Obama – Vilification – Manipulation – Distraction – Battlestar Galactica – AIG – Pelosi – Harry Reid – Barney Frank – Birth Certificate – Larry Sinclair – The BOPAC Report

The BOPAC Report:

The Obama Show – Vilification, Manipulation and Distraction

(“All this has happened before, and it will happen again” – Battlestar Galactica)

I’ve heard it said that there are only a handful of archetypal stories from which all variations come. Today, in politics, this appears truer than ever before. The same motivations are at play, the same goals and agendas, the same use of vilification and manipulation, the same attachments and vulnerabilities to draw out, the same diversions, the same subordination of truth – all to be used as “legitimate” means to the obtain the politician’s goals. Regrettably, the archetypal story of almost every politician today is the quest for power.

Webster says that politics is “the art and science concerned with winning and holding control over a government.” Mr. Webster’s definition certainly gives me pause and a deeper understanding of the old saying that ‘so and so has lying down to a science’. For many politicians lying is a science, it is a statistical analysis, it is a wager, a bet that most of people (voters) will not discover their lying, that most people aren’t paying attention, that they listen to the main stream media, or they won’t notice.

Power and manipulation! We all need to let that sink in and flow over us because in our regular lives we don’t think that way. Take a moment and say to yourself the words Hollywood, nothing is as it appears, the words mean nothing, the agendas are conflicting, all may be an elaborated distraction.

Now to American Politics 2009 –

This past week a poorly choreographed political theater has been taking place in the nation’s capital. It is the best example of political Kobuki theater we’ve had this year. We’ve had Pelosi and Barney Frank shrieking and pointing mephitic fingers at everyone but themselves. Senator Dodd, who has played a pivotal role in the entire financial mess, has been first denying knowledge of any AIG bonuses, kind of admitting the bonuses, admitting he wrote the amendment that exempted AIG so they could get the bonuses, and finally saying the Obama administration asked him to do everything. Timothy Geithner saying I didn’t know anything about anything until a few days ago and now a tape surfaces clearly indicating that he knew about the AIG bonuses at least by March 3, 2009. And finally, Obama saying I didn’t know anything about the AGI bonuses – which could be true since he was quickly planning a trip out of town to appear on the Tonight Show to talk about Special Olympics and his bowling skills.

The outcome of all the drama and CYA’ing was that the Congress of the United States, led by Nancy Pelosi, passed legislation attempting to tax anyone who received an AIG bonus out of any and all money. Congress decided that they must do “something”. Nancy was yelling and screaming, hell yes we’re mad and we are not going to take it, our voters are mad and we’re going to punish AGI employees who took these Congressional authorized bonuses. Oh my. The Kobuki result so far is that the House of Representatives have passed a likely unconstitutional bill of attainder in the attempt to cover their (not reading the original bill) tracks.

Of course, members of both Houses of Congress and Political Parties have managed to feign outrage and intentionally incite public anger at business people and all corporations to distract from their own culpability. However, as with most governmental actions, what Congress pretends to want is not what they wind up with. Congress has now managed to create a situation that shoots everyone in the foot. The probable end result of this Congressional interference in the financial sector and markets is that AGI and other recipients of TARP/tax payer money have been so tarnished that other businesses will be scared to do business with them out of fear that Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Obama will be coming after their income and bonuses. And so, AGI will probably die a slow and painful death because Nancy and Barney touched AGI with the mephitic touch (opposite of “gold finger”). Get this, AGI executives are currently receiving death threats to their families because of these irresponsible Congressional theatrics.

As entertaining as people with pitchforks can be; it’s now time to consider Mr. Obama’s actions.

Where was he? Was he bowling, picking his NCAA basketball teams, appearing on The Tonight Show? Why wasn’t he in Washington? I would suggest that it is/was part of the chorography that team Obama is executing to manipulate the public and maintain the Obama illusion. They want to try to keep Obama above it all, spouting lofty words and symbolizing calm.

During the Vietnam War, Nixon went to China. During this financial crisis, Obama goes to Hollywood and back to the campaign trail. It’s all diversion, manipulation and theater.

Probably the biggest factor that helped Obama in his election was voter cynicism with government, the economy, Republicans and President Bush. Of course, I would argue that the media had a big part to play in tilling the soil so Obama’s seed could be planted; to be watered later by his adoring media. American’s were just tired and sick of politics, ready for a change – the perfect storm for the crafty politician. So when Obama came along with “Change” as his middle name (wait I forgot, that’s not his middle name), Americans decided that they would go along.

I suppose many Americans decided they could or should make a clean break with the status quo. When a politician has a spark, he or she tries to turn it into a flame. With the aid of positive media coverage and the Teleprompter tuning every Obama criticism into “that’s the old politics”, Obama became the illusion of a fresh, pure of heart, reconciler in the partisan jungle, a rock star politician. Of course the reality is that Obama crafted his rise in the city of the totally corrupt politics, Chicago; so it was imperative keep much of Obama’s dirty laundry hidden. The media did as much as they could for Obama by down-playing, failing to investigate, misrepresenting and not reporting the issues that could do Obama harm such as Rev. Wright, William Ayers, possible violations of the Logan Act, interference in elections in Kenya, questionable campaign contributions, ACORN voter fraud, socialist affiliations, the birth certificate controversy, and Larry Sinclair’s allegations.

The opposition (President Bush, Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Conservatives, etc.) had been so masterfully vilified (like big oil, etc.) by Democrats and the media that they didn’t have enough credibility with moderate America to challenge Obama’s façade. And so, in the end, the political illusion congealed and Obama was elected under a banner of historic importance reflecting youth, race, religion, and experience living in other counties.

A war weary people with a down-turning economy, with a vilified President, a vilified Republican Party, egged on by a gloom and doom media decided to choose an inexperienced, unknown guy as President. It is what it is. But the question for now and the future is how can Obama keep the public’s cynicism and anger focused on the past and others so he can accomplish his goals without too many people realizing what is happening?

I’m reminded of a quote from Battlestar Galactica, an American TV series that is coming to a close – “All this has happened before, and it will happen again.”

It is so true the concept of eternal recurrence, especially for politicians. What are your expectations of politicians? You need to watch them, keep your hand on your wallet, and don’t let them date your son or daughter? Pretty much they are self serving scum? Well, experience has taught me that I agree with that assessment. Politicians never seem to let down the public’s low expectations. All the politician needs to do to win is to convince enough people that even with my alleged blemishes, I’m not as bad as that guy over there. And the public shrugs their shoulders and moves on with their lives. Diversion, vilification and manipulation, keep the curtains closed, these are the only cards in the politician’s deck.

Obama has been a good tactician and lucky so far. Many of the Obama supporters are young and have little experience with the realities that exist in the world, the realities of terrorism, the realities in the Middle East, the realities of global politics, and the dangerous consequences of a naïve leader They are turned on to a vague idea and image that is almost completely manufactured. This time around, the experienced people who voted for Obama seem to be so emotionally attached to their choice of “Change” that they are resistant to a change of opinion. They are trying hard as they can to keep their heads in the sand so they will see no evil in Obama, hear no evil about Obama, and trying as hard as they can to think no evil about Obama.

However, the walls are starting to finally come down and some are beginning to peek behind the curtain. American’s are organizing Tea Parties in protest. Glenn Beck is encouraging a “We Surround Them” movement. Good signs, but I worry that the Obama illusion won’t collapse in time to stop America from being bankrupted by Obama and his cohorts.

Obama’s handlers have been very slick with managing his image and enlisting the naïve masses. They have an email database of millions of people who have contacted Obama’s compaign even once. Lord help me, but I’m on their list and they have ignored my attempts to be taken off. Anyway, a few days ago I got an email urging me to take a pledge to Obama and go out knocking on people’s doors to spread the word of the messiah. Making a pledge to a politician and knocking on doors, isn’t that the behavior of a cult? Making pledges to politicians will more often than not lead to heartache and/or destruction. (I would hope that Americans would make his or her pledge to time tested documents such as the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and tell politicians to get a real job.)

The Obama administration, Pelosi, and Harry Reid are attempting to create increased levels of voter dependence on government/democrats with programs that seek to renegotiate mortgages for borrowers who should not have been given loans but for governmental arm twisting of banks, programs that promise universal health care without explaining what it will mean, that fund groups like ACORN who have a record of voter fraud, that suck up to Unions that drive employers’ competitiveness in the dirt, that will give illegal aliens easy citizenship, that expand mandatory community service for indoctrination purposes, and that grow government. Obama’s plans are all about the manipulation of the “Me Generation.” What’s in it for me? I’m now part of a big powerful group. Who cares about the rest of America? Every politician realizes that it is it is hard to vote against your self-interest, it’s the politician’s hook!

What has the government touched that works well and is sustainable? Welfare? No – It keeps people living in dependency. The AIG bailout? I don’t thinks so. Congress is trying as hard as they can to sabotage their bailout. Social Security? Going broke unless serious changes are made. Medicare? Going broke soon. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac? Please. Ask Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Congress? How are your taxes?

Will the illusion of Obama be able to bring peace to our violent and troubled world? I don’t think so. I would bet most of the world’s leaders/politicians know full well what Obama represents – a “Change” away from Israel and U. S. strength – a “Change” towards greater control of the United States by the United Nations, which will diminished American sovereignty. Vladimir Putin, Iran, Hamas, and Venezula will play Obama easily to their advantage. If one reads Pravda, it is clear that foreign powers know about Obama eligibility controversy, they know about the growing number in the U.S. military who question Obama’s authority to issue “lawful orders”, they know about Larry Sinclair’s accusations. Play him, they will. It cannot be good for America, the West, or Israel when the person occupying the Oval Office has such controversies in his closet. Even though the U.S. media has done a good job hiding these controversies, the world knows about them.

I guess we all need to pray for Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, China and America. Will Obama lead the world to peace? No. It is well known in diplomatic circles that one critical underpinning of lasting peace between strong adversaries is for a mutually hurtful stalemate to exist so the parties are willing to compromise. As long as either side believes that they can destroy to other, peace will not happen. With Obama’s foreign policy inexperience and his suspect background, it is not at all clear that Obama will lift a finger to defend Israel in the future. Therefore, Obama is inadvertently strengthening Israel’s adversaries’ beliefs that Israel can be destroyed once and for all. There can be no peace as long as this is the belief of Israel’s adversaries. What a dangerous thing the naiveté of youth can be.

Months ago, I read a brief article written by CitizenWells that succinctly illustrated the problem with Obama’s methods and goals. I leave you with CitizenWells.

The economy in ruins, you believed this man was
your salvation.

Why did you not read his book?  There were many clues
to his personality and intent.

Why did you not question his mesmerizing speeches, often
aimed at the youth?

Why did you not question his organization
and indoctrination of the youth? You know their minds
are the most malleable.

You sought information or an article but could not
find it because it was removed.

This candidate surrounded himself with those blaming
the Jews, spewing anti Semitic remarks.

Anyone that questioned this man suffered personal
attacks and some received death threats.

If you had bothered to check you would have known about the
violent connections.

You wanted change, to finally be proud of your country.

Why did you ignore the warning signs? Why were you
mesmerized by speeches with promises without substance?

Christians, Jews, believers in God, responsible citizens,
Why did you support this man? Why did you not read his book?
Why did you not ask questions? Why did you allow anti Semitic

Why did you think I was referring to Barack Obama and his

CitizenWells was talking about Nazi Germany!

2 Responses to “Obama – Vilification – Manipulation – Distraction – Battlestar Galactica – AIG – Pelosi – Harry Reid – Barney Frank – Birth Certificate – Larry Sinclair – The BOPAC Report”

  1. Barack Obama, bowling, NCAA basketball teams, The Tonight Show, Obama not in Washington, Zachjonesishome blog, Congress, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Senator Dodd, Timothy Geithner, diversion, manipulation and theater « Citizen Wells Says:

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  2. jeanniejo Says:



    ‘This is a serious slap by Barack Obama at the French people. It does not matter if someone voted for Mr. Sarkozy or not. It matters that the French Republic has just had it’s free elections which free Frenchmen have died for has just been negated by B. H. Obama.

    What B.H. has just done is worse than the humiliation he just heaped upon British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, his wife and their 2 children. Obama just negated the French elections by telling a person with no more power than Jimmy Carter he is going to be working with him.
    Chirac is an old Citizen of France and that is it.

    This is what is the breach in Obama has now antagonized the three most important allies America has in England, France and the Israeli state.

    These actions are deliberate by Mr. Obama to break the western alliance and supplant it with the central Europeans who started Obama’s original Marxist dogma which he laps upon.

    This is why I’m not so amused at this as this is not Obama being clueless, but Obama being deliberated. It is going to have horrendous terms for America and the rest of the world.’

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