‘Obama Political Correctness’ Leading To A Very Dangerous ‘Islamic Political Correctness’.

The BOPAC Report –

Islamic ‘political correctness’ seems to be taking over our reason and resolve. How far can this go in America? Unfortunately, it is likely that it could go very far given that most Americans appear to be asleep at the switch. American’s are tired and just want the ‘Change Fairy’ to take care of it all.  There is no ‘Change Fairy’.  America and the world are faced with a patient, determined adversary. Islamic terrorists/radicals have made substantial progress in Great Britain, Denmark and Minnesota towards their goal of establishing Sharia law throughout the world.

Atlas Shrugs has an interesting article illustrating the constant chipping away of western systems of law and values. In Great Britain, a Muslim killer is threatening legal action to force female prison guards to wear veils because his ‘human rights’ are being violated! Give me a break!

First prisons face their toilets towards Mecca, what will be next? Will radical Islamic parents bring lawsuits against our schools to force female teachers to wear burkas?

If the only lines of defense are our courts, school boards and the teachers’ unions, there’s not a lot of hope that ‘political correctness’ won’t replace our Constitution and way of life. Step by step, they are winning.

Just consider the Supreme Court’s lack of courage in dealing with Obama’s probable lack of eligibility to serve as President of the United States. The Supreme Court used silence to set back Berg v Obama, Lightfoot v Bowen, and some of the other lawsuits instead of looking at the merits of the allegations. It seems that ‘Obama political correctness’ has trumped the Constitution of the United States. Apparently, the Supreme Court is refusing to risk the outrage of Obama supporters (most of whom have never read the Constitution) by asking Obama to demonstrate his eligibility and answer the allegations against him.

If the Supreme Court will not protect the Constitution, what makes anyone think that they will protect the rights of a female school teacher if their actions might offend the Islamic community? Step by step, change is coming, Islamic change. With each step, America’s Liberty Bell sees her crack get larger.


The American media is playing a pivotal role in facilitating Islamic radicals’ goals by manipulating the psyche of Americans. The media is putting the average American’s awareness to sleep. One day, ‘Joe the Plumber’ will wake up and his wife will need to dawn her burka before going out of their house.

The media downplays the “War on Terror”, blames America, and refuses to look seriously at any of the controversies that impact Obama. They have ignored the 30 legal actions challenging Obama’s eligibility. They have ignored the very real possibility that Obama may have held (or holds) citizenship in a predominately Muslim country, Indonesia. They have misrepresented the scope of what Obama’s short form birth certificate can establish (only the long form can show a Hawaiian birth). They have ignored Obama’s associations with Tony Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Larry Sinclair, Farrakhan, ACCORN, etc. Had the press been doing their job as journalists/reporters, there would not be Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

An objective and free press, that reports the news and does not try to ‘shape the news’, is vital for our Republic to survive. Right now the American Press is AWOL. Truth is what protects our freedom. Step by step, ‘change’ is coming, Islamic change. I can hear the Liberty Bell’s crack growing.

All the while, Obama is giving his first interviews to Arabic media, appeasing Iran, closing the prison for terrorists in Cuba, planning his first trip overseas to Indonesia, appointing a tax evader as Sec. of the Treasury, attacking Rush Limbaugh and voices of opposition, and including billions of funding in the bailout for groups like ACCORN! Did you hear the crack grow larger just now?

Let’s not let the Congress off the hook. Members of Congress, having been made aware of the existence of reasonable allegations challenging Obama’s eligibility to serve as President, proceeded to ratify the vote of the Electoral College without objection from even one Senator or Representative. The ‘Obama Political Correctness’ trumped the Senators’ and Representatives’ oaths to uphold and protect the U. S. Constitution. If our members of Congress are so worried about offending Obama’s supporters, even in the face of a likely violation of the Constitution’s eligibility requirements; what makes anyone think that they will stand up to outrageous demands from some segments of the Islamic community?

The Supreme Court’s inaction and the Congress of the United States’ regrettable certification of the vote of the Electoral College have effectively thrown the political football down to the individual members of the United States Military. Each individual soldier, sailor, and airman must now reflect upon the possibility that Obama is not the President of the United States and as such cannot give ‘lawful orders’ to follow.

Make no mistake; this is a political football that has arisen because America’s obsession with ‘political correctness’ has gone wild. Somehow the powers that be (the courts, Congress, politicians, the media) have determined that it is not ‘politically correct’ to stand up for the Constitution if it means that the historic circumstance of the first African-American President would be required to be undone. Shameful!

Given that our leaders in government, the courts, and media have lost their integrity and spines, (it does seem very likely that in the not too distant future) America’s female teachers, prison guards, police, and military will be required to wear burka so as to not offend.

Great Britain is leading the way so why not jump on board? Okay fathers, it’s time to take a good long look at your mothers,daughters, sisters and spouses to glimpse the future.


Lawful orders are lawful orders and unlawful orders are unlawful! How can anyone serving as President who is not a “Natural Born Citizen” issue any lawful orders?

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