Forty-Eight Lawsuits Challenging Obama’s Eligibility – Dr. Orly – Organizing Efforts to Protect the Constitution – Let’s Don’t Forget Free Speech – Larry Sinclair

The BOPAC Report:

Can this be true?   Forty eight legal actions against Obama in Federal Court alone? Say it again, 48 Federal lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the the United States!  Wow!  From Dr. Orly:

How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility?

I was asked this question. How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility? Let’s see. I saw in Justia 48 legal actions in Federal courts alone. In state courts there are probably many more cases, since people are more at ease filing in their local state circuit courts pro se. In my Keyes v Bowen case there are 4 attorneys representing Obama, 4 representing SOS Bowen and one representing electors-9 in all. There are two issues here:
1. of course he is spending a fortune. His CA attorneys are Beverly Hills firm (unless it’s just a front) and DC Robert Bauer that has been around the block time and again. My guess they are charging $600 an hour. You do the math….Continue Reading

In the effort to support organizing websites and people who are trying to protect the Constitution, I posted the following on a military forum that I sometimes participate in:

Currently there are efforts just getting underway to form a broad umbrella group made up the many websites that are dedicated to protecting the Constitution. I thought that those serving in the military would be interested. Some of the people/sites leading this effort are:
Restore The Constitutional Republic

We The People Foundation

We The People USA

There are many more websites and individuals getting involved today! With groups attacking and/or trying to degrade the importance of the Constitution becoming more and more organized, it is imperative that the many diverse groups following their own personal interests coalesce in a way that the voices will be stronger. Some groups are more concerned about the First Amendment, others the Second, some are Democrats, some Republicans, some Religious, some are far from Religious, some are Conservative, some Liberal, some Moderate, and so on.

I believe the goal will be to organized and help each other. If say some piece of legislation is threatening the Second Amendment, it may be that every organization would utilize their readers/listeners to inform as many people as they can. This effort is just beginning. I encourage you review the sites listed above and if you would like to help, I’m sure your assistance would be appreciated.

Dean Haskins is one of the primary individuals who is spearheading this effort. His contact information is on his site

Thank you and thank you for your service!

Spread the word to sites that may be appropriate and interested!

From Larry Sinclair:

Mr. Sinclair will be on the road for the next few days.  Additionally, look for Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he did drugs with Obama and had consensual sex with him in 1999 in a major international publication.  It is not certain but I hope it’s true because BOPAC has had a free pass from the media since he arrived on the scene.  There should be no free rides in national politics!  Americans deserve to know when Obama stopped using cocaine if he has the codes to our nuclear missiles.


I am encouraged and believe that the International Press is about to do something that the American Media has and continues to fail to do. That is report the story and ask Barack Obama for a response. Time will tell if I have reason to be encouraged.

If I am correct, then this will be a reputable and highly regarded International publication. If I am wrong, then it means people have misrepresented themselves….Continue Reading

Have a GREAT Weekend!  Pop a top for me during the Superbowl!

One Response to “Forty-Eight Lawsuits Challenging Obama’s Eligibility – Dr. Orly – Organizing Efforts to Protect the Constitution – Let’s Don’t Forget Free Speech – Larry Sinclair”

  1. Tenacity Says:

    To see the call for a Continental Congress (not a Con Con) go to 3 Delegates are being sought from each state. Over the past 14 years, We the People Foundation has served petitions of redress upon individual Congress members for violations of the constitution. The Constitution provides for consequences to be a duty of the citizens when redress is denied. The petitions have been blatantly ignored. It is time to call a Continental Congress to establish a plan of action to reestablish the standing of the citizens. If the government refuses to honor the highest laws of this REPUBLIC then We The People must refuse standing to the government. This is required of us in our Constitution. The founding fathers saw this coming and provided for it. Instead of organizing new groups and events, we need to put the weight of all patriots behind this already established plan. Start by reading the “Summit Call” and “The Line in the Sand”. Contact the coordinators in your state and county shown on the website. Get involved…delegates are needed. The delegate process is now underway.

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