Drudge Report – CIA Spy Boss – Secret Sex Videos – Is It The First Opportunity To Blackmail Obama Over His Eligibility? Larry Sinclair?

The BOPAC Report –

I just saw this as a headline on http://www.drudgereport.com/

ABCNEWS: CIA Spy Boss Allegedly Drugged Muslim Women, Made Secret Sex Videos… station chief in Algeria under investigation… Developing…

The very first thing that popped into my mind was how much stuff does this spy guy have on Obama regarding the allegations of Obama’s birth in Kenya, his Indonesian Citizenship and the likelihood that he is not eligible to serve as President!!!   Does the spy chief know about Larry Sinclair’s allegations?  Does the CIA spy chief have proof about the rumors of Obama being on the “Down-Low”?

Is this one of the first opportunities to Blackmail Obama? I’m sure Saint Larry Sinclair will be investigating this and contacting the spy chief to compare notes.

Larry Sinclair is the man who alleges that he and BOPAC used cocaine and had consensual sex in 1999. However, Larry and Obama’s alleged sex was consensual as opposed to the CIA spy chief’s!

Will this be an ObamaGate?

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