Obama Stumbles at G-20 – Atlas Shrugs Banned by Homeland Security Because She’s To Close To Truth? – Dr. Orly Taitz – Tea Party – Larry Sinclair

The BOPAC Report:

Where was Obama’s Teleprompter? I have seen a couple of reports critical of Obama’s think fast failures.

From the UK –

The question that flummoxed the great orator

John Crace

The Guardian, Friday 3 April 2009

Barack Obama, the World’s Greatest Orator (™all news organisations), didn’t exactly cover himself in glory when the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson asked him a question about who was to blame for the financial crisis. Normally word perfect, Obama ummed, ahed and waffled for the best part of two and a half minutes. Here, John Crace decodes what he was really thinking …

Nick Robinson: “A question for you both, if I may. The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the United States of America for causing this crisis. France and Germany both blame Britain and America for causing this crisis. Who is right? And isn’t the debate about that at the heart of the debate about what to do now?” Brown immediately swivels to leave Obama in pole position. There is a four-second delay before Obama starts speaking [THANKS FOR NOTHING, GORDY BABY. REMIND ME TO HANG YOU OUT TO DRY ONE DAY.] Barack Obama: “I, I, would say that, er … pause [I HAVEN’T A CLUE] … if you look at … pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] … the, the sources of this crisis … pause [JUST KEEP GOING, BUDDY] … the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to . . . pause [I’M IN WAY TOO DEEP HERE] … a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system … pause, close eyes [THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN LIKE A CROCK OF SHIT BACK HOME. HELP]. I think what is also true is that … pause [I WANT NICK ROBINSON TO DISAPPEAR] … here in Great Britain … pause [SHIT, GORDY’S THE HOST, DON’T LAND HIM IN IT] … here in…Continue Reading

And from Obambi.com posting something from Atlas Shrugs–

Friday, April 3, 2009…6:34 am


By Atlas Shrug

Is anyone watching this? He is speaking at the G20 summit, taking questions from the press. He appears to be cracking up, melting right in front of my eyes. Stuttering, losing focus. It’s painful to watch.
Taking forever …. to say nothing. He sneezes and loses his train of thought.

UPDATE: So now he goes off the prepared list of reporters questions and takes random questions. He says he’ll take a question from a “foreigner” – realizes his gaffe and says ….” I am the foreigner”.

He says he doesn’t want to be accused of gender bias (ha ha) and he picks a woman whom I believe he thinks is a Muslim. She’s not. She’s an Indian and asks O, when he met with the Indian Prime Minister, what was discussed to fight the terrorism against India coming from Pakistan (Bingo!).

Obama can’t answer. Starts to compliment the magnificence of the Indian prime minister, and she agrees. The crowd doesn’t like that the journalist supports her PM – Obama shoots back, did you have something to do with him getting elected? (Strange is not the word.) And then says, just kidding.

As if the media didn’t put the Mansourian candidate in the White House….Continue Reading

So why isn’t the main stream media reporting on this John Edwards story? Why haven’t they looked closely at Obama’s suspect fund-raising? I guess the same reason they didn’t report or investigate Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Obama did cocaine and engaged in consensual sex in 1999, John is one of the media’s fold.


Multiple sources now confirm The ENQUIRER’s report that a federal grand jury is investigating possible misuse of presidential campaign funds by John Edwards to pay off his mistress.

U.S. Attorney George Holding
revealed yesterday he “was not going to confirm or deny any investigation” regarding Edwards that was first reported by the ENQUIRER earlier this week.

A Federal grand jury did convene on Wednesday in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to multiple local reports.  Grand jury proceedings are kept secret.  Attorneys are liable for criminal prosecution if they discuss such investigations in public or to the press….Continue Reading

Speaking of Atlas Shrugs – It seems that Homeland Security doesn’t want its employees to have the possibility of being corrupted by stories that fly in the face of the “Obama Fairy Tale.”


An officer over at the Dept. Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection sent me this screenshot when he tried to access Atlas. He is the third reader (who shall remain anonymous) who works at Homeland Security who cannot log onto Atlas. They had been able to access my site continually up until this week. “It went from to access to no access overnight”.

The reader works for the Dept. Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection. They all have Internet access through the national mainframe (somewhere in Virginia I think). All Internet connectivity runs through one central computer center. One ‘click’ and the Dept can turn off anyone.

In Obama’s Amerabia – Atlas is banned. That’s beautiful. ACORN, Blago, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, Ayers, the scum of the earth welcomed into his lair – Atlas is banned. And is the tea bag terror!

I am flattered that he is shattered.

Atlas Shrugs is an amazing reporter and finder of news that the media will not cover.

Dr. Orly will be in Studio City, CA for a Tea Party on April 11th.  That’s great news.

Orly Taitz to attend Tea Party in Studio City, CA on April 11th – Please help get the word out!

Dear Patriots,

Dr. Orly Taitz has planned to hit the streets to get the word out about the pressing concerns regarding Obama’s/Soetoro citizenship. We need volunteers to help spread the word, gather protesters and travel to Studio City. Studio City, California, is home to many major local news outlets such as ABC and CBS, if you help us, Orly can be interviewed by these media networks and will be able to reach thousands of citizens.


Date: April 11, 2009 (Saturday)

Where: Studio City on the corner of
Laurel Canyon Avenue and Ventura Blvd.

Address: CHASE BANK (aka Washington Mutual Bank)
12051 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604

Time: 1:30 – 4:30pm

Contact and RSVP: Liberty at

Special Guest: Dr. Orly Taitz

Please bring your protest posters!

See you there!

I really wish I could be there to meet you! Good Luck

Larry Sinclair – Which Tea Party are you planning to attend?

Take a bow Mr. Obama!

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One Response to “Obama Stumbles at G-20 – Atlas Shrugs Banned by Homeland Security Because She’s To Close To Truth? – Dr. Orly Taitz – Tea Party – Larry Sinclair”

  1. joe7000 Says:

    Perhaps, one day, Soetoro will bow to the truth and step down from the office he has usurped since January 20th, 2009.

    To think that a Russian born lawyer may be the only one to bring down a Kenyan born scam artist.

    Where, may I ask, are all the Constitutionalist Americans hiding? Are there no home-grown American lawyers that love our Constitution, other than those who were deemed as having “no standing” in the eyes of the Supreme Court Justices?

    What will it take to restore our once great Republic? –jws

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