Danger Will Robinson! Obama’s Fairness Doctrine is Raising Its Ugly Head! Media Bias – Eligibility – CitizenWells – Accountability!

The BOPAC Report:

Danger Will Robinson!
I read World Net Daily’s piece about “The Fairness Doctrine’s” possible return under the BOPAC Administration and the words from Lost In Space jumped out, “Danger Will Robinson!”

There is a danger and the danger is that Americans are only going to have available one version of the “news”. To anyone who has studied the rise of Obama, it is clear that the Main Stream Media is operating in lock step with Obama’s talking points and ignoring anything else that negatively impacts the Obama “Fairy Tale.”

This is a CRITICAL issue “The Unfairness Doctrine”, and Americans MUST not submit to, agree to or sit on the sidelines! The draconian limits on free speech that will be ushered in under the guise of rhetorical romance language such as “Fairness” will put all of America’s rights and freedoms in jeopardy. It’s like voters choosing the ideal of “Change” without adequately investigating the messenger, Obama, or the details of the message.

New ‘Fairness Doctrine’ seen
as threat to Christian radio
Would Gospel need to be ‘balanced’
with Islamic, atheist programming?

Posted: February 07, 2009

Frank Wright

WASHINGTON – As the National Religious Broadcasters convened today in Nashville, an ominous shroud cast by political chatter about the reimposition of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” in the nation’s capital hung over the gathering.

NRB President Frank Wright said he sees the move as a credible threat under a Democrat-dominated Congress and with President Obama in the White House.

“And we have a personal concern,” Wright told Broadcasting & Cable. “The only radio station that ever lost its license under the fairness doctrine regime was a Christian radio station in Red Lion, Pa. We are only responding now to the statements the Democrats themselves are making.”

Representing 1,400 organizations, including large ministries and TV and radio stations, NRB said it is “girding itself for a major battle over broadcasting freedoms,” and was prepared to go to court, lobby Congress, or take its message to the public.

“We have talked before about many of these issues, but now, with the shift in the political landscape, I think these same things have a much higher probability of being enacted or at least having legislation and hearings and debates, and on the regulation side at the FCC,” said Wright….Continue Reading

The issue of Free Speech and the impact of the “Unfairness Doctrine” is being expressed in various articles today!

The Post Chronicle illustrates the need for alternatives to the Main Stream Media because they continue to fail to do their jobs.

Daily Kos, Factcheck And Snopes Or How To Vet A Presidential Candidate
by Rev Bresciani

Even though the main stream media ignores the Obama birth certificate controversy it still rages on the internet in articles and blogs. Is it extraneous nonsense, conspiracy claptrap and internet hype. Not by a long shot. Here’s why.

Because of the Supreme Courts refusal to hear the cases put before them after conferencing them the speculation about Obama’s missing documents including his signed birth certificate from the state of Hawaii, the mystery grows, the intrigue is compelling and the arguments have become the most volatile on the web.

In the absence of judicial intervention all the questioners and petitioners have only one avenue of recourse and that is to keep plugging away. With new cases arising and old cases still pending the latest thrust is to approach legislators with the question.

Often overlooked is the simple wisdom used in the logic of both the main stream media and the naysayers in general. In fact the very premise the naysayers are basing their argument on should be turned on them to be most effective. What is that argument?

If the main stream media completely ignores the whole matter it looks like it is no more than the ranting of a few conspiracy theorists and discontented blogospherians. It is a way of saying that the internet hasn’t a clue and bloggers are just blabbermouths to start with so how could they possibly approach the dignity and acceptability of the of the msm? This idea should be set against the pompous for the greatest effect. That argument goes like this.

It was not the Supreme Court that vetted Obama, not the state courts, not the election commissions, not the attorneys general, not the legislature, not the DNC and not the Hawaii Office of Vital Statistics. Just who did vet Barack Obama? You guessed it, the internet!

The document Obama and the DNC offered which is now alleged to be fraudulent was posted only to the internet. The Daily Kos may be the high holy blog spot for space mountain type ego-centric wordsmithing, foul language and liberal blather but it is not the Supreme Court. Snopes and Factcheck are pretty close neighbors to the Kos. Regardless of who owns these sites they are merely more of the same; the internet!

When the msm, the DNC or anyone else tries to portray the Obama documentation activists as a group of conspiracy enthusiasts limited to the undisciplined ravings of the internet it is truly the pot calling the kettle black….Continue Reading

And from CitizenWells, he talks about accountability:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and
lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be
maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

“The people will save their government, if the government itself
will allow them.”

Abraham Lincoln

…You, I and most Americans have let this happen. Like the frog slowly
cooking in a pot of water, not realizing that it is being cooked, we
have allowed our institutions, like Congress and the Judicial as well
as the MSM, to cook our brains into a stupor of submission. Television
screens, just like the screens in the homes of “1984″ have brought us
just the “news” that the modern day Big Brother, the Obama Camp, wants
us to hear. Revisionist history and adoration of Big Brother…Continue Reading

As the media continues to ignore the legal challenges such as Berg v Obama, Hollister v Barry Soetoro, Lightfoot v Bowen, and the 30 or so others, the MSM appears more and more committed to the Obama Fairy Tale. As the media continues to ignore the Rezko connections, Gov. Blagojevich, Ayers, Rev. Wright, and Larry Sinclair, the MSM appears more and more committed to the Obama Fairy Talk.

People are just beginning to wake up; and as they do,the Main Stream Media’s viewership and readership continues to slip, but the media remains committed to the Obama Fairy Tale. I sincerely hope the MSM will soon have a “Come to Jesus” moment and start reporting all of the news in a fair and balanced manner. As for this moment, the Obama Fairy Tale continues.

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