congress, Timothy Geithner, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank. And not surprising, many on Obama’s team have managed to line their pockets with money and perks flowing from some of these distressed organizations.

And now, the totally bizarre news that of the banks that have taken TARP funds, some banks are not being allowed to pay back the money because the government wants the control over the financial industry. For Obama’s administration, it was never about just bailing them out struggling companies.

Again opportunity knocked at Obama’s door when the auto industry came begging for funds. CEOs came before Congress and allowed themselves to be humiliated and vilified by Representatives grandstanding for the cameras. Ford wisely decided to let the government keep their money; it was not worth the price. GM and Chrysler held their beggar cups higher.

And in steps Obama, the Symbol of the All Knowing Protector Government, and essentially fires GM’s CEO. What an arrogant symbolic act, a man with no experience running any business, firing the CEO. Geithner then followed with a second sucker punch and let it be known that other executives may be forced out also. The Administration obviously realizes that the government must be seen to be firmly in charge in order to go even further! Can’t let a serious crisis go to waste, can we?

These actions clearly demonstrate the Administration’s desire for the government to incrementally increase its control of targeted sectors in order to help move Obama’s political agenda forward quickly. With the media’s help in conditioning, they want the unaware public to have a growing subconscious acceptance of having a governmental presence in different business sectors (socialism). Then one day the public will wake up and the government will be controlling (directly or indirectly) nearly every aspect of their lives, and the sleepy public will have no idea how it happened. We’ll be living in a mediocre American with a chronically ailing economy. (Again ponder the absurdity of banks not being able to return TARP funds?) Think about what happened when the Congress decided to change the rules of mortgage loan risk assessment for bankers. How’d that work out?

With people like Obama, Geithner, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi reworking the foundations of the free-market, calamity is sure to be just over the horizon. However, when all is said and done, I hope that Ford, who wisely rejected Obama’s offer of government strangulation, will be left standing as a model for the American auto industry’s reemergence.

Shortly after the spectacle of Obama’s raptures sinking their talons deep in body of the private sector, Obama signaled on the European stage that he will continue down the America apologizes to the world road to Transnationalism. Obama’s diatribe was embarrassingly symbolic of a contrite America, a sorrowful lover begging forgiveness from the world? But the symbolisms that most troubled me were Obama’s comments and actions that reveal to our foes that they have nothing to fear from the United States.

When Obama, given his familial connections to Islam, did the unheard of and deeply bowed before the Saudi King this week at the G-20, the inescapable symbolism of Obama’s subservience could not have passed Israeli and Iranian eyes unnoticed. Yes symbolic gestures can speak louder than words, even Obama’s words. I bet Rahm Emanuel’s stomach did a flip at Obama’s display. It begs the question – did Emanuel interpret Obama’s action as the innocent act of a naïve fool or the intentional message of one playing the fool? That act effectively told the world and Iran that the US will not be there for Israel should they be attacked. That’s the message I received.

Has Obama done anything that might counter the message of the bow? I don’t think so. When Israel needs the strong support and commitment from the US in order to survive; they get a bow to their adversaries instead. Public, forceful and genuine commitment to come to someone’s defense, to risk life and limb are Symbols of Resolve. I didn’t see Obama make any such commitment, express or implied, to Israel.

So Obama goes and receives his rock star’s welcome, tries to espouse his strength and resolve. I’m sure his rhetoric was well received by his supporters but the clear eyed, pragmatic diplomats likely heard something else. I imagine diplomats yawning when Obama and Hillary repeatedly told N. Korea not to launch their rocket or else there would be “serious” consequences. Predictably, N. Korea calmly analyzed Obama’s past words, his past actions, his history, the “fairy tale” and evidently came to the same conclusions that many hold.

They saw an appeaser, a person who doesn’t seem to like anything about the US military, who doesn’t understand the military, who doesn’t understand patriotism, a man of “just words”; and without worry, they pushed the button to launch the rocket. N. Korea has correctly concluded that Obama’s words don’t matter. Iran knows that Obama’s words don’t matter. They understand that Obama is speaking to the media and the naïve masses wearing rose colored glasses. He’s a paper tiger even though he is being portrayed as a superhero.

Obama’s response to the rocket launch was to carry on with crowd pleasing, but meaningless, rhetoric about ending all nuclear weapons. Russian, China, and N. Korea were surely smiling in the realization that Obama is such a gift to them.

Obama really wants to be the ultimate community organizer, able to remake America in his image; but he has little interest in being a man for the military. Obama’s changing the phrase “War on Terror” to “Overseas Contingency Operation” symbolically says to the public that somehow the war is over, we can relax a bit and move on to the social agenda, cutting military spending, co-opting targeted businesses and healthcare. This lack of resolve to do everything necessary to win the war on terror is a perilous character trait.

So what can the individual do to demand attention is paid to American principles and the Constitution?

Millions of Americans are upset about a host of issues reflecting abusive taxation or threats of abuse aimed at American freedoms. Over taxation, non-responsive courts, bringing back the “death tax”, reckless spending by Congress, taking over banks and the auto business, socialism, censorship, corruption, taking power from the states, constant attacks on Second Amendment, threats to bring back “fairness doctrine”, never-ending pork, allowing ACORN to get near the upcoming census and many others have people fired up. All of these issues demonstrate the failure of our leaders to hold dear basic American principles, freedoms and rights under the Constitution.

The fact that there are millions of Americans upset, they appear to have resolve, there are meaningful symbolic actions that can be taken, and that all the actions/issues have a cumulative effect – these are the keys for the People to be able to make progress.

Who are we and what are our resources? I have not seen any definitive demographics about the groups who are opposing Obama’s reckless economic policies, the people who are supporting the scores of lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to serve as President, those in the military (active, reserve, retired, veterans) who are troubled by Obama’s lack of support for the military, those supporting Larry Sinclair’s efforts get his story in the public domain (free speech, media cover-up), those tired of the media having leftist agendas that shape their reporting, those worried about the “fairness doctrine” coming back, those who are sick the media’s bias against Israel, those who oppose Obama’s extreme abortion policies, those who are worried about our Second Amendment right to bear arms, those who are trying to protect State’s rights and those who are trying to protect the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States. (Please excuse if I left anyone out.)

But if I had to guess, I would say that most could be described as the “salt of the earth” or the “backbone of America.” I bet most are middle aged and up, middle income, have jobs and families, pay their share of taxes, love America, stand for the National Anthem, are more concerned with principles rather than Party identification, have a belief in a higher power, try to be self-reliant, have served in the military or have lots of family members who have served and lastly, they probably make up a big percentage of those consuming the lion’s share of American products.

This last attribute might just the one that can finally get our leaders attention and break through the media’s reluctance to cover anything that impacts negatively on the Obama “Fairy Tale”.

Right now the most identifiable/targetable symbols of corporations trying to feed on American taxpayers and Union leaders who would risk running their employers out of business rather than consider meaningful concessions are General Motors and Chrysler!

What do suppose would happen if a nationwide boycott of GM and Chrysler vehicles were called and would last until GM and Chrysler returns the money Obama and Congress are trying to suffocate America’s free market system with? Simultaneously, organizers could urge people to buy Fords or other vehicles that are manufactured in America to improve our economy. Personally, I think it could be big. Just imagine if at the more than two thousand tea parties taking place this month the idea of such a boycott (or some other) is discussed. It would certainly symbolize that we are serious about America’s principles by taking on the symbols of governmental interference with free markets.

The things I like most about the upcoming tea parties are that they are not about Republicans and Democrats; they’re about Americas who are fed up with politicians wasting our money, not living within America’s means and passing unimaginable debt to future generations of Americans. We are taxed enough. These tea parties can also create great opportunities for additional organizing against governmental actions that run counter to the Constitution. They are events that help us maintain our resolve to oppose the politicians who are destroying this county. I also think that Glenn Beck’s “We Surround Them” concept of standing for principles and not for political parties, reaching out to neighbors like we did on 9/12, and taking care to remain peaceful can help all of us stand taller against media bias and abuse from politicians.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that there can be a positive collective effect generated from the efforts of the various peaceful groups working on their own issues of priority. The success one group has will increase the overall effect of breaking down the walls that allow our representatives to ignore the Constitution and the people.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents must all work together in 2010 to vote out non-responsive, unprincipled, forked-tongued, pork bellied incumbents who put their Parties over our country.

Glenn Beck is planning on attending a Tea Party in San Antonio, TX on April 15th and Sean Hannity will be in Atlanta. Dr. Orly Taitz will be attending the Tea Party in Studio City, CA on April 11th. I haven’t heard if Rush Limbaugh will be attending one. Where will you be?

For those wearing rose colored glasses –

I want to conclude with one poignant example of what can happen under the One World Government umbrella. No matter what world governments say in public, they all have agendas, national interests, and goals. When push comes to shove, each government will likely take care of their own self interests before Obama’s or any other governments. All the rose colored glasses in the world will not change the nature of our global political structure anytime soon. Such naiveté will only buy time for terrorists to arm and plot, put in jeopardy the existence of Israel and put American sovereignty at risk.

In 1994, the Symbol of One World Government, the UN was deeply involved in giving assistance in Rwanda. Lieutenant General Dallaire was force commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) from 1993 to 1994. General Dallaire now serves as a powerful witness to the seemingly heartless politics of the “civilized nations” of the world as the Rwandan genocide was enabled by the world’s inaction. I remember watching General Dallaire painfully describe in the documentary, Shake Hands with the Devil, how he begged the UN for just 5000 soldiers that would have made it possible for him to stop the genocide. No country sent soldiers – the self interest of countries and politicians over-ruled the world’s heart. Bill Clinton even turned his back. The peoples of the world had little resolve to do the right thing. They kept sipping their Starbucks coffee and going about their lives.

Belgian quickly abandoned their mess in Rwanda. The Belgians had planted the seeds of genocide years ago by favoring the Tutis over the Hutus of Rewanda. They had established a class preference for Tutis, a Symbol of the Privileged. (How is that different from Congress vilifying business, making it the bad guy?) General Dallaire’s life was nearly destroyed by witnessing this failure of humanity. Politicians had all the words of concern and outrage, but not a one lifted a hand. To understand how politicians stood by and let 800,000 Rwandans die in 1994, you need only watch this documentary.

“Just Words”

Barack Obama (2008 campaign rhetoric)

You need to take off your rose colored glasses and understand that you are being had.

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