Brigadier General Charles Jones, Lt. Col. David A. Earl-Graef, Dr. Orly Taitz, Obama – Out of Work Reporters Chance to Redeem Yourselves – Billy Graham

The BOPAC Report:

Daily, our courts are failing to fulfill their duties as the vital check regarding the proper exercise of power under our Constitution, including politicians disregarding when it suits their purposes.  Over 30 lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States have been filed and the Media remains silent.  The courts apprear to be running scared behind the skirt of Lady Liberty with opportunistic talk of “lack of standing”. To date, no court has agreed to hear slightest discussion or allow any presentation of evidence on the merits of these allegations.  Even when there appears to be substantial circumstantial and direct evidence indicating that Obama was likely born in Kenya and is not a “Natural Born Citizen”.  (I would also bet that these attorneys have additional evidence not yet disclosed for when they do get their day in court.) Thus far, the only ones standing tall for our Constitution are the attorney’s like Philip Berg, Dr. Orly Taitz, and Stephen Pidgeon; numerous bloggers attempting to fill in the gap abandoned by media, Internet radio programs, World Net Daily, readers and listeners;  and several courageous military officers.

It is this last group that I wish to salute.

…I know that I am only one Officer but there must be more, as they learn of this and they will, they will be faced with the same impossible decision….Words of Lt. Col. David Earl-Graef from his letter to Senator Warren below.

Lt. Col. Earl-Graef, you are not alone and there will be more. I am determined to continue spreading the word.

Open Letter from Brigadier General Charles Jones

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired
Lifetime subject to recall for active duty
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF)

“We the People of the United States of America” are entitled to know the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief.  For the better good and National Security of “We the People of the United States” and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

From Comments Regarding General Jones’ Letter:

LtCol David Earl-Graef wrote:
To jbjd,

I sincerely appreciate and admire your passion and “fighting attitude” for this issue. Do not stop. However, please consider that there are specific “rules of engagement” that if followed will only strengthen the case of the Military. This includes trying to resolve this through the chain of command which I assure you is happening as I write this. Let us always pull together for the common goal of ensuring that our Constitution is followed. Make no mistake that we are all on the same team and are working night and day to get the answers that we need and by God we will !!

Earlier this year from Lt. Col. David Earl-Graef, a letter to Senator Warren:

(I have shortened it and added emphasis. I hope you will read the entire letter. It is excellent.)

Open Letter to Senator Warren from Lt.Col Dr. Earl-Graeff

From: Dr. David A. Earl- Graef LtCol. USAFR

Date: 1 Feb 2009,

Dear Senator Warner,

I am in receipt of your letter of 26 Jan 2009. While I thank you for taking the time to respond I can’t express in words my disappointment in your response….Please do not dismiss prima fasciae, as if this has already been addressed, but read what I have to say.

The requirement to be a “Natural Born” citizen is very specific as you point out in Article II, Section 1, and Clause 5 as it applies to the office of the POTUS. The Framers in their construct recognize there IS a difference between a Citizen and a Natural Born Citizen….This is not a trivial question left for Legal Academics to debate, it is about our Constitution and a matter for Congress and our Supreme Court.

To date, no case challenging the qualifications of President Obama to hold that Office has been heard on its merits. I have pleaded with Chief Justice Roberts to answer on the merits of the case and will continue barring action by the Congress to address my concerns….
… Given this could be put to rest by easily producing the supporting documents President Obama has sealed, do you think this is an appropriate response for a person in a position of public trust ?

There is much misinformation in the media… This is being aggravated by the President spending hundreds of thousands of dollars by reasonable estimates and using teams of attorneys to block the release of documents to support his qualifications. This includes the vault copy of the Official Birth Certificate held by the State of Hawaii you mentioned in your letter…

I believe you misstate the facts in your letter. To my knowledge, at no point has the Hawaii Department of Health stated that he was actually BORN there. They stated they have his official Hawaii Birth Certificate on file and nothing more. Are you aware that Hawaii Statute allows one to obtain a Certificate of Live Birth ( i.e. the one Mr. Obama submitted as his ONLY “proof” to us on HIS web site ) on the unsubstantiated information provided by a single parent ? Are you aware that one may obtain this for a specified period of time even if born outside the US? Are you aware that if President Obama was born in Kenya, as some assert , his mother did not meet the legal requirements to even confer US citizenship on her son? Who was it that provided the information for the Hawaii certificate? Is there a Physicians signature on the original or not ? What was the Hospital where he was born? Not what his SISTER says but what is on the official document.

… Does it not stand to reason that if everything is in order and there is nothing to hide this would have been done long before the election when this became a question rather than fight in the courts? … Does the Constitution still matter ?

…How much more important is it that the person who has control of our military to produce supporting documents when asked ? This is absolutely absurd and an outrage to those of us who are informed, place our very lives at the feet of Liberty and are simply asking to have this issue settled. There are many other questions that remain unanswered which my attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz, would be happy to discuss with you.

I can’t imagine the demands currently placed upon your time and I am sympathetic to you. Nevertheless, you must also realize the potential catastrophic consequences to our Country if indeed we are already into a Constitutional crisis. This is a National disgrace if we allow our Constitution to be ignored…

…Please understand, I do not intend to convey any disrespect to you in any way, but I can’t contain my sense of betrayal that to date elected officials seem willing to let this pass without reasonable due process. It is also disappointing to me that you do not seem to appreciate the tremendous difficulty that this issue places upon each and every American soldier. …I am at this moment struggling to decide if I must resign my commission as I can’t reconcile my Oath to defend the Constitution while being in doubt that those above me have respected it in word and deed. I know that I am only one Officer but there must be more, as they learn of this and they will, they will be faced with the same impossible decision. This is a classic Hobson’s choice for which the only hope of redemption is to know the truth.

Our History is replete with the memoirs of American soldiers and Statesman who have, due to the failure of their leaders or at the hand of destiny itself faced similar difficult decisions. …

…My loyalty to the Constitution of the United States as per my Oath is and has been un-wavering. I have to this point and will continue to act in good faith as a United States Air Force Officer. I am only asking that this Constitutional issue be resolved, so that I may be able to continue in my service to my country and my President freely, without doubt or reservation.

If there is no problem with the qualifications of the POTUS this can be discovered very quickly by a full investigation by the Congress and we can all go about the business of daily life….

I continue to trust and it is my hope, as is the case with most Americans, you have a trusting heart and nature and that you have simply been misled. …This is too important to ignore and hope it will go away because it will NOT. If for any reason our concerns have merit with each stroke of the pen we get deeper and deeper as none of the actions of POTUS will have the force of law. Have you read some of the foreign press who are aware of this and may question the validity of treaties that may be signed? I have seen it myself. The potential harmful implications are staggering.

I do not believe you want in any way to have not acted … I do not believe you would want this, if the worst is true, to be the legacy of YOUR service to our Country. As difficult as this may be for you to bring to the attention of the Congress, it also is nothing less than the opportunity for you to take a stand and be counted among the Great Leaders of our Nation who have come before and risked their fortunes and their lives for the sake of Liberty and our sacred Constitution.

I heard it said many times during the long Campaign to the Presidency that if ever in our History we needed leadership it is now ! I am convinced that this is true. We need our Leaders to possess not only the wisdom of our Founding Fathers but the strength of conviction to see the challenges through in the face of daunting opposition if we are to survive as a sovereign Nation . Please investigate this more. I am confident that when you do you will appreciate the gravity of the situation and be compelled to act in defense of our Constitution.

Very Respectfully,

Dr. David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC

Turning to a different topic:

First, I must ask the pardon of people who may be offended. I’ll try almost anything to crack these guys’ shells.

Mr. and Ms. Out-of-Work Reporter: This is your moment in time!

Did you see the News?

McClatchy reports 4Q loss on newspapers’ decline

Newspaper publisher McClatchy Co. reported a $21.7 million loss for the fourth quarter on Thursday, reflecting the declining value of its newspapers, and said it plans deep cost cuts this year.

CEO of struggling Sun-Times Media Group resigns

CHICAGO (AP) — Sun-Times Media Group Inc. Chief Executive Cyrus Freidheim said Wednesday he will resign at the end of the month.

This is YOUR moment!

It’s like you are at a Billy Graham crusade, the guy with the big voice is singing and Rev. Graham looks at the camera and asks everyone in the stadium to stop what they are doing and COME, come down in front to accept Jesus and ask forgiveness for their sins.

Don’t worry about your ex-coworkers, they’re still working. They’ll watch you to see what you are doing and what happens. COME. Make your way down from the towers, even if you are way up there on the top. COME. The world waits. America waits.

America knows that the media has been hiding the truth about Obama for these last couple of years. COME – It is your time to redeem yourself. America knows we don’t know very much about Obama’s relationships with Rezko, Ayers, & Larry Sinclair. COME, ask forgiveness and confess your secrets that the networks made you keep.

They can’t harm you now. COME. America knows that Obama is hiding something big about his birth certificate. COME and share your knowledge. The truth will set you free.

Imagine Rev. Graham turning to the camera again. He’s talking to all the people who called themselves reporters and journalists. He says, “See all your colleagues making their way down from their high and mighty places. They’re coming to the truth. Remember what that was like, valuing the truth.”

Dear friends, I know the devil of wealth and acclaim has rewarded you for so long. But you also know this; you too have paid a very high price. You have given him your soul. Your soul – the one that believed in journalism and reporting the truth no matter where it led.

It’s important to remember that when God closes a door, he always opens a window. Look for that window. Join with others and redeem yourselves with the truth and become journalists again.

Maybe, God will bless you with an audience, once you reaffirm your commitment to Journalism and Truth. That’s why your old jobs were lost; people looked to you for truth. When you only sold shades of truth or no truth at all, they turned away. Don’t worry. They’ll come back in time. But first, you need to COME and ask forgiveness and tell the truth that you and your researchers have hidden about Obama. God knows what’s in your heart. It’s truth screaming to come out. COME. Let’s be family again. COME.

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