Obama’s Blueprint – Alinsky – From Talk Wisdom

The BOPAC Report –

Christine over at Talk Wisdom has an extremely informative post up that everyone should read in its entirety.  It is the blueprint of Obama’s tactics of “change”.  In the end, Obama’s change will choke the creators of jobs and prosperity. There will be many fewer people rowing the boat. Unfortunately, Obama with the media’s help will continue shifting the responsibility of the any and all failures to anyone and everyone else.  They do have their favorites: Republicans, Business Leaders, Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio, Religion, etc.     Thank you Christine.

How Obama “Alinskyed” Voters (update 1)

Wow. I thought I had connected most of the dots regarding Obama over the past several months, but upon reading an article today that was written by John Perrazo on May 5, 2008 over at Front Page Magazine, I have a much clearer view of how Obama used Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” methods to get voters agitated enough to fall for his “hopey,” “changey” asinine rhetoric.

My goal is to post the entire article and comment in between some of the paragraphs. But before I do that, I want to say that Sean Hannity saw Obama’s charade right from the start. He called Obama out on all of his radical associations on his radio show. If it weren’t for Hannity, I think that even more people would have been deluded and duped into voting for ObamaSCAM.

Lately, Hannity has expressed hope (the REAL kind, mind you…) that Obama’s past radical associations won’t affect his policies now that he is in the White House (fraudulently, I might add!). Sean, I hate to tell you that I sincerely doubt it. It would be like wishing that a zebra could eliminate its stripes. The following article will remove all doubt that Obama’s radical views will be carried out. How sad and terrible for America!…Continue Reading

2 Responses to “Obama’s Blueprint – Alinsky – From Talk Wisdom”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    Thanks so much Zach – for sharing this article link with your readers. I hope that it will be spread all around the blogs so that people will see the true evil nature of Obama and his cronies.

    Even though it is a long article – after reading it – each person cannot help but realize how badly they have been scammed by an innocuous-sounding “community organizer” who actually has evil policies and a worldview more like Der Fuhrer Hitler’s and Al Capone’s destructive Chicago mob rule!

    I have added a new link to my blog roll:


    Lots of good articles there.

  2. christinewjc Says:

    P.S. When Daschle was booted out of the senate, I NEVER thought that he would make a reappearance in politics! Now, Obama wants this liar, tax evader and all-round FOOL to head the Health and Human Services Department???

    How many more criminals will Obama bring into his fraudulent administration???

    Makes me sick…

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